Terrible accident in the Netherlands

He tried to clear the road for the ambulance that tried to get to an accident on the other side of the road.
Might be shocking for some people!

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Picture of demilune6739 achievements

+1 1. demilune67 commented 13 years ago

Picture of Spinter36 achievements

+21 2. Spinter commented 13 years ago

What the hell was the guy in the car thinking?? He did not even try to slow down!

He must have been preoccupied by something else
Picture of frizzlsnits32 achievements

+1 3. frizzlsnits commented 13 years ago

Maybe he was distracted by the moving truck. Can't think of something else.
Picture of zeph29 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 4. zeph commented 13 years ago

youre on a motorbike... use it!!!
Picture of coycoy4618 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-12 5. coycoy46 commented 13 years ago

cop killer!!!! (bodycount) lol >:)
Picture of kodjack2 achievements

+1 6. kodjack commented 13 years ago

1. base on the video the driver of the car was not focusing on the road it was an instinct to a driver why the other vehicles are moving on the other way.. :( :( :(
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

0 7. Chrisofskjern commented 13 years ago

He was probably texting on his mobile phone. Thus not looking at the road at all... motherfucker!
Picture of Fudji16 achievements

+6 8. Fudji commented 13 years ago

and his view is not blocket by the truck
Picture of Woll24 achievements

+17 9. Woll commented 13 years ago

Police in high vis with lights or not - parking across the middle of a motorway lane with a row of traffic speeding towards you, then sitting there expecting no problems what so ever is sort of asking for it
Picture of stepanstas29 achievements

+3 10. stepanstas commented 13 years ago

Thats a tough one. The car did have enough time to stop but sometime trucks take too long to make a turn so maybe he didn't see the cop in time. Still, didn't even slow down.

That's crazy. In the US if a cop is standing in your lane like that (not pulling anyone over) you stop and see if he tells you to proceed. Even after the crash, cars are just going around the accident. Too sad.
Picture of 69meSilly14 achievements

+1 11. 69meSilly commented 13 years ago

Probably putting on her makeup or on the phone.
Picture of seldomseen7743 achievements

+3 12. seldomseen77 commented 13 years ago

Did the guy survive???
Picture of Tabur24 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 13. Tabur commented 13 years ago

That was like the Unluckies/Luckiest guy ever!!! To have his motorcycle malfunction at that time... jeez... But to have an ambulance right there!!! Maybe god is in love with him
Picture of silly_sy43 achievements

0 14. silly_sy commented 13 years ago

wow thats the faster ambulance respones time ive ever seen!! sorry not the kind of thing to joke about thats just pure stupidity no excuse for that! did u see how many times he flipped!! shocking.
bet it was a women driver in the yellow car!
Picture of Chumney_Warner19 achievements

-4 15. Chumney_Warner commented 13 years ago

Got to love all the assumptions from watching that.

However if it was a normal person i.e not doing drugs/drinking etc then having to live with that for the rest of your life is punishment enough imo. Everyone who drives and posted above has swicthed off whilst driving at some point or other. The drive of the yellow car just got really unlucky.

If they were drinking or something then slap em till they bleed then slap em some more.
Picture of tastytim39 achievements

+3 16. tastytim commented 13 years ago

waaaa?!? The guy jumps to the side trying to dodge the car and the driver goes exacly the same way as if he did try to hit him.... :O
does anyone know if he lived?
Picture of archikarki13 achievements

+1 17. archikarki commented 13 years ago

well that got the traffic to a stop :D ...but poor guy... :(
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+2 18. irishgek commented 13 years ago

The logo from the dutch site beertijd....well beer time is not a very nice logo to display in such view of a accident like that , very lucky guy , but what a stupid thing to do on a motorway in traffic just pull your bike out like that any one with brains would know better park the bike at the side and flag people to slow down , and #(removed comment) ya agree total common sense
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

+5 19. nooitaf (admin) commented 13 years ago

the policeman survived... with a minor backinjury, a major concussion and a broken jaw.
Picture of NathaneM40 achievements

+1 20. NathaneM commented 13 years ago

The guy on the yellow car must have grudge on cops. He didn't even slow down.
Picture of SIN197830 achievements

+1 21. SIN1978 commented 13 years ago

I think ppl arent seeing the car that was behind the truck, and in front of the yellow car, it suddenly kicks to the righ hand side after the big rig. looks like he was trying to dodge the cop by getting onto the off ramp and it didnt work out. I know where i live when a big rig kicks over lanes, i pay attention to it, they are moving walls. Also in where i live it is illegal for big rigs to be in the far right hand lane. Terrible accident all the same.
Picture of ardiani13 achievements

-3 22. ardiani commented 13 years ago

Wait we got another stupid police to send in the hospital to!
Picture of Calvinius52 achievements

-4 23. Calvinius commented 13 years ago

what a retard, who gave him a driving licence. No respect for the law enforcer, he even turned right to run him over. :S
Picture of Snowman26 achievements

0 24. Snowman commented 13 years ago

Prolly some dumb (bonde) teen chick being too busy txting/talking on her mobile....
Picture of Tareim46 achievements

+3 25. Tareim (admin) commented 13 years ago

I feel sorry for the guy on the bike but he should of realised to get off his bike and step back like 20 ft or so.

as for the driver, he or she had to be distracted by something as the lorry was clearly out of the way as to not obstruct the view and giving enough time for the person in the yellow car to either slow down or get out of the lane + what about the siren from the bike did the person not here it? when I hear a siren I look both sides of the road in front of me first then look around to see where its coming from
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+2 26. kainim commented 13 years ago

no one got out to help?
Picture of ardiani13 achievements

+1 27. ardiani commented 13 years ago

Belive me im very sorry about this guy and i hope his no okay. But now its time to make another joke with police.

