Drifting Idiots

Very smart to try this on a public road. :(|)

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Picture of dave919145 achievements

+8 1. dave9191 commented 11 years ago

I just hope that he was going too fast and lost control as opposed to being a complete twat and showing off how to drift to his girlfriend in the passenger teat. Idiot...
Picture of Deathegg31 achievements

+27 2. Deathegg commented 11 years ago

#(removed comment) then don't write :D you just wanted to be first! admit it!
Picture of SoullessOne25 achievements

+2 3. SoullessOne commented 11 years ago

What goes around comes back around.
Picture of Gias16 achievements

+1 4. Gias commented 11 years ago

lol, how are you gonna explain that on your insurance sheet.

I hope that the car was not just stolen.
Picture of thundercash43 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-13 5. thundercash commented 11 years ago

stupid arab people
Picture of Eagle213 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-18 6. Eagle2 commented 11 years ago

Ha Ha Ha Ha that is funny. Did you see all those idiots on the side of the road in pajamas. Oh i mean fucking towel heads
Picture of bowling_alley17 achievements

+3 7. bowling_alley commented 11 years ago

people here have shit loads of money they don't even need insurance
so they think they can do anything they want
Picture of Smokey44 achievements

+5 8. Smokey commented 11 years ago

WTF, look on the other side of the street, there is a car goeing in reverse, they probably know the lil' fucker. 0:19
Oh whel, win some - lose some. :(|)
Picture of Xionbox45 achievements

0 9. Xionbox (moderator) commented 11 years ago

Looks like that first guy is going to hit someone at the intersection right after almost arriving to a full stop (but he releases the brake)
Picture of trancetunes48 achievements

+7 10. trancetunes (moderator) commented 11 years ago

snotr staff, is racism (or any other type of that kind of derogatory language) allowed on these video comments?

if no please remove #4 and #6.

NEWS FLASH: PEOPLE DO DUMB THINGS EVERY WHERE AROUND THE WORLD. In fact I would not be surprised if you both have done stupid shit like this, because it sure sounds like you fit the profile.
Picture of kainim37 achievements

-3 11. kainim commented 11 years ago

it's called erhabe, swinging your car out of control on purpose to drift

it's badshit crazy, but they are good at it (most of em) it's popular in Dubai

see this video and the link to the explanation
Picture of OnetimeX36 achievements

+1 12. OnetimeX commented 11 years ago

Yeah that looks like fun :S :S :S


One question......Why???
Picture of NathaneM40 achievements

+1 13. NathaneM commented 11 years ago

God must loved crazy people, he created lots of them... >:)
Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

+1 14. SpikedSilver commented 11 years ago

that shit was on purpose? lol humans are stupid.
Picture of captain_obvious38 achievements

+3 15. captain_obvious commented 11 years ago

this what oil sjeiks do for fun. those people have sjit loads of money, they do this with the most expensive cars, and really dont care much what happens to them. because they probly have another 15 cars like that in there garage.
its sick to be that rich........
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

-4 16. badboy007 commented 11 years ago

#1 how do you know he was showing of to his "girlfriend in the passenger teat".
Picture of famajah25 achievements

+2 17. famajah commented 11 years ago

And we arabs wonder why the world looks down upon us...
Picture of Voutelamberopipi36 achievements

+1 18. Voutelamberopipi commented 11 years ago

why do they have to try in real life everything they played on playstation?
Picture of LB18743 achievements

+1 19. LB187 commented 11 years ago

HELLO SNOTR! I cannot say for sure but I have not seen any responce to #10's (trancetunes) Question/comments... Have we just thrown caution to the wind? I recall a time that this site was censored to the point of stupidity and now look what it has become. Poor vids, the admins make threats when something makes them mad, and basically the site is sinking into hell, just like the American healthcare system under Obama's reign! Come on, bring the real SNOTR back, better original vids, and some Mods and Admins taking care of the riff raff and foul/racist comments.
Pretty bad considering that this is coming from a white, middle aged male!
Picture of drd_uno22 achievements

-4 20. drd_uno commented 11 years ago

lol you people sure do bitch a lot! hahahaha
Picture of Rizzon26 achievements

-3 21. Rizzon commented 11 years ago

I want to be that rich too!
Picture of trancetunes48 achievements

+4 22. trancetunes (moderator) commented 11 years ago

#19 I appreciate your comments, especially because we seem to possibly have very different social/political beliefs! (I am far left, you seem right if I am not mistaken)..

