Confronting The Hot Bitchy Girl

That moment when you confront the hot bitchy girl doesn't always go as planned.

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Picture of Austin42 achievements
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-6 1. Austin commented 5 years ago

Suxy posts a lot of alt-right crap videos which provides an insight into his politics and worldview – and that is one of fear, bigotry, racism, ethno-nationalism, and increasing insecurities as the world encroaches upon him. He is an exemplar of Trump’s base; denying empirical realities, comforted by alternative facts (he almost assuredly on watches Trump TV / Faux news), and he finds solace in his own white Christian heterosexual male grievance culture. This video, right from the title, and its assumptions, inferences and rank sexism are yet another good example into his world.

Oh Suxy, were you turned down by women when you were in your courting phase? So sad.

Did the ladies (sorry bitches) not always appreciate your suave come on lines? Especially the good-looking ones?

Did they hurt your confidence and self-esteem and ego? Spend a lot of nights alone back in your room with the moisturizer and a sock, did you?

I assume you never were able to date the ‘hot’ girl of your dreams hence the animosity and why you found this funny enough to post. You probably assumed (falsely) that this was because didn’t have the car, or the job or the money or the fashion or the moves to be the playa require to land the fit hot bird with big breasts in the tight dress. Nothing to do with your personality, approach, how you treat women, possible chauvinistic superiority vibe, etc etc.

Women reject men's advances for many many reasons, as is thier right. Doesn't make them a bitch, it makes them individuals with rights. And the right to say 'no' is one of them.

This video is so riddled with clichés and sexism and assumptions and male grievance one doesn’t even know where to start.

But one thing is clear, you are sooo predictable. Of course, your grievance extends to women. After all they get so many advantages now thanks to femininism and laws that disadvantage men. It is really reverse sexism you know and so unfair. You have expressed sexist opinions before. Objectifying and stereotyping women, you know the ‘hot bitch’ scenario was, sadly, all but expected.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

-3 2. Judge-Jake commented 5 years ago

#1 I agree with all that but look at those boobs man Wow gorgeous. :D off to find the bloopers:S<3
Picture of Austin42 achievements
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-9 3. Austin commented 5 years ago

#2. Judge-Jake ‘look at those boobs man Wow gorgeous’

No argument there JJ. Breasts can be phenomenally attractive or enticing. Or both.

Cultural groups have different beauty standards and the fact that men seem to privilege some features, for example face / breast / buttocks, and they give these lucky women more power and control and opportunity then others, especially when it comes to men’s decision making and volition etc etc. This is most certainly rooted in our DNA and I have always found this fascinating. Despite our evolution as a species we are still held hostage to endocrine system. Women may be the physically weaker species but in terms of cunning, strategy, and psychological manipulation etc etc via sexual attraction they have evolved to be quite dominant. We really are just critters in that regard. Be it building flash bowers, creating elaborate mating dances, or demonstrations of strength or the ability to fight off competitors we are just more advanced critters.

That said, it is the losers in the battle; the jilted suitor, the unaccepted or rebuffed 'pass' and the resulting grievance and anger and invective that these men direct back at attractive women, sorry ‘bitches’ and the raw sexism and misogyny expressed in many cases is what I find disturbing.

Every man has been rejected or dismissed or turned down by a woman at some point in his life. (Same holds for women but almost every society doesn’t give then standing to complain). It hurts, and it is painful but to label a woman a ‘bitch’ for exercising her right to associate with whomever she chooses, whenever she chooses, for whatever reason she choses is inexcusable IMHO. And this video just satirizes this problem.

Ironically Suxy and his alt-libertarian ilk are almost assuredly for independence and freedom to make one’s one choice. The problem arises when the choice is not ‘them’ and then what was initially desired suddenly becomes a slut, bitch, skank, or arrogant c*unt’. Funny how that works. If you want to smash then you are fine, say no thanks and you suddenly become unworthy.
Picture of Thanny37 achievements

+7 4. Thanny commented 5 years ago

#1 The alt-right is a term that refers to white nationalists, which number a couple tens of thousands at most in the US. It does not refer to people who are merely to the right of you (which is nearly everyone).

Try to get your terminology right when you go on your long-winded ignorant rants. I'd suggest you also avoid making assumptions about the people you invidiously attack, but that's probably asking too much.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

-4 5. Austin commented 5 years ago

#4. Thanny ‘The alt-right is a term that refers to white nationalists, which number a couple tens of thousands at most in the US. It does not refer to people who are merely to the right of you’

Ahh #4. Thanny you would have been correct prior to the campaign and election of Donald Trump.

