Clean Kitty

It's called "Animal Spa". Not sure if the cat enjoys its relaxing spa...

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Picture of xendk26 achievements

+8 1. xendk commented 14 years ago

That is not an animal spa, That is Animal Cruelty and if anyone i knew did that to there cat i would beat them and then put then in that thing for a few hours to clean the blood of them
Picture of Tourist13 achievements

+10 2. Tourist commented 14 years ago

Screw U bastard !!! :S
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+32 3. Fergus_Thedog commented 14 years ago

Chill, #1. You counter cruelty with violence? Moron.
Picture of MoT29 achievements

+7 4. MoT commented 14 years ago

Haha. I love its face when the water slowly starts, curious as heck, then panic, and boom, turns into a ballerina!
Picture of tastytim39 achievements

+9 5. tastytim commented 14 years ago

Or how to make your can't hate you, be aggresive and become paranoid.
That did not look like a happy cat.... How can people come up with things like that for cats.?
Picture of silly_sy43 achievements

+6 6. silly_sy commented 14 years ago

i agree with #1 and #5
thats cruel! if your willing to put your pet in that you should be willing to go in with it!
Picture of Sensen10 achievements

-2 7. Sensen commented 14 years ago

Clearly the cat was not happy, and I too feel sorry for it. However, sometimes cats don't clean themselves properly and really start to stink. Think of it like a vet trip. Sometimes they'll have to be frightened a bit to keep them healthy. The water was not hurting the cat.. And I bet the cat felt 100% better (for being clean) after s/he got dried off. I say this as a cat lover.
Picture of Tabur24 achievements

+4 8. Tabur commented 14 years ago

#3, totally agree!

Its quite a funny video! After all, this is mostly a humorous video website, you HAVE to have a sense of humor... Mos funny things are mean to someone, something, a group of people or a situation in particular... this time the victim was the cat, but it isnt like hes dying or something.

Cheer up and 1up for the vid!
Picture of JaeMarie37 achievements

+4 9. JaeMarie commented 14 years ago


If a cat isn't cleaning itself there's probably an underlying health issue, and should see a vet - not get trapped in a modified dishwasher. Healthy cats take care of themselves just fine.
Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

+8 10. banzemanga commented 14 years ago

I loved the music. Under the sea! >:)
Picture of slep19 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 11. slep commented 14 years ago

It was funny at the beginning but then it just looked like the cat was being tortured. I'm with #1. and #3 I couldn't care less. People who torture animals deserve the same treatment. I am claustrophobic and I couldn't handle being in a small space like that. I can barely handle being in a sauna. If the cat sat there and rolled around in the water - coolies. But that cat was obviously not having fun. I am shocked at the owner for even leaving the cat in there for so long. You can see it trying so hard to find a way out.
Picture of trancetunes48 achievements

-3 12. trancetunes (moderator) commented 14 years ago

true #3 ...#1 is pretty dumb for 1) capitalizing "animal cruelty" and 2) feeling like violence would solve that issue..

either way this is a dumb invention. it is actually really degrading..sigh why cant humans just start realizing animals are our equals..
Picture of Buttmonkey18 achievements

+9 13. Buttmonkey commented 14 years ago

where do i buy one of those? i just stick my cat in the dishwasher, but it got no window. it's nice to finally see what goes on inside.
Picture of Dokandre40 achievements

+5 14. Dokandre commented 14 years ago

just because humans like, doesnt mean other animals like it -_-
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-8 16. Chrisofskjern commented 14 years ago

Thats animal cruelty! you can CLEALY see the cat is scared for its life! Thats just madness! thats not funny! How would you feel if you were locked inside a small room with boiling water coming up from the floor???

Not saying thats boiling water in the clip but its definetly too hot for the poor cat.

NO MONKEYS for this cruel clip!
Picture of JerryD14 achievements

-3 17. JerryD commented 14 years ago

Agree with #3 but not with # 8 - imagine if you got put in a room where water suddenly comes in and you have no clue whats gonna happend next. Will the room be filled all the way up and you gonna drown in there? Would you restrain yourself from panic? I've got the impression from your comment that you can't make difference between a real joke where maybe someones pride or dignity will be affected or putting someone, the cat in this case, in a situation where life is in jeopardy. For those who found this funny I can only say - you are lacking empathy. Does this include fellow humans as well?
Picture of sstrali21 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-8 18. sstrali commented 14 years ago

stupid motherfuckers - you should be burned alive
Picture of kainim37 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-12 19. kainim commented 14 years ago

what c
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+6 20. kainim commented 14 years ago

what can i say, cat's don't like wather
Picture of SjN32 achievements

+9 21. SjN commented 14 years ago

I don't know about you guys but to me it looks like the cat is having a very good time. Look at it jump from excitement.
Picture of Judge_Dredd30 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-11 22. Judge_Dredd commented 14 years ago

Stupid Americans! The owner of this poor kitty should be put in this torture chamber and given the full program!
Picture of adamjames3218 achievements

+4 23. adamjames32 commented 14 years ago

Someone get that cat a therapist.
Picture of alexnader38 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 24. alexnader commented 14 years ago

the song brought back some awesome childhood memories, as for the vid it's quite cruel.
Picture of Electric_snot28 achievements

-3 25. Electric_snot commented 14 years ago

Thats what cat-people are doing to us, humans in the catopian universe >:)
Picture of mvanveen8142 achievements

-4 26. mvanveen81 commented 14 years ago

If I ever see one of those machines im breaking it, poor kitties ... there are much better and way less stressfull ways to wash your cat. :|
Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements

-4 27. DarkiKun commented 14 years ago

lol that was hilarious XD
Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

-4 28. SpikedSilver commented 14 years ago

feeling cooked
Picture of dhabi25 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 29. dhabi commented 14 years ago

#(removed comment) lol ... wait for the next video .. kids spa .. video was absolutely astonishing.. watched it over 5 times and still laughing.. thx snotr >:)
Picture of sstrali21 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 30. sstrali commented 14 years ago

i could personaly kill you stupid bustards..
Picture of SomeoneE1se20 achievements

+6 31. SomeoneE1se commented 14 years ago

this is a very old video funny as hell, if you care the story behind it is. It's a auto washer designed for DOGS, the animals that like water, but this one cat had gotten skunked, and this washer has a deskunk function.

