Are women born this way?

Apparently :'(

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Picture of malkavian23 achievements

+45 1. malkavian commented 15 years ago

Look at mouth on that one :D
Picture of FakeYou31 achievements

+141 2. FakeYou commented 15 years ago

Study shows that the tone and tone height women speak at is processed by men as background sounds. To all women, it's the way you talk that makes us not listen, unless we actively try to.
Picture of MarekX28 achievements

+32 3. MarekX commented 15 years ago

:-D I definitely agree with #2
Picture of MiMe51 achievements
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-11 4. MiMe commented 15 years ago

Poor dad :)
Picture of ringmaster54 achievements

+52 5. ringmaster commented 15 years ago

I witnessed the same thing, only it lasted for an hour.
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

+45 6. moskwiz commented 15 years ago

I can't wait until my niece starts talking like that :D
Picture of dvh35 achievements
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-13 7. dvh commented 15 years ago

#2 i suggest you to watch less bbt
Picture of coldboy26 achievements
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-12 8. coldboy commented 15 years ago

Just stop giving her sugar
Picture of 9573129 achievements

+32 9. 95731 commented 15 years ago

she doesnt stop talking!! LOL
Picture of baraka17 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-17 10. baraka commented 15 years ago

She's speaking in tongues..

Exorcism time :D
Picture of Nateconq25 achievements

+41 11. Nateconq commented 15 years ago

she takes herself very seriously :)
Picture of evil66632 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-18 12. evil666 commented 15 years ago


remember the "oh truck" boy??? he can only say 2 words and works perfect and easily understood. but that kid above??? girls are really good at talking too much but cant be understood.
Picture of MaxXL20 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-19 13. MaxXL commented 15 years ago

Sounds like arabic??
Picture of 89733556 achievements

+58 14. 8973355 commented 15 years ago

:) This is a very social, smart little girl. She's about to talk, if she only had the words. I wonder how old she is, this is amazing. Notice how she uses her hands and the eye contact. She's observed adults talking and is mimicking it, I think. That is probably what she sees when adults talk, a stream of nonsense while they look at each other and move their hands. She's getting a great reaction out of ... is that her dad? Delightful!! She's obviously not autistic.
Picture of Luffy0335 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-8 15. Luffy03 commented 15 years ago

This makes me laugh but is hellishly annoying. slightly laugh more
Picture of wintertex25 achievements

+29 16. wintertex2 commented 15 years ago

This should be sent to "Funniest Home Videos. It is the funniest thing I have seen.
Picture of justcolleen4 achievements

+24 17. justcolleen commented 15 years ago

she is great....maybe our first women president...or state of secretary!!!!!! right on baby tell em!
Picture of Quilter4 achievements

+39 18. Quilter commented 15 years ago

Sounds like and looks like the little girl was trying to "tattle" on her Mom who apparently did something that the little girl didn't like. Watch her reaction when "Dad" starts to laugh at her. Looks like she got a little confused as if what she was saying wasn't a laughing matter. This is so cute and watching and listening takes me back to when my own children were this age. Thanks for sharing.
Picture of pensha105 achievements

+30 19. pensha10 commented 15 years ago

I definately agree with commenst 16 & 21. This is a very smart little girl. You may not know what she's saying but she sure knows! I've watched this about 20 times. She cracks me up. What a Joy!!!
Picture of Babs4 achievements

+42 20. Babs commented 15 years ago

This is what 'priceless' is all about! I've watched it 20 times too. That little baby has so much to say and is so adorable in her delivery! I agree with the others that think this baby will be a very bright child. And dad... he's loving every word. Wonderful capture of a future intelligent woman who has something important to say, and by gosh she's gonna make sure you understand every word... so listen up people! I just love everything about her!
Picture of NonnieConnie4 achievements

+39 21. NonnieConnie commented 15 years ago

This little girl is communicating something very important...I think she is telling on her momma. She is very bright, just because we don't understand her, doesn't make HER silly, it makes us stupid for not paying attention to her.......YOU GO BABY GIRL!!!!!
Picture of sasha57685 achievements

+29 22. sasha5768 commented 15 years ago

+10:) This just shows what scientists have already proved...women have a superior right brain and have a far larger vocabulary sooner than little boys.... This little girl is very smart and almost ready to talk in full conversations and what you are hearing is not gibberish but the predecessory to speech a very beautiful sound in any language!!! To make fun of women in such a way is demeaning and despicable!!! Shame on you arrogant males!!!
Picture of sudbird1 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-9 23. sudbird commented 15 years ago

This should be more aptly titled "Are men born this way?" I agree with #14 and 26 (and disagree with almost all you other dw--bs), this girl is test-flighting language skills she sees adults use all day. Unfortunately, the man with her, like so many men before him, instead of interacting with her in an encouraging way and giving her positive feedback, treats her like she's nuts, and then laughs at her like she's a funny object. You can even see her confusion and disappointment when he laughs. Watch her, she looks down and away in shame. Her voice becomes less enthusiastic and lower pitched, possibly sad. She thought she was doing so well, and was expecting confirmation of that. As with so many women, been there. Fortunately most moms know what to do (don't you?) by joining in on the game, and treating her like the brilliant child she is. Go girl ! ! :D
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-10 24. sux2bu commented 15 years ago

This cute little gal seems to have something to say but all you feminists are putting a little too much meaning to what she is trying to say . She could just be mimicking the way her mom harangues the dad about cutting the grass or taking out the garbage!
Picture of eileena5 achievements

+17 25. eileena commented 15 years ago

I actually think she was telling the man that Momma was talking about her. It sounded like she said "talking about me."
Reminds me of my own daughter about that age. When she slowed down we made out complete sentences, "Would you read the book to me?" at age 15 months.
This little girl is probably about that same age and is on track to speak as well as my own did.
Picture of LCarson1 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-8 26. LCarson commented 15 years ago

This is really funny.
What's not funny is that this baby is too small to be in a forward-facing car seat.
Unsafe = unfunny.
Picture of mosesmama4 achievements

+23 27. mosesmama commented 15 years ago

Picture of suepooo4 achievements

+16 28. suepooo commented 15 years ago

Future President of the United States has spoken.
Picture of llnstoner5 achievements

+9 29. llnstoner commented 15 years ago

It would be worth getting married just to have his baby! Why don't they add this to pre-marital counseling.
Picture of Sisterchristian5 achievements

+25 30. Sisterchristian commented 15 years ago

This dear little child brings a smile to my husband and I every time we see her amazing efforts to communicate. What a precious gift to her family. How could you ever be sad or lonely around that personality!!! What total joy.

Picture of zodiacgypsy7 achievements

+32 31. zodiacgypsy commented 15 years ago

Love her...She is BRILLIANT! Express yourself, baby girl. Never let anybody stifle your gift.
Picture of MJR533 achievements

+17 32. MJR53 commented 15 years ago

This is a funny video and not a statement on the brain pans of males versus females. Neither is it a comment on the presumed father not encouraging the child properly by laughing at what she is "saying". If you listen to the background voices, you can hear a woman (the presumed mother) also laughing at this precocious child. The gibberish she is speaking is, of course, her own language and it makes perfect sense to her at this moment. Any similarity it may bear to a known language as regards sentence constructs, intonations, syntax,, are coincidental. The "language", such as it is, will disappear in a few months when she has learned the language of her parents. She may wind up speaking her native tongue clearly at a very early age, but it is presumptuous to think that this fire hydrant of baby talk is indicative of predecessory language.

I think the person who originally posted the video could have found a better title than "Are Women Born This Way" because the overly sensitive amongst us might take offense at that but it is hardly despicable. Let's call this video what it is - a cute baby babbling - and not assign all kinds of pseudo sociological meanings to it.
Picture of funford2 achievements

0 33. funford commented 15 years ago

I believe, MJR53, you PRESUME YOURSELF to be intelligent.
Picture of mamato46 achievements

+20 34. mamato4 commented 15 years ago

:) This is so cute. I remember when my own kids went through this stage. It is sweet and so much fun. This is great for her communication development. It is hard not to get the giggles sometimes because while she isn't making sense to us, she knows exactly what she is saying. Adorable.
Picture of Jarhead683 achievements

+12 35. Jarhead68 commented 15 years ago

Same speech writer as Obama. LOL. >:)

When I listen to teenaged girls talk to each other, it sounds the same. :S
Picture of Ctink81893 achievements

+18 36. Ctink8189 commented 15 years ago

I can't believe all of the negative and ignorant comments on this video. This is a precious baby who is expressing herself the only way she knows how because she can't talk yet! What is wrong with people these days?
Picture of sasshell2 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 37. sasshell commented 15 years ago

Nevermind how adorable this babbling is. Turn that precious baby around so she faces the back. She is far too young to be facing forward in her seat!
Picture of Marcella4 achievements

+12 38. Marcella commented 15 years ago

The sound and tone are absolutely English. I can't think of any other language that sounds that close. The child has a good ear for sounds.

She is a smart one. The split second that the man starts laughing at her, she gives a dirty look and realizes that something is not quite right. Gosh, I hope her mom does not talk that relentlessly. The child is imitating someone from her life.
Picture of AuntieAnne4 achievements

-2 39. AuntieAnne commented 15 years ago

Whether or not that video is unenhanced, it's hilarious! Well done, if it's "doctored". If not -- well, half those genes came from a man. That was weak. We all know that women are more "gifted" when it comes to comversational skills. Bravo. That was really entertaining. I'd hate to be her husband.
Picture of Donna09174 achievements

+12 40. Donna0917 commented 15 years ago

This is soooo funny... And to think that baby really thinks she's saying something....LOL You gotta love it...It's soooooooo sweet
Picture of balonsolos4 achievements

+24 41. balonsolos commented 15 years ago

LOL yes this is funny and precious. I remember my daughter near the same age going on a tirade after she got her hand spanked after doing something bad for the upteenth time by her momma. She did the same thing. You cant help but laugh. Its to over whelming the first time and wonderful.

