Police chase ends in beat-down

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Picture of Cvejic44 achievements

0 1. Cvejic commented 11 years ago

Are those cops aware of the camera presence in their vehicles?

Rodney king deja vu... :(
Picture of draxenn31 achievements

+24 2. draxenn commented 11 years ago

Oh yeah. It's not a hidden camera...but they get really pissy if you hurt one of their own.
We see it as an accident; the officer laying down the spike strip got too close, and the driver swerved too hard, hitting the officer.
But the police see it as someone trying to run their buddy down.

But what they did was very wrong, and they should be removed from the force for something as serious as this.
Picture of mescaline41 achievements

+19 3. mescaline commented 11 years ago

#2 it's obvious the fugitive tried to hit the police officer. He had two free lanes in front of him to accelerate, and chose the left one? Come on.
I'm just giving my opinion on this particular point.
What the police did after is just stupid and shameful.
Picture of flushroyal26 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-11 4. flushroyal commented 11 years ago

yeah, a group of people who has no goal in life became policeman. Uneducated douchebag beatin up an unconscious dude.. not cool.. I don't like the police though :| .
Picture of dogfish37 achievements

+12 5. dogfish commented 11 years ago

america is a damn police state...
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

+16 6. cameramaster commented 11 years ago

america is a damn police state...

You think its bad over there? ever been arrested for LOOKING at a cop? I have!
Picture of irishgek50 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 7. irishgek commented 11 years ago

I can imagen one copper hitting him but for all of them to join in its disgraceful and hhitting a man thats allready knocked out even worse
Picture of popmychezza7 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-16 8. popmychezza commented 11 years ago

police - the largest and most powerful gang on earth

scumbags all of them. we need protection from the police more than anyone else
Picture of badboy00748 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-11 9. badboy007 commented 11 years ago

i added this last year it was not accepted.
and i got banned from youtube for puting this on it too.
they claimed it was a dead body...
Picture of Voutelamberopipi36 achievements

+10 10. Voutelamberopipi commented 11 years ago

#9 why do you always have to whine about who posts what and when? for the 999th time: stop acting like a fucking attention whore.
Picture of JayK22 achievements

+16 11. JayK commented 11 years ago

NO ONE ELSE thinks they should have beaten that scumbag to death? You're actually more worried about the police giving him a well-deserved kicking than a criminal in a car chase trying to kill an officer? I wonder about the world sometimes.
Picture of Tareim46 achievements

+18 12. Tareim (admin) commented 11 years ago

#(removed comment) they were very nice thank you! :D
Picture of silly_sy43 achievements

+5 13. silly_sy commented 11 years ago

just because they are the law, doesn't make them above the law. but most cops do think they are above it.
Picture of Slap_chop_ninja36 achievements

+26 14. Slap_chop_ninja commented 11 years ago

Driver clearly has not seen the Chris Rock sketch.

"Don't make the police chase after you. If they have to chase you, then they're bringin' an ass whuppin with them."
Picture of OMGkungfu26 achievements

+9 15. OMGkungfu commented 11 years ago

first of all.. u would have beat him too if he'd run over your friend.. and he was driving like a madmen. what if he hits a car with children in it? if u ask me, they sould have hit him harder.
Picture of Bahira35 achievements

+1 16. Bahira commented 11 years ago

Good they should have shot him on the road though.
Picture of jaeafafaeara16 achievements

+16 17. jaeafafaeara commented 11 years ago

Well, at least that beating gone to one who deserves it.

While here we don't have problems with black people, but we got plenty of gipsies (still kind blackish). When they cut railway tracks to sell them to scrap, it's "they right". When you try to prosecute them, it's "discrimination" (what an difficult and powefull word they learned despite not going to school even though it's mandatory). Not to mention, that they don't work - they don't have to thanks to our social security system.
Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements

+6 18. DarkiKun commented 11 years ago

sure, they didn't need to hit him after he was already in that state, but for all i care, he tried to run over the police so its a shame the retard didn't die. you can't expect to try to kill a police officer without consequences can you?
Picture of LisaColorado13 achievements

+10 19. LisaColorado commented 11 years ago

That scumbag tried to run down a policeman!!! We need policemen. We don't need assholes causing problems for everyone.
Picture of Atkinc08819 achievements

+10 20. Atkinc088 commented 11 years ago

How anyone can be sympathetic to someone who ran from the police, putting the lives of innocent people in danger, and then trying to run down a police officer is beyond me.

And to the people who say they were wrongfully arrested (I saw one commenter say he was arrested for looking at a cop), grow up and own up to what you did wrong.
Picture of imagic42 achievements

+3 21. imagic commented 11 years ago

the man tried to kill one of their fellow officers, dont get them to court, get them a reward !!
Picture of h8isgr828 achievements

+9 22. h8isgr8 commented 11 years ago

It's wrong to beat unconscious black scum........

