Dog Senses Earthquake moments before it happens

Sophie the dog senses an earthquake moments before it strikes. Jan 9, 2010. Earthquake was in Eureka, California.

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Picture of vgsr31 achievements

+25 1. vgsr commented 13 years ago

There should have been more dogs in Haiti... :'(
Yay for animal instincts
Picture of tomaly25 achievements

+37 2. tomaly commented 13 years ago

That was pretty awesome that dog took off like a bat out of hell!!
Picture of Friendlysoul42 achievements

+9 3. Friendlysoul commented 13 years ago

Maybe its just me but i was expecting the dog to at least bark to warn the people, but then i see it running off.
So much for man's best friend :P
Picture of Deathegg31 achievements

+8 4. Deathegg commented 13 years ago

That's amazing.. He really sprinted out! Wow!
Picture of huldu34 achievements

+13 5. huldu commented 13 years ago

Animals still have that "touch" with their surroundings. Humans lost that long ago.
Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements

+6 6. CrackrJak commented 13 years ago

Many animals can sense the precursor waves of an earthquake that we can't. Earthquake detection systems are investigating these waves in the hopes of developing an alarm system.
Picture of BenderBRodriguez22 achievements

0 7. BenderBRodriguez commented 13 years ago

Notice that they keep that dog in there for this purpose, look that when the dog took off the fat guy immediately went to the emergency exit.
Picture of joka23244 achievements

0 8. joka232 commented 13 years ago

pretty cool how he knew
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+4 9. dushan commented 13 years ago

#6 agree, but this dog is a bit deaf ( reacts only 6 seconds before earthquake )
#8 infra sound below 20hz, that is how he know, we can't hear it, but i guess it sound something like: "run-run-run-danger-danger-danger-run-run-run" :D
Picture of possum18 achievements

+4 10. possum commented 13 years ago

wow. that dog went up like a rocket when sensing the impulse... astonishing!
Picture of ProfessionalGeek26 achievements

+2 11. ProfessionalGeek commented 13 years ago

I always thought animals had more of a heads up than that.

If you notice that little nob in the upper left starts moving no more than a second after he takes's like he felt or heard the earliest movement, but not exactly an early warning system.
Picture of dvh35 achievements

+3 12. dvh commented 13 years ago

In japan they have small electronic boxes which receive some data from somewhere, probably over radio, and they warn you about 20s before earthquake hits.
Picture of shayangx43 achievements

+2 13. shayangx commented 13 years ago

Since dogs have much better hearing than humans, the dog was able to hear the earthquake much earlier..
Picture of archis51 achievements

-3 14. archis commented 13 years ago

All here are posting - how he new? but, he began to run only then when the building began to shake, you would notice that in the same moment too, even in clip you can see the shake.
Picture of Jahoo31 achievements
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-7 15. Jahoo commented 13 years ago

#5 You're so gay.
Picture of Jussta1 achievements

+1 16. Jussta commented 13 years ago

Animals, such as this dog, can sense shifts in Electro-Magnetic energy shifts that are a result of earthquakes. I think it is awesome. Thanks for posting.
Picture of torres910 achievements

+1 17. torres9 commented 13 years ago

Homer ??
Picture of bud26 achievements

+3 18. bud commented 13 years ago

Don't get me wrong, I love dogs and I know some of their senses are more keen than humans but if you look at the video at :57 seconds, you'll see that the office chair was rolling at the same time Sophie was running off.

Also, unless you're right on top of the epi-centre of a quake, the shaking effects don't just start with a huge rocking. There's a subtle rumble. A lot like feeling dynamite being detonated. It's a gradual rumbling to quaking and shaking. There's also after shocks which are lesser rumblings happening as the rest of the earth resettles itself between the shifted plates.

Good clip, but too many people are thinking that the dog sensed it before others when in fact, she didn't.

But no doubt you take Sofie and have her sniff over someone who's got a lot of new moles due to sun poisoning and she'll tell you which marks are malignant/cancerous and which moles are benign/non-cancerous.

