Dance Monkey, Dance!

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Picture of Manycheese21 achievements

+26 1. Manycheese commented 17 years ago

for some reason that made me feel much better :)
Picture of oJaXo4 achievements

+11 2. oJaXo commented 17 years ago

yay i liked this vid!
Picture of fiat2 achievements

+7 3. fiat commented 17 years ago

:D ha ha any more
Picture of apull1 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-12 4. apull commented 17 years ago

lame. it's ok to kill cows and eat them. if we're all animals too, i should be able to kill and eat you too.

or maybe you want your wife to eat you for dessert after mating, like a praying mantis.
Picture of thomsonr3 achievements

+14 5. thomsonr commented 17 years ago

How true. If the "monkeys" didn't spend so much on defense and learned to live with each other how different life would be.

Also if they learned to disregard religion. The root of all evil and war.

We still have a long way to go.
Picture of iBird4 achievements

+6 6. iBird commented 17 years ago

This was a great video, very well put together, great points, great everything.

@apull - Have you ever heard of Cannibalism? It was practiced in Fiji about 70 years ago. Plus other countries. Just cause you don't do it, doesn't mean other monkeys don't.
Picture of arqx51 achievements

+4 7. arqx5 commented 17 years ago

Great video :D :(|) :D
Picture of mungjo5 achievements

+8 8. mungjo commented 17 years ago

when u watch this movie, u noticed that the guy who is sayin those stuff... is just another monkey? :(|)
Picture of platnum2 achievements

+5 9. platnum commented 17 years ago

Profound, comical, well done, annoying beep. Music in background is great, any ideas on what tune is?
Picture of Tenacious1 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 10. Tenacious commented 17 years ago

One Word ... Lame. A poorly conceived and erratic attempt at some sort of inane political message. Granted it was well done ... but the question is why bother?
Picture of lin2 achievements

+4 11. lin commented 17 years ago

Whole bunch of 3000 year orient Taoism philosophy packed in a small film. Bravo! LaoTse and Einstein would be proud to see it! (With Nitsche of course) :)
Picture of lin2 achievements

-3 12. lin commented 17 years ago

"Posted by thomsonr

How true. If the "monkeys" didn't spend so much on defense and learned to live with each other how different life would be.

Also if they learned to disregard religion. The root of all evil and war."

Religion is NOT a root of war. It is just when love becomes porn, true religion becomes what it is now. Hope you can understand.
Picture of Napper32 achievements

+3 13. Napper commented 17 years ago

"or maybe you want your wife to eat you for dessert after mating, like a praying mantis."

Actually, female praying mantis removes male praying mantsis head before mating.
Picture of Klastruls6 achievements

+5 14. Klastruls commented 16 years ago

Im a monkey! :(|)
Picture of BabyJLE32 achievements

+3 15. BabyJLE commented 16 years ago

Im a monkey too :(|)
Picture of treeforest7 achievements

+2 16. treeforest commented 16 years ago

:D Monkey see, monkey do.
Picture of croclacrimae37 achievements

+2 17. croclacrimae commented 16 years ago

This is quality :(|)
Picture of Slylock7 achievements

+3 18. Slylock commented 16 years ago

hi my monkey friends :(|) :(|) :(|)
Picture of isneuron26 achievements

0 19. isneuron commented 16 years ago

Yes.. religion is something made up by those how wanted to have the people under control... It's all superstition :)
Picture of Noureddin5 achievements

-2 20. Noureddin commented 16 years ago

Completely stupid and inaccurate. Yes, Some stupid incorrect theories say we come back monkeys but thats very stupid and atheist-like.

I won't go into a rant but... Just cause some paid off scientists say we came from monkeys and SAY its proven doesn't mean ****.
Picture of patriotaus39 achievements

+3 21. patriotaus commented 15 years ago

#20, its not 'some' scientists, its all reputable scientists, and we don't come from monkeys, we are apes, just like monkeys, we have a common ancestor with the monkeys, you see people who don't believe in logic, and believe in faith instead, need to spread lies to fool other people in believing in faith rather then logic and every so often people like you believe that crap and you are now a fool.
Picture of NoseRound4 achievements

+1 22. NoseRound commented 15 years ago

#9 It is "Music for a found harmonium", as shown in the closing credits.
Picture of faresnapalm16 achievements

-4 23. faresnapalm commented 14 years ago

Ok this video is just assumptions, nothing we have found proves we are or came from or even share a common ancestor with monkeys. i wont say i believe in religeon but just because christianity was changed by romans years ago to control masses doesnt make all religeons flase or lies and u cant prove they lied. infact if u look at ull see that in teh quraan since 1500 years ago has alot of scientific discoveries which have only been made in the last year or two, including physics and biology etc. so b4 u blab about what teh media and ur governments spoon feed u, once in ur life look at teh other side and see if thses ridiculous people that believe in religeon are crazy. i agree that christianity doesnt make sense but that was bcus of teh changes. if u see a preserved religeon ;iek islam ull see that it doesnt contradict science and ull notice that anything scientists say disproves religeon, they have no proof on. so b4 u reply or downrate my comment, check the thigns i told u and if ur still not satisfied go ahead and downrate me.
Picture of medicino30 achievements

+2 24. medicino commented 14 years ago

#23 ehhhh you contradicted the third and fourth line with the rest of your writing :'( .....which pretty much make a good argument for #21 statement :(|) ...ahhh logic such a powerful tool
Picture of faresnapalm16 achievements

+1 25. faresnapalm commented 14 years ago

and u cant just say ppl invented relgeon u hve no proof of that, and the whole we share a common ancestor with apes is also an assumption so how come what ppl said about god is false but what they said about evolution is true? we have proof monkeys are evolved from simpler organisms and ur so called deluted scientists to this day are trying to find "the missing link" that will connect us to that chain of ape evlution, and so far nothign has been found, so unless the link is found dont start blabing about how ur assumptions are fact and others are wrong..
Picture of Nain00027 achievements

+1 26. Nain000 commented 13 years ago

Monkeys we are indeed. Quit the ego trip and realise that we are retarded :D
Picture of TrollyAtsam46 achievements

0 27. TrollyAtsam commented 13 years ago

True story!
Picture of antifolklore28 achievements

0 28. antifolklore commented 13 years ago

#4 Let me guess you are religious? It shows through your morals.
Picture of mailher23 achievements

+1 29. mailher commented 12 years ago

i think this is like the best short video i have ever seen and it makes so much sense too
Picture of manxman29 achievements

0 30. manxman commented 12 years ago

monkeys have tails, these are apes, they have no tails. planet of the apes not monkeys.