Yes mothers who spend more time with thier children see this more and can interact more after the first one. The first is mind blowing. So be gentle on the guy who is total over- whelmed. I raised my daughter from the age of 3 on... after her mother died of cancer. I took care of her and her mother. So we can be very attentive when it matters and just as quick we can be insensitive like most women. We are more alike than most wish or understand.
Picture of clhinojosa7 achievements

+17 42. clhinojosa commented 15 years ago

Oh, I have to agree with those who see this little girl as being very intelligent.  Men, the reason she is talking so fast is because even at such a young age, she has already figured out that it's important to speak clearly and quickly to men WHILE SHE HAS THEIR ATTENTION!  LOL! She is absolutely adorable.
Picture of Degree5164 achievements

+16 43. Degree516 commented 15 years ago

I thought this video was very entertaining but couldn't help to laugh more at some of the comments people are making, like saying shame on the husband for laughing at her I'm sorry but boy or girl sitting in that chair I would have laughed myself. And if it was me in that chair and my father was laughing at me I'd laugh looking back at this video and I think everyone who made comments would laugh at themselves as well. Anyone who says he should be doing something else think back for a second and try to remember one memory past three years old. When your child does something funny you laugh when they do something spectacular your congratulate them. I don't think he would be laughing if she spoke her first word. She's not speaking she's babbling and mimicking adults and all kids do that maybe not as fast but it's a common thing. Watch the video for the enjoyment not to try and relate it to some male/feminist argument.
Picture of Nina5 achievements

+17 44. Nina commented 15 years ago

:O I don't know if all women are born that way but I was!
I always joked and said I came out of my mom talking!
I actually tell peole just call me motor mouth......
Also, i talk very fast as if I need to get it said, before I'm interupted, I wonder if she's thinking the same?

What a beautiful baby and family.
I did notice the baby's facial expression change when her Dad turned his head, I don't think it was because he was laughing, but she lost his attention for that instant. I think her Dad is a loving great Dad! He's so happy, he's not laughing at her, he's just very happy!
She will have have a career talking! I always say, I'll never retire as long as I'm talking!
Oh, by the way, she'll make a very good listener too. :)
Picture of marsuecom6 achievements

+12 45. marsuecom commented 15 years ago

I think this is hilarious and one of the cutest things I have seen for some time. She surely thinks she is saying something important to her Dad. Very cute. I have known men that could out talk women any day of the week. The people making such rude comments about this precious, intelligent little girl, is unbelievable. Of course the Dad would laugh, as I did. It is funny.
Picture of kimc918704 achievements

+15 46. kimc91870 commented 15 years ago

This baby is adorable! Yes women are born this way, intelligent and funny. Remember women make the world go round,we are what we are, and men love us!
Picture of poohmama3 achievements

+15 47. poohmama commented 15 years ago

:D That was great, she didn't even take a breath! 0:0
Picture of evawms54 achievements

+18 48. evawms5 commented 15 years ago

:D This baby is so animated. She is very focused and follows the front speaker's voice...but....never stops talking. This is a great video.
Picture of tommach3 achievements

+10 49. tommach commented 15 years ago

Maybe this was Nancy Pelosi in her earlier years.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+14 50. sux2bu commented 15 years ago

This video is approaching half a million views now. That is un-friggin believable! I have viewed just about all of them on snotr and have never seen any of them even close to this one. Go baby girl! :)
Picture of seashell5 achievements

+23 51. seashell commented 15 years ago

She is so adorable! I wish they would have kept the camera rolling until she had finished what she had to say! A+ for posting this...puts a smile in my heart. :D
Picture of back2U3 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-17 52. back2U commented 15 years ago

s'whaz all dat (#2- men not listen by tones)
And I'az hurd dis dat womens sayin alot about men:
lady say'n no men(hubbys) talk so'z de would listen t'us any ways...?

How has you wifeys formed us to change to yuz wayz, t'not end up on a couch alone ev'y pm...?

Then thinks yuz can duz away w'affctions that ya had to capturz ussns in th'early years... huh!

so we speaks, thinks, speaks again over in repetitions in hopes yuz REALLY r tryin to hear the news we have:

Lovin you is easy when we thinks it still supportn your chance to not get sloppy in the later years...
Picture of tonybutt3 achievements

+10 53. tonybutt commented 15 years ago

She would fit right in with the TV talk show ' The View."
Picture of ghgal4 achievements

+12 54. ghgal commented 15 years ago

I just love all the sexist comments made by men on this video.......geeze, why can't this just be a cute video about a baby instead of another male slam on women???
Picture of Lolita303 achievements

+13 55. Lolita30 commented 15 years ago

I love comment #14. My 6 yr old daughter has to be this child's twin. Jabber jaw!
Picture of terapowers3 achievements

+12 56. terapowers commented 15 years ago

#54: Males' vocabulary and intellect aren't developed enough, even as adults, to be this expressive. That's why they have to slam women for being verbal.
Picture of MarGerlach3 achievements

+14 57. MarGerlach commented 15 years ago

Babies can talk! When my eldest son was 15 and 1/2 months old my first daughter was born. My mom was staying with him at our house while I was in the hospital. When we came home my son came running and yelling, "Grandma, Grandma, mama's home with the baby!" Yes, he talked in sentences when he was a year old. He is now 50.
Boy babies can talk just as well as girl babies!
Picture of DrDan173 achievements

+12 58. DrDan17 commented 15 years ago

My understanding is speech is limited by the development of the palate. The child may well know what she is trying to communicate, in my opinion, she does, but hasn't developed the physical capability to enunciate the sounds correctly. When my boys were this age I could often understand what they were trying to say if I was in the next room. Do you get irritated when people laugh when you're being serious? I remember well learning words, what they mean and how they are used; I'm 58 and still working on it.
Picture of wilson6ranch5 achievements

+11 59. wilson6ranch commented 15 years ago

You go girl!! Keep it up and make your mommy proud!! My baby girl jabbered like that and she is now 7 and still going strong. School has been out a week and she still has to tell me things that went on the last week of school. Sometimes she drives me nuts, but I know she will someday make something of herself. Men need to realize that we women sometimes just need to talk.
Picture of Kill_Bill4 achievements

+10 60. Kill_Bill commented 15 years ago

Picture of Auntie-Tata3 achievements

+10 61. Auntie-Tata commented 15 years ago

She is probably very intelligent and will be some type of
negotiator. Look out :) Cute asa button too!
Picture of libbym364 achievements

+14 62. libbym36 commented 15 years ago

"My understanding is speech is limited by the development of the palate. The child may well know what she is trying to communicate, in my opinion, she does, but hasn't developed the physical capability to enunciate the sounds correctly."

That's correct - research suggests babies know the meaning of 400-500 words before they say their first word, and can interpret subtle body language and facial expressions too. Amazing - who knows what is going on in her little brain. That said, I would have found it completely impossible to sit through that diatribe without laughing!
Picture of poppins8 achievements

+11 63. poppins commented 15 years ago

Oh gosh this so reminds me of my daughter when she was this age! She jibbered non-stop. I would encourage her by affirming what she was saying. We were at a basketball game, first row, second level, she was talking to me, I said, "Yes"! She repeated, much the same thing again and I said, "uh-hunh". She stood right in front of me and said it again. Again I affirmed what she said, and she preceded to jump off the balconey! I was quick enough to grab her by the back of the dress (she had to climb under a bar) and haul her to safety! She asked me 3 times if she could! Don't tell me babies don't know what they are saying, we just don't!

Also, she comes by it honestly, my dad always said I was vaccinated with a Victrola needle (some of you young ones will have to look that word up), and now I am a preacher!

One last comment for the man who said the baby should be facing backwards: obviously the car is not moving as someone in the front seat is shooting the video! Gosh people, try to reason things out before you make silly comments!
Picture of Vickster4 achievements

+16 64. Vickster commented 15 years ago

There's no POOR DAD to it. That man is completely in love with his daughter and this is a moment that brings him pure joy; Absolute and complete JOY! Those of you commenting about women talking too much or in a tone that men tune out, should be ashamed! LOL! This baby girl is talking to her daddy, the man who wakes early every morning to turn on the sun for her. That daddy wouldn't trade this moment for anything on the planet! I laughed and cried at the same time!
Picture of smac024654 achievements

+12 65. smac02465 commented 15 years ago

This is the cutest.... oh she just made my day!
Picture of talkyourearoff3 achievements

+9 66. talkyourearoff commented 15 years ago

Oh my goodness, this is a reincarnation of my now 23 year old! She has turned out to be a bright, eloquent young woman, and perceptive as well. Keep communicating, reading to and reinforcing your kids even at this early age. They soak in EVERYTHING they hear. To the family of this baby, ENJOY!!!
Picture of Coralyn4 achievements

+5 67. Coralyn commented 15 years ago

Too CUTE!! Reminds me of when my daughter was little. That said, as a former Child Passenger Safety Technician, I'd like to point out that she'd be much safer rear facing in her car seat. The bare minimum requirements for turning a child forward facing are 12 mos. and 20 lbs., but the AAP and safety experts now recommend kids stay rear facing until they outgrow the rear facing limits of their convertible car seat. Rear facing better protects the head, neck and spine during a crash.
Picture of sidntonysplace3 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 68. sidntonysplace commented 15 years ago

hey #2
study shows that people who don't have anything intelligent to write quote undocumented studies!! there is no inmplication that women are somehow responsible for men not listening to them.
btw...the baby is adorable and her parents are tickled to see her make such an effort to communicate with them
go watch your game...or shoot something and stop pretending you are qualified to do anything more than recall an article you heard about
Picture of wesley51504 achievements

+7 69. wesley5150 commented 15 years ago

A very funny little girl. What's also funny is how some of the feminist types are reading into it making the man seem somehow dumb and irresponsible for laughing and not taking the little girl seriously. She is mimicking what she sees the adults in her life doing, not speaking necessarily. Just appreciate it for what it is, a father's priceless moment with his daughter.
Picture of wesley51504 achievements

+8 70. wesley5150 commented 15 years ago

A very funny little girl. What's also funny is how some of the feminist types are reading into it making the man seem somehow dumb and irresponsible for laughing and not taking the little girl seriously. She is mimicking what she sees the adults in her life doing, not speaking necessarily. Just appreciate it for what it is, a father's priceless moment with his daughter.
Picture of ILoveBoxes4 achievements

+9 71. ILoveBoxes commented 15 years ago

That was absolutely adorable!! You go girl!!!
Picture of KaitlinMorgen4 achievements

+15 72. KaitlinMorgen commented 15 years ago

This little girl is just precious! She believes she is communicating with her Dad.... and in her way she is.

