Flying Pitbulls

An awesome change from Dog fights.

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Picture of patriotaus39 achievements

+2 1. patriotaus commented 15 years ago

Doggy olympics
Picture of slep19 achievements

+7 2. slep commented 15 years ago

This > Dog fights.

Much more humane (they catch the dog on the high jump if they don't reach) Some of those dogs can really jump! Such strong animals..

Anyone know the song name?
Picture of Bender_Rodriguez18 achievements

+1 3. Bender_Rodriguez commented 15 years ago

StrongDog Championship :D
Picture of prankphonecall44 achievements

+1 4. prankphonecall commented 15 years ago

Yeah... lets train pitbulls to jump and bite... that way when i climb a tree to get away from one they can still kill me!

Cool vid though.
Picture of JaeMarie37 achievements

+6 5. JaeMarie commented 15 years ago

Do these people have 20' tall fences in their back yards?

Picture of 9573129 achievements

-1 6. 95731 commented 15 years ago

wow :O
Picture of sledgie23 achievements

0 7. sledgie commented 15 years ago

2:31 The exact moment you can see the dog go "oh crap :s" >:)
Picture of Atkinc08819 achievements

+3 8. Atkinc088 commented 15 years ago

I have a pitbull and the only problem I can see with this is they could easily hurt their backs jumping around and they may suffer from leg pain later in life. Also they may loose a few teeth hanging from the tires. Mine is 10 years old so he definitely won't be doing anything like this.
Picture of archis51 achievements

0 9. archis commented 15 years ago

They should use this song instead in this video: youtube. com/ watch?v=JdRPRvhXSCo First thing that came in my mind :)
Picture of zerorain26 achievements

0 10. zerorain commented 15 years ago

i want a pitbull now...

wow their jumping like 3 times their height...i like to see a person do that!

i also noticed that once they bit they dont let go still...
Picture of Smurfed18 achievements

-1 11. Smurfed commented 15 years ago

#10 i think thats lock jaw, I could be wrong
Never been a fan of these dogs, now I see they can run up walls!
Gonna shit myself next time I see one of them
Picture of JerryD14 achievements

+1 12. JerryD commented 15 years ago

#8 ... you have a good point there - on the other hand this shows pitbulls as powerfull animals and of no danger to no1 in the hands of people who channel their energy to something much funnier. Pitbulls deserves a better rap, all the shit should be on the humans who have them for evil purposes!
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

-2 13. ughlah commented 15 years ago

#12 I just fear such a well trained show dog might mistake a child with a tire and I doubt his holder has any chance following him, when that dog starts dashing away, jumping 40 feet and finally climbing a wall of 20 feet to reach the "tire"
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+2 14. kainim commented 15 years ago

more humane, mor fun to watch, and more fun for the dogs too
You could even give them superhero suits for fun, it will lower prestations of the dog but it would make it pretty funny :)
Picture of peterpan00724 achievements

0 15. peterpan007 commented 15 years ago

#11 dogs can sense if your gonna shit yourself....and they take fear as you have something against them, I live in Surrey BC and there is 4 pit bulls per block. I own two, there is 4 others in a one block distance. And ya when you walk them they get scared looks from people like you, which in turn makes the dogs uneasy, because they don't understand why someone is disliking them because of there look. Do your research more bites happen with other species. The taco bell dog breed has a higher temper. And think about it, if the poor dog is locked up all day, gets walked around the block with a freaken muzzle on, im sure that would make anyone nuts....they are a animal, who need to run free. I take my dogs to parks where there is nobody around and they can run free. That way you don't have people shitting their pants when they are running around. To be honest I had three I was dog sitting a friends dog for a year...and the crazy part is they are all people say you never keep females together....but I've had mine for years and they've been perfect.... check em out they're on you tube

and they're just play fighting
Picture of sealand22 achievements

0 16. sealand commented 15 years ago

I have a pit and would love to try this with her. The only down side I can see is some poor unsuspecting person suddenly having only three tires on there car as they drive past my house :S
Picture of caberg2 achievements

+1 17. caberg commented 15 years ago

:) How lovely to see something positive about these lovely dogs.I am 65 years old,and i grew up with a pitbull,she was so loving and adorable.Many years ago knowbody was afraid of these dogs,nowdays every one who doesn't understand dogs think they are all alike,how untrue.
Picture of Erostle511 achievements

-1 18. Erostle5 commented 15 years ago

F*ck that...I do not wanna be chased by those dogs. Fences are more or less speed bumps for them.
Picture of JerryD14 achievements

+1 19. JerryD commented 15 years ago

#13 Well!? Just because anything is possible - even a poodle can maul a kid, even an adult. A dog misstaking a kid for a tire...come on! U must be more serious than that. A cardriver can as well misstake the sidewalk for a racetrack and run down lots of folks! Media has given pitbulls a bad rap. I'm a catowner so I believe I'm objective (so I hope). By the way look at (bad ass police dog)so any dogbreed can be dangerous depending on the ones handling them... :)
Picture of ronnif7 achievements

+1 20. ronnif commented 15 years ago

It isn't the DOG who is dangerous, it is the DOG OWNER who trains them irresponsibly. I was a proud pitbull owner for a lot of years (he passed at the grand old age of 12). I purposely didn't clip his ears or tail, nobody knew he was a pitbull. He was an AKC/UKC cross, which made him bigger (he stood about 2 1/2 feet tall & his chest was about 18 inches wide) which helped to confuse people about his breed. He LOVED people, played with my 2-year old son just as lovingly as any Golden Retriever, AND played with my Papillon (weighed about 7 pounds) just as gently. It isn't the BREED people, it's the idiots who own them & can't (or won't) handle them & train them. I love this video, much better alternative to the disgusting practice of fighting dogs!
Picture of grator39 achievements

-1 21. grator commented 15 years ago

I like pitbulls. Sadly its really hard to get one in germany.
Picture of goo37 achievements

0 22. goo commented 15 years ago

I have one and all i can say... Great... Just great dogs..
Picture of Loremipsum13 achievements

0 23. Loremipsum commented 15 years ago

Dobermann would have kicked their asses.