Studying English

A Japanese comedian

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Picture of eddie204242 achievements

+8 1. eddie2042 commented 12 years ago

nancy's fucking scary
Picture of smi55 achievements

+8 2. smi commented 12 years ago

Well, they put this video in appropriate category. :S
Picture of unixostamer12 achievements

-2 3. unixostamer commented 12 years ago

i've been living in this weird country for 2 years and realized that these freaky japs can never learn proper english. i know ppl taking english lessons for ages (i mean it) and they can't even understand what you are talking to them.
wait! they can actually understand you only if you speak with "japanese english" accent. for instance, "My name is Adams" -> "Mayoo neimoo izoo adamoosoo" ('oo' is 'u' like in "blue";)

Ganbaree baka ni'njin :D
Picture of Luffy0335 achievements

+6 4. Luffy03 commented 12 years ago

heh just what I needed to start the day :D
Picture of Louie19 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 5. Louie commented 12 years ago

Thought that was kinda lame. :S #(removed comment),lol :D :D
Picture of whowhatme17 achievements

-4 6. whowhatme commented 12 years ago

#(removed comment)


Not trying to be arguementative or imply negative vibes etc .
Merely trying to understand .

What does :

"I have learned that Japs , Mexicans and cue balls have something in common......the harder you hit them the more "english" you get out of them."

actually mean ?

It's gibberish to me I'm afraid .
Picture of whowhatme17 achievements

+2 7. whowhatme commented 12 years ago

Thank you .

No , I haven't heard of any of that .

Not even the "English" cue ball term .

Weird place you live in (no disres) .
Almost a "let's beat a slave mentality"

I've wanted for 12 years or so to go visit a long term pal who lives in your country but have always had second thoughts .

Strange , strange people .
Picture of whowhatme17 achievements

-4 8. whowhatme commented 12 years ago

#(removed comment)
(Listen to your "inner voice" and do not travel to America , it is full of strange dangerous people.)

Why would any individual want to think their cuntry is full of "dangerous" people ?

Pathetic .

But I'm open to a chat later :-)))
Picture of ezeliel31 achievements

+4 9. ezeliel commented 12 years ago

LOL nice video, laughed a lot. Wrong category, it's a parody.

PS. #8, You got offended by USAnumber1 in comment #(removed comment)... say it. All that conversation just to insult him back? *kids*
Picture of JimDunlop40 achievements

+4 11. JimDunlop commented 12 years ago

Hilarious! I live in Japan -- that's pretty typical of local TV shows. Variety shows like this are on all the time. They get tiresome quickly but this clip was good.

I would ask, however that people please stop using "Jap" as an abbreviation for "Japanese." It's incredibly racist and no more acceptable than using the word n****r to describe African-Americans. If you MUST use an abbreviation because you too lazy to type 5 more letters (Jap+anese) then maybe you should invest in some typing classes or something.

I guarantee, sh*tty English skills or not, if you come to Japan and start referring to people here as "Japs" you will get told off or get your a$$ kicked by someone.
Picture of Bdubb26 achievements

+3 12. Bdubb commented 12 years ago

Amen #11, no one has respect. LOL look at #(removed comment)'s login name, it says it all. Racism is still alive big time...honestly though, I think the whole racial slur thing has gone too far....anything seems to be racist nowadays, and if it isn't, someone will find a way for it to be. And honestly trying to educate people on proper "abbreviations" on the internet is a lost cause, I'm sure you know that and good for you for at least putting it out there. :(|)
Picture of yajirou38 achievements

+4 13. yajirou commented 12 years ago

:D :D 8-) haha hilarius!! >:) :D
Picture of draxenn31 achievements

+6 14. draxenn commented 12 years ago

Sorry #11. Words aren't racist, people are. It's not the word that hurts but the intent behind it.
Just check George Carlin's rants about language. Well worth the time.
Picture of JimDunlop40 achievements

-4 15. JimDunlop commented 12 years ago

#14, that may be true... People are racist -- not words... But tell that to the guy who's kicking your a$$ and twisting your neck into a pretzel for calling him a racial slur... I guarantee that most Japanese people have never even heard of George Carlin... :(|) (I'm not trying to pick a fight with you -- I'm just sayin').

#12 I know. It's a lost cause but there are many people who just don't realize it. I've had friends refer to Pakistani people as "Pakis" not intentionally trying to be ignorant but they just didn't know any better. When someone (wasn't me) told them what they were doing was rude, they stopped.

I know I can't get through to someone who chooses to behave like an idiot -- I just hope I can give someone who doesn't know any better a heads-up... ;)
Picture of irishgek50 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 16. irishgek commented 12 years ago

To be honest that comment about the not being able to speak english , well just shows how stupid the yanks are if the only way they can get some one to work is by threatening people with lumps of wood , you would have thought after vietnam,Persian Gulf War,afghanistan,iraq,etc etc all it does is further fule the golbal hatred of america , i mean im irish look at the world around you how many irish bars are there .......ive never seen a american bar anywere in europe and i been around ....well done #(removed comment) keep on diggin that hole deeper and deeper
Picture of mydixiewrecked36 achievements

-4 17. mydixiewrecked commented 12 years ago

Ok I am getting tired of seeing so many comments from people ragging on Americans. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of stupid people here in the states, and yes we are the most hated country. But seriously, you don't have to go around saying that ALL Americans "yanks" are stupid, or anything else derogatory. In my opinion that's being racist, which doesn't make you any better than we are. So basically what I am trying to say is, Everyone know how much America is hated, so you really don't need to reiterate how much America is BAD every chance you get. Keep it to yourself. Like my mother always said "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"
Picture of simplesandy5 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 18. simplesandy commented 12 years ago

oh btw I dont think what number 4 wrote was funny or nice....
and number 19 this so called yank would love to sit and chat with you about how your cuntry is... and it's problems...
Picture of Louie19 achievements