I suggest you read Devil’s Bargain by Josh Green. You can blame the semantic broadening of the term ‘alt-right’ on Steve Bannon. He created an umbrella for all of the angry disaffected white Americans to gather, in the name of Make America Great Again, and now alt right commonly refers to this group.

Here is the definition presented by Hardly a liberal outlet. ‘The Alt-right, or alternative right, is an emerging faction of the right-wing that opposes unrestrained multiculturalism, un-"skilled" immigration, and globalization.

Trump and Bannon have created a home for everyone from Neo-nazis and anti-globalists and every aggrieved white person in-between. It was key to his electoral success. Racism, white grievance and the supposed religious persecution of Christians.

I cant blame you for not wanting to associate with such vile people but that is the bed that you are your beloved Dear Leader have created – and one that you now have to lie in. This is Trump's base!! Are you suggesting that some of them are deplorable? ;)
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+1 6. ughlah commented 5 years ago

#4 There is at least 25-40% who sympathize with part of their ideas and around 4% of the population of 300 million who are considered to belong to the far right spectrum. The numbers are similar, maybe a tiny bit lower in Europe.
Sure what you describe is a problem, but your estimate of a couple of ten of thousands is so far of the real numbers, who are in the millions, that your arguments is sadly pushed into the absurd. Right sentiments are not something that affects 0,001% of the population, which is a couple of ten of thousands.

Furthermore you are right that I wouldn't call suxi an alt-right. And that is what actually makes it worse. If this is what is peoples opinion who aren't on the furthest right of the spectrum we indeed have a huge problem. Politics nowadays is based on fear, fear from the muslims, the blacks, the environment changing, more people being old than ever before, less pensions. Name a minor problem and politics can make it huge, name a major problem and it can block the real pressing issues. Media, news and social media alike, thrives on fear as well so they push each other. News Waves are created which is basically an effect where a big news story is regurgitated by the public, then the media, that then politics, repeated for a couple of month. In the end you have been talking about Erdogan or Putin or Kim or whomever for month, while in the back of your mind there is only that small voice left who tells you: While this is really a problem, is it really the only problem in the world and why did we stop talking about that hot topic from 3 month ago and why do we never talk about that problem that is really affecting my life.

We stopped talking about facts and started to fall for the cheapest tricks. If 20 million scientists are totally sure about something we just need one charismatic opinion against it and everything is in doubt. Again media wants that discussion where people can yell at each other and the more charismatic one is right, even if his opinion has nothing to do with the facts. Politics sees how the majority of the people is in doubt and doesn't handle problems as there is no consensus.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+4 7. Judge-Jake commented 5 years ago

Just look at the boobs man, really nice boobs ooouuu. :D
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+1 8. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

Geez, a bunch of women without brains and poor young guys who think they have to to be witty to be liked by them. Sad situation for both.
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+1 9. snotraddict commented 5 years ago

#1 there's only one thing worse than bitchy hot girls, that's whiny dudes. Take a powder, man.
Picture of RobertTusk20 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 10. RobertTusk commented 5 years ago

sux2bu's posts are usually ultra right wing extremist stuff.
He sometimes pads it with this kind of nihilist stuff for rednecks as camouflage.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

-4 11. Austin commented 5 years ago

# 10. RobertTusk [sux2bu] sometimes pads it with this kind of nihilist stuff for rednecks as camouflage.

Completely agree but what he chooses can or often sheds additional light into his basic grievance mindset towards the world writ large. When someone with the sexist and misogynistic tendencies and belief system like Suxy posts a vid like this – you know it is coming from a place within. ;) The title is such a give away - confronting, hot, bitch. Classic Freudian slip.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 12. Judge-Jake commented 5 years ago

I've just realised that one of the most pleasurable things in life doesn't actually exist. It's that space of nothing between a nice pair of boobs, cleavage if you will. So guys if you haven't got a girlfriend and obviously mainly I'm talking to you Suxy. All you have to do is look anywhere where there is nothing and there lies the nothing that makes up the space between a nice pair of boobs, you never need to be lonely again. ;)
Picture of Austin42 achievements

-3 13. Austin commented 5 years ago

LOL. I just love the American Drumpf supporting Snotr community. The en masse response was to be predicted, as was the downvote of my reply to #4. Thanny and the elevation of his inaccurate claim, but the denial of reality from this mob is downright amazing and scary at the same time.

