Project Natal

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Picture of Cargoon23 achievements

+49 1. Cargoon commented 12 years ago

Would like to see the XXX games please. :D
Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

+4 2. SpikedSilver commented 12 years ago

eye toy plus very good motion capture
Picture of MoT29 achievements

+18 3. MoT commented 12 years ago

Looks really fun, but I'd rather sit on me arse and press buttons than get physical in a first person shooter :)
Picture of AL7AIR43 achievements

+16 4. AL7AIR commented 12 years ago

Aside from the "MS Paint 360" and the "Breakout Clone" they showed at E3, it looks like they made a trailer for a hardware, or better yet software, that doesn't exist yet. E.g. How is the girl accelerating and braking the car? Without an object (a real paddle) to push against, I don't think you can handle a car that well. And without a steering wheel to grab onto your arms are going to be sore 30min in.

I like what the technology itself is capable of, don't get me wrong, but I don't see any gamer playing a fighting game, racing game or first person shooter that way in the coming years, if ever. Casual couch entertainment like the quiz show in the trailer and maybe an updated version of Lips, Guitar Hero and Rock Band where the artists performance counts too are a likely Natal candidate if you ask me.
Picture of eddie204242 achievements

+15 5. eddie2042 commented 12 years ago

yet another scam by the gaming industry that fitness belongs in the living room; stick a bunch of fit, skinny, healthy, good-looking people pretending to work out, and your sales go through the roof. GET A BIKE!!!
Picture of patriotaus39 achievements

+2 6. patriotaus commented 12 years ago

AL7AIR, i dont know what Microsoft are playing at, but their console is aimed at high end gamers but this new 'controller' only allows for very basic kids games. as you pointed out, no acceleration, no braking, and ever in the trailer those games are just videos where they get the people to re-enact. not impressed. Wait for the PS3 re-invention of the controller to be really impressed. (should be published soon)
Picture of Dexter11 achievements

+22 7. Dexter commented 12 years ago

"actual product features and functions may vary" LOL... Yeah, maybe just a little. It was all looking semi-plausible up until the voice recognition part, what a load of bull. I'm sure that is going to work like intended.

Video game: For 100 points, what is the capital of France?
Kid: Paris!
Video game: Your answer is "Banana". Do you confirm?
Kid: No...?
Video game: I'm sorry the answer is Paris.

I really can't see this being released and working as shown anytime soon. Maybe in around 5 years or so.
Picture of peterpan00724 achievements

0 8. peterpan007 commented 12 years ago

I don't see why they wouldn't just use their feet to go up or down and the peddles....that seems how the rest of the system works.....and yes i know that her feet are both planted, opting for a brake stand, however i think that if there was actually a real system it would work properly ...... i dunno just a thought
Picture of Mooz23 achievements

+2 9. Mooz commented 12 years ago

Next thing you know we'll be using that gizmo instead of going to work.
Picture of roma1875 achievements

+7 10. roma187 commented 12 years ago

i can see the array of application "project natal" can be used. it seem fun and quite creative.

however, the part of the vid about the kid and his skateboard was a bit weird.

the kid has a REAL skateboard with him, why would he spend the time playing with a video-game version of the REAL thing?

it's like having project natal scan your dinner and then having you pretend to eat it with the console -- weird, o.O
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+1 11. kainim commented 12 years ago

yas and no, the skateboarding games would kinda suck since you cant make long jumps on the ground but can in the game :)

the racing would be impractical, sticking your arms out the whole time without suport or having an actual wheel in your hands (it helps a lot for controlling your vehicle)

Shooters without something in your hand, same problem as racing, you need to hold something to play well and make it more fun, otherwise there is no attachement between you and the game :s

awesome concept though, you just need to use objects for it to be awesome (to some games, probably not all of em ^^)
Picture of Dokandre40 achievements

+10 12. Dokandre commented 12 years ago

"how many push-ups can chuck norris do?" i lol'd
Picture of zeph29 achievements

+4 13. zeph commented 12 years ago

#5 - there is a bike in the background behind the table
Picture of Jonsu22229 achievements

+2 14. Jonsu222 commented 12 years ago

the xbox in the end looked a lil' bit like WALL-E :D
Picture of hrc_kan9 achievements

-2 15. hrc_kan commented 12 years ago

love the skate part of the vid !!!

totally awesome ^^
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+1 16. kainim commented 12 years ago