She'll also sniff out the biscuit you have hidden in your shirt pocket. :D
Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements

-1 19. eNdEmiOn06463 commented 13 years ago

The guy in the vid probably noticed the same thing just didn't act on it like the dog did. Pretty lame glorifying the dog's "extra sensory abilities".

(the guy starts moving his chair back at the same moment he dog starts taking of)
Picture of trancetunes48 achievements

+5 20. trancetunes (moderator) commented 13 years ago

didn't read to see if anyone posted this already, but when the tsunami's hit south east asia a couple years ago, there were many zoo animals which were so afraid that they escaped before the tsunami hit. same thing with many of the animals in the forests and jungles. some of the villages which observe the animals regularly followed them because they knew the animals could sense natural disasters. i believe humans could have it in them as well, but with today's modern world we lost that side of our intelligence perhaps..

and btw, #18, 0:57 is almost the end. maybe you mean 0:17? even if you mean 17 seconds, that was some dude moving the chair right as the dog bolted..the dog definitely sense it right before it came in my opinion (or right before the humans were able to tell).
Picture of Deathegg31 achievements

+1 21. Deathegg commented 13 years ago

Whoever thinks the guy moved the chair exactly like the dog, did you consider the possibility that the man moved because the dog suddenly just darted out?...
Picture of supes7 achievements

+1 22. supes commented 13 years ago

I'm pretty sure if the people felt it first they would'nt have grabbed the dog and run,so you go boy run like hell
Picture of STPFan19612 achievements

+1 23. STPFan1961 commented 13 years ago

Some humans still can sense when a EQ is about to happen... I lived in So. Calif. near the San Andreas fault for many years and after realizing that I was experiencing nervous energy, grinding my teeth, slight nausea and then having a EQ within 12-24 hours several times, I was more tuned into them. At first I just kept it to myself, because I thought I was imagining things, but then I started telling people, and now even though I live in AZ, my friends and family still rely on me to forwarn them. The most recent EQs, like Baja, and Eureka I was a wreck before they happened.
Picture of gto6910 achievements

+1 24. gto69 commented 13 years ago

WOW! How did we humans loose that ability?
Picture of Darnko29 achievements

+2 25. Darnko commented 13 years ago

#24 Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll
Picture of Petralala22 achievements

+2 26. Petralala commented 13 years ago

I think you'll find, #18 that the guy who is seen in the video, was sat on the chair. He moves around responding to the dog, who ran off responding to the earth quake before it happened.
The video doesn't surprise me, it's a wellknown fact. But it's definitely amazing to watch.
Thumbsup for this vid ::(|) ::(|)
Picture of mydixiewrecked36 achievements

+1 27. mydixiewrecked commented 13 years ago

I was so expecting to see the dog near the end of the video already at the door before everyone else looking form the door to the stairway thinking, "JESUS GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Picture of clark5828 achievements

+1 28. clark58 commented 13 years ago

What a lame Dog! WTH, Lassie would have gotten everyone to saftey, but that selfish dog just looks out for its self. What the hell is wrong with dogs these days? ;)
Picture of bud26 achievements

0 29. bud commented 13 years ago

#26, Petra, no, there was no one in the chair. It's obvious. The support pillar alone combined with the space of the chair according to what measurments of anyone in that chair at that time compared to the spacing of the pillar, the room and the timing of the dogs reactions lends well enough evidence that the chair was unoccupied.
Picture of angrytattedguy18 achievements

+1 30. angrytattedguy commented 13 years ago

This happened in our country so I actually gave a crap. Yes that dog mattered more to me than an entire third world country of useless idiots.
Picture of vitaminm15 achievements

+1 31. vitaminm commented 12 years ago

this shuold be retitled "dog survives 9/11"
Picture of MAXDIESEL10 achievements

+1 32. MAXDIESEL commented 12 years ago

that fat guy was so scared he didnt know what the F*** to DO!
Picture of DJKovu21 achievements

+1 33. DJKovu commented 12 years ago

a other reason that dogs are mens best friend!