Thanks for agreeing, and once again I especially appreciate it since we are such a different demographic in several ways! :)
Picture of Vizzer34 achievements

-3 23. Vizzer commented 11 years ago

Both of you are wrong. Far left or right isn't forward. The middle is.
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

-4 24. irishgek commented 11 years ago

#19 your a complete tard if you think the health care system is going down ....it was never up in the first place in america every other country in the world has a better system than in the us , i have health insurance here in ireland they diddent charge me extra becasue i have a pre existing condition they diddent deny me care / insurance , i wouldent get denied a operation in a hospital because i cant afford it my health insurance just pays becasue thats there bloody job , my god they have you brain washed so good there.
Picture of JJCBigfoot32 achievements

+1 25. JJCBigfoot commented 11 years ago

It looked like 2 takes. Truck going backwards in other lane may have a camera on board. Looks like a movie stunt.
Picture of JaeMarie37 achievements

+3 26. JaeMarie commented 11 years ago

To the people complaining about comments.

Note that comments can be voted down. After 20 thumbs down the comments are deleted (like the first comment will soon be.)

Also, I'm sure like most sites the staff is here on a volunteer basis. They have jobs, families, and lives outside of this website. Short of paying someone to monitor the boards, the next best thing is to mark comments down so they get deleted on their own and/or be patient for staff to get to it.

Honestly though when I see someone make a racist comment, it says more to me about the simple minded moron making the generalization than the group they're attempting to slam.
Picture of AirborneJedi14 achievements

-1 27. AirborneJedi commented 11 years ago

Got that arab money ohhh!
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

+2 28. badboy007 commented 11 years ago

I agree with #10
If there white its ok but if its an arab its
"SUPID ARABS" or "stupid japs"
#5 and #6 you are both retards.
Picture of macyjade9 achievements

+2 29. macyjade commented 11 years ago

I figured from the title that this video is somewhere from Middle east...Somehow everytime I see these people do drift they always crash lol, and yet they claim to be the best drifter in the world better than the Japanese (said someone from youtube)...There is just no proof on them being the best, maybe best on crashing their cars hehehhe...
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

0 30. snotraddict commented 11 years ago

#10 It's not racism. It truth. The clothing they wear looks like pajamas. The turbins they wear look like towels. So what? How many comments are left here "Stupid Americans"? So what?

Yea dumb people do dumb things all over the world, but this is REALLY stupid and seems to be done primarily somewhere in the middle east with a lot of innocent people standing around.

Pretty lame you'd stand-up for these idiots.
Picture of LB18743 achievements

+2 31. LB187 commented 11 years ago

#30 I guess you don't get the point. Stupid (fill in with any nationality) is wrong as is the same as nigger for example. Wrong is wrong and it is as simple as that. Why is it so complicated? It is just as wrong if someone states something that is racially offencive to you because it is reflective of your nationality or heritage; The same still holds true even if the comment does not concern your situation. And no offence is intended with the example I used above...
Picture of ferreira1523 achievements

-1 32. ferreira15 commented 11 years ago

Picture of Kreker37 achievements

+1 33. Kreker commented 11 years ago

I wouldn't call that drifting at all. What they do is just drive a front wheel drive car very fast and then rip the hand brake to initiate uncontrollable slide. I would rather call it a planned loss of grip that sometimes looks convenient.