Fat kid squeezed in amusement ride

A good mother's love :)

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Picture of dunnoher29 achievements

+36 1. dunnoher commented 14 years ago

seen it many times and it still cracks me up- but he actually looks like he is about to slide through the seatbelts
Picture of gringo40 achievements

+22 2. gringo commented 14 years ago

I can smell his pants til here, man, >:)
Picture of Louie19 achievements

+39 3. Louie commented 14 years ago

:D lmao,no more cookies for you kid or it's back to the coaster for ya.
Picture of sledgie23 achievements

+23 4. sledgie commented 14 years ago

That woman is wonderfully sadistic. That'll learn 'im to stay away from the pies. >:)
Picture of Woll24 achievements

+9 5. Woll commented 14 years ago

The attraction ride safety officer stated that he was perfectly safe.

You can see that the jowl straps were tightened to a level which prevented submarining out of the seat, and any subsequent fall/injury.
Picture of evil66632 achievements

+2 6. evil666 commented 14 years ago

hahahahah that's the most funniest and coolest mom i've ever seen!!! that must be the very best way to say "i love you son!" (sarcastically) to her son despite of his laziness and voraciousness!!!! or she might be thinking "i'm the only one who can save you little fat pig" plus the very evil laugh at 0:39 while her kid says "jesus.... jesus" >:)

sorry, im so evil.... :)
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+4 7. irishgek commented 14 years ago

Its not her mother as she sais at one point Janis im stuck janis not jesus #6
and also what a sadistic woman i like her ....i mean i dont think they forced fatty on to the ride and well if they did , im still laughin dont care what a laugh
Picture of SanOKanonG18 achievements

+5 8. SanOKanonG commented 14 years ago

>:) >:) >:)
Picture of exoomer35 achievements

+3 9. exoomer commented 14 years ago

haha :D:D the mother is great :D
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+4 10. sux2bu commented 14 years ago

#5 "jowl straps" That's funny as hell! :D
Picture of MoT29 achievements

0 11. MoT commented 14 years ago

Chubby Tubby gets a bit stucky
Picture of kainim37 achievements

-4 12. kainim commented 14 years ago

she sounds like a monkey :S
Janice I'm falling!!
I'm stuck, it hurts! It hurts! It hurts!, we knew it after the first time it hurts...

what i still don't get is that the fat kid slips out of the harnas, while the slender one doesn't, seems off :D
Picture of pokesmot30 achievements

+4 13. pokesmot commented 14 years ago

#12 Too much fat kid, not enough harness :D
Picture of SjN32 achievements

+5 14. SjN commented 14 years ago

give him a cookie to calm him down
Picture of kevlar26 achievements

+1 15. kevlar commented 14 years ago

This woman's laugh is infectious. Plus, the kid could have been ejected from his seat she'll be still laughing her ass off
Picture of timppi20 achievements

-3 16. timppi commented 14 years ago

it seems in america to ride these they should have a weight limit instead of height.. unless they have even that.
Picture of Sjattuh24 achievements

+3 17. Sjattuh commented 14 years ago

He could've never fallen out.

I love that mom :D
Picture of drevil29 achievements

+1 18. drevil commented 14 years ago

very cool mum :)
Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

-3 19. SpikedSilver commented 14 years ago

parents like that can cause trauma for live.. some day he might kill her using his samurai sword
Picture of chance35 achievements

+2 20. chance commented 14 years ago

#(removed comment) tru dat! Although about the samurai sword, someone recently killed a person by chopping their head off with a samurai sword. I don't know the details.

Nice post USAnumber1
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

-1 21. Fergus_Thedog commented 14 years ago

Get over it, Oldfart.
Picture of NucleoVega23 achievements

+1 22. NucleoVega commented 14 years ago

lol her laugh is awesome.
Picture of plurft46 achievements

-1 23. plurft commented 14 years ago

#(removed comment), Oldfart, you're such a hilarious jingoistic fascist.
Picture of I-HATE-MICHAEL-J3 achievements

0 24. I-HATE-MICHAEL-J commented 14 years ago

what would ya do for a klondike bar?
Picture of DannyHK722 achievements

0 25. DannyHK7 commented 14 years ago

I've seen this clip before, from the "How to Parenting" video instruction kit.
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

+2 26. moskwiz commented 14 years ago

The woman wasn't sadistic or inconsiderate .. she was listening to music so she was practically oblivious to the kid being in panic. And secondly, she was pretty much in a mild state of panic herself, laughing is a common cure for positive shock ;)
Picture of plurft46 achievements

0 27. plurft commented 14 years ago

#(removed comment), Oldfart,

Here's a little riddle for you.

