Speed cooking

A bit creepy... Weird Chinese cooking contest

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Picture of kekke200037 achievements

+15 1. kekke2000 commented 13 years ago

This is so weird, wrong and disgusting. "The fish's mouth has to move, or the chef fails." What the?!
Picture of archis51 achievements

+26 2. archis commented 13 years ago

I think its just a big disrespect to animal wich gives you food. Kill and then eat (talking about the fish).
Picture of SmexMan22 achievements

+22 3. SmexMan commented 13 years ago

They're taking raw food to a new level :O
Picture of sadoshi3 achievements

+10 4. sadoshi commented 13 years ago

Japanese cooking contest...really....REALLY? cant tell them apart huh ;)
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+9 5. ughlah commented 13 years ago

Not all Asians are Japanese. For example this is clearly Chinese. Could some mod change the subtitle of this video?
Picture of JimDunlop40 achievements

+5 6. JimDunlop commented 13 years ago

Submitter is a dumbass. This is not Japanese. It's quite obviously Chinese. Take it from someone who lives in Japan!
Picture of MiMe51 achievements

+18 7. MiMe commented 13 years ago

Eating food that is still moving on your plate?!? No thanks!!!
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+15 8. kainim commented 13 years ago

wow!!! how cruel is that, they have a BUTCHERknife and they CUT the head of the snake? just CHOP it of, thats what the knife is for :(, poor snakes (I'd eat cooked snakes but raw??)

I have an idea, let cthulhu or fishmen have the same contest, peel of the skin of these chinese 'cooks' with a blunt knife, cut them and fry them a bit, lets see how they like it, oh and they have to scream in agony or the chef fails!
Picture of messmaker45 achievements

-1 9. messmaker commented 13 years ago

cut*, animal* sorry for the typos. Anger and disappointment don't help in typing.
Picture of tomas42 achievements

+6 10. tomas commented 13 years ago

Picture of messmaker45 achievements
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-15 11. messmaker commented 13 years ago

erm... now i see my comment deleted? what kind of forced censorship is that?!
Picture of wts43 achievements

+5 12. wts commented 13 years ago

#11 your post wasn't removed, when you want to write another comment after the one you just wrote the site let's you only EDIT the post so double posts are not possible. You just had to remove it by urself writing something new on top of the last one.
Picture of mihkel123036 achievements

+12 13. mihkel1230 commented 13 years ago

That is so cruel .Taking a live fish cutting it and boiling,frying it alive.They should make that illegal.Animal cruelty at its highest!

Agree with #8
Picture of Maz22 achievements

+7 14. Maz commented 13 years ago

agree with #8 & #13
Picture of Trayc081662 achievements

+6 15. Trayc08166 commented 13 years ago

Very sad. Sickening.
Thank God these people have a one child per couple law!
Picture of tec95 achievements

+6 16. tec9 commented 13 years ago

Talk about cruelty to animals.
Picture of bitzosu36 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 17. bitzosu commented 13 years ago

a bit cruel but i'm getting hungry! :S
Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements

+5 18. eNdEmiOn06463 commented 13 years ago

Picture of MoT29 achievements

+12 19. MoT commented 13 years ago

Yeah, that's unfair suffering for the fish/snakes/whatever else they cook. Kill it first in a quick way, rather than slicing a fish but keeping it alive, then freakin' deep frying it. And it is still alive when you are about to eat it!

I'm no douche like vegans and I love any meat, but I really don't agree with this at all.
Picture of beel37 achievements

+5 20. beel commented 13 years ago

that's unbelievably cruel
Picture of Syrup35 achievements

+3 21. Syrup commented 13 years ago

Oh China! I thought you were my friend, then you go and do something like that! :S
Picture of messmaker45 achievements

+1 22. messmaker commented 13 years ago

#12: It wasn't that way a month ago, sorry then.

So this is the family-friendly side of Snotr, eh? Whoever accepted this - you might have more fun watching this video: http://www.peta.org/feat/chineseFurFarms/index.asp
Picture of kenzol14 achievements

+1 23. kenzol commented 13 years ago

Chinese are wankers it wasn't funny
Picture of pokesmot30 achievements

0 24. pokesmot commented 13 years ago

They do have some pretty crazy ideas behind cooking...
Some over there believe if you torture an animal (such as dogs) before killing it, it makes it taste better because the meat is full of oxygen adrenaline. now THAT is cruel. Animals rights people in north america are PO'd because they have no authority over it.
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

+3 25. moskwiz commented 13 years ago

It's rather understandable, why Chinese kitchen has developed into this kind of a weird display of what most others consider barbaric and disgusting. Chinese are large in numbers, but quite poor, so they have learned to eat what they get their hands on.. Chinese food is full of these kinds of vile ways, from eating baby mice to all sorts of insects and worms and god knows what..

Traditional cooking is one thing but this is abnormal.. Their ways are destroying the biodiversity :|
Picture of yajirou38 achievements

0 26. yajirou commented 13 years ago

#6 Yeah chinese japanese dirty means look at these (.)(.)
Picture of Wildsnake32 achievements

+3 27. Wildsnake commented 13 years ago

#22, and everyone else, if you really want to see animal cruelty then please search for Earthlings :'(
It shoes all the sides of man's inhumanity to other species :'( ! I cried my eye's out while watching it :'(
Picture of Alessa27 achievements

+6 28. Alessa commented 13 years ago

:S it's more like torture than cooking, or "how to be cruel and pointless/useless in 1minute"...

i don't understand why people enjoy taking part in those kind of contest... :|
Picture of prankphonecall44 achievements

-1 29. prankphonecall commented 13 years ago

Master Chef China!