#12: the answer is: no one knows: scientists have first prohibited, then begged him not to do any push ups. The contraction of his muscles are created by small, controlled roundhousekick-chainreactions (scientists can not explain how this is possible, since Chuck Norris does not need to actually do a roundhousekick to create this energy, they speculate his blood contains NanoNorris' who will preform this kick in the muscles).
However, scientists agree on the fact that if Chuck would do a push up, the energy that could be released this way would annihalte existence itself.
Information has leaked he did not agree because they asked him not too, it remains a mistery what his motives were for agreeing with the scientists.
Picture of budley21 achievements

+1 17. budley commented 12 years ago

For that to really work you would need sensors all around your living room, most likely it will end up like the wii remote, slow, unresponsive and only of use in the most basic games. Most decent games these days have a huge amount of controls that simply wont work with this type of interface, imagine playing cod4 or bf2142 using controls like that, it would be pretty hard to remember lots of slightly different moves to control your character. Good news for sega tho, will make it easy for them to pump out more generic rail shooters and crap 3d sonic games.

#16 awesome but the scientists didnt ask him not to do any press ups, Chuck told them if they tried to research the NanoNorris anymore he would sqeeze them so hard that they would become a very fine red mist.
Picture of Wildsnake32 achievements

+1 18. Wildsnake commented 12 years ago

There is a project similar to this, its called "Mgestyk"
look it up here
it's quite nice and its the real deal
Picture of cholio15 achievements

-1 19. cholio commented 12 years ago

I can see if it's raining out or snowing or dark but look at the's a perfect day outside. Go outside and kick a ball around! Go have fun! Go play! Be a kid!
Picture of Maffis42 achievements

0 20. Maffis commented 12 years ago

#7 You should check out Project Milo from Lionhead studios. It's a game fully built around an A.I. recongnizing you. And IGN, once again, says it works.

IGN is a highly respected, and the worlds biggest, internet gaming site.
Picture of eddie204242 achievements

0 21. eddie2042 commented 12 years ago

so how many pushups can chuck norris do?
Picture of Bobnut1224 achievements

+2 22. Bobnut12 commented 12 years ago

Im sorry even if this does work as advertised, which i doubt. It misses the whole point of video games. Im what the hell, now i have to learn karate so i can be good at tekken or learn to skate board so i can play tony hawk. thats not why i play games. I play games so that i can feel like a bad ass while i push buttons to accomplish things on screen i could never do in real life either through lack of skill or denial of the laws of physics. Oh, and to kill nazis alien and zombies by the millions.

PS Chuck Norris can do one push up, after that the sum total of the universe will be compacted back into a superdense ball of pure energy that will promptly explode into another big bang to create a new chucktopian universe, from which a new super race of norrisi will rise to defeat evil in all its froms with the power of the norris. Beware those who dare to doubt my words.
Picture of 9573129 achievements

-2 23. 95731 commented 12 years ago

cool i would like one
Picture of Alessa27 achievements

0 24. Alessa commented 12 years ago

#22 : totally agree with you

Natal project is more for casual gamers than for "true gamers". It will not be possible to play for hours (or night^^)... not possible to play MGS or Oblivion,DMC ... :'( :'(
(i prefer keeping my controller >:) )
Picture of SanOKanonG18 achievements

+2 25. SanOKanonG commented 12 years ago

Now i like microsoft....

Picture of sledgie23 achievements

-2 26. sledgie commented 12 years ago

what a lot of you people dont realise is that this is actually a very good idea. its down to the games developers to make the most of it though. bear in mind it can track all 3d movement, so if u wanted to play a racing game with it, you would most likely purchase some kind of mock steering wheel peripheral to give your arms support. same with a shooter, just use a toy gun. just look at what lionhead did. besides both bungie and gearbox are working with it so stop flaming. 8-)
Picture of Joeyy12 achievements

0 27. Joeyy commented 12 years ago

I bet it doesnt work haha.
yeah cause you wouldnt get bored, and everybody needs to find a dress for a party in a week.
Picture of cjones3 achievements

-1 28. cjones commented 12 years ago

This is really cool . My friends , Dan and Melissa need to buy it for their TV room and their 2 cute kids ...
Picture of Poptart19835 achievements

0 29. Poptart1983 commented 12 years ago

Too cool, I hope they come out with something like that. ;)
Picture of Jabafara56 achievements

0 30. Jabafara commented 9 years ago

And now, after 4 long years.. pads still rule. :(|)