Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling 2009

Hill + Cheese = Fun?

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Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+19 1. Fergus_Thedog commented 11 years ago

I wonder how many obituaries include "Died chasing a cheese"?
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements
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-9 2. moskwiz commented 11 years ago

yup.. definitely another candidature for Darwin Awards :)
I'd also like to add: Huh.. I guess global famine is an urban myth after all ;)
Picture of peterpan00724 achievements

+8 3. peterpan007 commented 11 years ago

Whatever you guys say...i'd still try to do that, i mean just look at the size of that cheese roll, you know how much mac and cheese I could make?
Picture of dvh35 achievements

+3 4. dvh commented 11 years ago

Ode for orthopedy
Picture of Edyy38 achievements

+4 5. Edyy commented 11 years ago

Borat really disappointed me :S (1:41) c`mon man you can do better than that. do you really need that cheese ??? DO YOU ?!?
Picture of prankphonecall44 achievements

+1 6. prankphonecall commented 11 years ago

I'd give it a go for sure... just make sure my insurance is paid!!!
Picture of Tareim46 achievements

+3 7. Tareim (admin) commented 11 years ago

if i remember correctly, the winner gets to keep the cheese.

i would rather be one of the people at the end, rugby tackling anyone who comes near me >:) >:) >:)
Picture of kurtweller16 achievements
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-10 8. kurtweller commented 11 years ago

a w worcester si? ludzie za p?czkami uganiaj?...
Picture of Bdubb26 achievements

+1 9. Bdubb commented 11 years ago

hahaahahahha 0:52 "Grab the Cheese" what a complete disaster of fun!
Picture of Homer_15910 achievements

+2 10. Homer_159 commented 11 years ago

I remember seeing this on the news, i would totally do it... if i remember correctly the cheese is hard as a rock so the winners have to be tough to even eat their prize lol

Peace out!
Picture of zerorain26 achievements

0 11. zerorain commented 11 years ago

2:47 :O

lol at the up hill "run"

its funny and sad at the same time when a body is getting carried away after each run...
Picture of gringo40 achievements

0 12. gringo commented 11 years ago

never seen so many faceplants at once :D hilarious
Picture of kainim37 achievements

-1 13. kainim commented 11 years ago

if you get hurt there, it's got to be worth it
there is 1 improvement that can be made, which is not using cheese but a ball/lump of bacon, sweet, salty, greasy bacon mmmm :)
Picture of proatwork39 achievements

-1 14. proatwork commented 11 years ago

i wonder what happened at 1:35 :D
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

+1 15. LightAng3l commented 11 years ago

I like watching 0:33 over and over and over ...
Picture of sealand22 achievements

0 16. sealand commented 11 years ago

The English have a special type of crazy all to themselves.
Picture of mark_ham38515 achievements

-3 17. mark_ham385 commented 11 years ago

Oh man that is just idiotic, running down a hill like that.
You can easely break an arm or leg when you fall.
I think you can never catch the cheese anyway, its way down the hill when you can start running.
Picture of kainim37 achievements

-1 18. kainim commented 11 years ago

even better idea :D
how about sitting in a giant hamsterball (the ones for humans) then it's more like human bowling ^^

a less animal friendly thing would be rolling a real hamster in a hamster ball down but i think it might b kind of funny too :)
Picture of tastytim39 achievements

0 19. tastytim commented 11 years ago

I want to do it! I want the cheese! :D
Picture of sephiroth23 achievements

0 20. sephiroth commented 11 years ago

has anyone ever caught the cheese?
Picture of Paul196825 achievements

0 21. Paul1968 commented 11 years ago

Now this is the reason england is surrounded by water... you see before the invention of flying and sailing machines the creator of the planet made sure england was surrounded by water to make sure that this kind of hillarious stupidity was confined to just one small corner of the globe thus not to contaminate the more "normal" of the human species

just joking, i've nothing against english people.... i am one of them :(|) :(|) nice vid
Picture of hrc_kan9 achievements

-1 22. hrc_kan commented 11 years ago

what happens if anyone catches the cheese ^^??
Picture of Joeyy12 achievements

+2 23. Joeyy commented 11 years ago

thats BRUTAL
i love my country
full of pointless sports where you fall down hills for cheese (y)
Picture of ruhk30 achievements

0 24. ruhk commented 11 years ago

2:10 the guy with round things around his waist, looks like he has a plan, but FAIL.

DOWNHILL = teh win
UPHILL = sux0r
Picture of NucleoVega23 achievements

-1 25. NucleoVega commented 11 years ago

that might be the dumbest thing i've ever seen..
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

+3 26. LightAng3l commented 11 years ago

#22 We do not speak of catching the cheese in this house young man O.o

It only happened once in 1865 ... but you don't want to know how that ended ...
Picture of Woll24 achievements

+2 27. Woll commented 11 years ago

A woman told a friend of mine that her 18 year old son was taking part in some 'Cheese related event in Gloucestershire' that weekend. He then e-mailed her a Youtube link showing her what it was all about, and strangely enough she was completely mortified.

Oh and that 'Grab the cheese!' yell has got to be the winner of the most obvious and unnecessary statement award 2009. Hilarious.
Picture of xertion20 achievements

+1 28. xertion commented 11 years ago

Bloody brilliant! :D
Picture of Tareim46 achievements

0 29. Tareim (admin) commented 11 years ago

#22 they get a drug test o0
Picture of Dogs_Gonads30 achievements

+1 30. Dogs_Gonads commented 11 years ago

Good stuff glad to see us Brits as mad as ever.

Also does anyone know the name of the village in england where all the men play a type of rugby for the whole day.
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+1 31. kainim commented 11 years ago

i think the cheese run starts with young cheese, but at the end of the race it's probably more like gorgonzola or something :)