Narrow parking skills

This clever old man manages to park tiny car in a very narrow garage :D

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Picture of mihkel123036 achievements

+15 1. mihkel1230 commented 13 years ago

At first glance with the door i tought that hes gonna use ninja skills to get out >:) >:)
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

+10 2. Chrisofskjern commented 13 years ago

Simply awesome!

They ask him if he doesnt want a bigger car in the end. He says no way they use way too much gas. Talk about staying green. Tiny garage and tiny car. Go old dutch man go!
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements

0 3. Usdevildoggmc commented 13 years ago

Pretty good deal he gets where the position of his house door is =)
Picture of dizwa33 achievements

+8 4. dizwa commented 13 years ago

at #2, he's not dutch, he's vlaams... and yes, there is a difference.
Picture of Gias16 achievements

+2 5. Gias commented 13 years ago

adding to #4 Vlaams is the Dutch talking part of Belgium.
The First Belgium man who can drive a car properly.
In belgium you are allowed to get drivinglessons from your parents and that's really showing :S.

I got into a argument on the Belgium motorway and he fired to bullets to my car. True story.
I wrote down his license plate and he got arrested and was sentenced for 2,5 year in prison.
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+2 6. kainim commented 13 years ago

belgians all the way *being proun*

Gias your a moron, we aint a country that allows you to bring your gun everywhere you want
true story my ass

and as for the driving, not everyone can drive properly (i could say, look at women but i'm not gonna do that), it's not cause we're belgian we can't drive...

the man got skill, certainly if you look at his age
Picture of NathaneM40 achievements

+1 7. NathaneM commented 13 years ago

did he qualify for becoming green? awesome
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

-4 8. Urmensch commented 13 years ago

A little off topic, but is Vlaams part of the Netherlands?
As I understand it, the Netherlands is Holland and some other areas.
Picture of shayangx43 achievements

-2 9. shayangx commented 13 years ago

Beautiful..I love this guy..
Picture of Salem36 achievements

+2 10. Salem commented 13 years ago

#8 Holland = The Netherlands(where we speak "Dutch";). Just an other name for my country.
Belgium has Vlaanderen, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium (where people talk "vlaams";), and also Wallonië, the French speaking part of Belgium.
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

+12 11. badboy007 commented 13 years ago

I am trying to Imagine a Women trying to park in there and get out.
Picture of Gregorz10 achievements
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-14 12. Gregorz commented 13 years ago

this guy is DUTCH just like me! so kewl!


Picture of WhiteEyes8 achievements

+2 13. WhiteEyes commented 13 years ago

@ Gregorz

He lives in Brugges, not in The Netherlands so beat it :)
Picture of LisaColorado13 achievements

+2 14. LisaColorado commented 13 years ago

They didn't show us the paint job on the passenger side of the car... >:)
Picture of Zumo38 achievements

-3 15. Zumo commented 13 years ago

Priceless :D.
Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements

-1 16. eNdEmiOn06463 commented 13 years ago

I don't really like to stereotype groups of people but this seems to fit the stupid label people tend to put on Belgians.

Yes he does it quite inventively but the question rises why. Instead of making it hard on himself just leave the car outside or get at least a bigger door to get out of the car. Also possible to get an automated ramp which pulls the car into the garage after parking on top of it. And so on...
Picture of Gochella30 achievements

-4 17. Gochella commented 13 years ago

#16 U R so right,
we dutch people really don't like to be compared with the belgians, cause of the random stupidness of most of them..
They have nice chicks walking around there though
Picture of swf201226 achievements

-1 18. swf2012 commented 13 years ago

It's quite funny to see that my fellow Belgians don't even know how to translate their own language to English in an entirely English sentence :D
to make it clear for #8
Belgium is a country devided in 3 Parts (or four, but it depends on what kind of political level you are looking).

