L.A. Springs a Leak


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Picture of Kastevil25 achievements
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-19 1. Kastevil commented 11 years ago

when they open a fire hydrant near my house all the darkies come out and play in it. ::(|)
Picture of irishgek50 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-14 2. irishgek commented 11 years ago

Ok #1 your an exception from the rule ....you racist basterd....

nice video allways was in the back of my mind are they realy that powerfull or is it just in cartoons and films ...now i know
Picture of bud26 achievements

+5 3. bud commented 11 years ago

Wow that's a lot of pressure going through that main.
Picture of henrybrodie25 achievements
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-9 4. henrybrodie commented 11 years ago

#1 - perfect example of why NOT to homeschool, they are just cultivated in such an inbred and protected world, and then they spew their retarded nonsense over the internet all day. Just because their parents where so fucking spastic that they thought social exclusion was they way forward for their kid. Its just a long fucked up family tree of racist, socially-inept fuckwads. get a grip you turd.

P.S if one of my friends was like that stupid bitch in the background with her shitty fake laugh i would not be friends with them anymore. what a fucking irritating bitch.
Picture of prankphonecall44 achievements

+32 5. prankphonecall commented 11 years ago

what's with all the giggles and the OMG's?

It's a burst pipe! Get over it!
Picture of Voutelamberopipi36 achievements

+23 6. Voutelamberopipi commented 11 years ago

someone put her head in there... PLEASE
Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements

+9 7. CrackrJak commented 11 years ago

I bet she wasn't laughing later when she turned on her faucet and there was no water. I'm sure they had to shut off that water main and that means lots of people without water.
Picture of liverpoolboy16 achievements

+13 8. liverpoolboy commented 11 years ago

OMG giggle OMG giggle..What a pair of Knobs did anyone hear him at 0:14 saying " I'm scared....OMG giggle..What a fuckn pussy.

They make the perfect nerd couple made for each other.

#6 your right ...Drown her
Picture of NathaneM40 achievements

+4 9. NathaneM commented 11 years ago

free shower! :)
Picture of pizdalizac24 achievements

+12 10. pizdalizac commented 11 years ago

Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

-2 11. nooitaf (admin) commented 11 years ago

wasn't it "oh my man in the sky" ? ;)
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements

+1 12. Usdevildoggmc commented 11 years ago

:(|) I'd do her.......
Picture of sparticus15 achievements

-3 13. sparticus commented 11 years ago

OH my GOD its just amazing!
Picture of Supersnail24 achievements

-1 14. Supersnail commented 11 years ago

#12 I'd at least put my cock in her mouth to shut her up!
Picture of Urihep40 achievements

-1 15. Urihep commented 11 years ago

Bring my umbrella please.
Picture of talldustin21 achievements

+2 16. talldustin commented 11 years ago

The first rain LA has seen this year!
Picture of SoullessOne25 achievements

-1 17. SoullessOne commented 11 years ago

Think about what would happen if a person walks by it just when the fire hydrant bursts.
Picture of meekahoo9 achievements

+1 18. meekahoo commented 11 years ago

#1 your parents are brother and sister for sure!
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

0 19. LightAng3l commented 11 years ago

The boy said : "I want to see them turn it off ... How the **** are they going to do that?" .... Well if only we had invented something....like a valve.... :S The guy's stupidity is overwhelming ...and the girl is so annoying ! Oh my god did you see that oh my god, the water is oh my god, I can't stop saying "oh my god" !
Picture of sloppypotatoes8 achievements

0 20. sloppypotatoes commented 11 years ago

oh my god oh my god oh my god..that girls has the most annoying laugh
Picture of Vintage4life26 achievements

+2 21. Vintage4life commented 11 years ago

People, especially Americans.. PLEASE stop with the constant "ow mai gawd ow mai gawd" every 2 sentences.. Please?
Picture of canihascheezburg15 achievements

+2 22. canihascheezburg commented 11 years ago

Bloody Americans, how many times do they want to say "oh my god". Just repeat it 10 more times, I don't think we got the point.
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

-3 23. badboy007 commented 11 years ago

why is #2 marked so low.
He is right you clowns
Picture of Voutelamberopipi36 achievements

-2 24. Voutelamberopipi commented 11 years ago

#21 omg sry :|
Picture of liverpoolboy16 achievements

0 25. liverpoolboy commented 11 years ago

#17. OMG Yer, you would get wet...
Picture of Gringo_el_Diablo45 achievements

0 26. Gringo_el_Diablo commented 11 years ago

I'm sorry this is one of those bad representation of the idiots that feel the need to try describe something which can't be put into words!

OMG???<<<<<How about STFU!!!
Picture of budley21 achievements

-3 27. budley commented 11 years ago

@ Mods please delete comment #1 and ban him/her.

@#2 well said, no idea why you and #4 have been marked down.
@#4 Agreed but i don't think i could dislike someone just because they have an annoying laugh.
Picture of smodd23 achievements

-1 28. smodd commented 11 years ago

#(removed comment) you racist idiot is cuz the "darkiest" word he used, use the word afro-americans instead..
Picture of LionelMarcus27 achievements

+1 29. LionelMarcus commented 11 years ago

Annoying background laughter..
Picture of firest4rter41 achievements

+4 30. firest4rter commented 11 years ago

#4 i was homeschooled for 4 years, im not a racist, retarded or imbred im just perfectly normal. how can you be so ignorant, not everyones the same if they come from the same background. if i was muslim, it doesnt mean im a suicide bomber.
if i was american it doesnt mean im fat.
you dont have to stereotype everything just because you dont like it or because its different from you