I don't understand any negative comments for this video. She is just learning and he is responding the way a person would.

As number 75 said....the moment is priceless!!
Picture of wheelstogo443 achievements

+12 73. wheelstogo44 commented 15 years ago

This is the way my son talked at that age, one day it all made sense. So not just a woman thing. He grew up to be a very intelligent, successful man.
Picture of CopyCat6 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-11 74. CopyCat commented 15 years ago

Looks like a typical drama queen...
Picture of PROFESSER413 achievements

+11 75. PROFESSER41 commented 15 years ago

Picture of judygalbraith3 achievements

+8 76. judygalbraith commented 15 years ago

Absolutely priceless and so precious!
Picture of Moonbright642 achievements

+9 77. Moonbright64 commented 15 years ago

She knows exactly what she's saying. My Nephew told me similar stories when he was around the same age. We were enthralled with his exuberance! It was a complete joy!

I'm sure these are fascinating narratives, if only WE understood. And I agree with the others... PRICELESS!
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

+7 78. BombDiggady commented 15 years ago

This video has turned out to be very popular!
Picture of parrots4sue3 achievements

+9 79. parrots4sue commented 15 years ago

She is adorable! Thanks for the smile. :-)
Picture of kajohill4 achievements

+13 80. kajohill commented 15 years ago

I've been trying to tell my husband this for 42 years...Karen
Picture of norskbente3 achievements

+13 81. norskbente commented 15 years ago

This is so entertaining, I just have to watch it again!! What an adorable baby. You're right, this isn't babble at all. She is really telling her Dad something very important. I think if I had been there, I would have been peeing my pants in laughter. I love watching little ones this age learning how to communicate. It's precious. Look out world! This one knows exactly what she wants to say. She'll go places!
Picture of camedwards4 achievements

+10 82. camedwards commented 15 years ago

This has to be one of the best videos ever! I have watched it over and over and laugh every time. She is adorable!
Picture of smile754 achievements

+13 83. smile75 commented 15 years ago

This is one of the sweetest things of childhood....babies trying
out their voices and really telling us something! Look at her go! I've seen toddlers chat this way with others, and they know when they are being misunderstood. I hope this little one continues to bring joy and laughter to her family all through childhood.

By the way, this little gilr is too big to be rear facing in her carseat as her feet are clearly extended past the edge of the car seat. It would be a very uncomfortable ride. Her parents are not doing the wrong thing having her face front.
Picture of slpenquin3 achievements

+10 84. slpenquin commented 15 years ago

Absolutely wonderful! When babies start cooing, jabbering, talking life changes for the parents for ever. This baby is so ready to tell her side of the story and I bet it is great. I don't know any parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles who don't laugh their heads off at beginning baby talk. I bet her parents were able to pick out some "words" that they hear her say all the time. Hang in their kiddo, you have the world's attention already. So cute.
Picture of JeanneK2176 achievements

+13 85. JeanneK217 commented 15 years ago

This is a wonderful example of communication between a child & someone she is close enough too "talk" to. My thought is that her Mom is taking the video while her Dad is engaged in conversation with his daughter. Whatever the child is trying to say is important enough for her parents to put on video. She is a "breath of fresh air" and a blessing! It totally takes me back 34 years ago when my own precious first child spoke the same language. Thanks for the memories!
Picture of pjshep4 achievements

+11 86. pjshep commented 15 years ago

I can understand more of what the baby's saying than I can #52, who is obviously male and probably an adult.
Picture of JeanneK2176 achievements

+11 87. JeanneK217 commented 15 years ago

All physiology & opinions aside ~~~ lets just enjoy the moment!
Picture of Mama416bear4 achievements

+13 88. Mama416bear commented 15 years ago

I am an elementary school teacher, and this little girl will do well in academics if she doesn't get "talks too much" written on her report card like I did! She is adorable and amazing. Keep talking to her and continue to take good care of her. :)
Picture of JeanneK2176 achievements

+4 89. JeanneK217 commented 15 years ago

Meant to say "Psychology" not "Physiology" (although that might work for some). And the answer is...Yes! Yes, we are ALL born this way!!!!
Picture of treebeard4315 achievements

+9 90. treebeard431 commented 15 years ago

There's a 90 second video of this little girl on the "college humor dot com" site, video number 1911844. You get a much fuller sense of what Sudbird was talking about in comment #20. This is one extremely bright young lady, and being talked down to by the man (probably an uncle) definitely hurts her feelings. In the longer video, he resorts to a simple hand game called Hot Potato when he thinks that's what she's gesturing about, and she goes along with it, but her reaction to the second hot potato try by him is priceless, a fleeting smile (pitying?)which is gone as soon as it appears, and her attention shifts to her mommy up front. I'd love to spend some time with her, to be the first one to understand what she's trying to say!
Picture of fadedrose2 achievements

+6 91. fadedrose commented 15 years ago

0:0 This is indeed the cutest video I have ever seen. She most assuredly knows exactly what she is saying and why is
that man person laughing? I agree it should be sent to
Americas Funniest Video. If this man person listening understood this young lady it might not be so funny to him! She may be telling daddy about the fur cost mommy put in layaway for her xmas from him! Just wait until she is a little older and daddy will listen. HaHa
Picture of Joedeode3 achievements

+11 92. Joedeode commented 15 years ago

(27) My goodness, get a life. She is a little baby and it is funny. The guy is trying to hold it together and NOT laugh. Apparently you do not have nearly enough personal physical contact in your life....lighten up please. RELAX!
Picture of SerenityHappens6 achievements

+18 93. SerenityHappens commented 15 years ago

How adorable! And for those of you wrapped in safety issues... you should become more observant... check out the background... the car never moves... seems BOTH parents were enjoying that special moment.
Picture of HeidiP3 achievements

+11 94. HeidiP commented 15 years ago

:* I love this!! She doesn't even need a Telepromter!!
Picture of BayAreaGuy1 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-9 95. BayAreaGuy commented 15 years ago

The comments on this vid show a decided lack of education about language acquisition in humans. And many of you have children!

Language is not "mimicking." Only the words we learn to use are actually the result of exposure/environment...but that's not language, really. Linguistics are inborn in humans; our ability to use spoken (and gestural and written) communication is part of our biology, and this little girl is demonstrating one of the earliest stages of the expression of that biology: Advanced Babbling (yes, that's really the name). Her Broca's Area (located in the left frontal lobe) has come "online" and is driving her to practice using the muscles of the jaw, tongue, lips, and diaphragm to communicate. In a few months, she will begin to utter single words, then two-word Telegraphic Speech, and finally full sentences. She has no awareness at this point that she's "talking," and the sounds are not "words to her," nor is she copying adults' behavior.

Some of you really need to take a few classes in Linguistics, Child Development, or Developmental Psychology.
Picture of walker3 achievements

+14 96. walker commented 15 years ago

Yes - women really are born intelligent...

There are some very intelligent people who seem to know a lot about childhood development and language development making comments here.

Dad was trying to take her seriously in the beginning- but how could you help laughing at this adorable girl. Too cute - don't get on dad's case. He is not laughing at her - and the title isn't insulting.
Picture of Kirsten3 achievements

+12 97. Kirsten commented 15 years ago

one of the sweetest things, is listening to a baby babble like that! I love it! :D
Picture of toycruiser3 achievements

+7 98. toycruiser commented 15 years ago

:) What a precious little girl. Having 4 girls myself, all but one of them them grown now, I envy this man (I choose to believe he is dad). He is trying so hard to be attentive, nodding and acknowledging, then BLAM, it hits him, this is flat out funny. She is absolutely a doll. Don't read too much into it. She is too little to be discussing anything too serious. She was just having a great conversation with daddy, maybe about going for a car ride!
Picture of Myhashen2 achievements

+9 99. Myhashen commented 15 years ago

:O My daugher, who is 25 now, talked like this when she was a very young baby. She graduated from college with very high honors...cum laude.
Picture of Jaimec7295 achievements

+6 100. Jaimec729 commented 15 years ago

This baby girl obviously knows EXACtLY what she is saying. Look how serious she is.
My daughter who is now 8 still goes on and on exactly like this.
Appreciate that right now you can't understand it. ;)
When she is 8, it will be about all kinds of things that you are not ready to hear, like how in LOVE with Joe jonas she is :'(
Picture of deniselynn3 achievements

+8 101. deniselynn commented 15 years ago

she is the cutiest thing I think people with kids love this one would love to see more
Picture of annthorensr4 achievements

+10 102. annthorensr commented 15 years ago

Sorry men, but my nephew at about 2 yrs. of age did this one time in the car with my sister and myself. He finally grabbed his Mom's face and looked her straight in the eyes trying to tell her something he wanted. When we said, "We don't understand, Matt." He gave up, sat down, and put his thumb in his mouth. I said to my sister, "Who's the one who can't understand language?" :D
Picture of fiddlah5 achievements

+4 103. fiddlah commented 15 years ago

What they're not telling you is that is actually Hillary Clinton's childhood video *LOL :(|)
Picture of fiddlah5 achievements

+10 104. fiddlah commented 15 years ago

Actually she is adorable *smiles :D
Picture of BardlyG3 achievements

+2 105. BardlyG commented 15 years ago

#56 Are you one o' them unexpressive men, or just obnoxious?

