Vengeful driver

Why complain, if you can do this...

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Picture of Yellowdie1221 achievements

+36 1. Yellowdie12 commented 15 years ago

Yes, because jail time is obviously better than a ticket. :S
Picture of Deblaauwn32 achievements

+11 2. Deblaauwn commented 15 years ago

from 0:38 onwards: it really helps to keep revving :D
Picture of dan25811 achievements

+55 3. dan258 commented 15 years ago

he s on his hiiighway to jail :D
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 4. LightAng3l commented 15 years ago

I guess it was an accident ... He must have put it in reverse by mistake and than pressed the gas ...
Anyway now he has to pay for the repairs on his car AND indirectly for the police car (because that's his tax money too) :)
Picture of zsir15 achievements

+9 5. zsir commented 15 years ago

#4 ... i dont think it realy was an accident.. the police car isnt right behind the vehicle and the driver if he or she is not totaly stupid would realize that it was in reverse sooner
Picture of pokesmot30 achievements

+12 6. pokesmot commented 15 years ago

This happened not long ago... the truth behind it is that it was an elderly man pulled over for whatever reason, when he went to leave he was so frustrated he was trying to peel out as he drove off. However, he didn't realize he was in reverse. Also note the left blinker... why signal if you plan on backing into a parked cruiser?
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+11 7. kainim commented 15 years ago

wonder how the officer was, since he radioed for an ambulance :S

#6: you could put on the blinker if you wanted to mislead the officer, or his first plan was to actually drive way
secondly: he did it on purpose since he didn't stop immediatly (even if you are old you stop hitting gas when you hit another car) and thirdly, you could hear him try to drive away but I think his front wheels were fo the ground (judging from the sound and lack of movement)
Picture of Blah19 achievements

+9 8. Blah commented 15 years ago

Old people should not be on the road. They are a danger to us all.
Picture of bsnow6 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-11 9. bsnow commented 15 years ago

#7, your analysis is flawed.

how did you conclude with all your brain power that he did it on purpose!

not stopping the gas is due to the steep angle the car is at, hence to support his weight, a person has to put his feet on the area where the brake and gas pedals are. since he pressed the gas pedal first, and ended up in the steep angle in the car, his weight is still pressing on the gas pedal via his foot. add to that the g-force of acceleration in reversing, so that's more force on his foot on the gas pedal. this also explains why the front wheels where still revving.

also add the slow reaction for old people. many times we saw it in the news an elderly pressed gas instead of brakes and drove straight into a store. so it happens.

these all add up to the conclusion that this was a mistake, he was not trying to get away.

besides, most comments I read on snotr are from retards trying to be smart asses and pretend to be funny with their silly comments such as #(removed comment) #1 #2 #3 #5
Picture of Woll24 achievements

+20 10. Woll commented 15 years ago

The ambulance was requested on the off chance that a defibrillator was required, following the officer strolling back over and sticking 20000V through the old boy with his Taser. God bless law enforcement officers.
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+5 11. kainim commented 15 years ago

#9, I'm not excluding the fact that it could be an accident, it is indeed very well possible but it really looked as if he did it on purpose, as you may also know, elderly people can do strange things when they are angry.
I once walked past an older woman, i didn't touch her or anyhting but she poked me really hard in my back with her cane for no reason, then she was provoking me and calling me names (little dirt bag, you youngsters, blablabla you know, their age is always better), when I asked (politely) what I had done she said I walked in her way and that I was trying to make her loose her balance. I'll say it again, i walked passed her, not passing her and then suddenly move in front of her, just what you normally do when you are faster then the person in front of you. when I told her I didn't do whatever she thouhgt I did, and IF I did, that I didn't do it on purpose, she almost smacked me again, so I held off the cane, told her that the street isn't hers and she should stop making a scene out of it, and walked away (she was still yelling)

now imagine this typ of person behind the steering wheel in that car, if he thought (since the driver was a he) he didn't deserve the ticket, he could go into an elderly rage and do something stupid

