Miss Teen USA 2007

South Carolina answers a question.

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Picture of drewsutton36 achievements

+12 1. drewsutton commented 12 years ago

Hahaha. Epic.
She tries to throw in every "must say" topic.
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+11 2. kainim commented 12 years ago

though epic fail, it's been posted before :(
she's blonde, what can you say
Picture of 69meSilly14 achievements

+12 3. 69meSilly commented 12 years ago

The actual ANSWER to the question is STUPIDITY. Damn blonds.
Picture of Kes13 achievements

+6 4. Kes commented 12 years ago

Loool thats is wat u called confused O:)
Picture of ragou27 achievements

+5 5. ragou commented 12 years ago

Can someone write what exactly this miss says?
I could not understand this ( unfortunately English is not my bith language. I am Bulgarian.). Thank you in advance.
Picture of IGotYourEspresso5 achievements

+5 6. IGotYourEspresso commented 12 years ago

She is full of fail. One facepalm is not enough :D
Picture of Smooshie4 achievements

+6 7. Smooshie commented 12 years ago

This is ancient news. So, a young girl with stage fright fumbles her answer to a question she admits later that she didn't completely understand. Whoop-de-doo!! Let's see how many more years we can milk this.
Picture of DannyHK722 achievements

+7 9. DannyHK7 commented 12 years ago

Instead of one minute of torture, they should have just asked her to locate the U.S. on a world map.
Picture of makbeth36 achievements

+3 10. makbeth commented 12 years ago

Ah this one is a bit old now isnt it?
Fair enough, she makes a complete tit of herself, but its obvious she was panicking. She knows she is on tv and has no idea what the question was about. Its even a fairly difficult question to answer in the first place. How do you explain to a group of americans that either american kids are thick as planks, or the the country they are so proud of has a dodgy education system, and still win the "lovely girl" competition?
Picture of NathaneM40 achievements

+2 11. NathaneM commented 12 years ago

is it dubbed or just out sync? :|
Picture of JerryD14 achievements

+1 12. JerryD commented 12 years ago

# 7 & 10 - Agree with you! She's got the stage fright and is terribly nervous, and makes her rambling ... But the guy's pointing out she's blonde! What a crap!!! Next thing is telling that people with a certain eyecolor is defects, or from certain location etc. Cultivate these prejudices and were back on the retard track to believing in 'übermensh' and other racial crappy beliefs ... ok! Enuff with ranting from me ... me blond? Sorry I'm not! :D
Picture of ragou27 achievements

-2 13. ragou commented 12 years ago

#8 -Thank you
I got it now.
A friend of mine usualy says in such cases - Oh God, there is so much pain in this world!
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

+3 14. LightAng3l commented 12 years ago

#7 ...and you believe that ??? HA ha ha ha ha...why don't you make a video of yourself ?

Question: 1/5 of Amercicans can't locate the U.S. on a world map? Why do you think this is?

How in the name of God is this hard to understand??
Picture of ragou27 achievements

-2 15. ragou commented 12 years ago

#8 -Thank you
I got it now.
A friend of mine usualy says in such cases - Oh God, there is so much pain in this world!
Picture of Bwhaaa18 achievements

-2 16. Bwhaaa commented 12 years ago

Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

-3 17. Fergus_Thedog commented 12 years ago

No excuses. She's a moron who is obviously too fixated on her appearance to have ever worried about learning anything.
Picture of eyoda32 achievements

+2 18. eyoda commented 12 years ago


Thx, I understand the answer ( I mean the words, donno wtf she wanted to say with those ), but I had a hard time understanding the question.

Now I got it ;)
Picture of ragou27 achievements

-2 19. ragou commented 12 years ago

#8 -Thank you
I got it now.
A friend of mine usualy says in such cases - Oh God, there is so much pain in this world!
Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements

-1 20. eNdEmiOn06463 commented 12 years ago

Picture of JAKomensky8 achievements

+5 21. JAKomensky commented 12 years ago

I personally believe, that no matter what she answered, I would like to fuck her.
Picture of stepanstas29 achievements

+1 22. stepanstas commented 12 years ago

Okay, yes the answer was stupid but she did a good job. She turned stupidity in the US to stupidity in "such as" South Africa.

She couldn't have said it the opposite way around "South Africa should help "such as" the US." >:)
Picture of AL-AIN47 achievements

-2 23. AL-AIN commented 12 years ago

Miss Teen USA 2007 can i take to me place i meen the beed to fuck you
Picture of Big-Paul9 achievements

-1 24. Big-Paul commented 12 years ago

Picture of donatelo18 achievements

+1 25. donatelo commented 12 years ago

the day they handed out brains.. blondes were told to get to the end of the line... needless to say..im a brunette man
Picture of brodie200110 achievements

+1 26. brodie2001 commented 12 years ago

#3 you cant imagine how silly you look when you comment 'Stupid blonds', it's just another epic fail ontop of this video... If your going to comment on someones stupidity, atleast be able to spell their hair colour you jackass. *blonde*
Picture of Louie19 achievements

+3 27. Louie commented 12 years ago

Gosh, isn't she pretty? I think her brain got stuck with nervous tension and the mouth kept going. I agree, should've just put a map up there. Oh, by the way Makbeth, we are proud of "the the country you referred too." You probably can't find your ass with both hands. :D
Picture of monkeytennis1 achievements

-4 28. monkeytennis commented 12 years ago

jerryD why so serious this is a C L A S S I C.
Represents americans perfectly!
Picture of seldomseen7743 achievements

+1 29. seldomseen77 commented 12 years ago

#2 and #7 : old news for you americans, don't forget the rest of the world ;)
Picture of sstrali21 achievements

+1 30. sstrali commented 12 years ago

this is too much. what is wrong with these people?? do they know anythig at all? total brainwash
Picture of Grayling3 achievements

-2 31. Grayling commented 12 years ago

They are saying 20% of Americans can't locate etc. Which 20% of what demographic? 20% of 3rd graders? Licensed Social Workers? Economic Geographers? Behavioral Economists? Grad students? Investment bankers and Government officials? Mid-level state bureaucrats? Businessmen? Sociologists? Commedians? NasCar drivers? Persons in recovery from psychotic breaks? What survey is being referred to? Who designed it? How were the questions slanted? Is that one survey or a compilation of several surveys? How many and who designed them? Was there really a survey at all?
#5. She's stalling. She either misheard or does not understand why she is being asked such an obvious question or its so obvious she thinks its a trick question.
#14. Maps are expensive. A surprising number of schools can't afford them.
#29. We do know where the rest of the world is. Really.