One of me is American. One of me is Italian. One might also be French, Argentine, or Australian. I'm Chinese for an hour; I'm Japanese for twenty minutes; I'm sometimes Russian for five days. I will appear schizoid, but you'll know me by which voice I use. I am many.

This minute, I'm the one who knows the Bible better than you.
Picture of chance35 achievements

+1 28. chance commented 14 years ago

#26 She is not listening to music...

#27 I give, what's the answer? or did you give the answer? or was that a joke? you never said "what am i?" at the end. I'm sooo lost
Picture of sephiroth23 achievements

+3 29. sephiroth commented 14 years ago

i wonder who crapped him/herself first, the mom or her kid lol
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+2 30. sux2bu commented 14 years ago

#27 I know,I know! I bet you are the Gerasene Demon who said "My name is Legion, for we are many." Send my prize as soon as you can please.
Picture of Deblaauwn32 achievements

+1 31. Deblaauwn commented 14 years ago

That learns you not to be fat! This should become an instruction video.
Picture of plurft46 achievements

-4 32. plurft commented 14 years ago

#30, sux2bu,

No- though I assumed Legion would be a religious person's first guess. It's why I wrote it that way. I'm human.

#(removed comment), USAnumber1,

Are you equating me with the devil? That's comic. And of course I don't believe in the Bible- it's an ancient political/philosophical document no more illuminating or significant than the Quran, Torah, Popol Vuh, the Vedas, the Kojiki, the Zend Avesta, etc, etc, ad nauseum... Of course, like most religious artifact, it's used in the modern age as a fetish of control and as a tool for simple (though archaic) morals education of the less intelligent, but that's not the issue here.

Can you answer the riddle?
Picture of plurft46 achievements

-3 33. plurft commented 14 years ago

#(removed comment), USAnumber1,

Tell me, do you know what an avatar is?

And if the only thing you know of religious texts is the Bible, albeit very thinly, doesn't that technically make me smarter than you in that arena?
Picture of plurft46 achievements

-4 34. plurft commented 14 years ago

#(removed comment), USAnumber2,

An "avatar" is, in mythology, a lesser or human incarnation of a god. In Christian mythology, Jesus is an avatar of Jehovah. However, in terms of the internet- your user name is your avatar. You are NOT USAnumber1 outside of this forum any more than I am Plurft. However, ONLY you are USAnumber1 here, whereas Plurft is not only me. Does that help you with why I seem to have mixed personality? I'll probably get banned for that, but, O well.

>"But Christianity is faith-based..."

So is every other religion on Earth. Keep in mind also that there are millions who have faith that UFO's are real. There are millions who have faith that vaccines cause autism.

>"...millions of 'smart' people in the world still believe in Christ."

"Smart" and belief in Christianity are not tacitly linked. Furthermore, "smart" is not the same as "educated", and intelligence in one arena of thought does not translate to other arenas. For example, there may be a brilliant mathematician who believes in Christianity, but that doesn't mean he knows anything about how culture or folklore works.

See, you might have "faith" and it's obvious you might be an authority on it, but that only means you're an authority on how to devote your life to a cause you need no information or education about. Though it's obvious that you've been taught Biblical talking points for a range of subjects, you lack the informed reader's grasp of the subtleties of the culture that goes with that text and knowledge of the vast majority of the text that isn't so popular. You seem to think that Christianity is a unique religion where it isn't- it is similar to every religion on Earth and the themes and teachings within the Bible are broadly generic. There is simply no evidence that it is true- if it were, and was so convincing, there would be a lot more Christians in the world. You'd just as well have total faith in Grimm's fairy tales being real.

