Top 20 Countries With The Highest Immigrant Population

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Picture of thefox30 achievements

+1 1. thefox commented 2 years ago

Interesting to see the UK's and Germany's rise in the rankings, reflecting the serious immigrant problems in both countries, largely ignored by the left of course. Yesterday, shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott suggested that it should be made even easier for immigrants to enter Britain. It is frightening to think that this clueless idiot could potentially hold such an important position in governement if ever Corbyn got the keys to number 10.
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

0 2. snotraddict commented 2 years ago

#1 I can't see that going well for them. Isn't that one of the core reasons for Brexit?

How come the number that is always tossed around in the media is 20 million? Some lying going on my the fake news outlets? I've never trusted the numbers being put out by the Left and their zealots. There's too much to gain from underestimating the numbers. The real number would get people, on both sides actually, very upset.
Picture of krazeeeyez40 achievements

-1 3. krazeeeyez commented 2 years ago

I'd take these graphs with a pinch of salt. There's no way to completely track immigration. (Another ferry could have dropped some off last night and we'd never know) :D

However, I think immigration is important and shouldn't be a reason to live in fear.
The Daily Mail and others love to keep their readers shivering behind their curtains, expecting a bogey monster to pounce on them!

Just read that Brits won't get their pigs in blankets this year because there aren't enough low paid migrant workers. *They've chosen to go to more welcoming countries). Oh well, enjoy your sprouts instead ;)
Picture of thefox30 achievements

0 4. thefox commented 2 years ago

#2. Unfortunately Mr Addict, no-one knows the real numbers. UK immigration rules have been so lax that even the best informed concede that the current figures are certain to grossly underestimate the situation.

As for the reasons for Brexit, they are many. The Guardianistas would have you believe that all Brexiteers are xenophobic racists, but personally I can't see what's wrong with controlling immigration. Countries like Canada, New Zealand and Australia have been doing exactly that for decades. Are they all xenophobic racists?

I didn't vote in the last referendum (the reason why is a long story which I won't bore you with), but if there were to be another referendum I would definitely vote to Leave. My main reason for doing so would be to prevent our country from sleepwalking into a United States of Europe. I feel the EU as it exists today, and their plans for the future, go way, way further than was ever envisaged by UK voters in the original decision to join the EEC back in 1973 (when I was still a schoolboy).

As George Orwell might have said: "EEC good. EU bad."
Picture of RobertTusk20 achievements

-2 5. RobertTusk commented 2 years ago

#4 You can trust user "thefox" to bring a hate angle wherever he can.
The criminal war on Iraq that sent it back to the stone age and stole its oil had huge unintended consequences.
One was flooding Syria with half a million Iraqi refugees and militia.
Combined with bankrupted Syrian farmers after 5 years of drought turning up in the capital Damascus it totally destabilized Syria.
The ensuing civil war and interference from world powers destroyed the country resulting in 1 million Syrian turning up at the door step if Europe, Germany (which did not take part in the destruction of Iraq) took them in.
What did Germany get?
Syria had one of the best educated populations in the middle east.
(Syrian president Assad was an eye doctor in London before becoming president).
Most of those that mead it to Germany were young and educated.
Germany has a demographic problem - an aging population and low reproductive rate.
1 million young educated and willing workers were a huge boost to the economy.
There is a lot of state support for raising children in Germany but it still costs parents about 160,000 to raise a child to age 18.
It is true that remnants of old style NAZI's used this new population to revive their ideas and continually try to stir up trouble.
Today the call themselves Die Alternative für Deutschland.

Britain. Well Britain is in deep trouble.

4 years ago the Prime Minister of Britain David Cameron decided to have a referendum of the people to decide whether Britain should remain in the EU.
The ONLY reason he needed to do this was in his Tory party there was a rump of politicians who whew agitating for it and causing Cameron loss of support for him in his own party.
These tensions plagued the Tory party for decades and threatened to destroy the party.
Some nefarious forces saw their chance to exploit this situation.
A racist white stockbroker and failed politician called Nigel Farage self selected himself and played the race card.
He set up the Brexit Party. 22 of Britain's 55 prime ministers came through 1 Charter school - Eton.
Cameron is one of them.
Imagine a man born in New York with bad hair, whose privileged upbringing has given him a sense of entitlement and an accompanying carapace of invulnerability, who is a narcissistic womanizer, an inveterate liar and who leaves a trail of chaos behind him for others to clean up.
That is Boris Johnson.
The membership of the Tory party (fewer than 150,000 elderly privileged rich white men) elected him as leader of the Tory party and by default Prime minister of the country.
He also played the race card.
Corporate billionaires also backed the leave vote.
Leaving would mean rolling back all the European workers rights and environmental protections.
Robert Mercer with Cambridge Analytica and Steve Bannon (Breitbart) turned up in London.
Mercer using Cambridge Analytica bombarding Britain's Facebook users with fake Brexit articles posing as real news.
This was a dry run for interfering with the US presidential election later that same year.
This brought a narrow Brexit victory which no one really expected.
Britain voted to burn down it's own house.
It has been catastrophic for the country.
3 and a half years of virtual civil war with family members arguing over it.
No other government business in that time
Those politicians trying to save the country are being driven out.
All because of unscrupulous people whipping up anti emigrant hysteria
For the record, Britain's immigrants for the last 10 years are mainly fairly well-educated young white Caucasians from Eastern Europe.
Picture of thefox30 achievements

+1 6. thefox commented 2 years ago

#5 Ah, the naïve Guardianista, Owen Jones soundalike finally makes his appearance. I knew it wouldn't be long. Pick a few well known political figures, Cameron, Johnson, Farage., they'll do. Character bash them, throw in a page of vitriolic anti right smears, and use the racist word a few times. Finally, rake up the tired old theory that people only voted for Brexit because they were manipulated into doing so by evil political forces who want to destroy Britain.