Looks kinda tasty, i like the idea of cooking the body of the fish, but leaving the head 'fresh'!
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

+1 30. moskwiz commented 13 years ago

#28 Cultural differences.. It's completely acceptable to them, even popular
Picture of BigBang31 achievements

-1 31. BigBang commented 13 years ago

@29: yeah... cultural diffenrences is the point. I, personally, wouldn't eat this, but nevertheless, it's quite impressive.
Picture of Petra12 achievements

0 32. Petra commented 13 years ago

I'd love to sample the food in this event. It all looks wonderful. *drools a bit* That last fish especially.
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

+1 33. moskwiz commented 13 years ago

I would probably go into a berserker rage, snatch a pistol from the first police officer that crossed my way and go on a kill-frenzy rampage :)
Picture of thommylicious35 achievements

+5 34. thommylicious commented 13 years ago

this is NOT cooking!
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+6 35. sux2bu commented 13 years ago

The Chinese government has no more respect for HUMAN life than these butcher/chefs have for animal life.This was a sickening display of animal torture.I am sure their methods of preparing dog and cat is just as disgusting.
Picture of rezzna10 achievements

+1 36. rezzna commented 13 years ago

the snake bit i get, it's brutal but it's as fair as any other method.

the fish bit is messed up, but i get the idea behind it. I have a different approach to food to alot of Asian countries, i don't dig the fermented food, or especially the uncooked food, but when it comes to meat (especially fish) the fresher the better. I daresay if i lived there for a while i'd end up giving the fish a try
Picture of ezeliel31 achievements

+4 37. ezeliel commented 13 years ago

Picture of lacroupade17 achievements

0 38. lacroupade commented 13 years ago

Its not very often I don't watch a vid all the way through but this is a nasty no-no. Its indicative of that races (and others) total lack of respect for life on any level or in any form. >:) >:) >:)
Picture of rezzna10 achievements

-2 39. rezzna commented 13 years ago

I'm intrigued as to how many of the 'against' posters are meat eaters. obviously for vegetarians this is about as awful as hammering nails into foal's kneecaps but for those of us who eat meat it's a little arbitrary to decree this as a disgrace, unless of course you've overseen the humane dispatching of all meat you've ingested.

All animals destined for consumption are screwed, and unless you spend thousands on trust-worthy, humane sources of meat, you are a part of the inhumane killing of animals that this contest falls into. Deal with it.
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

+3 40. moskwiz commented 13 years ago

#39 One thing is the outrage that many if not most of our slaughterhouses are exercising execution in inhumane ways.. Doing it on purpose or making it into a sport even is a whole other matter though, wouldn't you agree?

It all comes down to one single point however: there's too many people in the world.
Picture of joker153535 achievements

-1 41. joker1535 commented 13 years ago

#22 you should put a warning to that link. Man thats the most cruel thing ever. Dead to fur! I will look different at people who wear fur after seeing this. People are so cruel to helpless creatures. DAMN! :O
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

+2 42. MsZoomy commented 13 years ago

for the record, I didn't approve this one, you guys know me better then that!!!
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

+4 43. moskwiz commented 13 years ago

#42 No I think things like this need to be seen, so a big thumbs up to snotr for posting these kinds of vids, keep it up
Picture of mahuya2 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 44. mahuya commented 13 years ago

its unique..
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Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

+2 45. SpikedSilver commented 13 years ago

now i am hungry
Picture of Dae41 achievements

+3 46. Dae commented 13 years ago

Picture of computeraddict22 achievements

+3 47. computeraddict commented 13 years ago

thats very creative wonder how it tastes 8-)
Picture of whiteleon19 achievements

+3 48. whiteleon commented 13 years ago

i love Asians but when it comes to animals, they are just CRUEL. Sorry but it is a reality
Picture of hihahihaho21 achievements

+2 49. hihahihaho commented 13 years ago

the snakes are still moving!! :S
Picture of Sensen10 achievements

+2 50. Sensen commented 13 years ago

Disgusting and like #2 said, disrespectful to the animal. #39, one can be a meat eater and be against the cruel treatment of an animal. No, we can't be sure the animal we ate did not suffer, we can only support the groups out there that have been created to keep the suffering from happening, or to keep it to an absolute minimum. People DO have to eat. We CAN be sure that the animal is not still alive as we eat it, however.
Picture of wtwutao198817 achievements

0 51. wtwutao1988 commented 13 years ago

yeah,i'm chinese ;)
Picture of odthegreatest26 achievements

+2 52. odthegreatest commented 13 years ago

these people are sick
Picture of karol25 achievements

0 53. karol commented 13 years ago

Picture of jamesjames82 achievements

+2 54. jamesjames8 commented 12 years ago

Come on people, dont brand ALL chinese people lovers of cruelty to animals just because you see a bizarre video!(I agree it seems cruel)....it would be like posting a video of UK Soccer Violence and assuming ALL people in the UK are violent thugs who enjoy football!.....keep an open mind and remember that lobsters are boiled alive over here and we eat oysters alive over here...and you really should visit an abbatoir over here, that would change your veiw of how kind we are to the animals we eat!!
Picture of lockandload57 achievements

0 55. lockandload commented 12 years ago

man talk about fast food chinese style! :P
Picture of Rigel36 achievements

+1 56. Rigel commented 12 years ago

it tastes good, i dont really care if its fresh or not, but it actually tastes pretty good
Picture of Pepperoni3960 achievements

+1 57. Pepperoni39 commented 10 years ago

Where is Bear Grills?
Picture of deadhorse32 achievements

+1 58. deadhorse commented 9 years ago

Where is Gear Brills?
Picture of dopsy35 achievements

+1 59. dopsy commented 8 years ago

This is not about racism, fuck asian taste and habbits! Poor animals, no respect