Pakistani student puzzled about automatic door

This guy doesn't seem to know how the automatic door work. Wait, suddenly he gets it :P

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Picture of slep19 achievements

+14 1. slep commented 13 years ago

WHHHHHHAAATTTT THHHHEEE FUUUCKKK?????? I don't understand his reasoning toward this?? :O :O :O :O :O I can't put into words how confused I am.
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

+31 2. nooitaf (admin) commented 13 years ago

0:40 Head First :P

he is literaly just one step away from wisdom >:)
Picture of silly_sy43 achievements

+7 3. silly_sy commented 13 years ago

wtf really!! can some1 be so stupid! had to watch this twice....cudnt believe my eyes first time.
Picture of paintball26 achievements

+20 4. paintball commented 13 years ago

Unexplainable... maybe he thinks that the door is head activeted .
Picture of MoT29 achievements

+35 5. MoT commented 13 years ago

I think he took the, "Use Your Head" saying a bit too seriously.
Picture of Nateconq25 achievements

+6 6. Nateconq commented 13 years ago

hahaha. if you had never encountered an automatic door, how would you act?
Picture of moronblaster25 achievements

+8 7. moronblaster commented 13 years ago

We have a lot of people like him. :( No wonder we are in this mess. :(
Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

+6 8. banzemanga commented 13 years ago

Come on. I feel really sand that he didn't know how automatic doors work. He even got injured. :S
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

+6 9. MsZoomy commented 13 years ago

#6 I wouldn't try to ram it with my head, DUH!!!
what a dipstick
Picture of bitzosu36 achievements

+7 10. bitzosu commented 13 years ago

I get a feeling he did that on looks like he's taking his time and when nobody is watching...bang!...Jackass the movie! :P
Picture of stevend171138 achievements

+2 11. stevend1711 commented 13 years ago

He must have thought he was Harry Potter trying to get to platform 9 and 3/4's at Kings Cross Station. Unfortunatehe didn't have with his broom with him, he could have cleaned up the mess.
Picture of tastytim39 achievements

-2 12. tastytim commented 13 years ago

Its weird, because as #10 said, he's taking his time, putting his things in his bags, looks if no one is around and then goes for it!
Picture of whiteleon19 achievements

+4 13. whiteleon commented 13 years ago

What the heck is this.....
there seems a hall of an education building..
and look how educated he is.
Even if you dont know how to open it, why dont you use your legs...
Picture of frizzlsnits32 achievements

+1 14. frizzlsnits commented 13 years ago

I feel sorry for the guy..

But it was funny. :D
Picture of AL-AIN47 achievements

-4 15. AL-AIN commented 13 years ago

>:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) he did that on purpose :D :D very clear act
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+1 16. kainim commented 13 years ago

normally people would walk up to the exit and wonder "hmm, how come there is no door", upon which the door would open when you are looking for a doornob, that way you will learn they open automatically, which will probably completely blow your mind and make you spend the next hour passing through it with glee...

HE on the other hand seemed to think it's better to jump headfirst through glass, my point is, I don't even think he knew it was a door at al, OR he was on drugs, and thought there was an evil unicorn behind it
Picture of MaxXL20 achievements

+3 17. MaxXL commented 13 years ago

Hahaha.. ! Maybe he's actually a bird, and can't see the door until hitting it? :D
Picture of Smooshie4 achievements

0 18. Smooshie commented 13 years ago

I think he was looking around to see if someone else might try the door and he could see how it operated. Like someone else said, he was one step away from wisdom. If he had not run, the door would have opened before he hit it.
Picture of Tiger_Jack22 achievements

+2 19. Tiger_Jack commented 13 years ago

OMG...That was like movie scene from some american b action movie starring Michael Dudikoff... :D
Picture of exxxed25 achievements

+3 20. exxxed commented 13 years ago

Instead of droping bombs on them, they should drop some technology, it's much cheaper :)

Great choice of music.
Picture of seldomseen7743 achievements

+15 21. seldomseen77 commented 13 years ago

How did he get inside the building in the first place???
Picture of pammify6 achievements

-4 22. pammify commented 13 years ago

:S dummy how stupid can you bee :S
Picture of Snowman26 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 23. Snowman commented 13 years ago

Doesn't know how an automatic door works?!
What the hell planet did he just drop in from? Sheesh....
Picture of lokenwow16 achievements

0 24. lokenwow commented 13 years ago

kinda begs the question.... how did he get into the building? :P
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

-3 25. badboy007 commented 13 years ago

he is probly from a poor part of Pakistan where they do now have automatic doors.
OR he did it on purpose ...... (my first comment ever)
Picture of DannyHK722 achievements

-1 26. DannyHK7 commented 13 years ago

This is nothing, you should have seen him walk through the automatic METAL door.
Picture of exxxed25 achievements

+1 27. exxxed commented 13 years ago

#(removed comment) Search for holes in the wall :P
Picture of theace5 achievements

-3 28. theace commented 13 years ago

now we know why its so easy to convince these guys to become terrorists. they are dumb dumb dumb.
Picture of MHDj6 achievements

0 29. MHDj commented 13 years ago

I Think That He's Doing a Robert Deniro Scene :
You Talking To Me!!! You Talking To Me!!! You Talking To Me!!!
Then He Want His Head Shoped And PUT A FILM of IT in The INTERNET................... :D :D :D
Picture of Benishu27 achievements

+2 30. Benishu commented 13 years ago

I would love to be in the mind of this guy. Everything would be so strange... What he would think about a PC ??? I'm pretty sure he put some tippex on the screen to delete a word :D
Picture of I_like_birds28 achievements

+1 31. I_like_birds commented 13 years ago

#10 I don't think so. I think he is pretending to search his bag for something until everyone is gone, because he is embarrassed... Then he tries to act like he has watched other people before, only a little bit too quickly. Poor bastard. funny though...
Picture of Louie19 achievements

+2 32. Louie commented 13 years ago

The were promised virgins, but what kind, maybe gay virgins, or retired nuns? >:) >:)
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+6 33. kainim commented 13 years ago

it was Allah's will
Picture of hisheeraz9 achievements

-3 34. hisheeraz commented 13 years ago

#33 yes it was Allah's will ... hehe hillarious
Picture of Tabur24 achievements

+3 35. Tabur commented 13 years ago

why wouldnt he just step closer?
Picture of xaugas1456 achievements

+4 36. xaugas145 commented 13 years ago

Picture of sokasha24 achievements

+2 37. sokasha commented 13 years ago

where the hell did he get in from
Picture of Phil-Lloyd16 achievements

+2 38. Phil-Lloyd commented 13 years ago

sure looks like he thought it was OPEN already, but then .. maybe he DID think it needed fast movement to activate it
Picture of naumanrk18 achievements

0 39. naumanrk commented 13 years ago

I have been in this university, and HE is not confused, it was part of a BET....
Picture of jok49 achievements

-1 40. jok commented 12 years ago

he did that on purpose, he wanted to see if he could break it. and then he could've had the excuse: "well the doors closed on me while i was passing through"
Picture of cretia27 achievements

0 41. cretia commented 10 years ago

Student ? Education has helped this guy out alot don't you think
Picture of MindTreat22 achievements

+1 42. MindTreat commented 10 years ago

Forget about all of that, why are nobody amazed by his awesome skill to stand on one foot, reading something of a folder?