Europe from point of view of estonians.

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Picture of yurtb25 achievements

+87 1. yurtb commented 13 years ago

compared to an average USA's persons knowledge this is pretty good
Picture of vgsr31 achievements

+3 2. vgsr commented 13 years ago

Now i dont have to learn for my geography exam tomorrow anymore!
Picture of Paul_LITHUANIAN6 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-14 3. Paul_LITHUANIAN commented 13 years ago

Ok, there arent Poland and Belorus, no one likes Polish anyway, but why there isnt Lithuania?
Picture of BigBang31 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-9 4. BigBang commented 13 years ago

Are Estonians the European Americans, perchance?
Picture of makbeth36 achievements

+2 5. makbeth commented 13 years ago

Ireland, where we all go to work. Its got these annoying locals though who keep trying to take their own jobs back:)
Picture of WildMonkey32 achievements

+3 6. WildMonkey commented 13 years ago


Being called an American is just as bad as the F word for them.
Picture of SmajlicekCZ38 achievements

+17 7. SmajlicekCZ commented 13 years ago

I don't know why, but this video made me laugh. :)
I am from the Czech Republic and the BEER comment is so true.
Picture of PaterSin42 achievements

+2 8. PaterSin commented 13 years ago

HA some are rather funny^^
but a few countries missing
and also we have Beer in Germany lots of it!
Picture of smacker27 achievements

-3 9. smacker commented 13 years ago

Take care of your women! :*
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+2 10. sux2bu commented 13 years ago

Ha ha ! Now I understand why so many Europeans say they hate the US....they think England is America! Who could blame them?

That voice....I thought Andy Kaufman was dead! ( Latka Gravas )
Picture of frizzlsnits32 achievements

-1 11. frizzlsnits commented 13 years ago

Holland has Potter 8-) !
Picture of Dae41 achievements

-1 12. Dae commented 13 years ago

I'm not a rich bastard :(
Picture of LisaColorado13 achievements

+4 13. LisaColorado commented 13 years ago

Isn't it funny how Americans think it's a compliment any time you mention them? We do. It doesn't really hurt to be called the bad guy. What are you going to do to us--flick insults? Liberty has a way of making small things stay in perspective. We like you. Total agreement about the beer.
Picture of orion27 achievements

-2 14. orion commented 13 years ago

Lol at what they call UK :) But what the heck is molvania?
Picture of andrer99941 achievements

0 15. andrer999 commented 13 years ago

Funny at times...
It's always insulting when Portugal and Spain are portraited together...but ok, then again I also tend to think Estonia is part of the United Idiot Emirates.
BTW: Björk IS a dragon.
Picture of mihkel123036 achievements

-3 16. mihkel1230 commented 13 years ago

#15 Its a bit sad to hear that .Being that the united idiot emirates(russia) have enslaved us for hundreds of years.Like this video.Tought it be more racist or smth and the start.
Picture of Taineract35 achievements

+2 17. Taineract commented 13 years ago

Iceland is spot on.

Now lets see some Canadians do the 50 states!
Picture of sitaauk47 achievements

+4 18. sitaauk commented 13 years ago

haha very good.. now as estonian i don't see europe as such..

but this video was supposed to be funny and I did laugh, so job well done
Picture of Kronephon15 achievements

-4 19. Kronephon commented 13 years ago

I know I shouldn't really let it get to me..
but like...

:'( :'( :'( :'(
Picture of sleepless9027 achievements

-1 20. sleepless90 commented 13 years ago

I'm from Czech Rep. too, agree with beer, but why are we showed here as joined with Slovakia? We're splitted since 1992.
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

-3 21. irishgek commented 13 years ago

LOL ireland were all the work is LOL theres no work in ireland theres hundreds of lay offs every week ....sorry every day at teh moment this place is ruined
Picture of eupatriot29 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-9 22. eupatriot commented 13 years ago

This video is not funny and the tone of description suggests a little animosity toward other European countries.

How about this instead, How does Europe view Estonia?

