No God?

Watching this made me realize it takes more faith to believe there is no intelligent designer behind the universe than it does to believe there is

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Picture of ringmaster54 achievements

+1 1. ringmaster commented 5 years ago

Conclusion: All we need is a dice.
Picture of Klemm37 achievements

+2 2. Klemm commented 5 years ago

Did not convince me in the least.
His god sounds a lot like the one in Preacher. I think this insinuating of an old man sitting on the cloud somewhere, judging you, is what is turning reasonable people away from Christianity.
I suggest this instead:
Picture of RobertTusk20 achievements

0 3. RobertTusk commented 5 years ago

This video is riddled with multiple false arguments and false statements.
!t starts with the first sentence
"Some people say that human existance is a result of a cosmic dice".
That is a meaningless statement which he uses as basis for his arguments.
By the way dice is plural. Singular di plural dice. One di two dice.
He can't even get the grammar right in the first sentence.
I suspect the sumbitter sent it is because it is so ridiculous.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

+3 4. ComentAtor commented 5 years ago

#3 "why would we assume that this universe is just a result of chance? The fact that we are here shows that someone 'loaded the dice' "

who made that someone i wonder ? should i assume he got there by chance? a roll of a dice? and then created us?
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+1 5. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

And who created HIM then??? :|
Picture of thefox30 achievements

+2 6. thefox commented 5 years ago

A very unconvincing slant on the ages old 'Argument from Design', attributed to St. Thomas Aquinas, Samuel Clarke and William Paley. It reminds me of a quote by Douglas Adams, who described how a puddle might feel upon waking up one day to find it is inside a hole which is, as chance would have it, 'exactly' the right size for the puddle to fit into.

BTW #3. Before you start mocking someone for their poor grasp of English, you might want to consider examining your own command of the language. The singular of 'dice' is 'die', not 'di'. :)
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 7. Judge-Jake commented 5 years ago

That is one of the most ridiculously weak explanations by a Christian apologist I have ever heard, ending with the usual 'So god must have done it' comment. It staggers me that when we start talking about the big bang, space expansion, planet development etc. These idiots are so quick to jump in with their ONLY ONE ANSWER solutions, when if fact they should be saying WE DON'T KNOW. He got a maths friend to work out the odds for him, so clearly he knows nothing about maths, he obviously also doesn't know anything about Cosmology either. Instead of listening to plonkers like this who have been brainwashed by their Church, speak to scientists, who have spent their lifetimes studying the world.

Faith is not a reliable pathway to truth, you don't use faith for any other aspect of your life other than religion, why is that? You can have faith in anything and faith can easily lead you down the path to something that isn't true.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

-1 8. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

#6 Wow, great link and excellent analogy. It really describes humans' arrogance and the perception of being the center of it all, very well.
Picture of akeem32 achievements

+2 9. akeem commented 5 years ago

This bullshit logic is warped and bend like spactime itself
Picture of NStolwijk4 achievements

0 10. NStolwijk commented 5 years ago

Sometimes I wonder if people have ever seen this.

Also separate episodes are available.
The nice thing is it debunks a lot of creationist arguments
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

0 11. snotraddict commented 5 years ago

I love this video just for the fact that it triggers all the reliable players. >:)

Edit: It appears SNOTR's policy is it's open season on some SNOTR members beliefs in God, but DON'T talk politics because that upsets the God hating people. :D:D ;) >:)>:)