"Who said that police can't fly"
Picture of kutless42924 achievements

+2 28. kutless429 commented 13 years ago

looking on the bright side, the guy didn't have to wait for his ambulance in pain... but the guy the ambulance was originally going to must have had a bad day
Picture of ragou27 achievements

-3 29. ragou commented 13 years ago

#(removed comment) is crossing the border. The driver should be not shot dead.
We are not comunists.
I've been graduated in USSR and I can tell you that 10-15 years in prison is the least that this motherfucker should recieve. In a fucking labor camp, not in a nice prison (Russians don't have prisons at all)
This is what my education says.
But there is crime and and there is punishment.
Make this bastard work in a hospital, saving lives until he realise that the world is not turning around him.
I have a daughter that drives every day going to work, and every morning I wake up with this thinking - God, don't let her be hit by some drunk, smoked, or just phone speaker. Our society produce complete idiots and give them driver's licence.
Where the world is going to?
Bla bla bla,
May be slow reaction, stupidity etc.
Picture of Henderson10 achievements

+3 30. Henderson commented 13 years ago

Policeman with unrealistically high sense of self-importance and capability displays both by parking his motorbike across carriageway and expecting all vehicles to immediatelly avoid him. His time spent recovering in hospital will allow him to contemplate how stupid it was for him to endanger himself and others with such a witless stunt.
Picture of zerorain26 achievements

-2 31. zerorain commented 13 years ago

im not sure if u guys noticed but the car aimed at him even though he jumped out of the way...wat a retard
Picture of Nandos7 achievements

+1 32. Nandos commented 13 years ago

Well, the ambulance would have had to pick him up as well and ship him off to emergency department.
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

+1 33. badboy007 commented 13 years ago

LOL @ they way he goes flying like a doll.
I wonder who the ambulance took.
Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements

+3 34. eNdEmiOn06463 commented 13 years ago

I don't get it why so many people are blaming the car driver. Stopping in the middle of a motorway is stupid/dumb and also forbidden.
Then there is the spot where he stops. Right at a spot where people expect movement so another stupid point.
Then there is the distance between the traffic and the stupid cop, a max of 3 seconds in which the traffic has to react. Again a stupid point.
Picture of Miq2u14 achievements

-1 35. Miq2u commented 13 years ago

I don't get why people still blame the cop. Yes he was foolish, but then again he also tried to avoid being hit by running. Look at the car... 0:26 it swirves RIGHT into the police officer, not away from him.

Sadly many people are allowed to get their licenses with no formal training what so ever. Especially here in the U.S. We as human beings do not naturally move at these speeds, hell 15 miles per hour is top speed for the best of us, yet how many of us actually drive a car at that speed. We even revert into a primal reaction at those speeds in many instances because our minds are coping with faster movements, control from the feeling of the car over the movement of our bodies, eyesight over riding natural balance or directional movement motor reflex. It is hard to have a natural response to a sudden change in an unfamiliar capability nor are our minds readily reprogrammed to do so. We do not think well when something occurs out of the ordinary, typically many people panic and do the wrong thing. It is easy for us to sit on our asses and speak of everything he/she and the other guy did wrong, but how many of you would have reacted better? Are you certain or just an over confident fool?

Worse yet, most of us feel once we are in our car we are the masters of the road. Anything we do is right and if something happens, it is never our fault. Good God people you are in a 1 ton bullet. So many people enter their car and they are impervious to everything. Godlike in there self importance. I could comment on so many of the people who have posted their self righteous comments about how the cop deserved it or how the driver was a woman or on the cell phone... The only comment I am going to make is stop being stupid. The comment should be OMFG is he ok? Did he even survive? Currently I am looking for more information and coming back to comment on the deplorable actions most of you posters have made. You seem to have ALL the answers AFTER it happened. We as consciencious, RESPONSIBLE drivers should have taken it into account before it happened, next time it could be the idiot behind the steering wheel of the car YOU are driving.

Oh, and by the way, all you repugnant idiots who are blaming a woman... Look at the end of the video. It is obviously a guy getting out to check on the officer...
Picture of Phil-Lloyd16 achievements

+1 36. Phil-Lloyd commented 13 years ago

Miq2u, #35
Do you think the car swerved in order to hit the officer?
I would say the car swerved to go around him to the right (from driver's POV)although too little and too late.
I wold GUESS (and that is all any of us can do) that the driver was NOT paying full attention, his long view was limited first by the truck, then the car in front of him as it pulled to the left lane, revealed the motorcycle at an angle. If he was looking in front of him, he had enough time to brake, and it does not APPEAR that he did , but by the timing, it is VERY DIFFICULT to know.
I agree that those who make idiot comment such as 'must have been a woman' or 'the driver should be shot' haven't taken the time to think or are incapable of thinking clearly.

I wish video comments could be used to bar people from jury duty.
Picture of Ekuwaitiy26 achievements

-2 37. Ekuwaitiy commented 13 years ago

The policeman is a stupid as well. He should did that with a car not with a motorcycle.