Driver soaks kids at bus stop

Evil... but funny >:)

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Picture of Zmagec33 achievements
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-17 1. Zmagec commented 12 years ago

hahaha gogogogo when i get my drivers licence ima do this once >:D >:)

Picture of minkki38 achievements

+40 2. minkki commented 12 years ago

Mean..evil..funny..entertaining ;)
Picture of ankara61 achievements

+43 3. ankara commented 12 years ago

Funny but karma finds you >:)
Picture of dunnoher29 achievements

+35 4. dunnoher commented 12 years ago

there should be part two - helicopter with gatling gun getting back to this imbecile.
Picture of yajirou38 achievements

+13 5. yajirou commented 12 years ago

This is what you call being at the wrong place at the wrong time! Poor kids!
Picture of mikesufc22 achievements

+13 6. mikesufc commented 12 years ago

HAH! That was amazing...If any of the kids got his number plate he is screwed though. It is a criminal offence to purposfully splash pedestrians!!

This is a silly article from a local newspaper on it...Happysplashing lol.
Picture of Griffen16 achievements

-4 7. Griffen commented 12 years ago

Michael jackson would have liked this - he liked splashing kids
Picture of Zebedee27 achievements
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-9 8. Zebedee commented 12 years ago

#6 Happy-Splashing?! Brilliant. Only in the rubbish that is the Daily Star.
Picture of moese42 achievements
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-5 9. moese commented 12 years ago

there's a part missing at the end of this clip.
here's what happens <a href=">next</a>

(hmm... is it possible to post that kind of links?)
Picture of kainim37 achievements
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-5 10. kainim commented 12 years ago

LOL!!!! that was epic :D
Picture of MRPUFF-N-STUFF8 achievements
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-6 11. MRPUFF-N-STUFF commented 12 years ago

Picture of badboy00748 achievements

+8 12. badboy007 commented 12 years ago

HAHAH this happened to me once.
In scotland :(
i wanted to see a better view lol.
and yes this is an offence that can get you charged
Picture of darien_fawk12 achievements

+1 13. darien_fawk commented 12 years ago

Someone did this to me... Poor guy. He stoped 5 meters after splashing me, because of red light and i crashed his exterior mirror and took it with me :) Guy didnt complain at all...
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

+8 14. badboy007 commented 12 years ago

i bet u did #13
i but u did......(not)
Picture of WildMonkey32 achievements

+2 15. WildMonkey commented 12 years ago

People like that are the first to cry when something happens to them, and that's why they do these kinds of things.
Picture of Gringo_el_Diablo45 achievements

-2 16. Gringo_el_Diablo commented 12 years ago

In his defense: It was not intentional!
Picture of SjN32 achievements
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-5 17. SjN commented 12 years ago

Life is like a black penis. it's long and painful.
Picture of Griffen16 achievements

-4 18. Griffen commented 12 years ago

#17 - you would know
Picture of jeremydoc31 achievements

-2 19. jeremydoc commented 12 years ago

hahhaa, me and my friends were avoiding the bus from splashing water at us so we backed up. when we did that, the bus driver thought we didnt wanna go in, so he kept driving and didnt stop. lol, FAIL
Picture of slep19 achievements
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-7 20. slep commented 12 years ago

Gee #4 how did you get that original idea? /sarcasm
Picture of JimDunlop40 achievements

+5 21. JimDunlop commented 12 years ago

That was not brilliant. Dumb c$$t should have his license revoked. He speeds up going down a hill to pull a stupid move just so he can put it up on the web. He thinks he's a great driver but doesn't even consider the possibility that 1) one of the kids could have run or fallen in front of his car... or 2) if he had lost control of the vehicle he would have plowed straight into the whole group of them.

Driver should be thrown into a sack and beaten with sticks.
Picture of Chamounix12 achievements

+4 22. Chamounix commented 12 years ago

I must do that one day, evil but soo funny
Picture of cincodemayo31 achievements

-2 23. cincodemayo commented 12 years ago

at 0:25, he rolls over and dies.
Picture of Steelhunky26 achievements

-2 24. Steelhunky commented 12 years ago

Only shows how stupid these people are.
Picture of Wombat35 achievements

-2 25. Wombat commented 12 years ago

Picture of Chumney_Warner19 achievements

-1 26. Chumney_Warner commented 12 years ago

might have been even more funny if he put it to music instead of opening is mouth to speak, his voice is beyond annoying. The sound of a total cock.
Picture of Tabur24 achievements

-2 28. Tabur commented 12 years ago

Hes like... a grown up british stewie griffin
Picture of judemcg5 achievements

0 29. judemcg commented 12 years ago

not laughing now after you got done with it.
nae luck chuck.
Picture of makbeth36 achievements

+1 30. makbeth commented 12 years ago

wow, that driver needs to stop watching low brow tv shows:)
"look, look, bottom of the hill, bus stop, comming up, here we go, here we go, here we go, look, puddle at the bottom of the hill, comming up...".
They teach the lower classes how to be unable to speak english properly.

I bet he thought we would all be as excited to watch as he was doing this. It doesnt take a big man to pick on kids while zooming past in a metal box. If he did that to me I would insult him on the internet:)
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

-2 31. badboy007 commented 12 years ago

the women was driving lol
the police caught her and she is being charged with dangerous driving
it says she contacted them herself
dumb cow
and for her husband, how does a grown man get so happy at splashing kids?
Picture of grizzlykiller216 achievements

-1 32. grizzlykiller2 commented 12 years ago

Thats careless driving? least he wasnt drunk :S