Ant Superhighway

A giant ant colony pumped full of cement,and then excavated reveals one of Mother Natures marvellous wonders.

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Picture of captin_corpse20 achievements

+21 1. captin_corpse commented 15 years ago

that is freaking crazy! those ants know what they are doing! its amazing how all of them have the brain the size of a pinhead yet they know that they are making their home.
Picture of sentinel11 achievements

+23 2. sentinel commented 15 years ago

So...they just killed millions of ants to get that shot?
Picture of cannnobaL21 achievements

0 3. cannnobaL commented 15 years ago

I don't think it's possible that they destroyed the colony.
Either they moved it, or it was abandoned by ants themselves.
Picture of Sjattuh24 achievements

+8 4. Sjattuh commented 15 years ago

See how far you can get with a little cooperation..

We're 6billion souls on the world. Imagine we'd all have the capacity of cooperating like these tiny ants have.

Or imagine when 1 day ants grow out the size of dogs. Then we're screwed...
Picture of mothali27 achievements

+5 5. mothali commented 15 years ago

collectively all their brains would have the mass of a human brain.......
Picture of BaronKite23 achievements

+12 6. BaronKite commented 15 years ago

@ #(removed comment) Cos you write some stupid shit... :D
Picture of Cargoon23 achievements

+1 7. Cargoon commented 15 years ago

Ants all listen to one Queen Ant. That's Communism. We tried that and it didn't work.
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements

+1 8. Noobeater commented 15 years ago

Thats fucking amazing!

And Cargoon, That is not communism. Its called Hivemind. Communism is when some crazy greedy fucks convinces people that they are participating in a socialistic society but in reality they are getting ripped off and fucked over by capitalism.
Picture of NicknamePending10 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-11 9. NicknamePending commented 15 years ago

Maybe the comments keep disappearing becuzz you call these people gay as that were a bad thing?
Picture of Wildsnake32 achievements

+8 10. Wildsnake commented 15 years ago

Actually, they don't listen to the qeen ant, the so called qeen is an ant just like all the others, that is doing her part. She is actually the "ovaries" of the colony, not the designer, or brain of it. 8-)
Think of the ants like cells in a body, and the colony as the organism. And just like cells, ants don't need complex brains to figure out what they have to do, they evolved with the isntinct to do it.
Picture of havz0r20 achievements

+2 11. havz0r commented 15 years ago

oh no #2, think of the horror!
Picture of 9573129 achievements

0 12. 95731 commented 15 years ago

Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements

-3 13. DarkiKun commented 15 years ago

that so amazing, it surely will get me thinking twice before killing an ant again ... im speechless ...
Picture of millbrookman4 achievements

0 15. millbrookman commented 15 years ago

Creepy crawley kewl :)
Picture of Daybreak9 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 16. Daybreak commented 15 years ago

#2 who cares, they're friggin ants.
Picture of zf140 achievements

+2 17. zf1 commented 15 years ago

ive seen documentaries where they used rubber instead of cement so that the structure can be moved to another location
Picture of SanOKanonG18 achievements

+6 18. SanOKanonG commented 15 years ago

i call it an Empire....

that shit is HUGE.....
:O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O
Picture of JonnyC8 achievements

0 19. JonnyC commented 15 years ago

That's epic. They should build one of those for humans. And put cinemas and kfcs and stuff in it :)
Picture of Zoooidberg22 achievements

0 20. Zoooidberg commented 15 years ago

#6 don’t thing so... I wrote something about that it looks like a castle, and that I was told to never destroy a ant-hill and that these gays were not told the same.
Why would that massage be erased?
Picture of Mooz23 achievements

0 21. Mooz commented 15 years ago

8-) This article just came out on the same subject:
Picture of Zoooidberg22 achievements

+1 22. Zoooidberg commented 15 years ago

Ooooops! My spelling was wrong. There's a little difference in the words "gays" and "guys".
So I rewrite my comment:
#6 don’t thing so... I wrote something about that it looks like a castle, and that I was told to never destroy a ant-hill and that these gUys were not told the same.
Why would that massage be erased? - Maybe because of the gay-word, I guess.
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

0 23. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

Discussing sexual preferences and religion will get your comment removed (and banned if you keep trying after your first comment is removed). Discuss the video and play nice people.
Picture of patriotaus39 achievements

+3 24. patriotaus commented 15 years ago

he just explained that it was a typo, and to me it seems bloody obvious. maybe you just like to exercise your power over us
Picture of Chingis34 achievements

+1 25. Chingis commented 15 years ago

...Agreed with Patriotus...

...Scared of Aliquantulus..

#Zooidberg i was going to say exactly same thing. "I was told to never destroy a ant-hill and that these gUys were not told the same."

About video. at 2:52 Narrator said " -It IS truly a wonder of the world". I think he should have say " -It WAS truly wonder of the world". Because it destroyed by Dr.Luiz Carlos Forti and his team.. :(
Picture of Nemphtis23 achievements

0 26. Nemphtis commented 15 years ago

That is pretty beautiful, makes you appreciate nature a little more.
Picture of tastytim39 achievements

0 27. tastytim commented 15 years ago

gg to ants, better than man!
Picture of Mitak40 achievements

0 28. Mitak commented 14 years ago

Darn we dont know our planet and we want to explore others...
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements

0 29. Usdevildoggmc commented 13 years ago

LOL Am I the only one that notices that poor innocent ant being flushed down the hole @ 0:11 ? ? ? ? of course they killed many of them you think ants just packed up and left? lol Truth is humans don't care about ants, they are too small... we step on them every day without realizing it in case u wanna debate lol
Picture of lockandload57 achievements

0 30. lockandload commented 13 years ago

its like a kingdom to them, they should leave nature alone