A great short movie / commercial.

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Picture of thomsi1417 achievements
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-11 1. thomsi14 commented 12 years ago

lol Die! windows HAH
Picture of l0ckpeek21 achievements

+7 2. l0ckpeek commented 12 years ago

"PCs are better. Just because they're better." wow, how could they not think of some better argument out of the whole sea of arguements.
Picture of Edyy38 achievements

+6 3. Edyy commented 12 years ago

I`m not saying that this is fake, but i`m thinking about it :P
Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements

+17 4. DarkiKun commented 12 years ago

go PCs GO!! kick those Fruity asses! =D
Picture of Dark_Leaf18 achievements

+3 5. Dark_Leaf commented 12 years ago

oh no what tragedy! Humanity will be enslaved by windows :S
Picture of Blah19 achievements

+17 6. Blah commented 12 years ago

Windows robot should have run to the server room where real computers are kept, then we could have had a Mac vs Unix vs Windows battle... oops, I think I may have just spoiled the sequel.

--Macs are like a fisher price toy set for adults.
Picture of eddie204242 achievements

+4 7. eddie2042 commented 12 years ago

@ #3 at some point of time there's not point reasoning with mac lovers why windows/pc is better so we just keep it simple "pc's are better cuz they're better. period"
Picture of 9573129 achievements

+1 8. 95731 commented 12 years ago

is this a green screen or wat?!?!!? this is tight!!!
cant w8 for the 2nd one
cuz when he rebooted it tells all pc to transform :]
Picture of ezeliel31 achievements

+2 9. ezeliel commented 12 years ago

Nice short movie!! In the discussion about the best operative system, I can just say: depends. And I think #7 meant #2, not #3.
Picture of dave919145 achievements

-1 10. dave9191 commented 12 years ago

Thats a pretty cool short film. I wish the impacts between the robots were more believable tho. They lacked follow through motions and inertia.
Picture of Focus17 achievements

+5 11. Focus commented 12 years ago

Here we go again:

Windows: works
MAC: beautiful
Linux: unfathomable

If I were given a MAC I'd love it. But would I buy one with my own money?


If I were given a Linux PC & asked to use it...

I'd give it back.

If I were given a Windows PC & asked to use it I'd immediately find thing about it that I didn't like...

However everything works to my satisfaction.

You can say what you want after that >:)
Picture of havz0r20 achievements

+5 12. havz0r commented 12 years ago

DOS robot would chop their heads off with a crowbar, no questions asked.
Picture of Cargoon23 achievements

+4 13. Cargoon commented 12 years ago

The PC robot would have only half transformed and then crash if it ran Vista :D And my Nintendo Entertainment System would have destroyed everything(if somebody took out the cartridge and blown on it).
Picture of itsSimple716 achievements

+2 14. itsSimple7 commented 12 years ago

lol @ #13, to #12 I just gotta say they could make a really cool scene with DOS being all medevil weaponry pwning the super modern robots!!
Picture of NMY20 achievements

-2 15. NMY commented 12 years ago

:3 Kubuntu

Linux will rule the world
Picture of Limberg43 achievements

+2 16. Limberg commented 12 years ago

Agreed #15, only if they find a way to make a distro that actually works and doesn't find a reason not to work every few hours.

Tried several times to ditch windows in favor of severl linux distros but they're not there yet.

As for MACs, I do like shiny toys but I like usefull things better! O:)
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

0 17. moskwiz commented 12 years ago

yUP.. agree with #6 ... Mac's are appealing as shiny things appeal to magpies
Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

0 18. SpikedSilver commented 12 years ago

and what was the last minute for??
Picture of darrylg13 achievements

0 19. darrylg commented 12 years ago

Linux rules! If you need a good distro, try ubuntu. Spend 5 minutes figuring out what terminal and synaptic package manager are, and you will never use mac or windows again.

Gone are my days of virus's and spam. No more searching the internet endlessly for printer and video drivers. And certainly no crashes.
Picture of sp17625 achievements

-1 20. sp176 commented 12 years ago

If Linux joined this battle, it would be Arnold Schwarzenegger!
Picture of LordFren32 achievements

0 21. LordFren commented 12 years ago


Terminators the future killers...

It is tiny, and shiny with self applied killing stuff wich are hard to use and always require a connection to something. Without this connection the MacMinator is useless due to the fact that "we use our own and better software" policy ^^

It is huge, and I mean H-U-G-E, but has extreme power in it. But doe to the fact of software problems the winminator will freeze once a minute, especially if it runs a Windows Os :P

otherwise i hate penguins, so dont blame me for linux os as well :P ^^
nice vid, loved the CG in it ^^
Picture of cannnobaL21 achievements

0 22. cannnobaL commented 12 years ago

Piece of Trap
Picture of tastytim39 achievements

0 23. tastytim commented 12 years ago

i kept waiting for the pc to get a blue screen :D
the mac should be more high tech though
Picture of xbeakerx19 achievements

0 24. xbeakerx commented 12 years ago

very very good... would like to see a sequel

:(|) :(|) :(|) :(|) :(|)
Picture of Chingis34 achievements

0 25. Chingis commented 12 years ago

2:16 , Did Macrobot drop his 2 "apples"? lol :D
Picture of Chris00715 achievements

0 26. Chris007 commented 12 years ago

can any1 tell me what was that pic (who was on it) on the first apple "shuriken" trown?
Picture of lexa197912 achievements

0 27. lexa1979 commented 12 years ago

Granpa Cray would be proud !
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

+1 28. MsZoomy commented 12 years ago

I'm glad the pc only upgraded to Xp, cause it it went for Vista, it would have slowed down
Picture of DRAGONFIRE12 achievements

0 29. DRAGONFIRE commented 12 years ago

PCs fight dirty
Picture of drunkinidiot8 achievements

0 30. drunkinidiot commented 12 years ago

wait mac, you lost your balls, tee hee >:)
Picture of christomatic15 achievements

0 31. christomatic commented 12 years ago

wow! this kinda vid really brings out the nerds 8-)
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

0 32. Fergus_Thedog commented 12 years ago

This is film students playing with mocap, (motion capture technology) I'd bet my mac on it.. :D
Picture of epica12 achievements

0 33. epica commented 12 years ago

happy with my mac :) good video editing capabilities to make videos like that one above !!
Picture of Bonecrusher10 achievements

0 34. Bonecrusher commented 12 years ago


Yeah, I know, cause I saw the real fight in that corridor.
PC was using a great sword, a machine gun and a magic missile while riding on a spaceship, but MAC was just spraying stupid colors everywhere while saying repeatedly "I am very fast for design programs but you are not Ha Ha!".
Guess the end of the fight, PC didn't need to use all of its AI and crashed the MAC very easily...
Picture of ozzirt3 achievements

0 35. ozzirt commented 12 years ago

Macs lack.

(1) Character, they are as bland as mashed potato.
(2) Software choices. Try finding Warez for a Mac.

They are OK, but not worth the money. That's why mac owners have software to emulate Windows, but you won't find a PC user seeking to emulate a Mac. They are living on their past reputation, but in most things they have been surpassed.
Picture of Nthr18 achievements

0 36. Nthr commented 11 years ago

And still it takes 4 Macs to beat a single PC :D
Picture of Pepperoni3960 achievements

0 37. Pepperoni39 commented 10 years ago

wow, awesome! very good made vid!