Douglas Murray | The Dictatorship of Minorities

In his new book ‚Madness of the Crowds‘ Douglas Murray describes vividly how demands of an ever growing number of minorities are influencing our everyday lives and already yield more influence than your average ‚normal’ person. In our interview Douglas Murray shows that ‚The Madness of the Crowds‘ has only just begun, but that it is accelerating rapidly and scarily - to occupy vast sections of your life, too.

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Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+2 1. ughlah commented 2 years ago

So, if you are born as a fox and you cannot change that, it is appropriate for everybody else to make fun of you, because you are a minority? In some countries people would hunt you down and kill you publicly for being a fox.

Or should we strive for a society where even foxes are even members, who are allowed to follow their normal lives?

And when people don’t stop making fun of foxes should we help foxes or just allow hatespeech against foxes to go on? And how should that help look like?
Picture of krazeeeyez40 achievements

+2 2. krazeeeyez commented 2 years ago

well said #1.

Snotr is fast becoming a platform for scared bigots peddling conspiracy theories and scare stories out of the Daily Mail.

Come on Geekster...
Picture of woodhatch49 achievements

+5 3. woodhatch commented 2 years ago

#1 and #2, this is not about making fun of anyone. This is about trying to find a balance in fairness to all, but instead creating an imbalance that fosters hatred and anger. Surely, it is better to get a job on merit that because of gender or race? As an employer, would you not prefer someone that can do the job well rather than someone far less able but the right colour?
Nor is this supporting racism or bigotry, rather pointing out that if you continually promote the minorities in such a way that actually discriminates the majority, some of whom have put in a lot of effort to better their lives, simply because of the minorities thought that they are worth more than the majority, then surely that in itself is racist.
Picture of Klemm37 achievements

+3 4. Klemm commented 2 years ago

1. This game of giving preferential treatment to some minority groups is dishonest and motivated by personal gain. Everyone belongs to some minority group. And everyone also belongs to many more MAJORITY groups. Those oppressed minorities are not sheep. They are themselves oppressing other groups. This is natural and how society works. So why whine about it? Because they want an advantage over others, not equal rights. Dishonest to the core.
2. Did you know D. Murray is gay? So what is wrong with him?? Why is he betraying the movement? Perhaps not all gays think they are being oppressed? Perhaps normal people dont care who you fuck as long as you dont do it in the streets (think gay parade) and you dont try to get other peoples children to join you (gay or trans propaganda in schools and kindergardens).
But what do i know.. i'm just a bigot..
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

-1 5. ughlah commented 2 years ago

Did you know there was quite a few jews who supported hitler in his rise to power? There is currently a few muslims and black guys in the german right wing party afd.

Does that have anything to do with this? No.

There is a right way to treat women, a right way ti treat gays, transsexuals and even foxes. And there is enough narrowminded idiots who have a very different opinion on this. If a problem cannot be resolved by the free market for lack of a better word the government has to step in.

I don’t think quotas are the perfect tool to shatter the bricks some people have in their heads, but it is a tool that will work. It will create an inequality that benefits those minorities. For me thats fair enough as it was the other way around for the longest time. I doubt this will be a permanent thing, but for the time being i can live with it. For once white straight males should easily be able to cope with not getting everything served on a silver platter for a while.

Again, if you got a better solution how to solve the underlying problem which is prejudices towards minorities, tell us.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 6. ComentAtor commented 2 years ago

...and even foxes. :) :D:'(:squirrel:
Picture of RobertTusk20 achievements

0 7. RobertTusk commented 2 years ago

Ask Douglas Murray if he condemns the behavior of Harvey Weinstein and see what happens.
Picture of jeffy37 achievements

+3 8. jeffy commented 2 years ago

#1. No, nobody should make fun of you because you are (as you put it) a fox. Those are not societies, those are tribes governed by tribesmen.
But that should not give foxes any advantages over non-foxes, because that's not fair.
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

0 9. ughlah commented 2 years ago

#8 you are right, i shouldn’t. But (remember everthing before the but is worth jack shit) if the tribesmen don’t change you need harsh methods.

1971 switzerland allowed women to vote, 2015 the saudis allowed voting.

If twits like the two in the video would have a mindset that didn’t oppress minorities i would totally be for a real equality, but as long as chances are stacked in favour of white straight men there is sadly not the time to ask for real fairness.
Picture of oregonn8tive26 achievements

0 10. oregonn8tive commented 2 years ago

#9. Autonomous applications for jobs. No delineation of Gender, Race, Age, etc should be known. You will be hired on the merits of your application alone. Any application will have a cover letter dealing with who you are, it will have an ID number assigned to it as will your application. Whoever is most qualified will get the call to show up. No special treatment just because you are of color, white, female, male, age, or sexual orientation. No affirmative action preference to fill in a position just because the ratio between groups is slewed heavy to one side or the other. While "we" are at it, why are there still gender-specific acting roles in theater, movies and television shows? Why are there still gender-specific sporting events? Why are there still gender-specific clothing options, why not just have unisex uniforms? How far do you want to go with this?
Picture of RobertTusk20 achievements

+1 11. RobertTusk commented 2 years ago

#9 and 1970 the British finally gave Irish people in Northern Ireland the right to vote (after a very long campaign).
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

0 12. snotraddict commented 2 years ago

#2 likes his entertainment in a safe bubble.

#4 I've often said this isn't about "equality", because clearly it's not.

#5 "It will create an inequality that benefits those minorities." Except when that minority excels and then becomes targeted as Asians are in college admissions. Their "equality" score is dinged because they do "too well" on getting into colleges.

#10 That's supposed to be the way colleges do it, but we know they like to tinker with the system and give preferential treatment to the elite who can buy their way in and those who they believe need "special assistance". The cover letters are designed to pull on heartstrings of social justice admins and it's almost impossible to verify the "soft" information so who wouldn't make a nice "story"?

Today it seems we like to gloss over the fact that many people do well because of their hard work and good choices in life, but in PC culture, you can't talk about people's bad choices.

Societies that do well are those that have rules and laws that for the most part give people the feeling that overall things are fair. It'll never be 100%, but generally if folks believe things are fair, they're good with it. Minorities had a right to push back against the system because too often it wasn't fair, but it's pretty clear the objective is not equality and there will be push back, as there should be.