Driving a golden BMW in Russia

The gold coated BMW M5 finds its way through the Russian traffic.
Warning: some foul language (rap background music)

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Picture of zeph29 achievements

+23 1. zeph commented 12 years ago

i would hit my crap car into them if i saw them driving like that.
Picture of eddie204242 achievements

+12 2. eddie2042 commented 12 years ago

#1 Welcome to Russia 8-)
Picture of Xionbox45 achievements

0 3. Xionbox (moderator) commented 12 years ago

Actually, you see the license plate even better at 4:51
I wonder why the guy waves his hand out the window... Maybe does he think that the guy following him (i.e. the cameraman) wants to hijack the car. We would be pretty understandable!
Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements

+19 4. eNdEmiOn06463 commented 12 years ago

Why is this on snotr?
Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

+4 5. SpikedSilver commented 12 years ago

8-) 8-) 5:20 wow a girl walkin on the traffic light, anything else about this vid?
Picture of w333zy131 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-13 6. w333zy1 commented 12 years ago

#1 thats how we drive back home, you see the streets were not well thought just because you see lanes, dont mean you gotta follow them :)

#(removed comment) stop acting like a little bitch, we all know you wish you had one only you would think of such a statement, probably sucked a donkey off too.

#4 if you dont like it dont watch it, alot of videos on snotr i dislike but you dont see me acting like a little bitch, save your moaning for your boyfriend.

all around much respect for the video. thanks :)
Picture of joker153535 achievements

+3 7. joker1535 commented 12 years ago

The camera guy is just as stupid as the other guy. Tough guys might hit a kid, and then what! time to remove driving licenses!
Picture of boogeyman13 achievements

+2 8. boogeyman commented 12 years ago

2 points i'd like to make
i didn't think a golden m5 would look good..it looks awesome!
i think the camera man is in an R35..
Picture of daden12 achievements

+9 9. daden commented 12 years ago

pointless video 2 stupid drivers who think they own the street.
Picture of Atkinc08819 achievements

+2 10. Atkinc088 commented 12 years ago

They wouldn't get three blocks in America let alone New Jersey. All those bastards would see is my tail lights and then my hitch in their radiator.
Picture of Nateconq25 achievements

+2 11. Nateconq commented 12 years ago

i would be surprised if you did that in Indiana and didn't get rear ended by someone
Picture of CopyCat6 achievements

0 12. CopyCat commented 12 years ago

The boyz have got some skills, I'll give them that much... But if I had to drive that stupid looking car and listen to that lame ass rap it wouldn't be worth it...
Picture of Woll24 achievements

+2 13. Woll commented 12 years ago

Skills indeed. The way he manages to pass through so much traffic to give the maximum amount of people a good view of how much of a complete tool he is is very impressive.
Picture of Krusty12 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-9 14. Krusty commented 12 years ago

Si tu te fais écraser,tu peux garder le bout de pare-choc coincé
dans ton crâne !!??!!
Picture of bountyhunter5326 achievements

-1 15. bountyhunter53 commented 12 years ago

Cameraman is driving or riding in a Nissan GTR R35. You can tell by the dashboards computer system based on Grand Turismo 5's thingy. Around 7:45 you can see the dashboard and the speedometer saying 145 kph(90mph thats bloody quick for a normal road). Nice ride though.
Picture of computeraddict22 achievements

0 16. computeraddict commented 12 years ago

theres no cops in russia? and those guys are pretty shoddy drivers.
oh ya and American muscle beats those granny cars anyday
Picture of lacroupade17 achievements

+3 17. lacroupade commented 12 years ago

Umm let me see, a BMW driver acting like a complete dickhead....nope, nothing new or interesting there! 8-) 8-) 8-)
Picture of ranrally3 achievements

-3 18. ranrally commented 12 years ago

>:) :D whip game is nice at least they're not riding their brakes like Maryland drivers. u can cause an accident by driving 2 slowly too check you books - brake pushers!!! go russians never let'em see da brake lights!!! philly in da buildin!!!
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

+1 19. LightAng3l commented 12 years ago

What's the point of this? If I paint my car GOLD can I someone upload a video of it on the net?
Picture of Deblaauwn32 achievements

+2 20. Deblaauwn commented 12 years ago

#19 it's not painted 'gold', it is gold-plated
Picture of crazygirl8 achievements

-1 21. crazygirl commented 12 years ago

I have to agree with comment 13. :*
Picture of carworth3 achievements

+1 22. carworth commented 12 years ago

These drivers need to go to performance driving school and
learn how to drive safely, no road rage, and share the
road responsibly. They are overdriving their Beemers.
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

-3 23. badboy007 commented 11 years ago

lol is he chasing him