#33? Try to be more like #32. Add value.
Whatever MJR53 thinks of themself, they have added ideas worth checking out. Some intelligent readers like that sort of thing.

I don't necessarily agree fully.
Ref: Pinker's "The Language Instinct"
A good case for some of our language ability being built in.
Picture of grammadork5 achievements

+9 106. grammadork commented 15 years ago

Oh my!!!! She talks more than my granddaughter! How adorable can one child be!!!!
Picture of lewisfamily5033 achievements

+6 107. lewisfamily503 commented 15 years ago

Too cute. This little one is definitely "pre-talking." I don't like the title of this video either though. I think it's sexist. She is just being a darling little girl, period!! Loved this video, though!
Picture of koombyeyah3 achievements

+10 108. koombyeyah commented 15 years ago

What a beautiful little girl. I agree with #14. She's just expressing her new vocabulary.
Picture of GrannyBumble6 achievements

+8 109. GrannyBumble commented 15 years ago

God Bless her...she is so cute!!!

I do think she knows what she is talking about...we just don't understand her...

She is beautiful...bright...intelligent...and has great parents that are encouraging her to express herself...

Some folks don't think that little ones remember or understand things...not so...they understand all to well what is going on in their world of family...she definitely does...I also remember things from my sitting outside with my cat at about this little ones age...climbing out of my crib at 9 months old...they are dreamlike memories...but I do remember them...

At any rate...this child and her family has made my day! :D
Picture of DirtyBlonde3 achievements

+6 110. DirtyBlonde commented 15 years ago

I have watched and rewatched this countless times already, because it is absolutely one of the most priceless videos I have ever seen. I do have to say that next time they decide to film their precious daughter, they REALLY need to do it when they're NOT going down the road with her car seat facing in a very dangerous direction for someone of that age. :O
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+4 111. sux2bu commented 15 years ago

#110 The car is PARKED....NOT going down the road. Oh sorry,I just noticed the "Blond" in your nick.But you aren't the only one who has failed to notice that the car never moves,there have been others.In the longer version it actually looks like the father's door is open plus the camera seems to be operated from the driver's position.
Picture of DirtyBlonde3 achievements

+4 112. DirtyBlonde commented 15 years ago

I wasn't rude in my response, so there was no reason for you to be either. It looked to me from the motion to the right that the car was moving. Now that I've rewatched it with that in mind, I can see you're right. Still, next time you might want to save your sarcasticness for someone who has really earned it.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+7 113. sux2bu commented 15 years ago

You were scolding the parents for something they were not guilty of,I thought that was kind of nasty of you. Did you watch the longer version at #(removed comment) ?
You are the one who put "blond" in your nick and you know the stereotypical comments that always elicits from us guys,sorry for that! :)
Picture of grammy3 achievements

+6 114. grammy commented 15 years ago

:D I think this is adorable. It shows how intelligent she is.
Picture of Ankozlowski1 achievements

+4 115. Ankozlowski commented 15 years ago

Women are defending their intelligence by the use of a video of a baby? Sad.
Picture of sanhan473 achievements

+5 116. sanhan47 commented 15 years ago

:D I think she's practicing her acceptance speech as our future president!
Picture of Amanda2133 achievements

+10 117. Amanda213 commented 15 years ago

What a precious angel! She definitely had something to say and she meant it. Won't be anytime and most likely will be talking in sentences. My daughter was very similar, she started talking in sentences at 16 months. I was shocked. By the time her 2nd birthday was rolling aroung everybody thought I had to be wrong, that there was no way she going to be turning two.
Picture of Maura4 achievements

+11 118. Maura commented 15 years ago

What a delightful fully human child, able to communicate on several levels. She echos in my mind my Mom, aunts, sisters, daughters, nieces,grand-daughter: it worries me to imagine she might become a 'surrendered wife' as shown on T V last night. Freedom of expression denotes a full human being.
Picture of vitamom81 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 119. vitamom8 commented 15 years ago

The vid is just not playing, it goes full screen, but remains black screen, and it doesn't even load. Has anyone else got this problem?
Picture of BayAreaGuy1 achievements
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-6 120. BayAreaGuy commented 15 years ago

Where the hell is my post? I can only assume that the "moderator" deleted it.

I guess it's okay to post ridiculous things like, "Hey, she's speaking a language that only babies can understand," but if you try to inject a little science into the discussion, you get deleted, right?

Picture of RazorsEdge3 achievements

+11 121. RazorsEdge commented 15 years ago

Cute! And I agree this adorable little girl may very well become president! And unlike certain other presidents, she doesn't seem to require a teleprompter and she probably has a birth certificate.
Picture of Herhighness6 achievements

+8 122. Herhighness commented 15 years ago

This lovely FEMALE is a true delight! She reminds me of my daughter at about the same age Some 23 years ago...Mila would keep whoever was in the backseat with her company, too. She is extraordinary in that speech is a learned response and her mimicries reflect her intelligence that will soon blossom to sentences no doubt. Those of the nay-sayers are undoubtedly looking at the fact MANY MANY grown men lack her skill of verbal sad for most men....after all where do they live?? Under a rock!
I send my KUDOS to this KID!
Picture of newlady6520014 achievements

+4 123. newlady652001 commented 15 years ago

i love this baby and i hope the parents put more of her on here.for sure she would entertain anyone around her and she will never get bored....enjoy her while you can , they all grow up............she is one precious little girl
Picture of revpatc4 achievements

+10 124. revpatc commented 15 years ago

I love her. Laughed myself into a coughing fit the first time I saw it. She definitely knows what she's saying, even if he doesn't.
Picture of hgsnana4 achievements

+10 125. hgsnana commented 15 years ago

You go girl!!!!
Picture of Grandma2 achievements

+9 126. Grandma commented 15 years ago

This is the funniest thing I have ever seen on-line. I would love to see what she is doing in 20 years.
For you ladies who said you had babies like this - what kind of women did they become?
And for all you misongynists out there who are still angry that girls had/have superior language skilss: lighten up. This is one smart cookie. Too cute. Too cute
Picture of hunnersmom2 achievements

+3 127. hunnersmom commented 15 years ago

:D She is so cute! She reminds me of Twithcy from the movie hoodwinked. Record her, slow it down & THEN you can understand what she's saying!!!!
Picture of hairyscary3 achievements

+6 128. hairyscary commented 15 years ago

:D This little girl is so absolutely precious....and the dude beside her is an uncle or something...not her Daddy...he doesn't even know how to respond..and she is telling him everything that happened since she saw him last. I wish I could give her a squeeze....and sit back and see what else she has to say!
Picture of GrandmaJ3 achievements

+6 129. GrandmaJ commented 15 years ago

Very Funny Video. What a precious baby. She sounds a lot like #32 and #95!
Picture of ohiobuckeye3 achievements

+9 130. ohiobuckeye commented 15 years ago

I love this little girl, she is so sweet and precious and its obivous to me she is very loved. She is telling her daddy all about her busy day. Love her and the video :) :)
Picture of JudyinVegas7 achievements

+8 131. JudyinVegas commented 15 years ago

I just had to get on here and say how much this little girl is loved and taken care of, but previous number beat me to it!
This is great. She knows what she is saying. My son was 7 months old and would get really excited and go stiff in my arms when he heard this truck sound : :) ; He would point and say "Geh-ba-wok". That was the garbage truck! They know what they are saying---we don't. Love her.
Picture of crazygirl8 achievements

+5 132. crazygirl commented 15 years ago

Go to WalMart, buy duct tape, place over mouth.
Picture of ocean53 achievements

+6 133. ocean5 commented 15 years ago

#133 Hunny, I'm just home from work :) Gimme bout a half hour bfore you start your 4000 words kay? Love you baby :)
Picture of Jackiernbsn3 achievements

+5 134. Jackiernbsn commented 15 years ago

This is very cute; however, notice the way her tone and expression changes when daddy laughs at her. This is why women are never taken seriously
Picture of ehrenrsa21 achievements
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-5 135. ehrenrsa2 commented 15 years ago

completely annoying - try being trapped on an airplane with that noise :O
Picture of JetfireK1 achievements

+4 136. JetfireK commented 15 years ago

This could easily win Americas Funniest Videos....thats a cool 100,000.00 Go for it....
Picture of Grampa1113 achievements

+5 137. Grampa111 commented 15 years ago

I am a grampa with 9 grandchildren and 1 great. This is why I am losing my hearing, my hair, and my mind. Lovely kid. Best wishes to dad & mom.
Picture of nicolem803 achievements

+8 138. nicolem80 commented 15 years ago

You have to send this in to funniest videos!!!! You can put the winnings away for college. She is too smart her parents are in trouble LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Picture of CalderaGal1 achievements

+3 139. CalderaGal commented 15 years ago

Smart boys with advanced language skills do this, too. My son did this and now his son is talking this way, even into the phone. Too bad this amazing child is the brunt of sexist comments. Just another indication of dumbed down America that has no respect for intelligence.
Picture of writer2232 achievements

