Carlos Mencia on Michael Jackson

From the show "Not for the easily offended" which was recorded at the same time that Michael Jackson was accused of child molestation.

Warning: As the name describes, this is not for the easily offended.

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Picture of eddie204242 achievements

+12 1. eddie2042 commented 15 years ago

1:10 "Fuck you got here first! Shit we're late captain, we're fucking late" haha priceless
Picture of Blackx37 achievements

+4 2. Blackx commented 15 years ago

HA Briljant :P
but some part are TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!
al of a suden every one is sad because he is dead!! but every one didn't think that when he was accused of pedeviel or when he hung a baby from his balcony or with his WEIRD SKELETON face .
I think it is sad that he gets ALL his FAME and reconition AFTER HE DIES !!!!! :|
That is my point of vieuw agree or disagree i don't care
!!!!!JUST BEAT IT !!!!!! >:) HAHAHAHA
Picture of Edyy38 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-11 3. Edyy commented 15 years ago

the best thing Michael did in years is that he died >:)
Picture of Xionbox45 achievements

+3 4. Xionbox (moderator) commented 15 years ago

Honestly, who cares? I don't get all that gossip about stars in the first place. Singers, like their music or don't, but who the hell cares about the personal life? Do people not read "personal" when reading "personal life" of a star?
Picture of Cifer27 achievements

-3 5. Cifer commented 15 years ago

isnt that the guy from the south park episode :)?
Picture of s1lent34 achievements

+14 6. s1lent commented 15 years ago

he tries a bit too hard imo
Picture of proatwork39 achievements

-2 7. proatwork commented 15 years ago

Yeah, never liked the comediants that curse excesively just to look funny... No monkey heads :(
Picture of sharkya21 achievements

-2 8. sharkya commented 15 years ago

Carlos Mencia's real name is Ned Arnel Mencía
Picture of SjN32 achievements

-2 9. SjN commented 15 years ago

yap. Now i understand why they made fun of him.
Picture of Tsumetai7 achievements

0 10. Tsumetai commented 15 years ago

This guy is a douche. After watching his feud with Joe Rogan, I can't give him the time of day.
Picture of Reaperdaddy39 achievements

-1 11. Reaperdaddy commented 15 years ago

umh... not funny
Picture of goo37 achievements

0 12. goo commented 15 years ago

he should get some tomatoes..
Picture of zeph29 achievements

+2 13. zeph commented 15 years ago

he is fukin shit
Picture of kainim37 achievements

-2 14. kainim commented 15 years ago

MJ was a product of his father, his father was a real ass and NOT a father you want to have, Michael probably never harassed the children, cuddling or something sure, but he didn't rape them or anything, I mean he himself is still a kid, there is an interview with him that will make everything clear, I feel sorry for him to be honest..
Picture of huldu34 achievements

-2 15. huldu commented 15 years ago

That was just simply gross. People laugh at anything. I bet they would laugh at making fat jokes on that bloke as well.
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+1 16. Sizzlik (admin) commented 15 years ago

loool..the ending is priceless..
"whaat is thaaat? The move of submission and Baam to the Head"
Ill try that one on my girl next time =P
Picture of RDobba8 achievements

-4 17. RDobba commented 15 years ago

What a complete twat,Michael Jackson is the king of pop so let him R.I.P
Picture of Blasterjk9 achievements

-3 18. Blasterjk commented 15 years ago

Inappropriate timing. This comedy sketch was made 6 years ago and just now shows up here because of Michael Jackson's death. Respect the dead.
Picture of I-HATE-MICHAEL-J3 achievements

-2 19. I-HATE-MICHAEL-J commented 15 years ago

" Kick in the head, then hee hee" LOL
Picture of I-HATE-MICHAEL-J3 achievements

-2 20. I-HATE-MICHAEL-J commented 15 years ago

" Kick in the head, then hee hee" LOL
Picture of Smurfed18 achievements

-3 21. Smurfed commented 15 years ago

This guy aint funny, he just puts fuck in the odd place and people piss themselves laughing
Picture of cannnobaL21 achievements

-1 22. cannnobaL commented 15 years ago

how is a 12 year old joke priceless, #1 ?
Picture of librabooks40 achievements

+1 23. librabooks commented 15 years ago

This is funny, but what is even funnier is the crowd that didn't respect him in life in the first place, now are offended because you made fun of (ie. "disrespected";) him in death. People I know couldn't stand the pedo, but make a joke now?..."that's awful, man, show some respect!..." Where's my respect?? It's already layed in the ground where MJ is going to be buried!
It's like the gathering of people to mourn a tragic shooting at a high-school, where you see all these girls crying whenever the camera turns to them, and it turns out they made fun of the kid and really didn't care about or like him in the first place.

I say the king of poop is dead, long live the normal!
Picture of Blasterjk9 achievements

-1 24. Blasterjk commented 15 years ago

I actually like Carlos Mencia as a comedian. However, he may or may not actually believe Jackson was a freak, he is simply doing what all comedians do, take a common public joke personae and use it. I personally do not think Michael Jackson ever committed the crimes to be deemed a pedophile, I think it was just the usual "child star" issue of lacking a childhood to properly develope without the pressure to succeed from an overbearing father and constant limelight. But whatever, I agree that the common media persecuted Michael Jackson for years until his death, then they reveled in how sad it was. I felt bad for him in life, and even more so in death.

R.I.P. Michael, you finally can.
Picture of Spaidal2 achievements

-1 25. Spaidal commented 15 years ago

I am so glad that my life is my own. I am so sick of people who believe all the stuff that is in the inquirere and magazines like that. Michel Jackson was a great singer. He did a lot for children. He had his day in court and came out winning. I would rather believe that people took advantage of the man and now that he is dead they are still trying. Let the Grandmother have the 3 children, The 2 older ones do not even know their mother. Money was more important to her then her children and this is the only reason she want them now. Keep the Jackson children together & in the Jackson family. People think they know Mickel Jackson but they have never been in his Ranch or in his private life. Leave the man alon and enjoy his singing. This person on this vido is a very ugly man. His words & thoughts a just pure evil
Picture of Phil-Lloyd16 achievements

-1 26. Phil-Lloyd commented 15 years ago

Surely we can feel sympathy for MJ because he had a bad father and strange life, just as we might feel bad for anyone who ends up different, strange, or even very "bad".
I agree with Mencia on this. We MUST look at everything with prejudice. We MUST make judgments based on limited previous experience. To fail in that makes us fools, unable to project experience of others onto a situation or extrapolate clues into possible scenarios.
To avoid judging is to attempt to escape the responsibility of doing your best to judge fairly - to think critically about issues take our own ignorance into account and to try to learn what we can and hold all aspects of issues in our heads when we judge.

"Judge not lest ye be judged" is a warning only against rash judgment. To take it on as a philosophy is irresponsible and attempts to prevent mistakes by escaping responsibility for our actions by which others will judge us, and reponsibility to put effort into making good judgments and the responsibility for the effects of those judgments.

I don't blame MJ for anything, even if he DID molest children. I would lock him up in a second if he did, but that would not mean I don't have sympathy.