Wooden robotic arm

Imagine the work required to create this!

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Picture of montypython30 achievements
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-12 1. montypython commented 14 years ago

* Note: This product meets and/snOtR exceeds OSHA/ANSI Regulations
Picture of Voutelamberopipi36 achievements

0 2. Voutelamberopipi commented 14 years ago

i still haven't figured out if lillylollylilly is trying to be funny or simply a lifeless troll...
Picture of talldustin21 achievements

+3 3. talldustin commented 14 years ago

I mean I could've picked that block up with my hands 10x faster!
Picture of Corx8 achievements

+28 4. Corx commented 14 years ago

Freaking incredible engineering and wood working skills. Pure art baby.
Picture of Voutelamberopipi36 achievements

-2 5. Voutelamberopipi commented 14 years ago

#(removed comment) i think i got my answer
Picture of LB18743 achievements

+16 6. LB187 commented 14 years ago

#2 Please stop feeding the trolls! Pay them no attention and after they get bored enough, talking to themselves, they will simply go somewhere else to get attention. Anyone can pretend to be a badass to a keyboard... (and now here comes the part where threats and invitations to meet to fight and other threats will take place...)
Picture of lillylollylilly14 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-19 7. lillylollylilly commented 14 years ago

You're wasting your breath LB187. There are a hard core of SNOTR regulars who feel as if it is their duty to police this site. This behaviour manifests itself fundamentally in their leaping viciously upon anyone who does not conform to their rigid views, and labelling them as trolls.

This is a comments section, but if anyone makes a comment which is not 'expected' by the police, then they'll begin harrassing that user.

I'll continue to call videos as I see them. The crap ones I shall call crap, and the good and mediocre ones will receive proportionately similar responses, and wankers who feel uncomfotable about this and attempt to shout me down, will receive abuse back tenfold. It's that simple.

And if I'm banned, I'll be back within minutes, because the feeble system in place on SNOTR to ban users is childishly simple to circumvent. Even you might be able to figure out how to do it.

Now piss off.
Picture of I_like_birds28 achievements

+11 8. I_like_birds commented 14 years ago

Neat machine. It took a lot of effort to build it, I reckon.

#(removed comment) #2 #(removed comment) #5 C'mon boys. Cut out this flame war bullshit. It's a motherf*cker to read snotr comments lately. :S
Picture of lillylollylilly14 achievements
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-17 9. lillylollylilly commented 14 years ago

"It's a motherf*cker to read snotr comments lately"

At least we agree on something.

Someone keeps downrating my comments. It's not you is it I_like_birds ?
Picture of archis51 achievements

-2 10. archis commented 14 years ago

Look like someone has uranium at his house. Bomb him!
Picture of shayangx43 achievements

+6 11. shayangx commented 14 years ago

Great work, amazing craftmanship..

Tho the sounds will annoy eventually!
Picture of TarasFromLviv40 achievements

+2 12. TarasFromLviv commented 14 years ago

Imagines terminator made of wood...
Picture of Calvinius52 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-9 13. Calvinius commented 14 years ago

#9 Then I´ll give thumbs up for your every comment! :D
Picture of Rickspinion34 achievements

+2 14. Rickspinion commented 14 years ago

I want two of these.

Jenga will be so much more fun.
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+2 15. Fergus_Thedog commented 14 years ago

This is a great machine, but I doubt even hard woods could take this kind of stress for long before cracking and breaking.
Picture of lillylollylilly14 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-13 16. lillylollylilly commented 14 years ago

Thank you Calvinius.
Picture of NygerCBR900rr26 achievements

0 17. NygerCBR900rr commented 14 years ago

this explain the secret of Egipats Piramids...
Picture of ringmaster54 achievements

0 18. ringmaster commented 14 years ago

I sense a little tension between the users. Be careful or I will pinch you with some wooden... It is great to see some wood doing the work and not the metal.
Picture of jellybaby776 achievements

