Veganism Destroyed Europe - Why Over 90% of Vegans Are "White"

The title was submitted just as it was on the site it is from.
Interesting points of view.

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Picture of Kenuty31 achievements

+3 1. Kenuty commented 5 years ago

Just some angry white guy from europe ranting in the forest somewhere
Needs a job because he has way too much time
Picture of heyhey32 achievements

+2 2. heyhey commented 5 years ago

#1 He does not need a job, he lives in a forest. On most words I do agree with a guy, he thinks right.
Picture of mikeab37 achievements

+3 3. mikeab commented 5 years ago

Rubbish click-bait title. I'm rather certain Europe hasn't been destroyed.
Picture of DrPing41 achievements

+3 4. DrPing commented 5 years ago

What a sad, frightened little man... I guess suxy identifies with these beta-types in the woods, fucking afraid of their own shadow. Bet he'll shoot himself with his own gun. Get the fuck out of Germany/Europe if you're not ready for civilization and have to hide in a forest to feel safe. Seriously these trumptarts are all just frightened little children who don't understand the world around them and play victim like the little bitches they are...just like their Dear Leader.
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+1 5. ughlah commented 5 years ago

I knew it was a mistake ever opening snotr again.

Guess what scares me:
Being locked in a room with 10 massively obese people, with 10 people who have bad teeth, 10 people who are overly tattooed, 10 people who don’t take care of their body hygiene.

Just an excerpt of my personal list.

What doesn’t scare me:
10 eloquent and charming people from any color/ethnicity, 10 hot asian girls, 10 hot latina girls, 10 hot ebony girls.

I understand that xenophobia is an instinct, that some have totally overcome, some partially and some not at all. All i except of sux2bu and from whoever approved this shit is to understand that people who say the have no problem with other races don’t lie. Even if it doesn’t fit your belief system. Some people think differently than you.

What you don’t have to belief, what is true nonetheless, that the current world works differently from the world 12000 years ago. We need low paying jobs in high developed countries and we don’t want to do them. If you and your right wing friends start cleaning the streets, start cooking the food and do all those low paying jobs there is no need for immigration. Not only would you be way poorer, the country as well as less people would have time to do those high paying jobs, but at least everyone is white, whatever you mean by that.

Then you can start being xenophobic about the next thing, religion or disability maybe.
Picture of thefox30 achievements

+1 6. thefox commented 5 years ago

#5 "Then you can start being xenophobic about the next thing, religion or disability maybe."

...or maybe xenophobic about people who are overly tattooed, whatever that means. Is an arm OK? What about both arms? Chest? Chest and back? When is it too much? Who decides? You? Mr Perfect?

Or maybe xenophobic about people whose body weight/mass doesn't conform to your own idea of perfection. Or people whose teeth aren't perfect and gleaming white, as yours must undoubtedly be...

Guess what scares me? Being locked up in a room with just one twat like you. :|
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+3 7. Austin commented 5 years ago

#5. ughlah . ‘except of sux2bu and from whoever approved this shit’

This is an outstanding question. It is hard to tell if Suxy posts these vids because he agrees with the positions and values expressed or to start a discussion or simply to troll.

He refuses to follow up, I have called out this cowardice of confidence before, so that rule sout discussion leaving agreement or trolling. And I suspect it is both. He likes to troll libtards and social justice warriors as he calls them. Regardless, I am happy to play the role of alt-right fluffer if just to push back against some ugly unformed ideas.

Anywho – with all due respect #5. Ughlah xenophobia is NOT an instinct. Xenophobia is clearly a learned behaviour and reaction and it is culturally and generationally transmitted. There is noting instinctual about it at all.

Countries themselves are a modern construct and the fear or prejudice of the citizens, aka xenophobia, for whatever reason is an entirely learned behaviour.

