What A Roadside Bomb Looks in Real Life!!

An actual bomb going off while shooting in Afghanistan!!!

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Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements
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-11 1. LightAng3l commented 15 years ago

Why was it underground? O.o
Pretty hard to kill someone with that, it just displaced dirt. Even a landmine bursts out to do damage.

Worst case scenario... the car flipped over.
Picture of ringmaster54 achievements

+42 2. ringmaster commented 15 years ago

#1, nevertheless, not something you're comfortable with.
Picture of Intricate12 achievements

-3 3. Intricate commented 15 years ago

they probably just buried it too deep. A bit overzealous in hiding the bomb?

Btw, i've got a question concerning snotr itself. At first the videos would play normally at regular speed, but these days, snotr's vids are so slow that I usually copy paste the title of a vid into a searchbar somehwere to watch the vid on another website. How can i fix this problem?
Picture of Tareim46 achievements

+17 4. Tareim (admin) commented 15 years ago

i thought it looked pretty cool how it just peeled open the road

#3 the only thing i can suggest is upgrade your flash player if it isn't the latest available one
Picture of Salem36 achievements

+5 5. Salem commented 15 years ago

Genis: Stalagmite! >:)
Picture of elghinnfaer33 achievements

+23 6. elghinnfaer commented 15 years ago

props to the driver !
Picture of Zumo38 achievements

+17 7. Zumo commented 15 years ago

Super Mole :D
Picture of NathaneM40 achievements

+6 8. NathaneM commented 15 years ago

it was just buried too deep under the road, probably they tunneled beneath it. So, it cannot be called "Roadside Bomb", it was a "Roadunder Bomb".
Picture of Deathegg31 achievements
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-5 9. Deathegg commented 15 years ago

it's a cute trampoline.. >:)
Picture of Technofisher15 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-10 10. Technofisher commented 15 years ago

Buried to deep for sure, from my experience......awesome!
Picture of JerryD14 achievements
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-6 11. JerryD commented 15 years ago

# 7 ... Super Mole with a hicup? Or is it just something from a Starship troopers sequel? :)
Picture of deenajs42 achievements
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-5 12. deenajs commented 15 years ago

at first i thought it was coming from the air and went down just infront of them. what a rush they most of had. :)

transformers? listen 2 the slow motion!? :=
Picture of 9573129 achievements

-3 13. 95731 commented 15 years ago

that looked cool
Picture of Tiger_Jack22 achievements
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-6 14. Tiger_Jack commented 15 years ago

#3: What is wrong with you? That was a bomb explosion, bombs do kill people!!!
Picture of slep19 achievements

+15 15. slep commented 15 years ago

Holy crap the driver had some reflexes on him, moved VERY fast.
Picture of thundercash43 achievements

+4 16. thundercash commented 15 years ago

i reckon thats a big mole fart :D
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

+16 17. cameramaster commented 15 years ago

#1 Worst case scenario... the car flipped over.

Try sitting in the back of a landrover while going over a mine then .

Two broken legs, one broken arm, almost lost one eye and made deaf in one ear.......get real man !

damn.....i flew through the air about 60ft !

and i was lucky..2 others didnt make it.
Picture of Electric_snot28 achievements
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-5 18. Electric_snot commented 15 years ago

Picture of Ieatfaces34 achievements

-1 19. Ieatfaces commented 15 years ago

Iron man :)
Picture of darrkangel4 achievements
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-16 20. darrkangel commented 15 years ago

holy shit
real action ...
but is it real or just fake*fake*fake
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

-1 21. snotraddict commented 15 years ago

Look closely, it appears you can see it sitting on top of the dirt next to the road. That's probably why they head straight down the center of the road.
Picture of frizzlsnits32 achievements

+8 22. frizzlsnits commented 15 years ago

#20 Don't you still understand that Snotr-people hate the word "fake"?
Picture of murdoc37 achievements

+5 23. murdoc commented 15 years ago

Hey my vid!! Was waiting for it to be published.
Thanks Snotr.
Have many more, will upload later. :D :D
Picture of murdoc37 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 24. murdoc commented 15 years ago

Hey my vid!! Was waiting for it to be published.
Thanks Snotr.
Have many more, will upload later. :D :D
Picture of XplosiveMuddButt15 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 25. XplosiveMuddButt commented 15 years ago

Why is everyone giving the driver props?
He turned the wheel after the road was sky high!
If the vehicle was going 2 seconds faster
Ya'll would say how much of a bad driver he is
since the road would FLIP HIS SHIT!

