Whale Wars

Trailer for the first season of Whale Wars on Animal Planet.

"Real pirates takes risks, and wreak havoc on the open seas."

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Picture of SmexMan22 achievements

+8 1. SmexMan commented 14 years ago

In my opinion, if they used the song "Now You've Got something to die for - Lamb of God" in the background, it would've expressed the message more clearly :D

That kept aside, I'm all against animal abuse and over hunting but i don't think i'll go that far, the have my respect :)
Picture of MiMe51 achievements

0 2. MiMe commented 14 years ago

They should install torpedo tubes. That can solve the problem... Why kill whales?
Picture of Rigel36 achievements

+7 3. Rigel commented 14 years ago

What would Jack Sparrow do.
Picture of tastytim39 achievements

+3 4. tastytim commented 14 years ago

I really want to see this!
Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

-4 5. banzemanga commented 14 years ago

Wow what a technological advance.
-Metal ships but no canons
-Personnel with no guns but bagnades
-Helicopter with no sniper
-And fist fight will be by slapping your opponent? >:)
Picture of plurft46 achievements

+3 6. plurft commented 14 years ago

#2 another idea: use torpedoes to kill the whales. (JIC, I'm not being serious)
Picture of kainim37 achievements

0 7. kainim commented 14 years ago

this is the only things that will help save the whales since they don't care about laws and survival of whales (who are pretty intelligent creatures!)
but to shoot with live ammo and grenades??? what where the pirates throwing anyway? i think smoke grenades but not sure :s

anyway, i think i would tag along with the pirates if I could
Picture of FakeYou31 achievements

+3 8. FakeYou commented 14 years ago

They are throwing to kind of chemical solution, one is a stink bomb, the other is a solution that will become extremly slippery when it comes in contact with water.

Anyway, I've seen the series and they're really just extremists, the captain would blink to sacrifice one of his crew to save a whale, and at the point that he gets shot, it really looked to me as if he was faking it, you didn't hear a gun fire and the bullet was magically stopped by a badge he happen to have in his front pocket.

In my opinion these people are a bunch of unorganized extremist, valuing the lives of whales above those of them selfs and other people.
Picture of SixaxisDualshock20 achievements

+4 9. SixaxisDualshock commented 14 years ago

1. They are throwing Butyric acid. It makes you throw up because of the smell and it makes it impossible to prosess whale meat (no one would buy that meat). It's as dangerous as orange juice, but it smells like you wanna throw yourself off the boat.

2. Everyone onboard is a volunteer that is willing to give their life to save whales. Big deal, whales are endangered (but the Japanese are still allowed to hunt them in a fucking sanctuary), there's over 7 billion people.

3. Of course you didn't hear a gun shot, it was at sea where you didn't ever hear yourself think.

4. The captain wasn't saved by a badge, he had a bulletproof vest on (you actually see it in this video if you had paid attention). He also had a badge underneath (like most captains) which were fractured and made the captain bleed without giving him a big bruise like you normally get from a gun shoot to a bulletproof vest.

5. If the captain 'faked' it, why would't he/they have done a better job at it? Come on, if they really faked it, would they have made it look like the bullet hit the vest AND the badge?

6. The Japanese are allowed to kill whales due to research. But they decide they own quota. How the hell do the explain the need to kill 900 whales each year for fucking research?

7. Season 2 has already begun: http://animal.discovery.com/videos/whale-wars-the-sound-of-ice-full-episode.html (You need a American IP-adress or a proxy).
Picture of WildMonkey32 achievements

-3 10. WildMonkey commented 14 years ago

Hey let's go and risk our lives protesting stuff that is perfectly legal and doesn't concern us. Yes, we have thought this through.
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

-2 11. moskwiz commented 14 years ago

The 'research' thing is what really ticks me off.. What they (the Japs) are doing is so vile and demeaning that they hide behind a lie as if they were conducting research.. Research what?!? We all know the whales and a lot about them.. They're friggin' eating them! It's an atrocity

Since bureaucracy isn't working I say go for it.. You have my vote.. They should legalize using lethal force against whaling ships for 'research!'

Picture of Maz22 achievements

+1 12. Maz commented 14 years ago

@ #9: I am 100% sure, if you somehow had to cut off your arm due to some disease, and they told you that the only cure can be made by killing 1000 whales, pandas, white tigers.. whatever endangered species, you wouldn't even think about it twice.. :|
Picture of patriotaus39 achievements

+2 13. patriotaus commented 14 years ago

Haha, #10 is a dumbass. first of all the numbers that they hunt in is not legal, and how does this not concern us. They are a big part of the oceans food chain. People like you make me sad that i am of the same species.
Picture of whowhatme17 achievements

0 14. whowhatme commented 14 years ago

Yes I know it's a naughty word .

