Japanese sushi etiquette

A long, thorough explanation of how to properly eat sushi in Japan :S

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Picture of LittleHooker15 achievements

+3 1. LittleHooker commented 12 years ago

Picture of FATBOY19230 achievements

+3 2. FATBOY192 commented 12 years ago

love the name^^^^ little hooker
Picture of traudong23 achievements

+7 3. traudong commented 12 years ago

This is ridiculous. I'll never have fun eating sushi like that.
Picture of eddie204242 achievements

+19 4. eddie2042 commented 12 years ago

Mah mah mah mah... Toh Toh Toh Toh
Mah mah mah mah... Toh Toh Toh Toh
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-20 5. moskwiz commented 12 years ago

First of all, I think that rice sucks, and eating raw fish sucks.. Furthermore, eating any kinds of crustaceans or other marine animals is barbaric and lame and the bit about the rare animals just makes me angry

This is all personal opinion talking ofcourse :P

But yup.. I would definetly starve to death in Japan... and China... and Vietnam... and Korea... in fact anywhere more eastern than Estonia, I'd starve :D
Picture of zf140 achievements

+6 6. zf1 commented 12 years ago

sushi is good. but you better be careful because eating raw fish that hasn't been properly stored will give you parasites.
Picture of Erostle511 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-8 7. Erostle5 commented 12 years ago

Ya I hate fish as well, it's so barbaric and unnecessary as a form of sustenance..WTF?! Get the hell out of here. :O
Picture of wobble14 achievements

+2 8. wobble commented 12 years ago

It's good to know all the traditions when you go on a date to a sushi house. try to follow as many of the traditions as you can. the staff will notice and give you better service.

lol... :P
Picture of Woll24 achievements

+11 9. Woll commented 12 years ago

'Are you open'?

'Yes we are, but the last person in your party pushed open the flap at an angle of 50 degrees; and as a result, the head chef is going to have to spit on your sushi. Enjoy your meal.'
Picture of SanOKanonG18 achievements

+2 10. SanOKanonG commented 12 years ago

hey Mr. #5 you should come to Indonesia, and we'll give you BOMB...

Picture of Woll24 achievements

0 11. Woll commented 12 years ago

4:50 - Wipe board... wipe FACE.... wipe knife...

- why have I not been eating at more Sushi-bars? Oh I remember-
Picture of Woll24 achievements

+10 12. Woll commented 12 years ago

OMG, it keeps getting better-

5:45 - Panda, Squirrel, Deer, Turtle...
5:57 - Weasel, Lizard...

Remember, as you enjoy your 'wide variety of protected species' - you can wash down that stubborn piece of panda down with a nice cup of Agari at the end of the meal.
Picture of Dokandre40 achievements

+3 13. Dokandre commented 12 years ago

#3 thats because ure used to eat your own way. in japan i guess people are taught from childhood and everytime they go there its just the attitude to take, they do it normally, as if it was a ritual. asiatic culture is very different from the european/american, so u cant simply judge them just bcoz u have a different point of view.

the video was quite interesting, i allways loved watching stuff japanese-related (produtive, ofcourse). ahh, id love to learn the language :s
Picture of Bender_Rodriguez18 achievements

+4 14. Bender_Rodriguez commented 12 years ago

#5 if you are fed only on hamburgers then it's no surprise you'd starve there. Have you seen any fat people there:)?? I bet you look like halfman,bear,pig from southpark :)
Picture of Bender_Rodriguez18 achievements

+1 15. Bender_Rodriguez commented 12 years ago

I also liked the movie. Everything they've done in this movie showed respect to everything and to everyone. I like it, at least people there in most cases consider honor a very important thing.
Picture of Woll24 achievements

+4 16. Woll commented 12 years ago

Yes, I'm sure that all of the Pandas that make it to the sushi bar are indeed honoured that they have been chosen for such a great and privileged final calling.
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

-1 17. moskwiz commented 12 years ago

#10 .. yeah.. forgot to mention Indonesia and all the oceania too as places I'd starve..

and #14 .. I'm not American and I do not feed on Hamburgers, nor do i look like a whatever you called me :*

