China's spacewalk was fake?

This video tries to prove that China's spacewalk was fake...

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Picture of evil66632 achievements

+8 1. evil666 commented 15 years ago

chinese are really good at faking!!!
fake egg...
fake ipod, nokia, what else???
Picture of xbeakerx19 achievements

+5 2. xbeakerx commented 15 years ago

wow thats cray. i wonder what else they faked... hrmmm maybe the Olympic gymnast ages??
Picture of _MidNight_32 achievements

+3 3. _MidNight_ commented 15 years ago

interesting... but i don't think that americans walked on Moon either
Picture of rizwan16 achievements

+22 4. rizwan commented 15 years ago

america and russia took very care about bubbles.
Picture of thomsi1417 achievements

+2 5. thomsi14 commented 15 years ago

i know... tthey make a fake underwater journey they film it on the moon like its several miles under water......
Picture of yuriythebest16 achievements

-1 6. yuriythebest commented 15 years ago

At first I was skeptical and watched the 'original' spacewalk footage on youtube- I am not convinced by the flag that it's fake, also at first I thought the air bubbles could simply be trapped in the cabin- however I saw them coming from the austronaut who was nowhere near the hatch- also if air is released in space does it look like a gas or does it take bubble form? Since water is denser than air it would become bubbles in water but vacume is of course less dense than air so shouldn't air become 'gaseous/steamy' when released into vacuum?
Picture of caives20 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-9 7. caives commented 15 years ago

Why in hell does China fake this spacewalk. Dumbasses!
Picture of MiMe51 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-11 9. MiMe commented 15 years ago

#3 I agree with you, everyone should watch moon landing hoax! Btw, vid is great
Picture of BaronKite23 achievements

-4 10. BaronKite commented 15 years ago

Why is the music Russian?
Picture of alexnader38 achievements

-2 11. alexnader commented 15 years ago

i heard that the footage of the underwater training was actually filmed on the moon !
USA and Russia never even trained underwater, it was all done straight on the moon !
Picture of tastytim39 achievements

-2 12. tastytim commented 15 years ago

If this is fake, the Americans never walked on the moon. whenever a coutry does something big there's controversy. If the chinese didn't do their space walk in space, US sattelite would have picked it up and saw that tehy never got out of their shuttle.
Picture of dvh35 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-10 13. dvh commented 15 years ago

its not fake, and "the bubble" is piece of ice
Picture of eddie204242 achievements

+5 14. eddie2042 commented 15 years ago

mythbusters proved the us moon landing was not faked. look for the episodes, dumbasses!
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

+3 15. MsZoomy commented 15 years ago

the "bubble" no matter what it's made of, if it was actually in space it wouldn't gain speed like it does, it would just kind of mosey along. anyone who has ever snorkled or played around in a pool, knows that air bubbles will gain speed the closer they get to the surface because there is less pressure against them. Combine that with the reflection of the lights, I think this is very fake. Why would the Chinese do this? For the same reasons the put lead in their paints and toxins in their pet food.
Picture of dvh35 achievements

-2 16. dvh commented 15 years ago

#15 the "bubble" doesn't gain speed, the camera is panoramatic which causing "speed increase" effect when object move to the camera
Picture of Tzek28 achievements

+4 17. Tzek commented 15 years ago


The music is not russian is from the soundtrack of the movie 1492 and is composed by Vangelis (Greek)
Picture of Erostle511 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 18. Erostle5 commented 15 years ago

I think the Chinese did it for their reputation as a world super power who has the technological and financial capabilities to make the venture into space.
Picture of orion27 achievements

-4 19. orion commented 15 years ago

#10 and the lyrics are in fake language. Not everything unintelligible is russian.

This is one bad faking job. Everything is wrong.
Picture of patriotaus39 achievements

+4 20. patriotaus commented 15 years ago

all flags act like that in space, flags do not act like that underwater, i wonder how they made the flag act differently then it is supposed to. Just another thing about this that is stupid, the clouds do move that fast. the bubbles pique my interest, but this is no where near enough information for me even to think about whether it was fake.

