Maru's magic show

Smart cat ;)

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Picture of championay10 achievements

+17 1. championay commented 13 years ago

oh joy, another friggin cat video :'(
Picture of Gringo_el_Diablo45 achievements

+12 2. Gringo_el_Diablo commented 13 years ago

'Insert' Pussy Jokes Here------------>_________________. ;)
Picture of liverpoolboy16 achievements

-2 3. liverpoolboy commented 13 years ago

#2 That was my first thought ;)
Picture of modder8her40 achievements

+5 4. modder8her commented 13 years ago

Is possible to not like cat videos, to say so, and not get hated by cat lovers? Seriously, that's enough of the cat videos! I have nothing against cats; it's too bad all the cat lovers on snotr will take this personally, though....pussies.
Picture of Yellowdie1221 achievements

+4 5. Yellowdie12 commented 13 years ago

I love Snotr, I do; but I Snotr has been a real pussy lately...
Picture of Matthijs37 achievements

-3 6. Matthijs (admin) commented 13 years ago

Ok, no more cat videos! :P
Picture of Voutelamberopipi36 achievements

+15 7. Voutelamberopipi commented 13 years ago

more cat videos!! let's drive cat-haters nuts rotflmao!!!
Picture of bud26 achievements

+13 8. bud commented 13 years ago

If you don't like them, then why click on them?
Picture of Fudji16 achievements

+4 9. Fudji commented 13 years ago

thats one fat pussy
Picture of Zebedee27 achievements

-2 10. Zebedee commented 13 years ago

#8 The video's called 'Maru's magic show' not 'Another video of a bloody cat'!
Picture of ismashy32 achievements

+1 11. ismashy commented 13 years ago

my nickname is Maru and maybe if it wasnt i would be on the haterz side with all the cat videos...
i'm more of a puppy guy :)) let the puppys videos begin :))
Picture of Bdubb26 achievements

+4 12. Bdubb commented 13 years ago

Well if dogs did cool shit like this we wouldnt hafta post cats doing it now would we? cats rule!
Picture of Gringo_el_Diablo45 achievements

-2 13. Gringo_el_Diablo commented 13 years ago

#9 read #2 & give me a negative vote for truth! >:)
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

-2 14. Chrisofskjern commented 13 years ago

I don't mind the cat videos. As long as theyre funny. This is just stupid
Picture of max200035 achievements

+1 15. max2000 commented 13 years ago

This one must be a boy, can't imagine a kitty so imaginative:) max.
Picture of JimDunlop40 achievements

+2 16. JimDunlop commented 13 years ago

Enough with the goddamn cats. If you love cats so much, go to and stay there. Don't subject everyone else to your silly fetishism. It's like a freaking cult with these people. Seriously. Then when you announce that you don't like cat videos, all of a sudden you must be some kind of freaky animal-hater who doesn't deserve to live or something. I like animals! Just not mangy, stinky annoying-as-shit cats! And just to show how much I like animals, here's some money heads for you all! :(|) ::(|) :(|) ::(|) :(|)
Picture of ezeliel31 achievements

+1 17. ezeliel commented 13 years ago

Stop complaining already!! If you want your ideal video site, do it your-fucking-self!!! O:)
Picture of Niavlys25 achievements

+4 18. Niavlys commented 13 years ago

Though I can understand people having enough of cat videos, I thought it was quite funny especially the cat's face when the guy pull the drawer :P
But it's probably because I'm a cat lover...
Picture of bud26 achievements

-2 19. bud commented 13 years ago

JimDunlop -aka JimDumbfuck-

How about if you dislike these cat vids so much you just ignore them? Where's the gun to your head forcing you to watch them?

I think it's fucking hilarious pussies like you keep crying about how lame cat vids are to but they're the only vids any of you are really vocal about.

Whose pussy are you now? Mine. Now lick my tail, you make me feel dirty.
Picture of archis51 achievements

+5 20. archis commented 13 years ago

snotr needs category pussy videos :)
Picture of Oddi50 achievements

-2 21. Oddi commented 13 years ago

Omg they found meh and teleport is on cd!
Picture of JimDunlop40 achievements

+2 22. JimDunlop commented 13 years ago

Exactly what #10 said. As for #19, bud, don't worry. I'm going to make sure to bitch about every single cat vid from now on, just to piss you off!
Picture of liverpoolboy16 achievements

-2 23. liverpoolboy commented 13 years ago

#(removed comment). What planet are you from you insane little child?. What is your point?????.. Forgive me i dont know what you are on about. If its a joke mate....... then only you seem to get it
Picture of Nice-girl3 achievements

0 24. Nice-girl commented 13 years ago

People who like cats usually like all animals. That's why I click on "Animals". But on EVERY cat video there's someone who has to make a negative comment on cats. I don't see other viewers comment "Oh god! Another dog video". Why is it that people that don't like cat's have to tell the world? If you don't like cat videos and mistakenly find yourself at one, just quietly move on. That's the difference between being an adult and a 14 year old pimply assed kid.