So while the cat didn't like it it's for it's own good.

and #18 really? you think that's the correct response for making a cat wet?

#22 HA this was done in the EU but thanks for playing

#30 really a cat's happiness is more important then a human life... just wow!
Picture of asemanden29 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 32. asemanden commented 14 years ago

Uhhmm.. that's a nice cat
Picture of Izverg27 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-9 33. Izverg commented 14 years ago

i hate cats :(
Picture of Ceasedx16 achievements

-4 34. Ceasedx commented 14 years ago

I'm so sorry for the cat
Picture of zarguld3 achievements

+4 35. zarguld commented 14 years ago

I really don't get why you guys are so upset about a cat getting a little wet,and if you have ever smelt what it smells like when a skunk sprays something everyone of you would put the cat in the spa,I would stick it in there about three or four times to get rid of that stink and I reckon the cat would like it better than the skunk smell it had on it,but other than that I thought it was funny as heck. >:)
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 36. moskwiz commented 14 years ago

yeh.. #35 i'm sure the cat was much more hysterical and tried to escape the skunk smell before it was put in the ''spa'' -.-

some people :|

I would also just absolutely instinctively punch the guy who put the cat in there.. runs in the family =)
My father beat a man half to death once after he noticed the man pouring alcohol in the cats eye because he found it amusing how the cat's eyes were turning gray.. they had to pull him off him.. I'm glad they did.. would've reacted the same way though
Picture of Sensen10 achievements

+6 37. Sensen commented 14 years ago

It's a shame the way some animal lovers will over-react. Seriously.

#7, as I stated before.. It's a FACT that some cats will start to smell. It isn't always a health issue and vets will simply tell you to wash the cat. When you come up with a safe and pleasant way to bathe a cat properly, without having your face and arms ripped up while trying, please let the rest of us know. Holding the cat down would also be extremely cruel, and probably be more dangerous for the cat. Tying it down, just as dangerous. What would you suggest? Drugging it?

This is NOT torture. The cat does not experience pain by being touched with water. As for being frightened.. MOST cats would be equally frightened by a vet trip. Being shoved into a small box and then poked and prodded at by a stranger. For example.. I've taken cats to the vet and sometimes they've had to be put into cat bags, with a hole for the head and one leg to stick out, so that the vet could safely take blood for tests. You BET they were terrified and fighting! But it had to be done. Sometimes we all have to endure unpleasant things for the sake of our well being. Even humans have to.
Picture of prankphonecall44 achievements

+2 38. prankphonecall commented 14 years ago

Save some money and use the toilet or your dishwasher!!!
Picture of tonman5 achievements

-4 39. tonman commented 14 years ago

OMG...that was funny as crap!!!!
Picture of sinemgil7 achievements

+2 40. sinemgil commented 14 years ago

It thinks its going to drown. Theres mist and watter all in its face. This sucks :(
Picture of annieaxe22 achievements

+3 41. annieaxe commented 14 years ago

This is fucking awful.
Picture of annieaxe22 achievements

+3 42. annieaxe commented 14 years ago

This is fucking awful.
Picture of Grayling3 achievements

+4 43. Grayling commented 14 years ago

Someone get its owner a therapist and the sadist who invented this apparatus a nice water boarding session. Everyone knows that with only a few exceptions, cats instinctively avoid water. This catering to some pet owners' misguided notions of cleanliness is as sick as can be. Anything for a buck. Revolting computerized animal torture yet.
Picture of Katz3 achievements

+3 44. Katz commented 14 years ago

Whoever did this, should be turned in for animal abuse. It is not funny. If, you care about your pet, you would never have put him/her in there. You are a moron, who just wanted to post a video and I hope bad things happen to you. Get a life and let someone caring have this cat, so it can have one too. You don't deserve a pet.
Picture of RosL3 achievements

+3 45. RosL commented 14 years ago

Appalling! How cruel. That poor cat.

This should be deleted. It is abusive.
Picture of maximumgrunt20 achievements

-3 46. maximumgrunt commented 14 years ago

I agree with #21.
The cat is jumping with joy!
I think this kitty-cleaner(spa)should be very popular. :D
Cats seem to love it too. :D
Where can I buy one of these. My neighbors cat deserves a time in a spa. It stinks and I want very much to help it. :D
Picture of snowproducer6 achievements

+2 47. snowproducer commented 14 years ago

Wish you AIDS - you fucking human abort!
Picture of snowproducer6 achievements

+2 48. snowproducer commented 14 years ago

American way of life - waterboarding for all what is fewer stupid like you. Why did you not wash you great George Walker Busch or the furnisher of this braimless idea. You are realy a human abort.
Picture of snowproducer6 achievements

+2 49. snowproducer commented 14 years ago

American way of life - waterboarding for all what is fewer stupid like you. Why did you not wash you great George Walker Busch or the furnisher of this braimless idea. You are realy a human abort.
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

0 50. moskwiz commented 11 years ago

This is like putting a human into a car-wash.. without the car..