+6 140. writer223 commented 15 years ago

How wonderful to capture moments like these. Seeing this, and reading all the various comments makes me realize one thing - Babies are universally adorable, and garner great attention from adults. This has been true since the beginning of time. It's great to be able to share this and bring a smile to so many :)
Picture of reba471 achievements

+4 141. reba47 commented 15 years ago

This is one cute video clip. There are concerns about the car seat position... Do you think maybe the car was stopped just so they could video this? It would be hard to film from the drivers seat, as it seems, without them stopping. And if the the seat was in the well-known back position, it would have been filmed from outside the car through the back window.
Lets assume the parents are as sharp as the baby. And we assume your glass is half empty all the time.
Picture of acollier3 achievements

+6 142. acollier commented 15 years ago

8-) I would love to have a conversation with little girl. For someone who works with children with delays, this child is a very social, intelligent child.
Picture of bewy2 achievements

+8 143. bewy commented 15 years ago

This young lady needs to learn NOT to take a breath 'cos that the only time men get a chance to reply. she is brilliant ;)
Picture of Mofo3 achievements

+9 144. Mofo commented 15 years ago

This child is adorable and smart. I wonder what it would be like to slow her voice and lower her tone? She definitely knew what she was saying. It sounded as though she was telling her dad what she did that day and with her momma and their plan for the rest of the day. She's really excited about it and when dad starts to laugh doesn't understand why.Go girl!
Picture of Bevsnotr5 achievements

+10 145. Bevsnotr commented 15 years ago

:D AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My heart just goes out to this child! She obviously becomes distressed when the father (?) starts laughing. She's trying her little heart out to communicate with him and seems to realize that maybe she's not doing it right.
What an unbelievably intelligent child to realize that it takes many words to convey a thought (etc.) to those around her. This baby is a complete blank slate and SO ready to learn. I really, really hope those around her are reading to her in vast amounts of time as well as giving her bits and pieces of mathmatics (and I don't mean 1+1 either). If her parents read this I hope they will look up some info on the "Institute for Higher Human Potential and really give thise child the venue for learning that will match her obvious ability and desire. Good Luck! What a beautiful baby!
Picture of jbatyrn4 achievements

+6 146. jbatyrn commented 15 years ago

Whoa, all I have to say is you're going to need unlimited minutes on the cell phone or you'll be in for a heck of a bill.
Best of luck
Picture of karen2448k3 achievements

+7 147. karen2448k commented 15 years ago

:* This little girl is a perfect candidate for the ' your baby can read' program !!
Picture of Flaxenhairedmaid3 achievements

+8 148. Flaxenhairedmaid commented 15 years ago

Don't be too sure she doesn't know exactly what she's saying. My son, when he was about that age used to say to me every night, as I left his room at bedtime.."Va va vu". I used to reply. 'Va Va Va Voom!' while wondering where he'd heard that phrase. Then one day I heard him 'singing' along with Barney...

"Va vav vu, vu vuv ee" (I love you, You love me)
Every night, my little boy was telling me "I love you" ..and I didn't know.

He's 16 now, so I'm over it..but that guilt sat with me for a very long time!
Picture of preslismommy737 achievements

+12 149. preslismommy73 commented 15 years ago

I am so glad everyone is so enjoying this video. I am Presli's Mommy. This video was taken right after her 1st birthday and she will be turning 2 in July. The clip is actually over a minute and 20 seconds long, but you have to go to America's Funniest Videos website to see it. Please give her a rating of 5 smiley faces while you are there! She has not been aired yet & is 10th most viewed of all time. (19 seasons) We are hoping that she will be aired next season which starts in the fall!

P.s. She still talks this much w/ some more actual words mixed in and quite a few real sentences. She talks more than her daddy and I put together, and I'm a shy person! Sooooo, I'm pretty sure she gets this from my mother-in-law! LOL!
Picture of michaelgl2 achievements

+8 150. michaelgl commented 15 years ago

Picture of mrslarr3 achievements

+7 151. mrslarr commented 15 years ago

Absolutely the cutest thing! i heard MAMA. also, looks like you r going to have your hands full. very cute. send to funniest videos n get the 10,000 dollars!
Picture of Cheryl552 achievements

+8 152. Cheryl55 commented 15 years ago

:D :D Congratulations on having such an intelligent little girl. Her brain and understanding are obviously well developed. She wasn't babbling gibberish. Just sometimes language formation in the brain far exceeds the development of the muscles and nerves required to say the words. Her brain knows the words. She wasn't just repeating sounds. She was relaying important information that her brain had processed. This was not mimickry. It was conversation. Try her on reading a book. It should be easy for her in no time at all.
Picture of iamheather5 achievements

+5 153. iamheather commented 15 years ago

I agree with eileena--it does sound like she's saying "momma's talking about me", and I'll bet she's adding "don't laugh at me"! I think this kid's gonna be a preacher for Jesus! We don't need another "all talk" politician! ;)
Picture of josieperl2 achievements

+8 154. josieperl commented 15 years ago

If my 18 month old granddaughter could talk, she'd tell us what Presli was saying. I put the video on to show my daughter and son-in-law. E. was in the other room and came running in when she heard the voice and watched and listened intently. She then had us play it again at least 10 times, laughing, clapping and jumping with glee the whole time. So whatever Presli was saying, E. understood her and it was VERY interesting and entertaining.
Picture of KathleenRose4 achievements

+7 155. KathleenRose commented 15 years ago

She is obviously smart, smart, smart with a serious need to communicate! This is probably how people sound to her! I bet when she is in high school, she will enjoy watching herself as a baby and will laugh as much as we did!!!
Picture of jojames2 achievements

+8 156. jojames commented 15 years ago

Very Cute!! :D
Picture of KAS3 achievements

+8 157. KAS commented 15 years ago

Yes #66 my daughter too has always been a talker. I miss hearing every detail of her school day on the ride home while she was growing up . She graduated from Harvard Law School and practices law in Chicago. An article of gratitude was just posted by an abused wife and mother that she advocated for pro-bona. Her heart is as beautiful as her ability to speak. The 'gift of gab' can be used for great things. This baby girl is headed for great things.
Picture of babytender3 achievements

+5 158. babytender commented 15 years ago

Yes we are... I have worked with many babies over the years and girls are wired to communicate... alot! This a scientific fact. Girls are advanced in their ability to communicate and have a higher interest in communicating with their caregivers. I remember when my daughter was this age and she would "talk back" to me when she was trying to make a point. If only I knew what she was saying! :)
Picture of dreamer4 achievements

+11 159. dreamer commented 15 years ago

O:) It is a great one - this child is very happy. Mom and dad are proud parents - hope you win. Bless you and your daughter. #1+

Well, i tried to rate this. Obviously, i am not familiar on how to do it - i would rate this the highest point possible.
Picture of Jolene3 achievements

+9 160. Jolene commented 15 years ago

She's adorable! I can't quit playing this video. I think my boss is getting mad at me. :)
Picture of cajun-girl4 achievements

+9 161. cajun-girl commented 15 years ago

:) She is so cute! Oops! She made my day !
Picture of prrs2 achievements

+7 162. prrs commented 15 years ago

Picture of CFRICK2 achievements

+6 163. CFRICK commented 15 years ago

I can totally understand her saying, "Hey Dad, I have enough money to......" at the beginning of her talk. Listen to it again and you'll be able to hear it too. She is also referring to her Mom, and I hear "nickel" and "dime" as well. What a smart girl!! Just a l m o s t speaking fast-forward English
Picture of tdasho2 achievements

+7 164. tdasho commented 15 years ago

We should all be paying attention to this message. She is an Angel. Thank you too much for sharing.
Picture of tonias3 achievements

+6 165. tonias commented 15 years ago

cutest little alien I've ever seen! :D
Picture of mamagusa2 achievements

+6 166. mamagusa commented 15 years ago

Too cute! Reminds me of my girls. Anna said she had to talk that fast or we would quit listening to her before she was done talking.
Picture of blondie4la2 achievements

+9 167. blondie4la commented 15 years ago

:* I can't help but think that if all children were as well cared for and loved like this little girl, the worlds problems would be solved. This child is darling beyond description. Words just don't convey how sweet, smart, cute, and precious she is. Thank you so much for posting. No analysis, no science needed - just amazing and very special.
Picture of dejatrick2 achievements

+8 168. dejatrick commented 15 years ago

I think she is amazing, and mark my words she will be a VERY intelligent girl!! She doesn't understand why dad is laughing at her, she is telling a very important story!! :D
Picture of cassar2 achievements

+7 169. cassar commented 15 years ago

I love how the dad was trying to keep up with her. He truly seemed to give her his undivided attention - but then got lost in the patience area. Very funny, I loved it.
Picture of hihi2 achievements

+5 170. hihi commented 15 years ago

I only wish this was longer, I was just catching on!
I think she is telling the Dad to stop over bleaching his teeth because they look fake and she just can 't understand why he insists on showing them again and again.
Picture of djfes2062 achievements

+8 171. djfes206 commented 15 years ago

This is HILARIOUS!! Love it!!
Picture of lmarmur3 achievements

+7 172. lmarmur commented 15 years ago
If you go to this website there is a message from her father. Funniest Video contender, video on the view today...more info on long version comments.
Watch the entire long version and hear the interaction and positive reinforcement near the end of the video from mom and dad(presume it's her folks). Taken at face value, this is priceless.
Picture of cari3 achievements

+6 173. cari commented 15 years ago

I totally understand what she is saying and I whole heartedly agree!!! What an angel!!!
Picture of mjholly2 achievements

+5 174. mjholly commented 15 years ago

Picture of texasgram2 achievements

+4 175. texasgram commented 15 years ago

I had a 12 mo. old grandson that talked like this. His 7 year-old cousin came in to see him - hadn't seen him in a couple of weeks. His comment, "Look, Mom - he's grown - he's up to here on me (measuring on chest with hand).......and (with a curious look on his face as baby was babbling), he speaks Spanish!!
Picture of Stradie3 achievements