Picture of flushroyal26 achievements

+3 23. flushroyal commented 13 years ago

we dont steal your women, we just have sex w/them, you can keep ur women.
Picture of Woolf200036 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 24. Woolf2000 commented 13 years ago

go fuck yourselfs, estonians. with love from the rich bastards.
Picture of Voutelamberopipi36 achievements

-2 25. Voutelamberopipi commented 13 years ago

#19 agreed
Picture of Daire36 achievements

+7 26. Daire commented 13 years ago

best vid ive seen in a while! :(|)
Im Irish and yes u do tend to steal our jobs pricks! >:)
Picture of Sramos34 achievements

+2 27. Sramos commented 13 years ago

Im czech and we HAVE the best beer in the universe :D thats right :P no im kiddin but who ever tasted .......
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

+10 28. Chrisofskjern commented 13 years ago

IM from denmark and we have the best wind! nothing else. and its true
Picture of iovnzu38 achievements

-2 29. iovnzu commented 13 years ago

Damn true!!! :D and yes, i grow my pot in netherland!! ;)
Picture of ThProfessor10 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 30. ThProfessor commented 13 years ago

This a Spencer map, so called after the original designer, James Harvey Spencer. He was quite stupid, just like most of the contributors to SNOTR.
Picture of tough-floozies13 achievements

+11 31. tough-floozies commented 13 years ago

Those complaining about inaccuracies (No portugal, czech/slovak etc)... :S you really missed the point. Guess what, it is deliberately inaccurate. Guess what else, Estonia isnt a Kingdom.

I guess Latvians havent seen it yet. :D

Its a joke. You know, humour.

ps, very funny.

pps, Americans are probably as familiar with Europe as Europeans are with US states. And west Europeans probably know less about East Europe.
Picture of le_glaude33 achievements

0 32. le_glaude commented 13 years ago

why french are frogs??? i prefer frogs than baked beans
Picture of zaltysss39 achievements

0 33. zaltysss commented 13 years ago

oh cman ! that idiot forgot to mention Lithuania.. the other neighbour
i feel deprest now :/
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

-3 34. badboy007 commented 13 years ago

LOL what a gay boy
Picture of englishgent5 achievements

-4 35. englishgent commented 13 years ago

not f*&king funny!
Picture of MarekX28 achievements

+1 36. MarekX commented 13 years ago

haha, BEER!!
Picture of Elary29 achievements

+2 37. Elary commented 13 years ago

This isn't ment to be politically correct (nor geographically).
Inside jokes mostly though.
(6-toed latvian. LV - "Lisa Varvas" (extra toe in English), "no sea, no islands - they wanted Ruhnu island from us (because they have no islands, locals preferred Estonia though (if I recall correctly))
And so on...
Picture of DARKENEMY24 achievements

+5 38. DARKENEMY commented 13 years ago

I'm 6-toed latvian :D
Picture of mala-zmija26 achievements

-1 39. mala-zmija commented 13 years ago

hm...estonians have up-to date maps of europe and also dom't sound like americans with speach impediments :S
Picture of kernelpanics11 achievements

-2 40. kernelpanics commented 13 years ago

Sorry, ain't funny :S
Picture of tough-floozies13 achievements

+6 41. tough-floozies commented 13 years ago

what the beef with america? Try asking a Western European where Bulgaria, Estonia, Kaliningrad are?
Picture of DJKovu21 achievements

0 42. DJKovu commented 12 years ago

ohh Denmark have more than good wind XDD have good floods and thunderstorms to
Picture of BORIS9 achievements

0 43. BORIS commented 10 years ago

I'm from Bulgaria and I feel offended by your movie.. how can you call me or my land "IDIOT" ... don't get me wrong, truly Bulgaria my not appear in your mind as a great country or you my not even know that we exist, how ever we have a great and rich history more then 1300 years. We are part of Europe, we have survived 500 years under the Ottoman Empire, after this we have managed to free our self from them (with the help of Russia) then the "great" European forces of that time decided to cut large part of my country do to political and economical interest, we have survived the first and the second WW my grand father died with 2 bullets in his body... then again the great EU forces decided the path for us by surrendering us to the communist's (USSR)... and now after all this shit you describe me and my people as "Idiots" ?! I'm proud to call my self Bulgarian and I do not think of my self as a Idiot how about you ???