Water drop falling in sand

This is a slow motion video of a water droplet falling into extremely fine sand. The result is simply amazing!

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Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+3 1. Aliquantulus commented 14 years ago

Remember, all "FIRST!" comments are considered to be SPAM, and are removed.

Play nice people.. ;)

@USAnumber1: I removed your two comments (before the one that's now #(removed comment)) comments since the links were screwed up. And you're probably right, to me it looks like a ball bearing, and not a water drop.. :D
Picture of supra1100017 achievements

+5 2. supra11000 commented 14 years ago

might be a drop of mercury :P
but its most likely a BB as there is no residue left on the sand and the impacting object disappears.
Picture of kubeek18 achievements

+3 3. kubeek commented 14 years ago

And why does the sand falling back in the middle at 0:09 look wet and start sticking together?
Picture of kubeek18 achievements

-1 4. kubeek commented 14 years ago

And when the drop touches the sand, you can see the rest of the water near the top.
Picture of Redplague11 achievements

+5 5. Redplague commented 14 years ago

"Like sands through the hour glass, these are the slow motion videos of our lives"
Picture of kalebdf21 achievements

-2 6. kalebdf commented 14 years ago

#(removed comment) and #1: At 0:1 as the WATER droplet falls, you can see a tiny water droplet above the main one falling as well.

Water droplet or mercury or something that can be poured and balls up.
Picture of GradX28 achievements

+6 7. GradX commented 14 years ago

#6 has got a half of a big point here
at 0:1 there are 2 drops (big fat one that impacts+smaller on following above) , but the drop ABOVE the large just disapears from 1 frame to the next. I don't know of any water/mercury that does THAT yet. This is tampered if not just faked.
Picture of zf140 achievements

+5 8. zf1 commented 14 years ago

#6 that thing which seems to be a water droplet could actually be an optical illusion caused by light reflecting off of the ball bearings surface and into the camera lens. if you pause the video you can see multiple areas of concentrated reflection which could have created this. if you compare the second droplet/reflection to the color and texture of the metal ball and a real water droplet you can see that they are different.

#3 that sticking together of the sand is probably created by natural static electricity at extremely small levels. if you look closely you can clearly see a faint trace of sand dust around the formations. this clearly indicates that the sand is dry.
Picture of zf140 achievements

+4 9. zf1 commented 14 years ago

#7 i just read your post and it just enforces what i said about the second droplet really being a reflection. if you pay attention to the second drop/reflection you can see that it disappears as the ball bearing goes into the sand. :D
Picture of frizzlsnits32 achievements

+8 10. frizzlsnits commented 14 years ago

Still a pretty nice effect :)
Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

+3 11. SpikedSilver commented 14 years ago

its not a ball bearing!! its just a ball..

thats a ball bearing
Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

+6 12. SpikedSilver commented 14 years ago

the small drop above the ball is just the mirroring in the glasfront
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

+7 13. LightAng3l commented 14 years ago

It's not water ! it's a metal ball

and #7 the second one that disappears the first frames is actually the reflection of the metal ball on a shiny surface ....and it disappears because the ball goes in the sand ...
Picture of Kurisusan30 achievements

+5 14. Kurisusan commented 14 years ago

you can clearly see its not water, a drop of water is not Perfectly round.
Like a ball, for example, a metal ball : D
Picture of Daybreak9 achievements

+4 15. Daybreak commented 14 years ago

Funny... people debating the finer points of fluid dynamics on snotr :P
Picture of GradX28 achievements

+3 16. GradX commented 14 years ago

#15 you are right of course, fluid dynamics own + are "fun" math as well :P
#9 i admit after watching it another 5-6 times, i see your point. What i don't understand is if the ball bearing/water drop (don't care, not important) made a reflection BEFORE it hit the sand, then why is there no light play/ shadow reflection from the sand itself AFTER the impact.
The light looks like enough to do that much, if indeed it IS a reflection.
Picture of NucleoVega23 achievements

+3 17. NucleoVega commented 14 years ago

Picture of zf140 achievements

+5 18. zf1 commented 14 years ago

#16 if you move the scroll bar back and forth you can see an extremely faint reflection particularly on the right and left sides of the rear glass. the fact that the reflection is minimal indicates that it might not be glass at all. i couldn't tell you what kind of material it is.

the area of reflection on the metal ball indicates that the light source could be coming from the camera itself.

also, if you look at the two side glass plates, you can see a major color difference. this indicates that the glass like material is reflecting light at a sharp angle. considering the fact that the sand is very fine, has a white reflective surface it is not too difficult to believe that light could reflect off of the inside of the container canceling out most shadows and reflections that the sand would cast under different circumstances.

GradX, did that clear things up for you?
Picture of DemosTheKing28 achievements

+1 19. DemosTheKing commented 13 years ago

#6 and #7....you're stupid. That's the *reflection* of the ball bearing...not a secondary smaller droplet...C'mon now.
Picture of scratchy44 achievements

+1 20. scratchy commented 13 years ago

It's funny how slomotion can make a faling drop interesting. 8-)
Picture of BMX_Tavi39 achievements

+3 21. BMX_Tavi commented 13 years ago

i love slow motion!!!!
Picture of manxman29 achievements

+4 22. manxman commented 10 years ago

maybe it's not water or ball bearing but actually a UFO crash!

lets see the debate for this theory.
Picture of buckleg0858 achievements

0 23. buckleg08 commented 53 days ago

2022...people believe birds are not real...:|