I just don't like to eat molluscs, crustaceans or insects and nematodes for that matter.. Eating rare species is just absurd in my view.. Mankind is doing way too much damage to the ecosystems of the world as it is without literally billions of people in the Far East obliterating all wildlife.. I understand that in the old times people had to eat whatever they could lay their hands on because there just wasn't any other foods available.. But in these days of advanced agriculture and other food sources I just find eating wild and rare animals to be an atavism that is really hurting the already over exploited and declining ecosystems.. Yes a lot of the people in the far east are not seeing a lot of the advanced agriculture as quality of life is still relatively low there, but Japan is definetly not among the countries that could still be taken as a 3rd world country..

Besides, it all tastes like chicken anyway right? ;)

PS: I have to note that I do have a rather peculiar diet as I don't also eat cucumbers, rice, mushrooms..
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

-2 18. moskwiz commented 12 years ago

I just want to enlighten you guys a little more on this:

Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

-2 19. moskwiz commented 12 years ago

I just want to enlighten you guys a little more on this:

Picture of Shak4 achievements

+3 20. Shak commented 12 years ago

I sure hope you kids realise that this clip is taking the piss out of sushi shops.

Its a joke. Although that Toyota sushi at the end of the clip did look tasty!
Picture of Shak4 achievements

+2 21. Shak commented 12 years ago

I sure hope you kids realise that this clip is taking the piss out of sushi shops.

Its a joke. Although that Toyota sushi at the end of the clip did look tasty!
Picture of defade30 achievements

+2 22. defade commented 12 years ago

We don't see much evidence of the more subtle side of Japanese humour on the interweb. I didn't really realise until near the end, but I agree that this must be satirical :)
Picture of Humes17 achievements

+2 23. Humes commented 12 years ago

Are you all taking this very serious? You do understand its a joke right? :>

Fun vid :D
Picture of tastytim39 achievements

+1 24. tastytim commented 12 years ago

I'd rather eat sushi they make in restaurants in the US or Europe, and all those manners really ruin everything.
even if the sushi tastes like shit your suppose to tell the chef that its exelent. :S
Picture of Naturemade3 achievements

+1 25. Naturemade commented 12 years ago

Come on guys, this is a joke video created by Japanese visual artist called 'Namikibashi' who makes series of parody videos ;). It's full of wicked humour and nonsense, and obviously none of the 'etiquette' is really true >:). Any Japanese or foreigner who's been to Japan would immediately understand the nonsense of this video and laugh.. :P . Why is this in 'Documentary' category?
Picture of Sjattuh24 achievements

+3 26. Sjattuh commented 12 years ago

We eat raw herring in Holland.

You take the herring, cut of the head, take it by the tail, put both sides of the herring in a pile of chipped, raw onion, you hold the herring above your head (still holding only the tail) and you start eating till only the tail is left.

Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

+1 27. moskwiz commented 12 years ago

You have go to be shitting me Sjattuh... So you're eating all the internal organs and the skeleton aswell? How? :O
Picture of zf140 achievements

+1 28. zf1 commented 12 years ago

#27 i used to live in holland and ive seen people do it. btw some fish bones are eatable
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

0 29. MsZoomy commented 12 years ago

my personal opinion - sushi is disgusting!! my best friend eats it all the time and it makes me want to hurl!!
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+2 30. Sizzlik (admin) commented 12 years ago

i wanna see a japanese/chinese in an american Mc Donalds......"can i sit here?" "hell noo...go fuck yourself"....its really extreme what traditions and behaviours they have :P I APOLOGIZE TO EVERYONE WHO FEEL OFFENDED!!! I DONT MEAN IT BAD...IM JUST JOKIN ABOUT STEREOTYPES :P
Picture of Team4213 achievements

+2 31. Team42 commented 12 years ago

@ #29 Have you tried it? It's really nice (the bits I've tried anyway).

But then, I'm wierd: I can't stand sweetcorn, but love corn on the cob.
Picture of lynspyre25 achievements

+1 32. lynspyre commented 12 years ago

anyone likes a sushi?..