Gun making in Pakistan

A (somewhat old, but interesting) documentary about the gun markets of Pakistan.

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Picture of rUmmeh32 achievements

+7 1. rUmmeh commented 15 years ago

"He was laughed' Hahahaha.
Picture of SanOKanonG18 achievements

+2 2. SanOKanonG commented 15 years ago

Enjoy Shooting averyday.....

Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements

+10 3. DarkiKun commented 15 years ago

interesting indeed.
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+9 4. Fergus_Thedog commented 15 years ago

This may have been very dangerous, but he did get access. What chance of filming in the American or British weapon manufacturing plants?
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

0 5. Sizzlik (admin) commented 15 years ago

"many sons and lots of guns" Whats that for an idea?? Damn...weapons are used to kill...and sons are the one dieing....nice point of view
Picture of NMY20 achievements

+1 6. NMY commented 15 years ago

For the record - they are not terrorists as the stupid america think - they are protecting their country
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

-5 7. Sizzlik (admin) commented 15 years ago

i know US did that 9/11 thing by them selfes...but thats a perfect picture on "terrorists"...seems like all they do is makin guns and make there a school in this town too? And what do they teach?

Sorry that its my 3rd comment....but this vid is soo ironical...
Picture of tastytim39 achievements

+3 8. tastytim commented 15 years ago

the guy looks like ahmed al- asad in cod 4 :D
and they might make a 1000 gun per day but how much is the US, UK or France making and selling each year?
Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

+3 9. SpikedSilver commented 15 years ago

many sons and guns... sounds likes america =)
Picture of Chris00715 achievements

-2 10. Chris007 commented 15 years ago

they got guns everywhere!! thats like us to go buy bread in shops they go in shops and ask themselfs: wot gun should i buy today lol (if u exclude they makeem with bare hands and mostly by themself for themself =) )
Picture of zf140 achievements

+5 11. zf1 commented 15 years ago

#6 i would have to agree with you on that one, however, to call america stupid is just being condescending. you cannot blame American citizens of the actions of American political leaders (maybe just some citizens ;) ). beleive it or not, many people in the us disagree with the foolish acts of terrorism that american political leaders have been poisoning our world with. unfortunately, they have absolutely no power to do anything about it.

you dont have to believe everything the media tells you. the same people who control the media are the same terrorists who are creating the terror and to believe everything they tell you is to give fuel for their fire.

now i know some naive people will argue about who is a terrorist and who is not but the reality is that being a terrorist is not defined by what side you are on or what political power you have it is defined by your actions. you cannot fight terrorism by becoming a terrorist. in other words, two wrongs dont make a right.

if you are still a dumbass, than vote negative!!! 8-)
Picture of yuriythebest16 achievements

-2 12. yuriythebest commented 15 years ago

#11 - I disagree with you- america chose a president to represent them, and that president represented them and everything he did was on their behalf. So even with a new president their evil deeds don't just evaporate- that would be the same if nazi germany suddenly elected a new leader who promised reforms- nonsense! still guilty!
Picture of chance35 achievements

+3 13. chance commented 15 years ago

#12 - Not everybody voted for bush. Majority did but it was like a 60/40 split so that still leaves over 130 million that didn't. Also, evil deeds? I don't think that playing fire with fire is a bad thing. Evil deeds could be considered trying to conquer the world. All I'm saying is that america had good intentions.
Picture of murdoc37 achievements

0 14. murdoc commented 15 years ago

not even half of those guns reach the pakistani reaches to god damn terrorists and its a shame that people are documenting it and are rpoudly showing it off..and these terrorists attack pakistan itself as well as india..long live pakistan he is saying..sheesh
Picture of Team4213 achievements

+5 15. Team42 commented 15 years ago

@ #14 I'd be surprised if any of those guns reached the Pakistani Army. This "cottage industry" exists to fulfill the needs of the local populace and has been, to a degree, hijacked by the terrorists. Gun and ammunition manufacturing are only two of many trades prevalent in the North West Frontier Province. Need a water pump for your truck? Second shop on your right. Plough broken? Come round tomorrow and I'll have a new one for you.

