Trekkies bash new Star Trek movie

A parody by The Onion News Network.

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Picture of patriotaus39 achievements
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-13 1. patriotaus commented 10 years ago

I also thought it was disgusting the movie was that good, i might not even add it to my collection.
Picture of peterpan00724 achievements
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-6 2. peterpan007 commented 10 years ago

I dunno I've never really been a fan of star trek, besides watching the one episode were he fights the monster in 1:09, actually really good episode...but I do have a friend who is a die hard, and he wasn't at all interested in watching the movie...I think i was more into watching it...but it seemed like from the previews that it was like the guy at 0:29 said, if i wanted to watch young attractive people doing cool things I'd go watch sports, lol, ahhhh still this was hilarious to watch, especially the broadcasters.
Picture of patriotaus39 achievements

-3 3. patriotaus commented 10 years ago

I just watched this film, and i was pleasantly surprised. That being said, maybe it was directed for the normal folk not the die hard fans.
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

+2 4. Chrisofskjern commented 10 years ago

What do you expect??

If you made a Star Trek movie that was for the FANS and only FANS would wanna go see it, the movie wouldn't bring in any money... Simple as that. Movies are expensive nowadays and thats just the way it is.

Why can star trek not be for anyone? So what i understand is that the fans are mad at the people who haven't watched ALL star trek and speak klingon who watch this movie. which might actually go and make people interested in star trek...

Whats there to be so pissed about fans?
Picture of zerorain26 achievements

0 5. zerorain commented 10 years ago

dam those pessimist.
Picture of JerryD14 achievements

+1 6. JerryD commented 10 years ago

I'm a fan of Star Trek... thou there's fans who are 'fundamentalists'. I once assumed Star Trek fans like myself being openminded (could be terribly wrong about myself) But with time seen some that are - in lack of other words - fundamentalistic. And besides: this is Onion News Network! As serious as Donald Duck being a newsanchor at Ducksburg local TV. I've watched the vid over and over again and read the text at the bottom of the screen ... got lots of laughs :D :D - - - By the way: Great Movie! Just have to buy the DVD ... :) :)
Picture of makbeth36 achievements

0 7. makbeth commented 10 years ago

i think they confused star wars for star trek there. Ive not watched a huge ammount of star trek but i dont remember many drawn out diplomatic parts. The star trek actors always made me cringe, chief o brien and major kira hurt my brain when they talk:(
Picture of gringo40 achievements

0 8. gringo commented 10 years ago

Nice refreshment of a movie, allways liked Star Trek. And Sylar as Spock was just briliant. Just waited when he's gonna open someones head >:)
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

0 9. nooitaf (admin) commented 10 years ago

2:19 ... genius :D
Picture of balonsolos4 achievements

0 10. balonsolos commented 10 years ago

I have watched almost all the old star Trek shows (dont wanna lie maybe missed one while watching Gilligan's Island) and that being said. This was definatly a flashy videogame style that was not unentertaining. I liked it. Could it have been better .. probably. Will I watch a sequel .. HELL YES!. I think it has alot of potential. I do miss the old Bones, Kirk, Checkovf, Spock, Scotty , Kirk and the cougar Auora.

I love it that they had an Ensign go help blow up the driller and of course got wacked lol. You never wanted to be the extra help on the patrol. HAHA! Come on peeps its different peeps and they will have to forge thier own idenity I suppose.

I dont belive the Bones character suits him... Bones was ANUAL retentive not like this haplas hippie healer. He was more methodical. I sometimes thought Bones was the human version of Spock to an extent. One was master of Science the other medicine.

I liked how they gave more role to Checkov and Auora. Scotty seemed like the best match. Spock ... well I didnt feel it. Spock was always like Spock... remember the show "IN SEarch of" he was like that all the time.

Kirk well its hard to over act as good as WIlle did. God hes was so fuunty back on the tv shows. At recess we made comunicators out of note book paper and they could flipout with colored crayon buttons. We made phazers and had alot of fun. Of course the girls in class were the evil aliens we ploted to round up and send them back to Starfleet. They loved to be chased and seemed a little miffed when we put them in the invisible holding cell and left them.

Man o man the good ole days when instead of loafing around on computers .. We caught a quick show before dad got home to watch the news then went outside to make up our own games.

But heck what do I know.
Picture of HankB2 achievements

+1 11. HankB commented 10 years ago

You do realize this is not an actual newscast but a parody by the Onion Network.
Picture of Annie5 achievements

0 12. Annie commented 10 years ago

:) I'm disappointed that I'm not going to be disappointed when I actually do see the movie. Darn!! :)
Picture of catinahat1 achievements

0 13. catinahat commented 10 years ago

::You are all idiots. Star Trek was a great movie. It was filled with action and just what exactly the Star Trek community needed. They aren't into the crap of tolerance when they are young in the federation. Where are you watching your shows. So what the hell is with you. If you were true Trekkies you would also know they are romulans and not Klingons if you make a parody, get it right. You people are so stupid to even joke about a great movie like Star Trek. I have been watching since I was little and I consider myself a true Star Trek fan. Of course I'm not a retard that goes around in costume and looks like a jerk. I just happen to truely love the shows. Generations, Enterprise, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Star Trek with William Shattner. You jokers suck and I hope that you never again get to put your tragic eyes on another Star Trek anything. You are losers who should be sent off to the world of Q. By the way number 11 is Urhura. Also Number 11 balonsolos Karl Urban was perfect for the role of Bones. He did a great job and they were still young in their careers in the federation. You're an idiot too. By the way anal is not spelled anual.
Picture of Severd_nerv22 achievements

+1 14. Severd_nerv commented 9 years ago

Like Every other new Film out there ...there making them to appeal to new Crowds thats why films like the new Terminator and things arent any good cause there not 18's any more there like 12's and thats why they suk cause they've been baby'fied.... AS for the new Star trek movie I thought it was fantastic the Actors who played the Kirk and spock roles were Brilliant....No one needs to take a film as serious as you GEEKy Trek freak muppets who wouldnt knw how to rate a movie if they Were to rate it between 1 and 2. Morons!!! and did you see the people who were Comenting on the movie Fking Loosers who have never had a girlfriend