Kanye West - Famous douchebag

Watch this video and ask yourself, how are people able of being a fan of this guy?

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Picture of Computerphile10 achievements

+27 1. Computerphile commented 12 years ago

He was dropped on his head as a child.. I hope..
Picture of evilhost36919 achievements

+16 2. evilhost369 commented 12 years ago

Waytta steal her thunder... watta douche indeed!
Picture of Bikkies18 achievements

+21 3. Bikkies commented 12 years ago

#1 Then hopefully kicked for a goal and hit the side post.
Picture of joZCo21 achievements

+16 4. joZCo commented 12 years ago

Picture of NathaneM40 achievements

+11 5. NathaneM commented 12 years ago

very unprofessional and oh Taylor is just 19, it's like an adult taking a candy from a baby.
Picture of _MidNight_32 achievements

+37 6. _MidNight_ commented 12 years ago

nice snotr... in 4 days you managed to post a video with 1 min length... what's wrong with u? there were times when i saw 4-5 new videos/day... i'm really disappointed on your crew
and yes.. kanye west is a gayfish (who watch southpark knows :P)
Picture of jeremydoc31 achievements

+7 7. jeremydoc commented 12 years ago

i totally agree with #6. u guys havnt uploaded any new vids in a loooong a$$ time.
Picture of minkki38 achievements

+21 8. minkki commented 12 years ago

#6 It's not snotr who post the videos, they only publish it. The people who get the videos are people like you and me. How many good videos have you actually posted? Why wont you post 5 videos for starters and then come back saying stuff like that..
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 9. LightAng3l commented 12 years ago

I uploaded two videos #8 ...but it seems they were not good enough :S

There was one really cool video I thought would have made it up since it left my friends like this = :O

but hey...
Picture of _MidNight_32 achievements

-4 10. _MidNight_ commented 12 years ago

#8 i'm sure that are plenty of ppl uploading videos... i uploaded once a funny vid which wasn't here before but they didn't pick it.. (it was one with raving rabbids) so i gave up .. there are even +15000 views on vids.. you are saying that from those 15000 no one uploaded vids in 3 days? maybe I'm wrong but there are low chances to be wrong in this situation
Picture of slep19 achievements

+1 11. slep commented 12 years ago

Why would you do that to someone!? If someone did that to me I would smash them! That is a once in a lifetime moment and he took all the good shit away from it. I think even beyonce knew that was uncalled for.

Yes #6, he likes fishsticks.
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+11 12. Aliquantulus commented 12 years ago

1. Yes, there are plenty of videos being submitted every day, but most are either already published on Snotr, or our Mods just don't think they are worth posting (I can't stress this enough, we do not post videos of your dog, unless your dog is doing something that is interesting to others). We also get a ton of spam (often not even videos, but link to cheap viagra and shit like that) which we have to discard and block their IP.

2. Don't think to highly of yourself because you have submitted 1-10 videos. Snotr depends on a stream of videos, if you only post one and feel you've done your part, well, then you're stupid. We don't demand that our users submit videos, but if you submit one video and think you're someone/something, you are wrong. And if you submit a video which doesn't get approved, of course it's our fault, we're the one to blame when you submit a video which doesn't meet standards.

3. The Mods and most of the Admins do this for free, and we actually have other shit to do sometimes, I even tried quitting (this is the first vid I've processed in 2-3 months), but they wouldn't let me, because they are desperate for people to keep THEIR business flowing. They make money of ads, I get a nice pink comment field for what I do here.

4. If you need more videos, how about checking out Snotr.tv, where you have a constant stream of almost 3000 videos.

Until next time, keep bitching, that always helps.

OR, if you actually want to help (and are able of finding good videos and submitting them on a regular basis) you can send an e-mail to staff@snotr.com. If you have submitted 1-2 videos per week for a month I'm sure they'll let you be a Mod.
Picture of SjN32 achievements

+8 13. SjN commented 12 years ago

give him a break, he's just upset because he didn't get any fishsticks in awhile.
Picture of silly_sy43 achievements

+4 14. silly_sy commented 12 years ago

wot a knob head and racist. ive seen videos and comment he makes when he dont win awards himself. he's just mardy! i dont think he's actually that talented myself cuz his lyrics are mainly yeah uh yeah uh the lest goes through a computer to TRY and make him sound better. did he win any awards that nite???
Picture of richardhalo20 achievements

+4 15. richardhalo commented 12 years ago

What a douchebag!!! No wonder he didn't get any fish-sticks in awhile.
Picture of Fudji16 achievements

+2 16. Fudji commented 12 years ago

lol wtf how could taylor not be offended by that?