-1 19. jellybaby77 commented 14 years ago

#17 WTF?
Picture of Skeesicks38 achievements

0 20. Skeesicks commented 14 years ago

Steampunk (or Woodpunk in this case) FTW!
Picture of dushan56 achievements

-2 21. dushan commented 14 years ago

#4 agree, nice piece of work

it's look like lillylollylilly has two accounts, i mean lillywaterlily mate, why don't you create two more, you could talk with your self whole day :D

lillylollylilly: #xx you stupid faggot
lilly account no1: lillylollylilly you are the man show them how big and dangerous m** f** you are
lilly account no2: lillylollylilly you are right, this site is crap

#18 ...hand? :D
Picture of plurft46 achievements

0 22. plurft commented 14 years ago

That this is right before the uncanny valley, LOVE it
Picture of lillylollylilly14 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-9 23. lillylollylilly commented 14 years ago

#21 dushan, I won't make too much fun of you. Either English is not your first language, or you are a complete imbecile. Either way, I feel sorry for you.

#18 ..foot? :D
Picture of Nuntchakou24 achievements

-2 24. Nuntchakou commented 14 years ago

Lolly, you are the perfect example of what happens to someone who has no friends, no life, too much free time and got fuck*d repeatedly by his father in his youth. That is my last comment about you…you made me lose too much of my time.

Snotr comments suck.

Please, ban me. I just want to see the videos
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+1 25. dushan commented 14 years ago

#23 no is not my first, or second :D
and really, you feel sorry for me, that soooo nice of you :D
please continue, make my day :D
Picture of TheIsingGuy24 achievements

+3 26. TheIsingGuy commented 14 years ago

is this out of da vinci's book?
Picture of badboy00748 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 27. badboy007 commented 14 years ago

I wonder how he made that.
So this is what virgins do with there lifes
Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements

+3 28. CrackrJak commented 14 years ago

Leonardo DaVinci would be proud of this guy.
Picture of barf22 achievements

+4 29. barf commented 14 years ago

#23 .. ass? :D Oh sorry, I didn't notice that you were already wearing one for a hat.

"anyone who does not conform to their rigid views, and labelling them as trolls"

...or you're just being a cock and no-one likes your offensive comments. Did it ever occur to you that the admins can find out who you are and actually sue you? If you bypass the ban that is. Easy as it is, it counts for hacking the server and in most countries that can cost you a few grand + court expenses. I bet you weren't smart enough to cover up your tracks from the beginning.

I vote comments down if they are off-topic, obsolete or offensive. So far that's pretty much all you've come up with. By all means, continue calling the videos crap if it makes you forget your dysfunctional pencil-dick, or whatever the reason is what makes you seek out for attention.
Picture of MiNo40 achievements

+3 30. MiNo commented 14 years ago

man, oil that shite UP!
Picture of arakawa25 achievements

+2 31. arakawa commented 14 years ago

neat! looks like a very modern machine from 200 years ago!
Picture of huldu34 achievements

+2 32. huldu commented 14 years ago

Love the creaking sounds it makes.
Picture of max200035 achievements

0 33. max2000 commented 14 years ago

i like to imagine a movie just like the animated Nine, where all such crafted machines contribute. nice, max
Picture of kainim37 achievements

0 34. kainim commented 14 years ago

this is pretty damn awesome!
too bad it's not super accurate (but still quite accurate though)
Picture of captain_obvious38 achievements

0 35. captain_obvious commented 14 years ago

only reason someone places a offensive comment, is to get reactions. and some people did, and he got his fun.
next time ignore those kind of people, they will go away eventually.
Picture of hihahihaho21 achievements

0 36. hihahihaho commented 14 years ago

1. this guy doesn't have a life, and seriously, if you think this is art, think about yourself. O:)
2. it goes a lot faster with your hands 8-)
Picture of angrytattedguy18 achievements

0 37. angrytattedguy commented 14 years ago

Its quite simple actually he made it to whack off nuff said.