+5 176. Stradie commented 15 years ago

Check out the long version that #172 posted! It's soooo cute. I can't stop watching this! LOL Too cute Baby! She's such a smart little girl. We must all sound like Charlie Brown's parent to her! :D :* :D
Picture of MSP4 achievements

+3 177. MSP commented 15 years ago

The little girl is cute, but when I close my eyes and just listen, the sound reminds me of my wife telling me off, which somewhat scares me.
As for some comments on this forum about this girl being the future president, it makes me sad that so much in life depends on delivery and not on substance.
Picture of caseyk12 achievements

+7 178. caseyk commented 15 years ago

I doubt this will ever even be read, there are so MANY posts on this absolutely adorable clip! I would not be able to keep a straight face if I ever encountered such a lovely little chatterbox! I wonder if anyone tried to listen to this in slow motion, would we be able to understand any more of what she is saying? I definatly heard her say Momma in there somewhere!
I have to keep watching this and reminding myself that life is not so bad after all with sweet little beings like this populating the planet! O:) I hope my grandchild to be will be just as talkative! I only wish the video was longer!
Picture of logjam3 achievements

+8 179. logjam commented 15 years ago

Actually I have the ability to understand pre-speech. The baby is actually making a case for not sitting in the back seat of the car in the baby seat. She is quoting the example of 2 or 3 friends of hers that travel unrestricted and are still alive. She is questioning her father's decision to obey the law rather than allow her to sit in the front seat, like her Mom does.
Picture of rozzaarn3 achievements

+7 180. rozzaarn commented 15 years ago

OMG how I love this video. It reminds me of one of my grand-daugters at the same age...and isn't "dad" just loving it.
Absolutely precious wonderful moments to remember.
Picture of ransburg2 achievements

+8 181. ransburg commented 15 years ago


I'v always believed that babies arrive here, from God, with so much to tell us ... but somehow, between birth and age 2, we misguided humans "civilize" it out of them. One can only imagine what this little one was so bursting and excited to tell us! We simply cannot understand her language ... I think it is the language of the angels!
Picture of wixomwizard3 achievements

+6 182. wixomwizard commented 15 years ago

I love it! I'm praying for the future husband as we speak. +7 :D
Picture of BubblesBronski2 achievements

+5 183. BubblesBronski commented 15 years ago

I don't know what language she's speaking, but she appears to be fluent.
Great video.
Picture of sweet_pea2 achievements

+8 184. sweet_pea commented 15 years ago

This baby is absolutely adoreable! She obviously is well socialized and is ready to start speaking in English. She knows exactly what she's saying and is intent upon making her thoughts known. I laughed so hard when I saw this. She is the cutest little talker. I wish there was more video of her. She's intelligent and very articulate expressing her thoughts. She is so precious. This baby is a gift from God and I look at her whenever I need to be cheered up. I would like to see her progress throughout her life and hear what she has to say. Besides being visually cute, she's also cute to hear. How old is she? Could anyone make a guess? She's advanced for her age. You can hear her say,"Momma," so she's telling something about her mother. Her tone of voice and look on her face changes when the man next to her begins to laugh. She mst be thinking, "What's the matter with him when I'm telling him all this stuff?" Bet she could learn a foreign language in no time! Absolutely priceless!
Picture of brenz951 achievements

+4 185. brenz95 commented 15 years ago

this is soooo very precious and cute!! I just love it!! ha, ha!! :-) :-)
Picture of Granny2 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 186. Granny commented 15 years ago

Cute now? Sure is! In 10-15 years? Probably NOT!
Picture of surebert2 achievements

+4 187. surebert commented 15 years ago

awwww, she is so cute.... shows intelligence and willingness to interact with others.... even without language skills fully developed.
Picture of steve75453 achievements

+7 188. steve7545 commented 15 years ago

It is wonderful... and am so happy to see so many responding with positive feelings... (I have been so saddened by how so often there is always a number of persons that must add their displeasure no matter the nature of a comment or video). The child is adorable... period. The man is enjoying it so much. As is the little girl. What a joy to see... Thank you for sharing.... And even the title to me is a light fun hidden agenda there....
Picture of guinevere2 achievements

+4 189. guinevere commented 15 years ago

O:) I think she is adorable and very smart, I did not read all the comments but did anyone notice she said :Momma". I wonder how old she is?
Picture of Lynnie-poo4 achievements

+6 190. Lynnie-poo commented 15 years ago

That is too funny. I did hear momma in her dialogue. That probably is what she hears from her Momma!

Remember the girl on American Idol when her mom said that she talked so much as a little girl her doctor said she was going to be a singer. Well, that might be in the future of this cute baby.
Picture of DawnA6 achievements

+6 191. DawnA commented 15 years ago

She is fantastic! This should be sent to america's funniest videos even thought she doesn't seem to think it's funny when her dad is laughing! lol
Picture of AmandaSusan443 achievements

+7 192. AmandaSusan44 commented 15 years ago

:* Sometimes this is the only way we can get the attention of men who are in their own world.
Picture of kath3 achievements

+7 193. kath commented 15 years ago

Picture of pilgrim12dotcom5 achievements

+7 194. pilgrim12dotcom commented 15 years ago

:) Totally cute. I really enjoyed this. 8-) Also thinking the Mom probably was the one who wanted to record the baby. Dad did a great job listening (til he cracked up! lol) :D :D

Thanks for sharing this!!
Picture of glorystarr2 achievements

+7 195. glorystarr commented 15 years ago

:) :* :* This is just the cutest video. She has alot to say and doesn't mind sharing it. The guy in the back, is just so tickled that she is talking so fast and she knows exactly what she is saying. OH MY!! How smart she is.
Picture of preslismommy737 achievements

+8 196. preslismommy73 commented 15 years ago

Here's the whole video on AFV's website. And for those asking...Presli (the talking baby in the video, my baby :) was 12 1/2 months old when I shot that video and is almost 2 now. She was in a front facing car seat because in Texas babies can be turned around to the front once they are 1 year old and weigh at least 20 lbs. Which she did. We had stopped by her daddy's business to tell him about her play date we just left. Some of you did pick out the word momma in her jibberish, but she also says banana. (maybe only in the full version)
Picture of doxiesrule3 achievements

+7 197. doxiesrule commented 15 years ago

What an excellent communicator! Are we witnessing the first words of a future President? Babies are born with the wiring for language; this little girl is speaking, we just can't understand most of it. I love that she is using her hands and eyes so much - she is obviously very smart.

Shame on the neaderthals that made negative comments.
Picture of lets_walk20013 achievements

+6 198. lets_walk2001 commented 15 years ago

This has got to be the cutest thing I have heard in a while. It really brighten up my day. She is suck a cutie.
Picture of 1Susan2 achievements

+7 199. 1Susan commented 15 years ago

I have forwarded this to everyone! She totally reminds me of my daughter at that age. :) How delightful!
Picture of bruja3 achievements

+5 200. bruja commented 15 years ago

Delightful! I love Dad's reaction; he's so entranced by his daughter.......
Picture of najmo3 achievements

+8 201. najmo commented 15 years ago

Precious! She will make a great politician some day. ;)
Picture of wealthy582 achievements

+8 202. wealthy58 commented 15 years ago

To the parents of that child.

If you would like we would be glad to send you the grownup version of that. :)
Picture of jewels00213 achievements

+8 203. jewels0021 commented 15 years ago

She is so cute! I hear her say Mom and/or Dad. Her expression on her face and hand work just tickles me. She is trying so hard to talk but in her language. I love it, just made my day!!!! :)
Picture of Candyjw2 achievements

+7 204. Candyjw commented 15 years ago

Wait, there's more, which explains it! You have to see the rest. Her dad starts coaxing her to do more by singing a child's song and hitting his fist's on top of each other. It makes more sense that she's trying to repeat a song than just babbling. You can probably get the whole video on youtube. Check it out!
Picture of letslaugh3 achievements

+4 205. letslaugh commented 15 years ago

Oh, for crying out loud, it's a video folks! Enjoy it and laugh. If you have a problem with it don't view it.

The parents obviously thought she was adorable; they wouldn't have posted it otherwise.

Why do people have to get so pickin' touching and sensitive over a cute little video, and make into such a big deal? Stop trying to make everything into some politically violated something.