What humans have is a natural fear of or reaction to difference in phenotype, non-kinship or tribal affiliations and so on. Just like any other critter. When someone new wanders in and we don’t know them, we react with caution. That is a natural and ancient and perhaps even limbic level reaction tied into self-preservation and safety. We fear and react to the unknown out of self-preservation.

However, it is attributing the negative racial, ethnic, sexual religious qualities – the racism, xenophobic, homophobic, etc to that difference and making that the argument for fear or hatred or exclusion or even violence – all that is all added on and learned behaviour. The science behind this is quite strong. Nothing instinctual about that refined level of hatred or fear.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 8. Judge-Jake commented 5 years ago

Okay well firstly I'm surprised this video was sanctioned by Snotr, but then a number of video's have appeared on here that were distasteful so I shouldn't be surprised. What does surprise me is that we wait for several days for a few new video's and we get this crap. I personally have uploaded a number of interesting video's in the last couple of weeks. I'm getting the feeling that who ever is now running Snotr is doing it in his coffee break, watching the first few seconds of a new video, reading the supplied title, pressing go and then removing the biscuit from his drink and back to reading the newspaper.

The guy in this video is basically an arsehole, you can tell an arsehole very easily, they either have Suzi on their name badge when they are serving you your takeaway or they are the kind of person that laughs at their own comments, like the guy in the video "Yes I'm so right I'm funny". If I'm sitting in a doctors waiting room the last thing I'm worried about is who is also sitting in there, unless they have big erupting green boils all over them. I certainly don't worry if they are black or yellow, again unless they are black and have gone yellow. If I were the German authorities which of course I might be I would be watching out for this guy, as this mentality looks like it might be early stage mass murderer, I certainly wouldn't want him living near me.

The final thought that I have which none of you have probably considered, is that the guy in the video could well be Suzi if it wasn't for the fact that Suzi is probably very short, black with a stutter and openly lesbian. :D
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+1 9. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

#5 Welcome back ughlah, happy to see you here again!! :)<3....there are also many good videos on snotr still. :)
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+1 10. ughlah commented 5 years ago

Guess what, fox, it‘s subjective and it is not wrong to be tattooed, obese, whatever. It is just something that triggers me. Thus it is my problem, not the problem of all those people out there.

Thats the main difference between the guy in the video and me. He wants those who estrange him to go away, i want to try to find a way to change so they don’t bother me.

In the end there is no way i will instantly like every human on the planet. Doesn’t mean i won’t find a way to cope with them.
Picture of MrLogical25 achievements

0 11. MrLogical commented 5 years ago

The snotratti are all out to play with this one.

My simple response to people like this is ‘fuck off back to whatever hole makes you happy to hide in’.

The way he talks to the camera like he’s saying things that are so profound make me want to beat the fuck out of him but of course, I’ll just crack on with my life of drug abuse (they have baywatch on amazon prime video now!).
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

+2 12. ComentAtor commented 5 years ago

i must start a youtube channel..
Picture of krazeeeyez40 achievements

-2 13. krazeeeyez commented 5 years ago

Thanks Trump for giving these forest dwelling oxygen thieves a reason to come out of hiding and spew bullshit. And thanks Snotr for giving a platform to it and helping young snotr fans become brainwashed with hatred. What a great world we're living in right now... :(
Picture of thefox30 achievements

0 14. thefox commented 5 years ago

#10 "it is not wrong to be tattooed, obese, whatever. It is just something that triggers me. Thus it is my problem, not the problem of all those people out there. "

And this year's award for stating the blatantly fucking obvious goes to.... Ugh.

Incidentally Ugh, all of those super hot perfect chicks you cream your pants at the prospect of being locked up with? Guess what? They don't exist. This Latino chick would be slightly too plump for your liking, that ebony babe would be a tad too short, and that Asian girl would, upon closer examination, be revealed to have a slight stutter.

I just hope you can find a way to cope with them all. :D
Picture of ringmaster54 achievements

+1 15. ringmaster commented 5 years ago

Congratulations for having started a word feud once more.

