The Nicest Christmas ever -

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Picture of Austin42 achievements

-2 1. Austin commented 294 days ago

Holy hell, I just realised that this video is going to drive nomaddaf insane. It has everything he hates. Black, white, Asian, Polynesian etc children playing together, problem solving as a group towards a goal that rewards all regardless of level / degree contribution, and the hero is a national airline from an anti-nuke basically socialist country (i.e a fully funded public health care system that covers everybody).

Worst of all it is SAD seeing a little white child collaborate with others as if it were 7 -10 million years ago [in Africa] (roughly the time of the split between Homo (human) and Pan (chimpanzee) genera of Hominini). * Oh no, just made cobra2001 angry as well. Damn >:)

And name call me all you like. Let me know when you prove this untrue. Mike Tomasello presents on the Origins of Human Collaboration

"Although great apes collaborate for some purposes, recent studies comparing chimpanzees and human children suggest that human collaboration is unique both cognitively and motivationally”.
Picture of captain_obvious38 achievements

+2 2. captain_obvious commented 294 days ago

and to think a group of highly payed "creative" brainstormers came up with this. i bet they had all a degree aswell.
-: "lets promote new zealand airlines with an very expensive and most boring-p.c. christmas greet we can think of. "
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

+1 3. oleHashow commented 293 days ago

#1, seriously? are you looking for a fight?
or why is it that you call people out by names?

Tell me what does make country socialist? i mean they all take taxes some spend more on army other spend more on health.
what is the difference?
Picture of Austin42 achievements

-1 4. Austin commented 293 days ago

#3. oleHashow Really?

I am just following the lead of sux2bu and sunnydaze4me by explaining things exactly as they really are and I am telling like it is, like it or not. I simply observed that if Nomaddaf was uncomfortable with the little dancing white child in the ‘This kid has all the moves’ video – then this maudlin Air New Zealand PC full colour spectrum multiple kids vid was most likely going to really get his panties in a twist. >:)
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

0 5. oleHashow commented 292 days ago

#5 lol i refused to watch that one just based on the tittle. It seemed like a lie i didnt want to get triggered :)
i guess ill have to look at read comments :)

PS: yeah i agree. he should be happy not sad. Still not quite the same. Tauting them wont get them out of their caves.
I was listening to Criss Hedges. He thinks we need to go get them and bring them out into the light.
Picture of snotraddict44 achievements

+1 6. snotraddict commented 291 days ago

Hey Austin, I'm offended you didn't name me. :D

All rosy and pie in the sky until reality hits @ 2:28. Just another politician. ;)>:)

"... children playing together, problem solving as a group towards a goal that rewards all regardless of level / degree contribution" I guess you missed the double-crossing part of those "bundles of adorably diversified cuties".

Socialism- yea how's that working for Venezuela.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

-1 7. Austin commented 291 days ago

#6. snotraddict ‘I'm offended you didn't name me. :D

LOL. Next time ???? And apologies for the offense by non-inclusion – it was not intentional.

>‘I guess you missed the double-crossing part of those "bundles of adorably diversified cuties".

Oh those little scamps… I am sure you can appreciate the nationalism expressed as Kiwi pride no?
Especially as an America Firster yourself.

>Socialism- yea how's that working for Venezuela.

The problems in Venezuela have very little to do with socialism actually and everything to do with rampant corruption, graft, nepotism and using the power of the govt for self-enrichment. Venezuela has had a series of governments lead by kleptocratic thieves who have looted their oil resources for personal gain and power. A socialist economic model has had little do with their problems. In fact, any empirical analysis shows that it never really got off the ground. It has always been corruption and rot at the top. Any comprehensive economic analysis reveals that. Blaming socialism is an ideological opportunistic misdirect that works for Fox news viewers but it simply isnt accurate. Hugo Chavez may have been the only one on board with socialism as a good way to brand his takeover. It made for good PR, but as soon as his admin got a taste of the petro- dollars, as in day 2 of his admin, it essentially became a mafia run country and they drove it and its people into the ground. Crime and self-interest and good old fashioned greed and a lust for power made Venezuela the mess it is today – not socialism. Socialism was a feel good anti Yankee cover story. He was as autocratic as the next dictator.

Chavez was a socialist as much a Drumpf is a republican. Both (and the people they appoint to help them) are in it largely for personal self enrichment and reward. Little to do with actual conservative or socialist principles IMHO
Picture of snotraddict44 achievements

+1 8. snotraddict commented 290 days ago

#7 "The problems in Venezuela have very little to do with socialism...", like there's anything good about socialism. OK, you don't like Venezuela so how about N. Korea, working well there? To be fair you did mention socialist country, I may have jumped the shark a bit to socialism.

"Especially as an America Firster yourself." You make that sound dirty. People should be proud of their country and their leadership should always come from the angle of what's best for their interests. As elected officials, that would be their duty.

"... Drumpf is a republican" Drumpf, awww that's cute. Probably gives you a little spike of dopamine when you type that. ;) He's actually come from a more conservative angle than I thought he would. Obviously he moved left from his presidential race to some degree, but everyone who runs moves more center, at least these days where the far extremes seem to rule the parties.

"Little to do with actual conservative or socialist principles IMHO" Humble opinion? LOL. Mr Austin, self appointed "SNOTR moderator", humble? C'mon, don't be so coy.

"...are in it largely for personal self enrichment..." Most if not all folks that are in power enrich themselves. Clintons, Obama, Bernie et al. Let's see where AOC ends up in a few years. ;)
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

0 9. oleHashow commented 290 days ago

#8 fyi
maybe it would be useful to see different perspectives before you go stupid.

But hey usually we have to be stupid to defend our position.
People who spread religion know this. Thats why science is kinda a joke.
Until they bring it to you in a easy to use box.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

-1 10. Austin commented 290 days ago

#8. Snotraddict. I want to remain polite but you demonstrate such raw ignorance or at least a propensity to repeat talking points uncritically that I simply cant.

>OK, you don't like Venezuela so how about N. Korea, working well there?

Hand head slap. Also not a socialist country. In fact, by name, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. But that is beside the point. You really have no idea what you are talking about do you. Point to Sweden if you want to have an honest discussion but you clearly don’t.

Again – you need to differentiate between autocratic leaders that claim to be socialist and those who actually try to practice the principles. Two very different things but don’t let your world view and prejudice get in the way.

>"Especially as an America Firster yourself." You make that sound dirty.

Yes, because it is. That is f-ing ethno-nationalism pure and simple and any attempt to pretty it up is a lie. Look it up. Clearly you have no idea of what you are in bed with.

>"... Drumpf is a republican"

He was elected on the GOP ticket and is the titular head of the party. I have no idea WTF you are talking about or why you are distancing yourself from him. He is your boy.

IMHO is internet slang the kids use – don’t take it so literally.

"...are in it largely for personal self enrichment..." Most if not all folks that are in power enrich themselves.

So that makes it right or acceptable? Again, your flailing for a reply is a fail. I have no idea what your point is other then you attempting, and failing, to make a coherent point. The 'everyone in power' does it argument is not true. Bernie? Are you kidding me? Really? That is a desperate reach. I assume you are talking about his wife - again, pathetic by extension failing argument.