Near hit

Wow that was close

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Picture of eupatriot29 achievements

+19 1. eupatriot commented 11 years ago

Wow he totally blew that 2 way stop sign at 0:22.
Not only was there a clear stop sign on the right side, but also a flashing stop at the top.

Lucky to be alive, if he was hit by that truck he would be dead for sure.
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

+2 2. nooitaf (admin) commented 11 years ago

what country could this be?
Picture of Paul196825 achievements

+2 3. Paul1968 commented 11 years ago

one lucky fucker...... wonder if he was rolling a fag or using his mobile phone when he missed the stop sign.
Picture of stepanstas29 achievements

+3 4. stepanstas commented 11 years ago

believe this is Poland
Picture of chance35 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-15 5. chance commented 11 years ago

Sounds like Europe :p

I'm not familiar with the phrase, "rolling a fag", so I just looked it up and of course it's British.
Picture of grator39 achievements

0 6. grator commented 11 years ago

me too
So damn close ;)
Picture of championay10 achievements

+14 7. championay commented 11 years ago

whats that supposed to mean "of course its british"?? im guessing you are an american, and more familiar with the term blowing a fag....right? you know, that thing you do on weekends :*
Picture of AlenKobas18 achievements

+6 8. AlenKobas commented 11 years ago

lol! #5 u got pwned bigtime by #7! :D
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+2 9. kainim commented 11 years ago

#5, correction eastern Europe, in the rest we speak, Dutch, French, English, German, Italian and spanish (and Swiss)

but not vodka vodka nazdrowje
:p i believe this is Poland too
Picture of kissmybackbone38 achievements

-2 10. kissmybackbone commented 11 years ago

#5 yes, sounds like europe beacuse they're like asians and blacks: they all look alike and sound alike - damm foreigners !
what a dumbass comment and btw the "brit" gave it back to you nice and square;maybe you shouldn't have left your w-e activity... :*
Picture of musatalin37 achievements

+3 11. musatalin commented 11 years ago

near miss I`ll say :S
Picture of Paul196825 achievements

+3 12. Paul1968 commented 11 years ago

@ #7 excellent reply, made me howl with laughter.
Picture of wts43 achievements

+10 13. wts commented 11 years ago

Yes this is Poland. The driver got 500pln ticket for the sign at the end :)
Picture of sparticus15 achievements

-3 14. sparticus commented 11 years ago

#7 no need to get so offended...calling someone a homosexual just because they don't understand your countries slang is a pretty ridiculous reason
Picture of spetzialist24 achievements

+1 15. spetzialist commented 11 years ago

Poland indeed, i'll add that he was drivin with his 3-ppl family.
Picture of Skeesicks38 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 16. Skeesicks commented 11 years ago

#13 and what is this in "real" money? :P
Picture of Rafaeldz8 achievements

+1 17. Rafaeldz commented 11 years ago

No to tak pieknie, cud to ma?o powiedziane,
Picture of Toro1 achievements

+1 18. Toro commented 11 years ago

OMG, that was a lucky driver realy
Picture of Rickspinion34 achievements

+5 19. Rickspinion commented 11 years ago

#16 in real money?

Here you go...

I assume you meant $US.
Picture of Ritty541 achievements

+1 20. Ritty5 commented 11 years ago

Very Lucky...

This seems to have to be taken from a "Cops" or similar equivalent... Doesn't seem as exciting though...
Picture of antifolklore28 achievements

+2 21. antifolklore commented 11 years ago

#19 brilliant
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

+1 22. badboy007 commented 11 years ago

That was skill look how he nudged to the left to avoid it lol.
And nice comment #7
Picture of kurtweller16 achievements

+2 23. kurtweller commented 11 years ago

driver was coming back from a funeral 8-)
lucky bustard :D
Picture of Bahira35 achievements

+1 24. Bahira commented 11 years ago

#7 All i have to say is Briton.
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

+1 25. nooitaf (admin) commented 11 years ago

Poland is what i first thought, but now i know for shure, thnx :)
Picture of patriotaus39 achievements

+5 26. patriotaus commented 11 years ago

@11 It is not a near miss, a near miss is a crash, because they nearly missed each other and crashed while a near hit on the other hand means they nearly hit each other and therefore missed. A near hit is correct.
Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements

+2 27. CrackrJak commented 11 years ago

That would've been a horrific wreck. I couldn't understand the narration and have no idea what country that's from and even I could tell that was STOP sign. Wow!
Picture of zhetti6 achievements

+1 28. zhetti commented 11 years ago

Too bad he can't talk English.
Picture of liverpoolboy16 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 29. liverpoolboy commented 11 years ago

shitillmonomonski whatthefuckhellski isthisfucknguyski goinaboutafuckboutski.
Picture of riverside8921 achievements

+1 30. riverside89 commented 11 years ago

Sorry if this is a dumb question but...
... since this is in Poland, why does the stop sign say STOP?
Shouldn't it say something like ZATRZYMAC?

#7 Funny! :D
Picture of ZyMi5 achievements

+1 31. ZyMi commented 11 years ago

#30 zatrzymac is a Polish verb for stopping, that's right, but stop has the same meaning as well (as in many other european languages), and most signs in Europe are done with symbols or single words that have the same (or very similar) meaning and spelling in many languages - after all people in Europe use many different languages, it's much easier and safer this way.
Picture of lacroupade17 achievements

+1 32. lacroupade commented 11 years ago

#14 - he didn't call him a homosexual, just accused him of blowing a fag. Theres a subtle difference of which you are clearly aware.
Picture of Sereno21 achievements

+1 33. Sereno commented 11 years ago

I'll add that they were coming back from a funreal...
Picture of L-Roxwell7 achievements

+1 34. L-Roxwell commented 11 years ago

ask him has he had anything to drink.
Picture of riverside8921 achievements

0 35. riverside89 commented 11 years ago

@5: I think the phrase "rolling a fag" can mean different things in different places. In England I think it means rolling a cigarette. In the U.S.A. it means robbing a gay person. Also see #7 above.