Four things that I care about:
1 - Is the presentation, article, documentary etc based on facts?
2 - Do the animals have a normal, healthy and happy life before they become dinner?
3 - All other environmental issues.
4 - That we eat healthy and get all necessary things.

I see some valid points here, both in the video and in the comments field. And some I have to look more into.
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

0 16. ughlah commented 5 years ago

Don’t worry, fox, i have low standards. After all i‘m still talking to you.
Picture of thefox30 achievements

-1 17. thefox commented 5 years ago

#6 I'm not worried Ugh, because as your posts have clearly demonstrated, you have the very highest standards, which is why you're still talking to me. :D
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+1 18. ughlah commented 5 years ago

i guess you are the new numbers girl, who is thriving on the attention by insulting various people or writing something witty on some totally contrary position.

Your posts aren’t thought through and make no sense if you think about it for longer than a second.

At least sux2bu has a clear position, however wrong i may think he is. You are just an insecure troll.

Hopefully it‘ll take me way longer than half a year to visit this site again. Wouldn’t have thought it could get worse, but it did.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+1 19. Austin commented 5 years ago

#18. ughlah Dont let Foxy drive you away.
Yes he almost always starts off as a biting surly c*unt and he never really lets up but that is the beauty of an online community.
There are opinionated misanthropes amongst us. Such is life and to be expected.
Dont leave, push back and dont take it personally.
Few weeks back Foxy was a total bellend when he went after JJ over some fun ribbing over Thunders. What was a funny exchange about boys using cars to impress a woman got ugly right away thanks to Foxy but JJ never took the bait or left.
I woudl like to suggest you do the same. Hang around and punch a shitbird in the nose from time to time. ;-)
Picture of thefox30 achievements

0 20. thefox commented 5 years ago

Difficult to decide who's the funniest. The Old Sage Austin, a legend in his own imagination, writing his pompous, never ending boring tomes masquerading as meaningful comments, or Ugh, the prodigal child, who seems to be frightened of just about everything... except his imagined room full of hot chicks. I'm betting the hottest chick he's ever encountered is a KFC 6 piece Bargain Bucket. :D
Picture of RobertTusk20 achievements

+4 21. RobertTusk commented 5 years ago

This user sux2bu has submitted 774 videos to snotr.
They are all nasty right wing material.
I don't know why snotr allows this kind of incendiary stuff to be posted.
Picture of Oddi50 achievements

+1 22. Oddi commented 5 years ago

Please.. tell me its an actor
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

-1 23. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

#4 and #21 So true!!
Picture of Austin42 achievements

0 24. Austin commented 5 years ago

#20. thefox ‘Difficult to decide who's the funniest’

Ok but it is certainly not difficult to decide who is the least pleasant, least social and most caustic ????
And sadly, I think you take pride in that.

As for the video – it is a simplistic, rambling, alternative fact laden, fearful, racist tinged rant. Sound like any cuurent world leader that we know? No wonder why Suxy poste this rubbish, it comports with his worldview and political stance.

And JJ et al, I have also uploaded at least dozen vids that didn't make the cut yet this crap did. And for the record, a number were non political or controversial in the slightest. Yet somehow Wald-Drumpf-lite did.... At least we have something to discuss ;-)
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 25. Judge-Jake commented 5 years ago

You need JJ to sort out a fox, but sadly I'm a little busy at the moment. I'll send him a spiritual pox to be going on with. woioooo:D
Picture of brandx36 achievements

0 26. brandx commented 5 years ago

I guess you all got your exercise today. Would have been better if you just went for a walk rather than hitting the keyboard.
Picture of krazeeeyez40 achievements

-1 27. krazeeeyez commented 5 years ago

#19, All I read were the words Foxy, surly c*unt, misanthrope, total bellend and shitbird... you hit the nail right on the head there :D
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

+1 28. Urmensch commented 5 years ago

Fuck this site. I've had enough of it and Sux.