Guns are a way of life there, having been introduced by "Western Civilisations" approximately 200 years ago. Not all the locals are terrorists. And not all the terrorists are locals. More importantly, to the Pashtuns, the definition of a "terrorist" in the context of their homeland may be entirely different to the commonly accepted western view.
Picture of regata448 achievements

+8 16. regata4 commented 15 years ago

its an intresting video. Personally I'v been there and I know the rules and tradations. While I was there, I hated the Americans as much as those people do (well, most of them) because they think the Americans are killing them. The truth is that Alqaida and mujahideen fought the Russians with help of the US and beat them. After the cold war, this zone was full with kids with weapons in hands and no schools or other activities. The Americans spend millions to train these people fight their enemies and didn't spend a single $ to brighten up futures of their (Afghan) soldiers. (Ref: Charlie Wilson War and personal observation)
And for people who think Americans are stupid; well stupid people can be the world's only super power???.... seem like a joke to be.
I know one thing for sure, (agreeing with #15) that locals are not terrorists; they are forigners (mostly Arabs) who dress like locals and use the locals. The land of the Pukhtoons (Frontier and Afghanistan); where people fight their wars, currently the Arabs are fighting their war against the US, previously the US fought their war against USSR, and it will be like this for ever because the locals don't have minds to think (No offense to anyone).
Picture of zf140 achievements

+1 17. zf1 commented 15 years ago

#12 im finding it difficult to understand your logic. so let me get this strait, im an American and i am guilty of evil deeds because im an American?

not that it makes any difference, i was living in europe when bush was elected and 9/11 happened.

as far as im concerned, by your logic, you are human and live on earth and you are guilty of everyone's evil deeds because you are human and live on earth and they represent you on your behalf.

and you mentioned about Nazi Germany? you cannot blame all Germans for the actions of Hitler and the Nazis. that would be like saying that the German born Jews were guilty just for being German, although they were the victims. :|

have you ever really thought about the crap you are talking about? or are you just repeating ideas that other dumb ass idiots are telling you?
Picture of regata448 achievements

+4 18. regata4 commented 15 years ago

#12 I am not American but I have a lot of American friends and believe me, not even a single one of them approves what the US government is doing. And about electing a president; did you not see Mr Bush's briefing about his policies before elections? (the first term), he sounded so reasonable and nice. Even if the rumers about rigging his election (or re-election) are not true, I think you cannot blame a whole nation for some evil deeds of certain individuals. Majority of the Americans respect humans for their being as humans and they (and so should all of us)disapprove killings of the innoscent (that include the Americans). The best thing is not to rely on news (media) and what people say about other people but just think and analyse events by yourself.... there are a lot of deceptions (mostly by media) and we, as humans, kill each other for irrational reasons which might be NOT valid in the first place..
Picture of gregf17 achievements

+2 19. gregf commented 15 years ago

Why don't we just bomb this whole fucking area?
Picture of revilowo22 achievements

-3 20. revilowo commented 15 years ago

#18 Why are you calling him "Mr Bush"? Why not call him "Mr Fuck-head"?
Picture of regata448 achievements

+4 21. regata4 commented 15 years ago

#19 thats not the solution. the Russians tried to bomb the area and since then these people are making guns... let me tell u a true story of a man who lost his mind and killed a lot of innoscent people (locals and nato soldiers); but before doing that he was a respectable schoo teacher until he burried body parts of his 7 year old twins who were on holidays with their grand parents in 2004. Bombing the area will provoke more voilance and millions suicciders will rise up.

#20 whatever you say mate, he did what he did. i hope Mr. Obama prove to be sensible. Bill Clinton was so coool
Picture of 762RIOT2 achievements

+2 22. 762RIOT commented 15 years ago

NMY think's America is stupid...hmm...I guess you do not have it good enough in your country so you have to make fun of another, to bad America kicks ass
Picture of 762RIOT2 achievements

+1 23. 762RIOT commented 15 years ago

Also to just sit here and flame is just not productive
Picture of Johner14 achievements

0 24. Johner commented 13 years ago

#11 actually you can, due to the fact that there is democrasy-- those bullets fired in iraq carried the word of most american citizens with them.