What Luck! O:)
Picture of Louie19 achievements

+13 26. Louie commented 15 years ago

For all you stupid asses trying to think this is fake or make light of it, it's what our boys go through to fight for freedom. You're on a computer aren't you. You wouldn't be if you had no freedoms. #17, sounds like you were lucky enough to live through one of these, too many people make light of the real situation and consequences. Sorry for goin off but this is the real thing!!!!!!!!!!Thank God they were OK.!
Picture of cincodemayo31 achievements

+5 27. cincodemayo commented 15 years ago

That was godzilla about to attack
Picture of Nateconq25 achievements

+7 28. Nateconq commented 15 years ago

this is no joke guys, the stuff that is happening to our brothers, sisters, and friends over in Afghanistan is f'ed up.
Picture of trancetunes48 achievements

+15 29. trancetunes (moderator) commented 15 years ago

#28 i hope you are including the regular, innocent, civilians of Afghanistan in that statement. there is no doubt that more innocent deaths are on their end. a life is a life, but honestly i don't feel bad for the ones that "volunteer" to fly over there. they should know they have no place fighting there. if we want to take care of terrorism we can. im not going to get too far into it, but give me a break, we can definitely find the "bad guys" if we really had bad guys to catch or if we wanted to that is.. sending troops to fight a bunch of nobodies is not the way to do it..its just created more turmoil and hatred for all parties involved. get what im saying? this is not creating peace or democracy. i digress, a life is a life. i feel for the soldiers that joined just for cheap education, and for all the innocent civilians involved. aum.
Picture of barf22 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 30. barf commented 15 years ago

#(removed comment) How come they're all so poor and illiterate then? I doubt they even initially understand that one might actually die in the service. And when it hits them, it's already too late to return home.
Picture of badboy00748 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-15 31. badboy007 commented 15 years ago

i wanted to see them die.
Lots of innocent people die and nothing happens.
Yet when 1 american pig dies its all over the f*cking news.
You nobd knoe i am right plus this is old as shit.
Picture of Wudjey21 achievements

+11 32. Wudjey commented 15 years ago

badboy007 shut the fuck up, you go over and try to survive. It's this ignorance that is a disgrace, you are a worthless life. Also, I haven't really noticed it on these comments, but when people say they hate the US because they are there and they should stay out of other countries' business, it's annoying. When the US goes over there and help they get yelled at, and if they don't help then they get yelled at. I feel bad for the US because everyone blames everything on them. I live in the UK and I have some friends from there, and they are all like you and I. Give them a break already.
Picture of barf22 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 33. barf commented 15 years ago

#(removed comment) Actually I have served in the military as a communications sergeant. I bet you haven't served at all as you think there is glory in sending people to die for another country they know nothing about.

Oh, and by the way - being not able to write correctly does not mean they're stupid. It just tells you that they had to go to a shitty school in anytown USA because their family didn't have the money. In many cases military is the only job they can have. Do you think the army will not take him just because he/she doesn't know shit? He/she can still hold a gun and follow orders, right?

I still have to mention I do appreciate the work the US soldiers are doing. I guess my comments could give the wrong impression.

#31 What's your problem? It's not like they shoot anything that moves. In those countries everyone has a gun, so accidents do happen.
Picture of smodd23 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 34. smodd commented 15 years ago

U are all full os shit...ur not protecting ur freedom ur trying to force other countries to asume ur economic system, you go to wars with countries that didnt declare war to usa, the poor countries always trying to defeat another vast and most powerfull country? ..yeah right. ur only fighting for oil and the no right to take natural resources from others, messing in other pepoles business with no cause than ecomic interest, not freedom thoughs just make u think u ppl u fight for, intead ur fighting for oil, ur system is capitalist only cares for that capital no more... look canada, all mayor deaths in usa for their economic system no for freedom... want peace? leave others ppls oil for peace...

Thats it, we are not in III World War ...
Picture of Phil-Lloyd16 achievements

+5 35. Phil-Lloyd commented 15 years ago

I agree with many of your points, but in arguing your case in this short forum (simple points to correct obvious misunderstanding) your arguments leave out so much - recognition of the bad effects of US policy and tactics in fighting terrorism.
It is much like fighting communism, and i am sure you know the traps pitfalls and quagmires, the horrors we have inflicted upon innocent people of other countries and our own families.
Our politicians did not and still do not listen to experts while forming plans. They give them 'ear-service' but don't seem to be able to integrate that advice in plans.
I know the experts present them with problems that seem insurmountable, but ignoring the problems will just not work in the long-term.
Ahh.. now i am trying to argue a case in a limited forum - what's to do?
Advice for myself (and you if you want it): just try to ignore the ignorant.
Until everything is laid out for them and made clear they won't get it, and there is no way to do that - they have to go learn for themselves.
Picture of jaaaan14 achievements

+6 36. jaaaan commented 15 years ago

"Our politicians did not and still do not listen to experts while forming plans"
wake up - you watch way 2 much tv and got brainwashed - politicians started this war, they are the real terrorists, and they do not WANT this war to end - they and their friends make millions of dollars and pounds out of it. one huge mystification! Just a shame guys have to (want to) go there and die for really nothing..

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