You should always make sure they are awake first.
Picture of Taineract35 achievements

+13 23. Taineract commented 11 years ago

Funny how people are outraged and start pointing fingers when the cops give him what looks like a light beating, but nobody is put off in the least by the guy running over a guy and putting multiple people's lives in danger. Not saying what the police did was right - just think some of you should rethink your double standard.
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

-4 24. LightAng3l commented 11 years ago

#3 ... I don't know if he wanted to hit the officer... I think he was trying to avoid the spiked strip
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements

+5 25. Usdevildoggmc commented 11 years ago

I'm not reading the rest of the posts all i have to say is FUCK YOU PUSSIES, he deserved that fucking beating... how would u like it if you were a good cop and get crippled by a fucking low life thug.... how can anyone say they dont like police etc. just follow the rules n u wont get ur ass kicked everyone's happy.... simple!
Picture of mice21 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-9 26. mice commented 11 years ago

I would kill those police mans for beating me... no one beats me. This is first rule, and god too knows it. Not even in communist countries were men beaten up in streets by police. And you sucker Usdevildoggmc motherfcker should know, that no beating is allowed. They should arrest him or anything they have to do, but no beating. They should handle their impotency at a psycho clinic along with those who are commenting here on the side of the police.
You never know when and why they beat you up once... just for fun.
Picture of imagic42 achievements

+8 27. imagic commented 11 years ago

#26 you also know the story he made up was bullshit ?? someone came after him not showing he was a police officer, so he ran,, ok with that part. Then there is a lot of police, so why not stop and explain, or are there suddenly a lot of strange people not showing they are policemen ?? Besides that .. i wonder what you would do if someone tried to ran over your friend or collegue, guess you would walk up to him and try to sell him a bible ?
Picture of Nateconq25 achievements

-3 28. Nateconq commented 11 years ago

hitting a cop = 10 points
Picture of Highmeadow44 achievements

+4 29. Highmeadow commented 11 years ago

I really don't give a shit about them beatin the crap outta this guy, but all you people that say he deliberately tried to kill that cop are probably wrong. He took a rear end tap just beforehand on the driver's side. If you watch racing at all, you know that means an immediate trip through the infield. In this case, it just happened to be where that idiot cop was standing in the middle of the freeway... They should give them some sort of remote launcher for the spike belts so they can stay in their car.
Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements

+4 30. CrackrJak commented 11 years ago

the idiot tried to kill a cop by running him over, I say what the officers did was understandable outrage. I don't care what color the suspect was or what color the officers were. You attempt to kill a cop you get what you deserve.
Picture of eupatriot29 achievements

+4 31. eupatriot commented 11 years ago


also announcer says "apparent use of excessive force" maybe he missed the part where he tried to kill the officer with his car at? 0:07

nothing "excessive" here he deserved it.
Picture of eupatriot29 achievements

+6 32. eupatriot commented 11 years ago

@(removed comment) A licence plate number means nothing. Plates could be stolen, car could be stolen. Too many variables to just "let him get away"
In certain states and provinces they do actually call off police chases if the danger to the public is too great.
Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements

-4 33. eNdEmiOn06463 commented 11 years ago

Whoa what a lot of naive dumb people posting here. Talking about the brainwashed ones that can't believe in conspiracies and such. You know the ones plussing the rather narrow minded remarks.
Picture of eupatriot29 achievements

+5 34. eupatriot commented 11 years ago

@29 I see what you are saying but by his very action of not stopping when requested to by police causes the chain of events which could have led to the death of that officer.

It doesn't matter if he intended to swerve into him or not his action of not stopping is a felony.
Picture of Alucard41 achievements

+5 35. Alucard commented 11 years ago

#17 Are you are from Serbia? It's the same with gypsies here.
Picture of jaeafafaeara16 achievements

+4 36. jaeafafaeara commented 11 years ago

#35 Somewhat norther but still Slavic country (Slovakia) and I live in the Czech rep. Not that it makes any difference - till 1993 it was the Czechoslovakia as the Serbia was part of the Yugoslavia. However, splitting of the Czechoslovakia took much less shooting (none at all) than splitting of the Yugoslavia.

For #26: Just try youtubing some videos of "sametová revoluce" (velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia in 1989 ending the fourty-year-long ruling of Communist party of Czechoslovakia) for that "Communist peaceful cops".
Picture of wayomayo35 achievements

+3 37. wayomayo commented 11 years ago

Justice is too good for some people and not good enough for the rest..
Picture of croclacrimae37 achievements

+2 38. croclacrimae commented 11 years ago

#36 how is your little history lesson on splitting of former communist countries related to anything here ? Freaking odd.

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