How Does This Work?

How can he refill three cups with one cup?

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Picture of codenamegizmo37 achievements

+21 1. codenamegizmo commented 14 years ago

i may be wrong, but i think i noticed the liquid became less clear after every pour. i skipped from the first frame to the last and i got the impression the shade was darker.
Picture of Blackx37 achievements

+15 2. Blackx commented 14 years ago

i woud like to multiply my boozz :D
nice TRICK!!!
Picture of Rexxae40 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 3. Rexxae commented 14 years ago

okay... somebody explain please.. :S

and #1 , I didn't saw that .. :S :S
Picture of gpullen42 achievements

+13 4. gpullen commented 14 years ago

he doesnt refill three cups... he refills FOUR cups...
Picture of taracebulba18 achievements

+45 5. taracebulba commented 14 years ago

This is very obvious.

The three larger cups are already filled with water or a very low density liquid. The original liquid has a very high density, looks a bit sticky. Notice at the beginning how the contents of the first cup flow ? As he pours the high density white liquid into the second cup, it flows to the bottom of the second cup giving the impression that it is empty. In reality, the white liquid is heavier than the transparent liquid already in the second cup. However both liquids are miscible and he ends up with a slightly less dense mixture of both white and transparent liquids, giving you the impression that the volume has doubled. See how easy the liquid flows when he pours the contents of the third glass into the fourth? By now, the original sticky liquid of the first cup has been diluted many times and is less dense than at the beginning.

He is clumsy, he could take his time and the trick would become less obvious.
Picture of frizzlsnits32 achievements

-1 6. frizzlsnits commented 14 years ago

#3, #1 is right. Switch between 0.10 and 1.20, you'll see the difference.
Picture of Silent20 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-13 7. Silent commented 14 years ago

using a particular liquid that creates a lot of foam, just like when you shake a coke etc, each time he pours, it creates more foam ontop, liquid stays the same, the foam gets more and more..
Picture of gpullen42 achievements

+6 8. gpullen commented 14 years ago

#5 am i the only person who sees 4 larger cups not 3?!

but i do agree with your theory, this is why he uses the patterned glass, not plain
Picture of Silent20 achievements

+3 9. Silent commented 14 years ago

0:39 watch the top right of the largest glass, you see the clear liquid wobble

seems your right #5
Picture of codenamegizmo37 achievements

-1 10. codenamegizmo commented 14 years ago

#5 is probably right. it would account for the change in shading. it's what i figured at first but i couldn't see the water at all (or whatever liquid he's using). but i guess that's why he uses weird looking cups that aren't smooth.
Picture of Mistwraith3 achievements

+4 11. Mistwraith commented 14 years ago

There is a clear tube within all the cups but the 1st one, the last one is filled with a clear liquid the others are capped off, the tubes come up to about 2.5cm before the top of the glasses so you cant see them from the angle its filmed at, however if you look very carefully they create a different colour on his t-shirt if you look through them at it.
Picture of Mistwraith3 achievements

+6 12. Mistwraith commented 14 years ago

There is a clear tube within all the cups but the 1st one, the last one is filled with a clear liquid the others are capped off, the tubes come up to about 2.5cm before the top of the glasses so you cant see them from the angle its filmed at, however if you look very carefully they create a different colour on his t-shirt if you look through them at it.
Picture of Diarmaid29 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-8 13. Diarmaid commented 14 years ago

Am I the only one that can see the ice in the glasses? The white stuff must melt the ice really fast. Obviously there is a clear liquid in the glasses as well.
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+6 14. Sizzlik (admin) commented 14 years ago

To make it short..its a simple magic trick you can buy..named "Diminishing Milk Glass"..pretty old..but nice looking
Picture of Paul196825 achievements

0 15. Paul1968 commented 14 years ago

if he can do this with beer he can come out with me on friday night ::(|) :* ::(|)
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

-1 16. Chrisofskjern commented 14 years ago

Look VERY closely @1:25 and notice how he makes absolutely sure that the cups DO NOT MOVE at all. But at 1:25 he accidentally pushes it and if you got good eyes you'll see that there is already some liquid in there.

at least thats what i see
Picture of black88775 achievements

+8 17. black8877 commented 14 years ago

Here's how it's done:

(#11 is almost correct, but 'all' the tubes are open.)