How big is your house Robert? Three bedrooms? Four? I tell you what. I'll arrange for three foreigners (and their families) to come and live with you. Forever. Don't worry. Everything will be fine.
Picture of krazeeeyez40 achievements

0 7. krazeeeyez commented 2 years ago

#5, #4 has serious psychological issues. I won't bore you with the details :D
Picture of RobertTusk20 achievements

0 8. RobertTusk commented 2 years ago

#6 Fox do you know who these people are?
Chrispin Odie.
AAron Banks.
Robert Mercer.
Richard Tice.
Alexander Nix
Dominic Cummings
These are the billionaires and multi millionaire that delivered Brexit.
(Except for Cummings is not a billionaire just the sociopath now controlling Boris Johnson and the brains behind "Vote Leave";).
Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are stooges.
Their job was to do the dirty work.
Then you have Kate Andrews (Republicans abroad) who is an immigrant to the UK peddling the fraud on TV.
She was also with the Adam Smith Institute (Right wing plunder merchants) till 3 weeks ago, where she edited and published the Neoliberal Manifesto.
Now mixed up with "Institute for Economic Affairs" she continues the campaign open the UK for corporate plunder.
As a lobbyist for the US pharmaceutical industry, of course she is backing Brexit.
Say goodbye to your NHS mrfox.
When billionaires tell the workers to burn their own house down, you know it will not end well.
Watch out for Mercer and Bannon meeting Cummings at about 00:30 in this video.
Cummings does not deny this happened.
A subsidiary of Mercer's Cambridge Analytica based in Canada called AggregateIQ did the dirty Facebook work for the UK referendum.
Thanks to Christopher Wylie for exposing the Brexit fraud.
Picture of thefox30 achievements

0 10. thefox commented 2 years ago

#8 Thanks for the list of billionaires Robert. I must confess I am not acquainted with any of them, though of course I have seen their names mentioned, usually disparagingly, in newspapers such as your favourite, the Guardian.

I think I ought to point out here though that almost certainly, the vast majority of the 17.4 million British citizens who voted to Leave the EU, are not billionaires, multi-millionaires, millionaires, or even plain well-off. They're just ordinary folk who wanted their voice heard and their concerns dealt with.

Now, back to business. Have you made out a rota to stick to your fridge yet, detailing the allotted times for you and your new house co-habitees to share use of the kitchen and bathroom facilities? Oh and don't forget your driveway, you're going to have to make room for at least half a dozen extra cars. Just one last quick question. Is your garden big enough for a horse.... or two?
Picture of RobertTusk20 achievements

-1 11. RobertTusk commented 2 years ago

#10 I agree with you fox. 17.4 million British citizens who voted to Leave the EU, are mainly ordinary folk who wanted their voice heard and their concerns dealt with.
They had had nearly 10 years of austerity perpetuated by their own government.
It was fairly brutal for a lot of people.
Why was it necessary?
Well after the financial fraud and crash, the banks had to be bailed out.
The bankers were rewarded for their fraud and the bill was sent to the poorest in the land in the form of austerity.
Of course they were pissed with their situation.
Then you have sh1t stirrers like Farrage and Johnston saying it is all the fault of Europe.
And Mercer bombarding 3 million Facebook users with targeted messages disguised as "news" courtesy of Cambridge Analytica.
Did you watch the uncivil war documentary I linked in my previous post.
Your paper the Telegraph gave it 5 stars.
Speaking of the Telegraph, it's owners the British billionaire Barclay brothers who live in a tax haven and keep their assets in tax havens have decided to get rid of it, Who would buy it.
Mercer maybe? He already owns the fascist Breitbart group. That would please you I guess.
Or maybe Murdoch will get it.
I see you did your last update Saturday - the day South Africa beat England 32-12 in the rugby world cup final.
Wasn't it such a treat to watch that South African team perform.
The camaraderie between the black and white players was evident especially after the final whistle.
And to watch captain Siya Kolisi lift the Webb Ellis Cup - man that was inspiring.
Picture of thefox30 achievements

0 12. thefox commented 2 years ago

#11 Laying the blame for Brexit at the feet of austerity, and the Remainiac conspiracy theory that over 17 million poor uneducated racist UK voters were hoodwinked into voting Leave by a collection of scheming billionaires is a desperate misrepresentation of the facts. The EU referendum was not about the banking crisis and its aftermath. It was about the EU. (The clue is in the title). And the fundamental reason why 17.4 million People voted to Leave was because they want to be free from controlling EU shackles, with its diktats penetrating ever deeper into the UK way of life.

By the way Robert, do you like children? Well I have some great news for you. The coach arriving soon with your permanant house guests will have three women in late stages of pregnancy. So as well as all their current children (11), there should soon be at least another three nippers running around your house. Won't that be wonderful?