Very , very old though .
Picture of WildMonkey32 achievements

+2 15. WildMonkey commented 14 years ago

#13 You should learn how the rules of natural selection work, and on top of that the rules of human society ie free market forces. Are you crying because humans had an impact on recently extinct species such as the dodo bird, quagga, Tasmanian wolf, passenger pigeon, golden toad, caribbean monk seal, pyrenean ibex, bubal hartebeest, javan tiger, tecopa pupfish, baiji river dolphin, and so on...has the world ended? NO! 99.99999% of all species that have lived on this planet are gone! Why should whales or whatever other retarded animal have special protection? Because you think it's cool and hip to be part of a "noble" cause? You should grow up and learn the rules of the game. If we are really interested in the survival of a species we make it as successful as humans in terms of numbers, like chickens, cows, pigs, dogs, cats, etc... they serve our purposes and we exploit it, in return we make them better and more numerous. No one doubts that vigilantes in the streets are either stupid or crazy for embarking in foolhardily endeavors even though they have good intentions, but for some reason you people celebrate vigilantes if they're on a boat!
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

-3 16. moskwiz commented 14 years ago

Ok #15.. while you do have a minor point with that statement you are forgetting that Natural Selection is an Evolutionary term and cannot just be applied to any anthropogenic factor such as Man choosing to kill some animals and not kill others, especially if the realistic need to kill that animal has long since become redundant.

In the olden days whales provided much needed resources such as Whale Oil which was used for oil-lamps and to make soap etc. Further more, in the past, agricultural systems were much less advanced and there was a realistic need for more food, for which whales represented a logical means. These days though, we have advanced energetic systems, obsoleting the need for Whale Oil to be used, also in the advanced countries of the world there certainly is no shortage of food.

Hunting whale for food today is about as redundant as taking pills made out of the testicles of a Siberian Tiger to increase a man's sexual potent. It's an anachronism!

Regarding man being responsible for the extinctions of the above-mentioned species, yes, I am crying for all of them, so to speak and everyone who isn't is as stupid as they are ignorant. Firstly, if man was using a certain species as a resource, therefor the species was in a way useful to man, how is it by any means not a bad thing if the species is over-exhausted and becomes extinct, thus rendering the resource it represented unavailable forever? Secondly, you are not taking into account the absolutely devastating effect of a Man-induced extinction of a species to the biome, its' food-chain and the biodiversity. The law of biodiversity (put simply) states that the well being (its' parameters, mainly its buffer capabilities) of a biome is directly tied to the biological diversity of that biome in the sense of- the more diversity, the better the buffer capabilities.

Yes: Species go extinct by natural selection. But it takes usually a long-long time, millions of years, allowing the biomes it inhabited to counter-evolve to these changes. Natural extinction practically never occurs in the logic- there is species x, now there isn't one. It occurs as- there is a species x, now there is a species y. So the extinction parameters of a natural vs. a man-induced extinction are not comparable, they are different ecological concepts. I say again- a natural extinction isn't necessarily a bad thing for the biome- it just represents change; a man-induced extinction however, is always bad for the biome as it diminishes the biodiversity of the biome.

And don't even get me started on the free-market forces that have been FUCKING THIS PLANET UP for over a hundred years now!

Some people :|
Picture of asdfas39 achievements

+1 17. asdfas commented 14 years ago

tl;dr of #15: we're killing them because we can. Which is pretty idiotic tbqh.
Picture of zf140 achievements

0 18. zf1 commented 14 years ago

#15, because if they are not protected, they will be gone. and so will the rest of the species, if we dont protect then too. and when human beings are the only specie left on this planet, how are we going to survive?
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+1 19. sux2bu commented 14 years ago

#18 Cannibalism maybe? :D
Picture of ruhk30 achievements

+1 20. ruhk commented 14 years ago

#19, i would make soap out of you so fast it would make your head spin right off my plate >:)
Picture of FaroeViking4 achievements

+1 21. FaroeViking commented 14 years ago

Paul Watson is an fucking idiot..He got thrown out of Greenpeace because of his stupidity and is banned from The Faroe Islands because of his methods to stop people from killing whales..The only thing he is doing is making him and his crew look absolutely stupid,because they have no influence on the "War Against Whales" what so ever...He is an sad stuped old man...
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

0 22. moskwiz commented 14 years ago

#21 Based on what I've seen on the Whale Wars TV series and on the internet I must disagree with you.. I think that bureaucracy in a world where the equation 'money = power' is absolute, is rather weak a weapon if you only have a donation based non-profit organization working to push your agenda. Quite frankly a billion people could sign a petition to stop whaling, the Japanese would care less.. What Sea Shepherd is doing however, is having a direct effect on the whaling fleet. As the whaling season lasts for only a limited time each year, any moment that the Steve Irwin is interrupting the Japanese whaling fleet from harpooning the whales is indeed saving another bunch of whales.. So big ups to them..

As for their clause: give your life for that of a whale.. Well.. there's more than 6 billion people out there, and about 600,000 whales (Minke whales). Do the math.. One whales life is equal to about a 1000 human lives. ;) I know this is extremist thinking but you have to use extremist measures to fight an extremist cause.

If someone pushed a political move to reinterpret the whaling-laws with tens of billions of dollars to back it up, there would be no need for these actions.. Sadly, no one seems to be really interested in that
Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

0 23. SpikedSilver commented 14 years ago

why not contracting the poor pirates from somalia?
Picture of BrianDilori30 achievements

-2 24. BrianDilori commented 13 years ago

Treee letters.......RPG!!!