Inside each glass (except the smallest) is an open ended tube, full of clear liquid. Since the volume of the tube detracts from the apparent volume of the glass, it fills up with a smaller amount of liquid. Notice how he is careful to pour very close to the rim of each glass, instead of straight into the centre as would be more normal.

When the contents are then poured into the next larger glass, the additional contents of the tube are poured as well, so the amount of liquid increases each time. The contents of the final glass are now easily sufficient to fill every previous glass.

Picture of rizwan16 achievements

-3 18. rizwan commented 14 years ago

no need to say wow its only depending on glass thickness not about length
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+1 19. sux2bu commented 14 years ago

#17 Excellent, I could not have said it any better!......I mean ,really,I couldn't have! :)
Picture of cholio15 achievements

+2 20. cholio commented 14 years ago

Watch at 0:44 and 0:45 you can see the tube inside the glass fill up before the rest of the glass does.
Picture of hammamasta12 achievements

-4 21. hammamasta commented 14 years ago

Picture of doritokllr15 achievements
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-5 22. doritokllr commented 14 years ago

Actually I had a magic set long ago with this trick in it. The cups have a mirror inside of the down the center of the cup except for the first one. the mirror makes it look like the cup is whole but depending on where the mirror is placed you can fill one side of the cup with less liquid. If you look carefully especially at the last cup you can actually see the top f this piece of miror near the rim of the cup. This is also why the cups have that diamond pattern on them, to obscure people from seeing a clear reflection.
Picture of tammymac24 achievements

+2 23. tammymac commented 14 years ago

Duh.... look at 1:09. the cups are all filled with fluids in the middle. almost like there is a tube in the middle for like a shot of something. if you watch him he pours all of the fluids in the side of the cup almost on the rim. NEVER in the middle. if he did it would fill up the middle part first and cause his trick to flop. >:)
Picture of zimmmer25 achievements

-1 24. zimmmer commented 14 years ago

i agree with the tube theory from #11 if you look closely at the glass he is pouring from at 0:21 you can see a circle thats the top of the tube
Picture of MakeTnotWar38 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 25. MakeTnotWar commented 14 years ago

I think it's done with hot saltwater. Inside every glas is a cone of ice. You can see the ice at 0:45. Both temperature and salt melt the ice quickly and that way the liquid seems to get more and more.
Picture of miffomizer31 achievements

-4 26. miffomizer commented 14 years ago

#1 - #24:

The answer is obvious...Jesus has gone viral!
Picture of zimmmer25 achievements

0 27. zimmmer commented 14 years ago

#25 thats not ice thats the tube full of clear liquid over flowing because the ice would float on top of the water
Picture of reece59018 achievements

-1 28. reece590 commented 14 years ago

#1 Good observation. But it has to do with the cups. There is a cup inside of a cup, and he pours it down between the two.
Picture of karl_os23 achievements

0 29. karl_os commented 14 years ago

at 0:28 you can notice there is some transparent liquid in the cup that is about to be 'filled'. Nice, though.
Picture of tomas42 achievements

-1 30. tomas commented 14 years ago

#5 You made that up mate, it's not right! XD

Maybe a cup inside another, fake volume? Archimedes? A person inside a bath tub? A rock inside a glass? Another empty glass inside each glass? ;)
Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements

-1 31. DarkiKun commented 14 years ago

at 0:45 you can noticed he poured a bit into the middle to soon and there is like a fountain, case of the middle tube, lawl
Picture of owner41 achievements

-1 32. owner commented 14 years ago

i think He is Jesus, i read about this stuff in Bible.
Picture of minipomme13 achievements

-1 33. minipomme commented 14 years ago

Keep it simple guys, you can obviously see the milk diluates in each transition. There's water in the glasses.
Picture of mike_nazz30 achievements

