Prank Call Gone HORRIBLY Wrong

Long, no video but still pretty funny :P

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Picture of antifolklore28 achievements

+2 1. antifolklore commented 15 years ago

damn thats sick. To say that to your boyfriend or husband.
Even more sick that hes sleeping with her sister. Dude why would you sleep with your sisters husband thats really sick.
Picture of johnnyash28 achievements

+10 2. johnnyash commented 15 years ago

Hahaha....if that was real then that was amazing!!!!!C'mon Kanye, for real??
Picture of lrcerqueira16 achievements

+21 3. lrcerqueira commented 15 years ago

The prank is just simply stupid,those guys are just idiots. But the husband is an ass. I'm just sorry for the poor kid, and for what he will go trough after this. :S
Picture of eddie204242 achievements

+3 4. eddie2042 commented 15 years ago

this was downright sinister. period.
Picture of MoT29 achievements

+10 5. MoT commented 15 years ago

What a way to destroy a family in 5 minutes...! She'll never talk to him or her sister ever again, and their kid will be have a crazy relationship with his parents!

Priceless though.. if he was shagging her sister, it would have come out at some point. It happening on the radio for everyone to hear is just so damn bittersweet.
Picture of BangkokJarek26 achievements

+33 6. BangkokJarek commented 15 years ago

If this was for a million dollars I would understand, but for Kanye tickets! give me a break! dumb broad! dumb show!
Picture of Kastevil25 achievements

+1 7. Kastevil commented 15 years ago

Ah hahahahaha!! well worth listening to the whole thing
Picture of engrishman20 achievements

0 8. engrishman commented 15 years ago

That's what you get if you overreact... You destroy your family by confessing that you sleep with the sister of your wife instead of going to a concert..
Picture of nokster57 achievements

+29 9. nokster commented 15 years ago

Kayne West = Family Destroyer :O
Picture of kutless42924 achievements

+17 10. kutless429 commented 15 years ago

Yes, just another way Kanye has messed up someone's life...

no surprise.
Picture of Taineract35 achievements

-2 11. Taineract commented 15 years ago

Pretty sure this was set up. Her story was a little too detailed to be made up that quickly. The "husband's" reaction seemed a bit forced as well. Sure, it could have been real, and I'm usually not one to cry "fake," but my skeptic's alarm was beeping the whole time.
Picture of trancetunes48 achievements

+1 12. trancetunes (moderator) commented 15 years ago

ouch =X
Picture of Voutelamberopipi36 achievements

+2 13. Voutelamberopipi commented 15 years ago

did she get the tickets? she at earned it to say the least
Picture of Sinjin8 achievements

-3 14. Sinjin commented 15 years ago

Picture of KrazieStyle21 achievements

+1 15. KrazieStyle commented 15 years ago

Aaaa aaaa aaa are u serious...... lol
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

-1 16. LightAng3l commented 15 years ago

I don't think it's real ... and if it is...he is a moron for doing that...and she is one of the stupidest and brain dead woman I have ever heard about. How can she think this is a good idea? What was she thinking??? :S
Picture of Woette25 achievements

+4 17. Woette commented 15 years ago

if its real, DUMB show, DUMB wife and an asshole of a husband
Picture of Diarmaid29 achievements

-2 18. Diarmaid commented 15 years ago

It's real, but it's been on youtube for years!!!!!!
Picture of codenamegizmo37 achievements

0 19. codenamegizmo commented 15 years ago

Picture of Urihep40 achievements

+1 20. Urihep commented 15 years ago

#18: How can you tell its for real? I don't think it is, but I really don't know. It would be terrible if it were for real...
Picture of alexnader38 achievements

+1 21. alexnader commented 15 years ago

Some people would be willing to do the dumbest things for a radio show. Don't you remember that mother of two or something, who was in a water drinking contest to win a Wii. she drank so much she ended up dying.
Picture of archis51 achievements

+5 22. archis commented 15 years ago

Thats just wrong and stupid:
1) Wtf are you thinking radio when you make such prank?
2) Wtf is the wife thinking by accepting such offfer.
3) Well can't blame really the husband, becouse he is really mad and confused.
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

+3 23. fjwjr commented 15 years ago

How would anyone set up this scenario and believe it would end well? But, I guess that anyone who would do anything for Kanye West tickets deserves what they get........
Picture of SoullessOne25 achievements

0 24. SoullessOne commented 15 years ago

Now, what have we learned?