Take a breath, watch it again, watch the look of the dad's enjoyment in his daughter, listen to the enjoyment in the mom's laughter, and then let it go for what it is. Parent's getting the hugest kick out of a little that they are thoroughly enjoying. Even if it's "doctored" as I think the very first poster is suggesting, it's absolutely adorable. Just watch it for what it is... a laugh, and enjoyment in little kids.
Picture of nodaycare5 achievements

+7 206. nodaycare commented 15 years ago

The comments about dad laughing and her reaction to it do bring up a good point. But I don't think he's laughing at her as in making fun of her. My baby girl does stuff that we find incredibly adorable and we get so overwhelmed with joy that sometimes it results in laughter. And sometimes for me, even tears of utter joy. I know I make an incredibly ugly face when I cry, even happy tears, and I every time I do it I really hope that I am not communicating something to her unintentionally. I can only hope she feels the overwhelming love that is overflowing out through laughter and happy tears. Fun video!
Picture of Cynthia2 achievements

+7 207. Cynthia commented 15 years ago

my daughter is now 28 years old but I can still remember her doing the same thing. She was about the same age as this baby, she would come out of her bedroom and stand in front of you and start with the "baby talk" she would also use her hands to talk and move her head as if she was trying to make a point. She gave us many many laughs for about 5 or 6 months then all of a sudden she started talk in full sentences and have an intelligent conversation with you about almost anything. It's too bad we never has access to a video camera then.
Picture of Annie5 achievements

+7 208. Annie commented 15 years ago

:) I agree with #14 and #54. Well said! I would loved to have heard the end of her monologue. Really, really sweet!
Picture of MercedesBenzedic3 achievements

+8 209. MercedesBenzedic commented 15 years ago

My mother and I just had to laugh, not only because it was cute, because it reminded her of myself. I used to do the same thing. They always told me that I had my own language, but I never believed them.
Picture of rellaronzi3 achievements

+8 210. rellaronzi commented 15 years ago

I think this little girl is so precious a a true bundle of joy...Thank you for brightening my day!
Picture of sharongarrison629 achievements

+8 211. sharongarrison62 commented 15 years ago

WOW, when she is able to put words together...WATCH OUT! child and so cute.
Picture of mounces7 achievements

+10 212. mounces commented 15 years ago

This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen... laughed at this six times...send this to anyone who needs a lift!!
Picture of bobb10272 achievements

+8 213. bobb1027 commented 15 years ago

225whenthis kid is old enough to run ror public office she has vote
Picture of pumpkinwife2 achievements

+8 214. pumpkinwife commented 15 years ago

It's like she's speaking in tongues.
Picture of wpgmb5 achievements

+5 215. wpgmb commented 15 years ago

I just think women are more verbal than men. My dad always said he could not talk as fast as I did if he tried. One day, after she hung up the phone, my grandmother said her jaw hurt from talking for so long. I was just a kid and I said, "I know what you mean, Grandma, sometimes my jaw aches when I talk for a long time." My father almost fell over from laughting. He declared that he had never heard anyone say that before, and in his entire life he never talked enough to cause his jaw to ache. He laughed for several minutes. :*
Picture of happyoldlady4 achievements

+8 216. happyoldlady commented 15 years ago

This is priceless. Gives hope for the young generation in communication. What great parents you must be to appreciate and capture your very smart and sensitive little girls moment. I smile every time I think of it. I thought it had to be dubbed because her talking is so perfectly controlled and real. Hope you win. You've certainly got my vote. ;)
Picture of jilly3 achievements

+9 217. jilly commented 15 years ago

:D This is a smart little girl! Shame on those guys who talk of women being annoying and the whole tone thing...maybe if women are so annoying, well you know where I am going with that! My daughter would do something similar to that when she was younger, we would say "what" a couple times and she would get annoyed and say "oh nevermind" with such conviction...precious! Children are a blessing, it is beautiful to see one that will eventually be in control of all those men that are annoyed with what she has to say!
Picture of DBLVO4 achievements

+8 218. DBLVO commented 15 years ago

Picture of ndr3 achievements

+9 219. ndr commented 15 years ago

I have watched this over and over today - I just love it!!! She is precious! :D
Picture of csmutz20012 achievements
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-6 220. csmutz2001 commented 15 years ago

She's saying turn my carseat around! I should be rear facing until im 35lbs! Keep me safe mommy and daddy! I know you love me!.... and it is perfectly safe for their feet to touch the back of the seat when in a rear facing position. It has never been known to break legs or hips when in an accident. But what would you rather mend broken legs or a broken neck? You even went out and bought one of the most expensive carseats, so you must want to keep your daughter safe...right? Do the right thing. You'll be happy you did!
Picture of vickiecoates2 achievements

+9 221. vickiecoates commented 15 years ago

She is priceless and so adorable. She reminds me so much of my little granddaughter who is about the same size as this little gem. My granddaughter is 15 months old.I have played this one over many times, it is so cute.
Picture of sharongarrison629 achievements

+7 222. sharongarrison62 commented 15 years ago

That has to be my most favorite video yet!!!!
Picture of mmml1 achievements

+4 223. mmml commented 15 years ago

Translated ....I am the leader of ZON .You all will be infected by the swine flu ,resistance is futile.My mother ship awaits above. You are all doomed fools.
Picture of Mariela3 achievements

+9 224. Mariela commented 15 years ago

¡Buenísimo! Ok, we are like that! I don't know why Dad doesn't understand, bue no doubt, he loves her!!
Picture of grpharis2 achievements

+8 225. grpharis commented 15 years ago

This is absolutely adorible. My daughter is close to her age and she is starting to talk gibberish but not like this litle girl. How could you not giggle at this. I have watched a dozen times. Completely made my night. To comment #220. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics: Children 1 year of age and at least 20 pounds can ride forward-facing. Funny when people try to comment and judge on something they don't know the facts about.
Picture of grpharis2 achievements

+7 226. grpharis commented 15 years ago

This is absolutely adorible. My daughter is close to her age and she is starting to talk gibberish but not like this litle girl. How could you not giggle at this. I have watched a dozen times. Completely made my night. To comment #220. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics: Children 1 year of age and at least 20 pounds can ride forward-facing. Funny when people try to comment and judge on something they don't know the facts about.
Picture of flowergirl48733 achievements

+9 227. flowergirl4873 commented 15 years ago

:D I LOVE this baby!!!!!!!!!!!! So cute!
Picture of beachgal3 achievements

+11 228. beachgal commented 15 years ago

Oh for heaven's sake csmutz2001 ...get a life...don't you think the parents know that? I'm sure they were just trying to share this little darling with us all. I didn't see the car moving.

To the parents, thank you for allowing us to enjoy this precious child...she made my day and I've shared this with doubt she'll be replacing Oprah someday....she could probably do it now. She's beyond ADORABLE..I'm sure she brings a lot of joy to your lives.

You should be proud...this child will always open up to you and tell you what she thinks (watch out daddy)...I "think" she just

Does she need another grandma? I have 8 but would love to add her to my gang.

Thank you and PLEASE keep us up to date with this little chatter box.

I want to see more BUT... make sure the "car seat" is in the right position so you won't upset the "critics".
Picture of jwd3 achievements

+10 229. jwd commented 15 years ago

Now that little gal can TALK!
Funny thing is...I understood every word she said...amazing!
Picture of Pixxie6 achievements

+10 230. Pixxie commented 15 years ago

I'm sending this to my 18 month-old granddaughter for translation. Will report back when I get it. This baby talks way too fast for adult ears. Adorable! :)
Picture of erin3 achievements

+10 231. erin commented 15 years ago

This is video is cute!!! I think this little girl may end up to be a prophetess!!! She's going a mile a minute and no breaths!! LOL!!! Reminds me of my youngest one- we call her the 'Squak Box'!!! She's still loud and frank even at 3 yrs old!!! Children are blessings from the Lord!!!
Picture of krav2 achievements

+8 232. krav commented 15 years ago

:D Don't ya just hate it when you're trying to tell a joke and they start laughing before you get to the punch line.
This little girl definitely reacted to her daddy when he started laughing. Nothing wrong with him laughing, shoot it was funny, but it is really interesting to guess what she was thinking. That look comes over her face (of course she doesn't even slow down talking) and I have to wonder, what was that look ? What did that just mean ?
I sometimes experience the same thing with my wife.
Cheers :D
Picture of Barbarah2 achievements

+5 233. Barbarah commented 15 years ago

#2 and #3 give me a break, lame excuse for men not listening! You just don't care...admit it! And if you ask us, we don't care even less! lol
Picture of mumbles2992 achievements

+6 234. mumbles299 commented 15 years ago

If you were born in many of the Asian countries you would say she lived before. There are many books written right here in the states about reincarnation and memories fade after approximately six or seven years of age. It's not impossible. But most Americans just snub the idea. Before you
judge, read just a little bit about reincarnation.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+12 235. sux2bu commented 15 years ago

Having this video on snotr where it has been viewed by over 4 MILLION people is for sure going to help Presli win the big bucks for mommy and daddy on AFV's. With this much exposure everyone in the country will probably have seen it by the time it airs on TV. I have sent it to many people myself and everyone loves it. Kudos to USAnumber1 for posting it.
Picture of lil-devil3 achievements

+7 236. lil-devil commented 15 years ago

Does this embed code ONLY work on websites? I wanted to post as bulletin or in my blog and it does not embed the video. :'(

Thanks a bunch !!
Picture of agnas3 achievements

+11 237. agnas commented 15 years ago

when I readed the comment #88, I hope she or he stops writting "talk too much" on the report card. And don't laugh in front of her. You don't know how much it hurts her feeling. I was the one. I started talking less and less after "talk too much in the class" on the report card when I was at the elementary school. I talk less that doesn't mean I got more attention in the class. I had lost interest in the class. Because I talk less and less, I don't know how to fight for my right by verbal now.The more she talks,the greater she will. Just lead her read more books,listen to her and talk to her. Explain to her what's right and what's wrong. The people who likes to talk is more happy, healthier (mind) than the quiet one I believe.
Picture of SisterWright5 achievements

+10 238. SisterWright commented 15 years ago

Amen to 48. This is a beautiful, funny and adorable video. It makes me think of my children when they were that young. Too cute. :D
Picture of BigHeart3 achievements

+7 239. BigHeart commented 15 years ago

:) This adorable little girl has a brilliant future ahead of her. Hats off to her parents for encouraging and nuturing her gift. It is obvious that they verbalize with her and read with her often. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us. It is truly heartwarming.
Picture of Monet3 achievements

+9 240. Monet commented 15 years ago

Dear little girl, you made my day. I don't know you but I can tell you are already spreading love all over the world.
Picture of Dralph2 achievements

+9 241. Dralph commented 15 years ago

She is telling her dad that's she's about to rat on him to his mother what she saw him do!!! Or she's mimicking her mother as to how to read a man the riot act!!!
Picture of TooFunny2 achievements

+8 242. TooFunny commented 15 years ago

Maybe if they slowed down the sound we could find out what she is so adamantly saying. :D
Picture of tjh3 achievements

+7 243. tjh commented 15 years ago

Excellent video. It's obvious that her parents love and inspire her by their actions (Dad obviously shaking his head in approval, smiling, letting her know she is valuable and what she has to say is important and even somewhat comical to him ... which perplexes her). Brilliant young lady...because she has brilliant parent :)
All the best to all of you.
Picture of jkgoshy2 achievements

+6 244. jkgoshy commented 15 years ago

My daughter talked the same way. My mother used to say she was from outer space. She is now 25 and is very intelligent, articulate, and normal.
Picture of RamonaFricke3 achievements

+9 245. RamonaFricke commented 15 years ago

:P That was great!
Picture of Elise1 achievements

+3 246. Elise commented 15 years ago

:D No, I wouldn't attribute her blathering as a female form of incompetence. This child is probably gifted, musically. My mom told me that I mocked the rhythm and pitches of my grand parents and relatives around me, mocked them accurately and sounded rather similar to this, at 6 months old. By nine I was able to replay mozrt concertos on the french horn from memory. So don't knock it. Maybe this is a strength and not something to defined and hated by men.

