Man VS 500.000 Volts

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Picture of Reaperdaddy39 achievements

+20 1. Reaperdaddy commented 12 years ago

Rayden, get out of this body !!!
Picture of shayangx43 achievements

-1 2. shayangx commented 12 years ago

Wow..thats amazing
Picture of SIN197830 achievements

+71 3. SIN1978 commented 12 years ago

Now lets see what happens when we ground him, lol.
Picture of adonis3606 achievements

+43 4. adonis360 commented 12 years ago

Jedi Master
Picture of Bikkies18 achievements

+5 5. Bikkies commented 12 years ago

That's one for the Bucket List.
Picture of archis51 achievements

+6 6. archis commented 12 years ago

I wish I could understand the nature of electricity better.
Picture of silly_sy43 achievements
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-8 7. silly_sy commented 12 years ago

400,000 volts! wow ive had a 400 v shock before carnt imagen how thats feel!
Picture of Sakzzz24 achievements

+8 8. Sakzzz commented 12 years ago

#7 U felt it cause u were grounded .. If this guy gets grounded he would be fried in seconds..
Picture of ringmaster54 achievements

+11 9. ringmaster commented 12 years ago

#4, this is more associated with the Sith. And that area could be a part of Death Star.
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

-4 10. irishgek commented 12 years ago

Nice but come on that was shit ... 500kv ....bull shit 500kv would get much better lightning than that that was a setup for a tv bit in a science show that was no real full sized tesla coil

I have Ignition coils from bikes capable of making sparks bigger than that , this is a propper spark ...

And also he is grounded hes hooked up on a line thats grounded but its connected and holding up the Faraday cage hes in with out it he would fry
Picture of jaeafafaeara16 achievements

+6 11. jaeafafaeara commented 12 years ago

Come on! 500 kV is not that much. International power lines range from 100 kV throught 200 kV and 400 kV to 1000 kV (= 1 MV = 1'000'000 Volts!). And when it comes to friing someone, the main question is not the voltage, but power output (hardness of power source).

Try short-circuiting battery in your car (well actually I wouldn't recommend trying that). Lead battery is so powerfull, it'll vaporize copper wire (or make screwdriver glowing red). It's just twelve volts, but it can provide hundreds of amperes and power is proportional to current^2 (divided by resistance; or simply: power = voltage * current, the rest is Ohm's law).
Picture of zxoxz42 achievements

+6 12. zxoxz commented 12 years ago

Amps is what kills you Add a coupla amps & that guy would be jerking all over!!!
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+4 13. irishgek commented 12 years ago

#12 ....amps would fry him ....500,000v*1amp = 500,000Watts,
even a milliwatt would be 500kv*1mw = 500watt that would allready make you contract every muscle in your body ...what hes got there is more like nanoamps or picoamps ;)
Picture of cincodemayo31 achievements

-2 14. cincodemayo commented 12 years ago

darth vader
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+1 15. kainim commented 12 years ago

0:42 Sith Lord!
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

+1 16. badboy007 commented 12 years ago

#4 people who love star wars and the jedi religion would cream there pants over this
Picture of silly_sy43 achievements

+1 17. silly_sy commented 12 years ago

#8 i do understand the priciples of electrics. i ment in that situation (not grounded) it must feel kind of like static. must be very surreal feeling, id love to try it.
Picture of msavio00830 achievements

+3 18. msavio008 commented 12 years ago

#13 and #12 are right about this one and he's also wearing protective gloves and a suit that's probably redirecting the current around his body.
Picture of YoArgentino36 achievements

+1 19. YoArgentino commented 12 years ago

Well, this obviously is current limited. When the current reach the preseted maximum, the voltage drop. And, yes, he is grounded.
Picture of missni9 achievements

0 20. missni commented 12 years ago

I wonder if the guy knows that electric arcs cause cancer.. :P
Picture of TheIsingGuy24 achievements

-1 21. TheIsingGuy commented 12 years ago

Lot of people seems to thing high voltage = more frying power but its not the case, its the current that causing the frying. voltage is merely like a mountain, a ball sits on the top that doesnt move in any direction(no flow no current, so high voltage is like a huge potential energy) is like this half a million volt device connected to his body.
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+1 22. irishgek commented 12 years ago

#18 as i pointed out its called a faraday cage check the wiki

Any one remember the video last year

Same suit ....but none of the bull this guy has balls
Picture of peacinu34 achievements

+2 23. peacinu commented 12 years ago

My god, it's Sidious!
Picture of De_Micco35 achievements

-2 24. De_Micco commented 12 years ago

That is realy amazing. Your brain think faster with more energy?
Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements

+1 25. c0mmanderKeen commented 12 years ago

#24 no.

Your brain needs adenosine triphosphate (spelling?) to work. the energy can be compared to electricity but it really is chemical energy, not electrical.
Picture of Teqskater32 achievements

+1 26. Teqskater commented 9 years ago

#13 Let's make it a little but difficulter :) Amps or current isn't possible without volts and a kind of resistance. Hahaha Just saying...electricity can be difficult. I bet you already knew this stuff but i want to note it for everyone that doesnt know.