Flanders (Vlaanderen) is where they speak Dutch
Wallonia (Wallonie) is where thy speak French
The East Cantons(Ost-Kantone)is where they speak German

The language Flemmish officialy doesn't excist, it's a variant of Dutch. Basicly it's like the difference between US and Canadian or UK English.
Like most Canadians, Englishmen and Americans, we Belgians and Dutch folks also like to make fun of each other and don't want to be taken as one of them, hence some people are offended when you mix it up ( like #17 ;) )
Picture of Voutelamberopipi36 achievements

-2 19. Voutelamberopipi commented 13 years ago

#(removed comment) yes, on a flat floor, with a panda... amazing eh? :|
Picture of kainim37 achievements

0 20. kainim commented 13 years ago

#17, yeah we got nice chicks, but we aint stupid, the only difference between us is the accent, the word we use for taking a dump and french fries, our hair and our length, for the rest we are pretty much the same, so that means you have random stupidity too in your country, but then again, everyone has

#8 i'm guessing you're not from Europe :D
Picture of paintball26 achievements

-3 21. paintball commented 13 years ago

aaaaaa... but way yyyyy????
Picture of SeanzBeanz28 achievements

0 22. SeanzBeanz commented 13 years ago

Haha, look at the scratches on the inside of that door, he must have hit it a few times with the car door xD
Picture of bud26 achievements

+3 23. bud commented 13 years ago

LOL I wondered how without a sunroof he's was going to get out. Clever bugger he is!

Cool clip Niek 8-)

#18, Don't knock your fellow Belgians on the English language until you yourself have mastered the symantics.

It's 'divided', not "devided".
It's 'exist', not "excist".
It's 'basically', not "basicly".

Enough said, mate.
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

-1 24. Chrisofskjern commented 13 years ago

#4 - Ofcourse hes Belgian. Because he lives in Oostende :)
Sorry didnt even think about that. Or the flamish accent... doh!
Picture of LeProfesseur2 achievements

-3 25. LeProfesseur commented 13 years ago

Man parks small car in small garage.

Hold the fuckin' Front Page!

Tune in next week, when we'll be watching the breathtaking video of a woman squeezing an enormous cherry pie into a tiny oven with only millimetres to spare!!! :O
Picture of justforcomment23 achievements

-1 26. justforcomment commented 13 years ago

Buy a motorcycle
Picture of swf201226 achievements

-1 27. swf2012 commented 13 years ago

#23, Dutch is my(and their) native language, English isn't.... enough said?
And I never knocked anyone down, I'm really not the fighter type..
I just said I found it "quite funny" they put plain Dutch words in a completely English sentence. Never made any remarks on their English skills, only on the refusal of trying to translate.

Thanks for the info anyways, I'm always up to improve my English !!
Picture of ninocka37 achievements

0 28. ninocka commented 13 years ago

cool. sad tho. i feel clastrophobic just looking at the clip. i wanna have enough money so that i can contact ppl like that and be like 'i have a huge mansion for you together with a hummer and 20sqft of garage space'. even tho maybe some ppl dont really care. i dont know. its just sad for me.
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

0 29. snotraddict commented 13 years ago

If that's what it takes to be Green, screw that!
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

-2 30. irishgek commented 13 years ago

Omg #18 your so bloody rong and you are a belge i lived 9 years in the netherlands and Vlaams is nothing like us english and uk english it got loads a bloody french in it i went to antwerp and couldent understand half of what people said and i speak fluent dutch ...why else would they subtitle him as the subtitles i understand 100% i know he has an accent too but even wiki says vlaams is real

And so you know that guy is 87 God he does not look it thats for sure
Picture of swf201226 achievements

-1 31. swf2012 commented 13 years ago

#30 Then please tell me why the Netherlands and we share the same dictionary? Dutch is the official language in both countries. The spoken languages may sound very different from each other but it's written completely the same. The reason you (and even myself sometimes) don't understand people is because our dialects are very different from place to place. That is also the reason for the subtitles.

(I strongly advice you to reread that Wikipage you linked, and it will basically tell you the same)
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

-1 32. Urmensch commented 13 years ago

Someone tried to explain the difference to me years ago.
I went and found this.

"Today the province of Limburg still has a Governor and to say to someone from Limburg or Friesland that he or she is from Holland, is considered an insult. They are not! They consider themselves to be from the Netherlands. They even have their own language."

To call the Netherlands Holland would be like calling Great Britain England.
Picture of DJKovu21 achievements

0 33. DJKovu commented 12 years ago

Fiat Panda 45 hands up! had one of them myself, a cute little older sexy car XD