I do agree that the possibility he did it on purpose is small, it is STILL a possibility, since this movie doesn't show us everything (it was once on America's most shocking videos or something but I can't remember how it went)

anyway there you go a +1 for your theory (though you shouldn't be so harsh on the other comments, doesn't make you look like a nice person but more like someone who thinks he's smarter than the rest ;))

#10 he tased the man???
Picture of dan25811 achievements

+3 12. dan258 commented 15 years ago

#(removed comment) "your analysis is flawed" lol

despite all your so obvious intellectual superiority, I think you may have missed one point here : this is about having fun, right?

so... how long exactly did you spend writing down your pseudo scientific theory on this particularly nerd discussion?
Picture of bsnow6 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-9 13. bsnow commented 15 years ago

#12, I hope you get shot in the head and somebody upload the video on snotr so we can all have fun and write retarded comments on you like he s on his hiiighway to hell >:), or You're going to get an ass-whipping and a trip to hell now cupcake! :D
Picture of dan25811 achievements

+2 14. dan258 commented 15 years ago

#13 man, you sure are slow.
but first of all, why are you so obsessed about knowing if this guy did that on purpose or not?
if you really wanna see this on the drama side, imagine it could have been a group of kids crossing the street and not this police car.
of course it wouldn't be the same as doing it intentionally, sort of morally speaking, but in the end imo that would make the guy even more dangerous for society.

and dude the most important thing, you should try to relax.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+3 15. sux2bu commented 15 years ago

I guess it is about time to put snow-job in his place,namely in the corner with a pointy hat on his head.
Here is the TV news report from Buffalo Grove reported on CNN. Skip ahead to about 0:40 to hear the reporter speaking.

I guess #(removed comment) #1 #2 #3 and #5 were right ! (asshole)
Picture of bsnow6 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-10 16. bsnow commented 15 years ago

#15, the link does not prove anything. sux2bu, look in the mirror and repeat sux2bme 1000 tims. listen you douchebags, if he intentionally rammed a police car, he would have been charged with a felony and thrown in jail, not given a 200 dollar ticket and ordered to attend a defensive driving class. use your brain asshole #15
Picture of swf201226 achievements

+4 17. swf2012 commented 15 years ago

don't argue with idiots, first they'll bring you down to their level and then beat you by experience

seriously #16, what's up your ass? :O
Picture of chance35 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 18. chance commented 15 years ago

Going out on a limb here, but it's not like I have anything to lose on snotr. I completely agree with bsnow after every statement he made.

To start, he was being bold by sharing his opinion with #7! WHO CARES? His opinion was more logical, so don't take offense to it. Next, #12, "despite all your so obvious intellectual superiority"... yeah, I don't need to say anything more. No, wait. GO GET LAID, it will do you some good. Now with #14, I see right through your bullshit, you exaggerate to make yourself look better, or to provoke the person your trying to offend. Okay, now with #15, niiice opener. "Pointy hat on his head"? LOVE IT. Does that hat also say dunce? Continuing, I watched the video and I was going to say that the charges indicated that the police officer didn't think the man did it intentionally. Too bad bsnow beat me too it. #(removed comment), niiice opener... "no cure for your case"! Great stuff. Serious. Continuing, I will agree that if he hit the officer, the charges would have been a lot worse for the old timer, but the charges should be a lot worse if the officer felt it was intentional... or at the least, the news report would have indicated the old mans intent. #17, really? I mean really?


I'm just a civil servant looking to do his good deed for the day, and now I can rest good tonight knowing that justice was served... or at least put on the spot. LOL

I won't be reading replies because I don't care for all the bullshit responses, plus I'm a busy man. Anyways, I hope that bsnow reads my comment.
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

+9 19. MsZoomy commented 15 years ago

bsnow this is your first warning, Be Nice, you DO NOT wish for people to get "shot in the head"

To everyone else: we are all entitled to our opinions.