Never ever, in any circumstances, come clean with your wife!
Picture of tomas42 achievements

+1 25. tomas commented 15 years ago

Picture of clark5828 achievements

+3 26. clark58 commented 15 years ago

All that for Kanye tickets? I wouldn't cross the street to see that obnoxious jerk. As far as the radio station is concerned, WTF anything for ratings?
Picture of Eagle213 achievements

-1 27. Eagle2 commented 15 years ago

Oh that brings back memories of me bonking my sister in law & also my wifes cousin. Damn that family has the uncontrolable urges. Sure wish i could go back in time.
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

-2 28. fjwjr commented 15 years ago

How would anyone set up this scenario and believe it would end well? But, I guess that anyone who would do anything for Kanye West tickets deserves what they get........
Picture of Mechadon33 achievements

0 29. Mechadon commented 15 years ago

please stop blaming the prank if their marriage is lost, because if he was cheating on her it was already lost! it was just a way to bring it up, soon or a later that family would be broken and pearhaps in a harder way.
Picture of fixento232 achievements

+1 30. fixento2 commented 15 years ago

#29 Who's blaming the prank, it's the dildo radio jock. What an idiot, he puts on this stupid prank for ratings and if he didn't know the consequences, he's dumber than a box of rocks. Add a sick audience, who have no lives, to listen and promote this lunacy for a little "entertainment". The moron managed to break up a family with a 9 year old boy as the victim. Somebody needs a can of whoopass in the parking lot.

#21 Yep but that idiot was fired and charged with man slaughter.
Picture of Fapkins17 achievements

+4 31. Fapkins commented 15 years ago

Yo, Honey... I really love you, and Imma let you finish... But sleeping with your sister was the best sex of all time. OF ALL TIME.
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+2 32. irishgek commented 15 years ago

This is as bad as the mother who on a stupid lie dector program in oz asked her 14 year old daughter has she ever had sex knowing full well she was raped 2 years before ....... wtf like who on gods planted would want to see that retard in concert anyways idiot is most likely to grab you up on stage ask you your name then and before you answer say some thin like "im gona let you finish but your ugly and can i get your friends number there" ;)

Ps the retarded radio presenter how many times does he need to confirm the kid is 9 years of age he must be a total numbnuts

That girl who died from the water comp to win a bloody Wii console ... her husband got 16.5million

The disc jokeys themselves had raised that possibility during the show.
"Can you get water poisoning and, like, die?" asked the female disc jockey.
"Not with water," a male disc jockey replied. "Your body is 98 percent water. Why can't you take in as much water as you want?"

Now thats a even more retarded Dj , just goes to show you dont have to be even a brain cell in america to get a job that last dj should run for president next term
Picture of tominator19838 achievements

+3 33. tominator1983 commented 15 years ago

I don't understand why everyone is blaming the disk jockeys. Yeah, it was a lame, tasteless joke, but seriously. What kind of woman agrees to go through with something like that? More importantly, just listen to how well she rolls with it and how well she lies to her own husband.

Either the whole thing was staged, or they all deserved what they got. Pathetic. Just pathetic. I do feel sorry for the 9 year old kid though...
Picture of rezzna10 achievements

0 34. rezzna commented 15 years ago

#33 Agreed. Poor kid. Dumb wife. Cheating husband.

SERIOUSLY... for Kanye West tickets! KANYE WEST? Poor, poor child... at least the kid won't grow up into a cheating dick OR a ridiculously stupid idiot. Maybe this was for the best...
Picture of Tronk29 achievements

+1 35. Tronk commented 15 years ago

This is just an awesome and seriously FAIL scenario !

1.: A dumb radio show
2.: A blond DUMB wife
3.: A jerk husband

Now fix that Dr. Phil ! >_<
Picture of MAJODE17 achievements

0 36. MAJODE commented 15 years ago

Picture of Nifen34 achievements

0 37. Nifen commented 15 years ago

i sware this has been on this site before? Am i wrong? i'm sure i heard this not so long ago.
Picture of Snapsa23 achievements

+1 38. Snapsa commented 15 years ago

That's just sick, sick and sick :S
Picture of jojotin31 achievements

0 39. jojotin commented 14 years ago

hahah, didnt see that coming, it was worth listening and funny at the end, not in a good way tho >:)
Picture of DJKovu21 achievements

0 40. DJKovu commented 14 years ago

i have often beening thinking about thos radio programs every time you can find chip like this on the neat it have ruined relationships big time, i belive this is the 56 "joke" that some one had to say over the phone fro soem radio stration, it´s simply making me sick..
Picture of SirShade23 achievements

+1 41. SirShade commented 14 years ago

Picture of tiggfigg29 achievements

0 42. tiggfigg commented 13 years ago

DAMN>>>>>>> :|