The cultish devotion to Trump and MAGA and almost red blood cell like reaction, swarming something threatening (we are NOT American alt right – sorry kids you are :) ) and the denial of a semantic reality is amusing and also downright scary.

Words develop multiple sense meanings over time. It is called polysemy. It is a natural part of all human languages.

#4. Thanny. It is in your own self-interest to use a limited definition of alt-right because even you apparently down want to be associated with those vile people. But that doesn’t make you right or correct.

Thanks to Trump and Bannon’s collation building of far right elements, they cast out a grievance net amongst white lower and middle class Christian men and women, the term Alt-right in an American context has come to mean far more than white nationalists. Oh, they are in your ranks, deny them all you want, but that is Trumps base.

Again – from Note the word conservative

"The Alt-right, or alternative right, is an emerging faction of the right-wing that opposes unrestrained multiculturalism, un-"skilled" immigration, and globalization"

That is the Alt-right in America. And all of you, as part of the coalition, including white nationalists, elected Trump.

The alt-right definition that you want to use is only germane to Europe. Nice try.

But deny reality all you like. As you will almost certainly do. Alt-right is now a cover term thanks to Drumpf and of you don’t like the categorization and associate then stop supporting your embarrassing racist idiot president. That man is definitely a nationalist – he has even claimed as much!! He just left put the white part on purpose because he didnt need to explicitly say it to his supporters. They know where he stands .
Picture of ringmaster54 achievements

0 14. ringmaster commented 5 years ago

How can #4 have 14 points after just 8 votes?
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+3 15. Geekster (admin) commented 5 years ago

Hello everyone, and hello #13

#13 Unfortunately for you, that was your last comment on Snotr, and last day on it too.

You have been warned many times before to chill down, and avoid turning everything into a political debate, and avoid expressing your obsessive hate for people who have a different political view, and many other things.

It's ok to have your views, but it's not ok to attack others who have different ones. It's like you're attacking a girl just because you're a boy and she's different. It's exactly what you're doing, and enough is enough.

I am not a political supporter of anyone and do not consider myself a political person at all, and I never felt attacked by your comments at any given time, because as I said, I am not picking any political side. But your comments are attacking other people who have a different political view, and I think I made it very clear that this is NOT allowed in here. Period.

I don't care who you support, I don't care in which party are you, I don't care about your sexual orientation, I couldn't care less what race are you, what music you listen to or your food taste. All I care about in here is that you, and others, don't attack each other.

I've watched this video, and now watched it again, and I really have no idea what-so-ever what do you find political in it, where do you see Trump or anything about him in this video. I think you are hallucinating, or you have mental problems, so you should get yourself checked at a doctor. This is a simple parody. IT IS A PARODY. Meaning it is NOT REAL, and you shouldn't take it for granted. if you don't know the concept of the word "parody", look it up in a dictionary.

You keep attacking user sux2bu(and any other user that has a different political view), I understand why, because you don't agree with anything that he's saying, and it's perfectly fine to have different points of view. But it's totally not okay to attack him for his views. As far as I can see, in the past 2 months, the user sux2bu has made almost no comments on videos, but you still bring up his name and try to agitate him and bring him to conflict. But in this chapter, he is smart enough not to reply to your instigations. I am really not picking his side, could've been anyone else in his place now, and he was warned in the past too when he did some stuff wrong. I am saying this because I am very sure that you and possibly others, will say that this decision was made based on a political matter - which is not.

I will make it CLEAR : This decision is purely objective, wasn't just mine, and was taken because you have infringed our website's rules in repetitive times, not for ANYTHING else. For others who don't know yet, it is strictly prohibited to make debates about religion and politics in the comments, because they are sensitive subjects and in most cases will lead to scandal and chaos in the comments. And also it's common sense not to make personal attacks on other people.

This is the final decision and cannot be debated further, because this situation is totally unacceptable.

The only reason why I've made this comment, is so that people will know why this has happened. I really couldn't care less what you have to say, keep it for yourself, because I've warned you many times to behave like a normal person in comments and you've ignored me every time, and started attacking even me, saying I am a right-wing person, which I'm not.

It's a bit my mistake here because this really went too far, and I should've checked the comments more frequently, but I am very busy myself with a lot of things.
I had people complaining about you many times, sent me emails and private messages(some of which have never commented on Snotr, but they read the comments), and I do apologize to them that I did not have time to take care of this any sooner.

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