#12 is 100% correct. all the people that say america faked their moon walk are idiots because russia would never have conceded the fact. the same with this, there were satellites on these guys in space, i think it would be silly for anyone not to pick up they didn't do in space.

the reason the voice is clearer because russia and america, and in fact most other nations use tried and tested equipment created a decade ago. the processors used in those walkers are barbarically old. While everything china has would be new as their space program is also. this video was put together but some one who knows very little. they should have left it at the bubble and not looked like an idiot.
Picture of NucleoVega23 achievements

-4 21. NucleoVega commented 15 years ago

that's convincing
Picture of zf140 achievements

+2 22. zf1 commented 15 years ago

#20 man you took all of the words strait out of my mouth!

its amazing how many people believe in the fake space mission conspiracies.

i can understand why America might have faked the moon mission but personally i have examined the evidence and im not convinced. every single detail that the conspiracy theorists claim can be explained otherwise.

as for the Chinese, it really doesn't make any sense why they would fake a space walk. its not like they are technologically incapable or cant afford it.

also, if you actually read the website recommended by post #8 it pretty much explains everything about the spacewalk.

i am 100% convinced that the spacewalk was real.

i believe that people with little or no scientific background who like the idea of that type of conspiracy theory are misinterpreting explainable physical phenomena.

ask any professor, teacher or relative minded person who has a college degree in a related scientific field and see what they have to say. i guarantee you they will cross reference everything and they will only tell you something you dont want to hear.
Picture of makbeth36 achievements

-2 23. makbeth commented 15 years ago

#12 what is it exactly you belive a satelite does?
They dont really work the same way star trek would have us believe.
The evidence here seems very damning, i dont know if its enough to call it proof though.
Picture of 9573129 achievements

-3 24. 95731 commented 15 years ago

wow , i got to tell my dad about this cuz they watched the launch
Picture of 9573129 achievements

-3 25. 95731 commented 15 years ago

wow , i got to tell my dad about this cuz they watched the launch
Picture of JerryD14 achievements

+4 26. JerryD commented 15 years ago

Oh! 8) ...of course its fake! As the moonlanding! But biggest fake is internet! They want us to believe we are able to communicate and share files and vids over a worldwide computernet...!? There is in fact this intergovernemental hypersecret organization that uses crossbreeded gammaray/xray technology to generate amplituded rays to make us believe anything and everythin... >:) >:)
Its easy to believe that anything is a result of some conspiracy, just let the imagination go nuts and beyond insanity... and the results will be impressive >:) >:)
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

0 27. LightAng3l commented 15 years ago

China fakes every little thing...Opening ceremony....voice of singers ...even space missions...they are too incompetent so they lie ... My country had no mood missions ...but we don't pretend we did

China space walk is fake PERIOD
Picture of sircam16 achievements

-2 28. sircam commented 15 years ago

Why do the Yanks think that they can be the only ones to do anything in the world before or better then anyone else? Look at your economy you asses! ;)
Picture of BeOS22 achievements

-2 29. BeOS commented 15 years ago

???????? ???? :'(
Picture of BeOS22 achievements

-1 30. BeOS commented 15 years ago

it s not possible to write chinese in snotr... it s sucks :o
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

0 31. moskwiz commented 15 years ago

Well.. at this picture quality it's rly hard to get any conclusive ideas about the whole matter
Picture of alexnader38 achievements

0 32. alexnader commented 15 years ago

wow, i was just being sarcastic.
take a chill-pill u guys
Picture of barf22 achievements

0 33. barf commented 15 years ago

I wish the video actually had some real proof. Now it only shows how the creator really doesn't know shit about anything... ;)

Here's what I think:
- The bubble might be just water. It flies away as the shuttle is actually moving very fast. And of course it is pulled towards Earth with accelerating speed; rather hastily because it has very low mass. Also, the water remains as a droplet because of the surface tension.
- The flag doesn't look like it's underwater at all. Buy a pair of eyes.
- The lightsource is the white craft itself. It is quite large after all.
- The "stadium lights" are really just lights on the spacecraft. The astronauts do need some light on the shade side of things, or they can't see anything in the black parts. The lights might be there to actually get a better video feed too.
- The ship is supposed to remain in balance. Not a very hard thing to do with modern thrusters and computers. And the ship was really made by russias, who do have quite much experience with spacecraft.

/end of rant. >:)
Picture of drevil29 achievements

+6 34. drevil commented 15 years ago

be smart, don't take everything on youtube so seriously.
Picture of barf22 achievements

0 35. barf commented 15 years ago

#(removed comment): You are correct. However, sunlight does heat up the liquid, so that it actually might freeze slower... The temperature in orbit is somewhere near 70K and of course we should add radiation from the ship and the astronauts to that. 8-)
Picture of Masutakusu13 achievements

+1 36. Masutakusu commented 15 years ago

#15 No, not because of the pressure. Because, according to Newton's laws, the force on the bubble will keep adding, making either a linear or exponential speed gain. Or was it a quadratic gain? Either way, it's the multiplication of force. Pressure will just cause the size to increase. I should know. I scuba dive, and that is basic safety information.
Picture of caives20 achievements

-1 37. caives commented 15 years ago

China is one of the fucking shittiest countries!
Picture of joka23244 achievements

-2 38. joka232 commented 14 years ago