If you weren't actually there, none of us knows what really happened in this or any of the videos.
Play nice, try not to pick on others, just give them a thumbs down, that's what it's for!!
Better yet, give the comments you like a thumbs up.
Picture of gringo40 achievements

+2 20. gringo commented 15 years ago

People listen, I wached this on Discovery and i clearly remeber that they said that this was an accident and also that threre were no charges pressed against old man, but he had to re-take the driving exam.
Picture of dan25811 achievements

+1 21. dan258 commented 15 years ago

#18 I think as soon as you start insulting people, there is no point trying to prove you're right.
but you look like that perez hilton 'guy', so emotionally involved, and to sum it up, wrong, in an annoying way.
won t lose time arguing tho
good luck in your life !
Picture of pokesmot30 achievements

+3 22. pokesmot commented 15 years ago

here is the REAL story so you can stop arguing over theories and conclusions that you have formed.
Picture of bsnow6 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 23. bsnow commented 15 years ago

#19, It is not my fault many people here have half dead brains.

#(removed comment), cnn says "...the 71 year old driver throwing his car in reverse as you saw and then crashing it right on top of the officer's car...". this statement is true, the old man obviously put his car in reverse gear, because we see the car moving backwards and the revese light is on, but there is no mention that he threw it in reverse gear intentionally on purpose to crash on the police car! yes he crashed his car on top of the officer's car as the video shows but there is no mention that he intentionally wanted to crash his car with the officer's car.

as a matter of fact, the video should convince anyone that he put it in reverse by mistake. we first see the toyota reverse light engages, then car moves backwards slightly, thats when the driver realized that he is in reverse gear, then the old man wanted to press the brake pedal to stop the reversing and change gear but what happened most likely is that he pressed the wrong pedal some how and thats when we see the car accelerate all the way backwards. if the old man wanted to crash his car to the officer's car, we would see an immediate one step acceleration backwards.

#(removed comment), goto #(removed comment)

#21, #15 started the insults not me. so I was returning it back to him.

I said all I wanted to say. I don't know why I wasted my time, my main purpose was not about the truth if he rammed his car on purpose or not, I just wanted to point out the silly retarded responses that I see from idiots that are trying/pretending to be funny with their silly retarded comments so more retarded people can give them thumbs up
Picture of bsnow6 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 24. bsnow commented 15 years ago

#(removed comment), don't tell that to your parents, they might get offended, then again they are retarded, they won't understand, so go ahead.
Picture of dunnoher29 achievements

+2 25. dunnoher commented 15 years ago

#24 get a hold on yourself. I understand it's difficult to live in the world, where everyone around you are idiots and you are the last hope for humankind. Isn't it. So instead of clogging Snotr with hate just take a second and try to see things from some other angle- maybe realisation that you are an idiot yourself will clear a lot for you.
Picture of dan25811 achievements

+2 26. dan258 commented 15 years ago

#23 nop sry but you did start way earlier : "besides, most comments I read on snotr are from retards trying to be smart asses and pretend to be funny with their silly comments such as #(removed comment) #1 #2 #3 #5"
and you tend to be generally arrogant and aggressive in your tone(apparently without beeing aware of it) which calls naturally back for aggressivity.
the funniest thing is you could have made your point with calm and objectivity, a lot more ppl would have agreed with you (me included), on the reasons this man had to do this (which anyway imo isn t worth wasting all the fun).
that was what i was trying to say.
Picture of JerryD14 achievements

+3 27. JerryD commented 15 years ago

Holy goat gone mental! Snotr becoming a warzone! I didn't see that coming!?
Picture of gringo40 achievements

+2 28. gringo commented 15 years ago

i already sad it on #20, but for ignorants here's proof :)
enjoy your lives, and don't fight over unimportant things
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

+11 29. MsZoomy commented 15 years ago

OMG you guys are a bunch of 2nd grade school kids!! Teacher teacher , he called me names first!!! Bunch of babies!!

for the record comments like #(removed comment) #1 #2 #3 etc. are the reason people read the comments section in the first place. They try to out do each others smartass-ness. That's why they get the thumbs up!!

I've got my trigger finger on the "ban" button and it's jus itching to do some bitchin' So all of you just Shut the F*ck up, grow up and get over yourselves!!

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