"im really happy for you, but Beyoncé's video is way better than yours!"
Picture of tur4 achievements

+5 17. tur commented 12 years ago

:'( that was wrong for taking her moment
Picture of dhabi25 achievements

+1 18. dhabi commented 12 years ago

#12 msg to Admin i agree with u in ur standards which are fine with me .. i totaly respect ur opinion and do appreciate the huge effort and time u r spending for our entertainment and to get us the best of the best.

recently i came here so many times waiting and hoping to see new videos .. i watched all ur 3000 videos in just less than a week time .. and wanting more.. i even stoped checking forward emails. and going to other video sites.. however 4 days is long period of time.. i wish u could post some more and the ones which viewers rate as low or bad u could remove it..

and this to the Admin and all the mod on snotr .. thank you very much indeed and ur efforts is very much appreciated. please accept our comments and suggestions for the best of the site..

as for the video .. thats unpolite for him to say such a thing and stealing her moment .. i think it will fire back badly on himself .. i like kanye west .. but with such behavior and attitude .. well ill have to think again ^_^
Picture of antifolklore28 achievements

+5 19. antifolklore commented 12 years ago

Most of the audience are aplauding for what he says. IMO he is not the only douche there. But deffinatly the worst.
Picture of 69meSilly14 achievements

+2 20. 69meSilly commented 12 years ago

F_ _ _ that piece of s_ _ _ !!!
Picture of NucleoVega23 achievements

+3 21. NucleoVega commented 12 years ago

lol I can't believe people gripe about the content on this site. If you don't like it, go the hell somewhere else. I've been here since damn near the beginning and it still entertains me.. and if you don't like the frequency at which new content is published, you're hawking the website too much. Try going outside.

also, Kanye is a douchebag.
Picture of garshooba26 achievements

+1 22. garshooba commented 12 years ago

omg :S
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

+2 23. nooitaf (admin) commented 12 years ago

beyonce ?!?... best video of all time ...?!?! ... wtf was he smokin' ?!?
Picture of Tareim46 achievements

+1 24. Tareim (admin) commented 12 years ago

#6 & #11 do you like fishsticks?

do you like fishsticks in your mouth?

what are you gayfish? lololol very funny episode of south park and kanye west is an idiot
Picture of _MidNight_32 achievements

0 25. _MidNight_ commented 12 years ago

I uploaded the gayfish song but i dunno if they will pick it >:)
Picture of NygerCBR900rr26 achievements

+4 26. NygerCBR900rr commented 12 years ago

idiot, tolko je pun sebe da bu si svršil u usta..., neznam zakaj ljudi slušaju kretene poput njega, Akona, Lil Vaynea i ostalih cendravaca...
Gdje su nestali pravi Reperi i Hip-hoperi iz po?etka 90-tih?

Poor, poor, poor little guy..., money can't buy a Brain
Picture of vgsr31 achievements

-3 27. vgsr commented 12 years ago

Unhappy with your Snotr.com performance?
You can do something!

Lend a hand for Snotr.com!
Get a cam, look for something cool and post it! Hooray, its that simple! You can make your own fishstick video for example!

Or just be a bit patient.
Picture of Tareim46 achievements

+4 28. Tareim (admin) commented 12 years ago

just come across this article > http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/article6835364.ece obama called kayne west a jackass for this incident lol
Picture of authoritaaah16 achievements

+1 29. authoritaaah commented 12 years ago

hey im kanye can any1 tell me why am i a gayfish?
Picture of slep19 achievements

-3 30. slep commented 12 years ago

#18, #7 and #6 -> shut the fuck up. Seriously.

He just fucking explained why there aren't videos submitted everyday. They have jobs, they probably have families. You can't expect them to be on here 24/7 to cater for your every need. They are doing the best job they can. DO NOT give them shit for not allowing so many videos through cause I GUARANTEE you that at least 95% of the people on this site would rather wait for 4 days to have a quality video then have some crappy video that is going to get it's rating hammered. The mods don't have to deal with your abuse. They are doing YOU a service. You visit this site for free and therefore you should not demand anything from them, you shouldn't expect anything for you do not offer anything.

If you have watched all 3000 videos in a week then you obviously have way too much time on your hands. I suggest, a girlfriend or a job. Get a life you moron. Don't like the way things are handled here? Go to youtube like the rest of the adolescent pricks who can't handle it. In life you aren't handed anything on a platter, once you hit 18 you have to work for everything yourself. Being a mod isn't easy. And they shouldn't have to put up with little shits like you. They don't get paid for this, unless you start giving them money, you cannot demand anything from them.
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

+1 31. badboy007 commented 12 years ago

he has fans because of his much
music + fans = fans of music anyway he banged her afterwards to say sorry
Picture of paaspatoo9 achievements

+1 32. paaspatoo commented 12 years ago

I'm not familiar with the gentleman's work. however he didn't say too much. He just lacks judgement and boundaries.
Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements

+1 33. eNdEmiOn06463 commented 12 years ago

I've heard about all the commotion but hadn't seen the actual clip jet. I can only say "Is that all?".
Picture of kamelbulle7 achievements

-1 34. kamelbulle commented 12 years ago

haha i fucking love kanye!
Picture of tunamister6 achievements

-2 35. tunamister commented 12 years ago

....this is another GETTO NIGA from the Famous Bike riding "LEROY"......
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

-2 36. badboy007 commented 12 years ago