+2 19. Louie commented 12 years ago

#(removed comment), Did you notice, not one european complained about the good ole USA during WW2 No one whines about the USA when they need their ass bailed out of a jam, or their freedom is threatened.How many US soldiers gave their life so that others could have their freedom?! Yes we are a proud nation made up af every race color and creed, if you don't want to come to America,and you have that attitude, then by all means please stay home.
Furtermore, USAnumber1, I thought those jokes were funny as hell. They were funny I don't care who ya are!!!! :D
Picture of unixostamer12 achievements

+2 20. unixostamer commented 12 years ago

#11 JimDunlop

JAPs are pussy cats. They can never find strength to fight against you:) You can even flirt with JAP's girlfriend n they just do nothing, absolutely nothing. I didn't mean to offend JAPs, but they are the weirdest people I've ever seen...
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+4 21. sux2bu commented 12 years ago

Non-Americans (like Europeans and such) use terms like "redneck" and "yank" in a derogatory manner all the time when referring to Americans and think nothing wrong of it.Isn't that kind of a double standard?
Hell you can call me anything but "late for dinner" and I could care less.
There is no sense in getting all pissy and whining :'( about some perceived insult to someone else; if they have a problem with something then let THEM make the complaint.
Picture of GunSlynger2 achievements

+2 22. GunSlynger commented 12 years ago

This clip gave me a headache! Boring!!!!!!!!
Picture of Bdubb26 achievements

+1 23. Bdubb commented 12 years ago

Ok people.... this is goin way too far, #17 your right, totally right....#12 its not your name dude, it's what you said in your post. Anyways. I'm done with this commenting sesh lol. peace cya on the next vid.
Picture of henrybrodie25 achievements

+3 24. henrybrodie commented 12 years ago

Snotr has to change alot of stuff around here if it wants to compete with the much bigger companies, im going to give some tips to whoever might read this because you seem to ignore peoples single pleas, hopefully if i make a block of text u might actually make sense of these ideas and put them into action - making Snotr an even better place than it alreay is/was.

First things first, you need to sort out this inflow of videos, i understand you are currently having upload problems, if you are understaffed i wuld be happy to help out with the site, try help you sort out these problems and get a steady flow of hilarious/intresting/spectacular videos.

Secondly, You need to format this whole format of posting, it might be more exiting if we were able to change the colour of our text , the boldness? etc.. you have to think for yourself..( maybe having a choice of box colours for each of our boxes? :) )

Thirdly, You NEED a forum, whats a website withhout banter?critisizm?general conversation? it doesnt take a second to nock up a fairly decent forum which im sure anyone would be happy to help with. Also it would help you to develop new ideas.

forthly, You need more moderaters to ban the trolls and maintain the site.

fithly,remove that 'video cloud' bullshit, for anyone that hasnt clicked it DONT, its a stupid idea.

sixthly, Perhaps a search bar to search for videos, and a nicer layout of the overall page.

seventhly, you need to make it more obvious, and easier to upload your own videos, so the moderaters can review, and put them on the site if they are worthy.

on another note to the above- you could even have a reward system for those who post more videos, perhaps ranks? or titles? something to show who are dedicated users of this fantastic site.

Finally..... Im not trying to slate the site, but it could do so much better, i introduce all my friends to this site and they under-estimate how fantastic it really is... I just think you need to tidy up, afterall, out with the old and in with the new, liven up this site.. make it more well known and really be proud for what it is.

P.S. on a side note, sorry for posting this here, but there are no forums, i think what i said is valid and i hope you dont shunt it.
Picture of JimDunlop40 achievements

-3 25. JimDunlop commented 12 years ago

#20, obviously you're trying to get your kicks out of riling me. Sorry to disappoint you -- takes a lot more than using a racist term on purpose and insulting Japanese people to get my goat. Your inane writing only serves to reveal the content of your character. You can crawl back under your rock now, you ignorant hillbilly. :P
Picture of unixostamer12 achievements

+1 26. unixostamer commented 12 years ago

Why don't you just stop repeating those words again n again. I will crawl back n forth, but you will spend you life under the rock! It seems like you are one of those japs, or probably uve got jap ancestors. or u have jap gf? anyway, japs r the weirdest ppl in the entire world. lets face it! >:)
Picture of FURUKAWA1 achievements

-2 27. FURUKAWA commented 12 years ago


There is a text on the top of the video at the starting.

It means "there is an earthquake happend at pm 10:32,of which magnitude is 3 degree?"
Picture of sealand22 achievements

-3 28. sealand commented 12 years ago

#16 He's the type of person that makes the rest of the world hate his country. He seems to think smilies make him funny, BTW I'm Irish too, not one of those "plastic ones", Born and raised here
Picture of sealand22 achievements

-3 29. sealand commented 12 years ago

#(removed comment) No just yours you stereo typical racist. I have no desire to interact with you.
Picture of 01nvr50 achievements

+1 30. 01nvr commented 11 years ago

I stuck with it and it was worth it :D very funny video :)
Picture of jojotin31 achievements

+1 31. jojotin commented 11 years ago

i want a copy of that tape ;DD this is brilliant. "is that nancy?" "no, it's a shoe box" wtfff :D
Picture of Gonw24 achievements

0 32. Gonw commented 11 years ago

ha this made my day! ='D