Picture of slbender5 achievements

+9 247. slbender commented 15 years ago

:D this is one of the cutiest things that I have seen in a long time! :D :D :D ,, she is sooo cute!
Picture of LadysWeb5 achievements

+5 248. LadysWeb commented 15 years ago

Uhm, personally I think this is a serious matter and she is mimicing what she hears from her parents, and like many couples they argue about never having enough money...

To me, it sounds as if she might be repeating herself some. You can clearly hear her saying, 'Momma', and then (what I heard was), 'we never have enough money' 'what about ..?..', and she goes on with, '... to buy me' & 'talking about me' and 'what about me' too. She is SO serious about this matter, and when the father (?) looks away laughing she cannot believe he's not 'doing something' to correct this issue! It's as if she is shocked and finds herself misunderstood, so to her dismay, she has to repeat herself again in order to get HER message across, to him (so with hopes he might fix, or find a resolution to 'her' problem!

Does anyone else hear the same thing as I did...?

Ooh and for the record, I do not agree with MJR53, (or #32), when he/she writes (and I quote:) "Any similarity it may bear to a known language as regards sentence constructs, intonations, syntax,, are coincidental." I do not find this young ladys gibberish language to be coincidental. She simply mimics (whether it's understood, or not), what she often hears from those around her!
Picture of Kat_Vecchione2 achievements

+9 249. Kat_Vecchione commented 15 years ago

The girl is half Italian... Notice the hands... hehehe... Ciao Belli Ragazzi!!!
Picture of grammy543 achievements

+10 250. grammy54 commented 15 years ago

What a cutie! I love it! Whether it's baby gibberish, right brain issues or getting ready for her future conversations, one thing remains the same. Listen to the women who assumably is driving. When the man begins to laugh at the baby while gibbering, mommy tells daddy to "let her finish"! Ladies we will always have to remind men to let us finish talking!! One for mom! And thanks dad for letting her finish.
Picture of mounces7 achievements

+9 251. mounces commented 15 years ago

Did anyone understand her?! Come on -- she just recited the entire "Green Eggs and Ham!" Just a little fast for us adults to understand. AND...her dad was not laughing at her -- he was laughing at that one part in the book.... :*
Picture of ronda592 achievements

+8 252. ronda59 commented 15 years ago

I have no children and thought this was the cutest thing ever.
Picture of amrit502 achievements

+9 253. amrit50 commented 15 years ago

This was nice, thank you for sharing it! My daughter was just like her when she was of the same age and it sounded just like our language - Norwegian - but we could hardly recognize any words in the beginning. She was just as serious as this wonderful little girl.
An interesting thing though, she very early kept on saying the word: "bokhylla" which means book-shelf...we used to read a lot to her and she has turned out to be an avid reader herself. I agree with #248 who wrote:
:) "Ooh and for the record, I do not agree with MJR53, (or #32), when he/she writes (and I quote "Any similarity it may bear to a known language as regards sentence constructs, intonations, syntax,, are coincidental." I do not find this young ladys gibberish language to be coincidental. She simply mimics (whether it's understood, or not), what she often hears from those around her!"
Picture of Bonita2 achievements

+8 254. Bonita commented 15 years ago

She is absolutely adorable! Can you imagine how cute she's going to be two years from now? I think it would be wonderful if her speech could somehow be slowed down, because I believe she has spoken some actual words. I've listened three times and it sounds as though the word "mama" comes through clearly. I've been around quite a few babies, but I've never heard one so determined to have a "voice." :)

Picture of rf79232 achievements

+8 255. rf7923 commented 15 years ago

The comments are sometimes more interesting than the delightful video. 250- DRalph - do you have something to hide? (and others)
My daughter was similar except she used sign language to begin with and could communicate without words. Now she is a musician, very articulate and a wonderful, perceptive individual.
You go little one and tell the world - hopefully they will listen to you!
Picture of 4stroke5 achievements

+11 256. 4stroke commented 15 years ago

Now all she needs is a cell phone.
Picture of sandifrick3 achievements

+9 257. sandifrick commented 15 years ago

She is just very smart. You have to continue talking so the man doesn't interrupt her thinking she is done. She figured out this at an early age.
Picture of modiddly3 achievements

+13 258. modiddly commented 15 years ago

I wish you had all seen the complete video that was made of this baby! I saw it in another e-mail. The daddy was singing a song called "hot potato, "hot potato" and the baby was singing? along with him. In the video on this web site, she was begging him to sing again!
Picture of Redfish4 achievements

+12 259. Redfish commented 15 years ago

Babies speak to us long before they can talk coherently, whether it's with hand gestures or their attempt at words. She is not just mimicking babble that she has heard before. She obviously thinks she is telling a story, and their attentiveness is important to her. Listen ..... her mom even comments on her reaction when the dad looks away laughing: "you're laughing at her serious story". Great video.
Picture of Katlady5 achievements

+12 260. Katlady commented 15 years ago

I just can't get enough of this little cutie. She certainly has a lot to say and is very serious about saying it. She looks a little disconcerted when dad starts laughing but it doesn't stop her. You go, girl! Hope they sent this in to funniest videos.
Picture of AngeleyesHarris2 achievements

+2 261. AngeleyesHarris commented 15 years ago

270 Posted 10 minutes ago by Angeleyes

#33 and #35 - I agree with #31, 40, 41. She seems to be a bright little girl, however, she is a baby and adorable. Obviously neither #33 or #35 are parents, at least happy parents. #35 needs to be careful of what he says. President Obama does not read a speech that he does not have input to it. Also, he is a great speaker. Obviously, you got a real "kick" when the former president George Bush made his speeches. Understandably, because if you do not think the little baby, like I said, little baby was not adorable, you definitely have a problem. #31 and #37 sums it just right.
Picture of Suzeparis4 achievements

+12 262. Suzeparis commented 15 years ago

This is perfect! I have been wanting to record a baby at that age in every language. I have always maintained that they talk without words in the rhythms and music of their mother tongue. They first learn the music. Then come the words. It's at about 16 to 18 months that I have noticed this happening.If you record a French baby doing the same exact thing, he or she (mostly she) will sound as though they are speaking French the way this child sounds like she is speaking American English. In other words, (ahem!) we learn language the way we learn a song with lyrics. First the tune. Then the words. I am a language teacher. Currently, we teach foreign languages backwards. First the words (and the grammar!) and then the tune. And everybody ends up with an accent because they never learned the tune first. If you are interested in our making progress in language instruction, please contact me. Thanks. Suzanne White
Picture of emiliov3 achievements

+8 263. emiliov commented 15 years ago

Omigod! Somebody found my wife's baby video!
Picture of memabaker3 achievements

+14 264. memabaker commented 15 years ago

my daughter used to do that, you are right about that baby being smart my baby girl is now 40 and has 5 masters under her belt, I always said that our jabber mouth talking all the time was a sign of intellect.
Picture of Phxrhino1 achievements
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-7 265. Phxrhino commented 15 years ago

Picture of snottyviewer773 achievements

+14 266. snottyviewer77 commented 15 years ago

Picture of Mouskie2 achievements

+3 267. Mouskie commented 15 years ago


Picture of JKKng3 achievements

+16 268. JKKng commented 15 years ago

This little lady is adorable and obviously very verbally skilled in her developing linguistics.

And yes, the video is hysterical, and no doubt reminds us of someone rattling on beyond comprehension, but there's no need to be belittling, comparing her to all females or someone you feel contempt for.

As it turns out, I've known a fair number of females that are quiet, and just as many males that go on and on, narrating their every thought too.
Picture of Bible-Reading14 achievements

+20 269. Bible-Reading1 commented 15 years ago

Nicely captured video. Truly a great joy for mom and dad. Adorable child obviously mimicking them well and has the desire to communicate. A fact: Our daughter repeated what she heard at four (4) months old. She is now a graduate of more than one degree and working on another, well adjusted and sociable adult. As for you guys out there "Behind every successful man there's a woman" and each one of those women probably communicate quite well as does the baby in the video.
If you don't understand what the baby is saying its mostly because you're not listening. Her dad understands every word of it, he's obviously a great guy.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-12 270. sux2bu commented 15 years ago

#261 So you feel Obama is a great speaker? Don't put too much stock in what his teleprompter tells him to say,watch what he DOES and HAS done. He is a Saul Alinsky devotee and a socialist to the bone. Much of his former support has evaporated in the wake of his lies and bumbling indecisions. I think most Americans are realizing they made a big mistake in the last election.He has insulted the leaders of some of the European countries and infuriated the Israelis while kowtowing to his Muslim friends.....sickening.

One Big Ass Mistake America

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