Horse beating pikey makes my day

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Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+69 1. irishgek commented 15 years ago

YES YES YES THERE IS A GOD.....That will teach him , damm gippo, deserved it
Picture of Dunneone10 achievements

+43 2. Dunneone commented 15 years ago

Love it.... ;)
Picture of Louie19 achievements

+34 3. Louie commented 15 years ago

That's right where I'd want to stand, behind the horse?! What a jerk. Good vid, when animals strike back. :)
Picture of JerryD14 achievements

+39 4. JerryD commented 15 years ago

Wish I could give the horse a real good home with lots of treats. So it shouldn't have to fend of jerks all day long! :) .... Good paypack - high score's for the horse :D
Picture of messmaker45 achievements

+29 5. messmaker commented 15 years ago

Bull's eye!
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+28 6. kainim commented 15 years ago

karma: there you have it
Picture of MiMe51 achievements

+25 7. MiMe commented 15 years ago

What goes around comes around
Picture of stubar5 achievements

+23 8. stubar commented 15 years ago

that guys an asshole.
Picture of simplesandy5 achievements

+21 9. simplesandy commented 15 years ago

Picture of mawerikas20 achievements

+21 10. mawerikas commented 15 years ago

Serves him right
Picture of kekke200037 achievements

+10 11. kekke2000 commented 15 years ago

Poor horse! At least he got what he deserved.
Picture of Norin_DK9 achievements

+7 12. Norin_DK commented 15 years ago

#(removed comment)
I Dont think he ever wake up only maby as a vegetable.
Picture of Smurfed18 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 13. Smurfed commented 15 years ago

#8 all pikeys are arseholes, gypsy irish c***s
Picture of THEHOFFY14 achievements

+5 14. THEHOFFY commented 15 years ago

Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

+1 15. Chrisofskjern commented 15 years ago

Justice has been served
Picture of vaha20 achievements

+2 16. vaha commented 15 years ago

Bosnians :)
Picture of huldu34 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 17. huldu commented 15 years ago

Sorry, cant edit, i am *NOT* saying its fake, its just missing a few frames.
Picture of silly_sy43 achievements

+2 18. silly_sy commented 15 years ago

thats brilliant! horse 1 - pikey nil
Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements

+2 19. DarkiKun commented 15 years ago

"oh so you think you can just hit me how ever you feel like it right? well take that!"
Picture of evil66632 achievements

-1 20. evil666 commented 15 years ago

nice horse, huh!!!!! lolz
Picture of Kurisusan30 achievements

+2 21. Kurisusan commented 15 years ago

Picture of Steelhunky26 achievements

+1 22. Steelhunky commented 15 years ago

This guy got just what he deserved!
Only thing is that the other people there won't learn by this.
You can't treat any animal like this.
Picture of Big-Paul9 achievements

+2 23. Big-Paul commented 15 years ago

I think the B*%#";^D deserved what he got and I hope it smashed his jaw. I detest pikeys and there kind they are parasites on the backs of society. I once upset one outside my home and they came back during the night and torched our car. Of course I could not prove it. :D :D :D :D
Picture of rahlovely3 achievements

+2 24. rahlovely commented 15 years ago

Hey Big-Paul, maybe you can borrow their horse to kick their @sses? >:)
Picture of brankkoss19 achievements

0 25. brankkoss commented 15 years ago

#16 :D
Picture of richardhalo20 achievements

-4 26. richardhalo commented 15 years ago

These kind of people represent the lowest level of the society. Among many countries that have these kind of species is Romania. You should check youtube. Tons of videos.
Picture of Yellowdie1221 achievements

+2 27. Yellowdie12 commented 15 years ago

Picture of irishgek50 achievements

-4 28. irishgek commented 15 years ago

As my first comment is over the top rated let me take my time to sit back and tell that twat #13 there not all irish you muppet and pikey is what we in irland call english knackers , half of them were born in england its not our fault they cross breed and only talk with irish accents so shut up you tea bag and leave of the irish ....theres a irish bar in every major city in the world .......were loved and you just cant stand it..
Picture of sokasha24 achievements

+2 29. sokasha commented 15 years ago

he should go pro
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+1 30. Fergus_Thedog commented 15 years ago

What is a 'pikey'?
Picture of Smurfed18 achievements

+1 31. Smurfed commented 15 years ago

#28 wow bask in the glory of people liking wot you said
Firstly spell ireland properly, every single pikey i've ever met was from ireland(home of the gypsy) and my family is from ireland, I'm not calling all irish pikeys I'm just saying that the ones who live in caravans, treat animals like shit and rob wotever they can are c***s, i'm sure u can agree with me on that you dip-shit
Picture of Donf184 achievements

+1 32. Donf18 commented 15 years ago

Good for you horsey
Picture of Nancy602 achievements

+1 33. Nancy60 commented 15 years ago

:'( This is an A++ Talk about a God. Hope they didn't put the horse down for it tho. Nancy60
Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

+1 34. SpikedSilver commented 15 years ago

#(removed comment) two of my friends nearly died by "just" getting kicked in the stomache.. so i guess this guy is finished.
Picture of DJKovu21 achievements

+1 35. DJKovu commented 15 years ago

take that you son of a bitch!.
Picture of chick37324325 achievements

+1 36. chick3732432 commented 14 years ago

you go horse. you rock. you are so totally awesome. love ya. hope they didnt shoot the horse after that, tho.
Picture of larsifarsi16 achievements

+1 37. larsifarsi commented 14 years ago

DEFEND YOU SELF HORSE!!! that was so nice to see!
Picture of Phil-Lloyd16 achievements

0 38. Phil-Lloyd commented 14 years ago

Proud to be Irish. Proud to be American. Proud to be Filipino. Proud to be Italian.
Proud to be black. Proud to be white. Proud to be Asian.
Proud to be WTF
You did NOTHING to be white or black or yellow or brown. You did not do anything to be male or female, or to be born in a certain country.

Are you proud to be human?
Do something to be proud of.

Good shot horse, even if it was your last. Something to be proud of.
Picture of Dynamix6 achievements

-1 39. Dynamix commented 14 years ago

Fucking ass hole :(
Picture of snowproducer6 achievements

0 40. snowproducer commented 14 years ago

The best solution! :D
Picture of Cloe41 achievements

-1 41. Cloe commented 13 years ago

yeah you are proud of the horse for what he did but guess what !!?!?!?! that horse is now a salami or dog food for what he did ,beacuse humans are assholes they don't care if that horse was in pain and thats why he kicked his "owner".