But, you see, what's strange is your blatant pomposity- you have faith but that appears to be all you have going for you. Despite that, you are arrogant enough to demand your belief system be etched onto the world and arrogant enough to act as if all who don't follow your belief system are below you. It's obvious from your bigoted condemnation of Muslims; it's obvious from your choice of username. However, the simple fact that you can retain some level of anonymousity here and then act in this manner shows how weakly you regard your own faith. What happened to the "living like Christ" claims? How do you think he would feel about your crassness or about a username that smacks of nationalistic idolatry?

And remember this, always, "faith" is not an education; "faith" is not intelligence; "faith" is not truth; "faith" is not evidence; and, overwhelmingly so, "faith" does not make you "right". Faith is only belief in that which has no evidence.
Picture of bountyhunter5326 achievements

+1 35. bountyhunter53 commented 14 years ago

How did a fat kid vid turn into a religious debate? We may never know......

BTW shouting "stop" doesn't stop the ride. But keep hope my fat friend.
Picture of plurft46 achievements

-3 36. plurft commented 14 years ago

#35, bountyhunter53,

It's left over from an earlier thread about a video concerning religion where a mod, being a pansy, decided that he/she didn't want to see it and locked the thread out of spite. It was one of those "I'm a discussion Nazi!" things which is hilarious because there are absolutely no terms of service here, no posting guidelines, no posted "rules" of conduct. Really it boils down to some random mod got offended and couldn't take it so used an arbitrary "this is off topic and people insult each other" complaint to shut down the thread... as if every thread here remains on topic. Of course, arbitrary heavy handedness like that will more than likely keep the number of consistently logged in users pretty low, but hey who wants to discuss in a forum in the way they want. It's better to be censored, yeah?
Picture of lacroupade17 achievements

-3 37. lacroupade commented 14 years ago


And to think I thought he was just a fat squealing little weaner bastard!! :O

#36, if thats true it absolutely pathetic.....can you link us to the thread please?
Picture of plurft46 achievements

-3 38. plurft commented 14 years ago

#37, sure lacroupade, here ya go:

Picture of MeanieMom3 achievements

0 39. MeanieMom commented 14 years ago

Looks like momma says the "f" word at 0:05 :D
Picture of helen763 achievements

+2 40. helen76 commented 14 years ago

this clip is so funny it made me and my mums day big time ha
Picture of archikarki13 achievements

+2 41. archikarki commented 14 years ago

man i gotta get my mate to go on one of those rides... >:)
Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements

+2 42. eNdEmiOn06463 commented 14 years ago

After reading the title I was already laughing.
Picture of pewman41 achievements

+2 43. pewman4 commented 14 years ago

>:) Wow this kid stunk so much! Good he deserved it!!!! The mother is GREAT.... >:)
Picture of frizzlsnits32 achievements

0 44. frizzlsnits commented 14 years ago

The second time it's even funnier >:) .
Picture of Sensen10 achievements

+1 45. Sensen commented 14 years ago

Poor kid probably thought he was going to die when he started slipping down in his seat like that. LOL. I'm curious as to why people are calling the woman his mother when he addresses her as Janice rather than mom. She's probably an aunt or other relative.
Picture of x1ripper1x3 achievements

0 46. x1ripper1x commented 14 years ago

its a good job hes a wee heffer i think it saved his life only time its good bieng fat lol and shame on his mum lol
Picture of Phil-Lloyd16 achievements

0 47. Phil-Lloyd commented 13 years ago

Well, they filmed it, and i think they both knew that and part of Janice's amusement was knowing his reaction was recorded, and knowing he would see it later.
You can tell he is ok in the first "whoop", but for a kid his size when he became weighless for a second ... that must be quite a shock!
Picture of iovnzu38 achievements

0 48. iovnzu commented 13 years ago

LAG: It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!
Picture of Oddi50 achievements

0 49. Oddi commented 13 years ago

u kno it seems like an awesome comparison to me
Picture of ZaMpTi47 achievements

+1 50. ZaMpTi commented 11 years ago

McDonalds saved his life, maybe.