-2 34. mike_nazz commented 14 years ago

using Einsteins theory of relative velocity, the liquid he is using is compressed CO2 in a liquid state combined with room temperature liquid nitrogen. every time he pours the solvent into the other cup Nitrogen from the Air dissolves into the mixture increasing its relative mass and volume.
Picture of ragou27 achievements

-1 35. ragou commented 14 years ago

#29 is right. I saw it too.
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 36. LightAng3l commented 14 years ago

I love how NONE of the comments are right :P

The secret is in the liquid itself ... there are no other tubes, liquids or a cup inside another.

Good luck with it ;)
Picture of tough-floozies13 achievements

-1 37. tough-floozies commented 14 years ago

No great mystery here - although there are several ways to achieve it.

In theatre and tv, there are double surface glasses. The glass volume is not as much as you think. This enables actors to "drink" beer without getting drunk.

Or, the glasses can have transparent objects inside.

Notice the glasses are slightly frosted. This helps the illusion.
Picture of osborne9 achievements

-1 38. osborne commented 14 years ago

nice trick ! amzing!
Picture of hRock23 achievements

0 39. hRock commented 14 years ago

You can clearly see that there something in those glasses. Especially at the largest glass, when he puts his hand behind the glass, you can spot the surface line of the liquid. It seems that he is doing it with milk and water or something like that.
Picture of levicblack30 achievements

-3 40. levicblack commented 14 years ago

First off, #34, liquid nitrogen is no longer a liquid when it reaches room temp. wikipedia - "liquid nitrogen boils at 77 K (−196 °C; −321 °F)" Second if it were CO2 and Nitrogen it would be "foggy" above the glasses, he would have to wear gloves or he would have instant frost bite, the liquid nitrogen would cause the glasses to crack and most likely break.

Now for my explanation. #31 has the best evidence of the tube theory at 0:45. This trick is done with tubes. As for the liquid. I believe it to be something like salt water and at the bottom of each glass there is salt or some other solution. It could also be that there are two chemicals present that cause a precipitate. they use this formula in the example and it forms a precipitate that looks much like the liquid in the vid.
AgNO3 (aq) + KCl (aq) → AgCl (s) + KNO3 (aq)

But it could be as simple as salt water. However the tube theory is definitely used.
Picture of draxenn31 achievements

+2 41. draxenn commented 14 years ago

if you look closely at the second glass as he fills the third glass with it, you'll see the ring of the inner tube in the glass. Like it's already been said, it seem that there are tubes in the middle of the glasses each with their own liquid. :)
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

0 42. badboy007 commented 14 years ago

whats the music its cool
Picture of wiredforvideo4 achievements

0 43. wiredforvideo commented 14 years ago

Sorry to disappoint the elaborate theories that sound so certain. The is no trick. Each NORMAL glass has a small amount of white powder on the bottom that is a super-absorbent polymer. See it? It expands like crazy in water. I used to do this all the time with my chemistry class.

Another example is to pour water into a opaque coffee cup and turn it upside down and nothing comes out! Looks of amazement. Where did the water go? Again elaborate theories as to the fake glass, etc. It all due to the simple white powder you can buy.

By the way, they've even used it in diapers. It's made from a type of corn starch.

You can see more here about it here:
Picture of joka23244 achievements

0 44. joka232 commented 14 years ago

WOW ITS LIKE MAGIC!!!!! when udont read the comments!
Picture of De_Micco35 achievements

-3 45. De_Micco commented 14 years ago

Picture of DJKovu21 achievements

0 46. DJKovu commented 14 years ago

expanding lequid when over turned to a new glace perhaps? if teh lecquet exspant when geting in contack with a warm glas just as a axsampel.
Picture of Jking881 achievements

0 47. Jking88 commented 8 years ago

You can see this effect by pouring a drink from a large paper cup to a regular paper cup, also known as the Costa Congress
Picture of sameer233 achievements

0 48. sameer23 commented 6 years ago

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