How not to make a turn

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Picture of influenza33 achievements

+20 1. influenza commented 13 years ago

Humiliating defeat!

i´m taking driving lessons... and i already know that this is

...and he was not the first crashing there!
Picture of Aurel29 achievements

+7 2. Aurel commented 13 years ago

"This happened to my son"(women's commentary) As u can see from the the side rail, it's not the first time somebody make the turn... :(|)
Drive safely!!!
Picture of Paul196825 achievements

+9 3. Paul1968 commented 13 years ago

sad waste of a nice car.... slow down next time muppet :*
Picture of imagic42 achievements

+4 4. imagic commented 13 years ago

darwin award on the road !
Picture of andrer99941 achievements

-2 5. andrer999 commented 13 years ago

is it just a coincidence that it's Women Day?
that's what happens when you break while cornering, LADIES... >:)
Picture of deenajs42 achievements

+5 6. deenajs commented 13 years ago

He failed at the right time.
One more sec and the other driver would feelt his stupidity! :(|)

Is that Kate Ryan - Voyage Voyage on the radio, sounds like another language! >:)
Picture of Rexxae40 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-10 7. Rexxae commented 13 years ago

Vote me up if you hate the woman screaming in the clips.. :|
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

+4 8. Chrisofskjern commented 13 years ago

#1 - You should know that without even having driving lessons
Picture of masterman8929 achievements

+3 9. masterman89 commented 13 years ago

someone did that before as you can see...
Picture of SilverPT22 achievements

+2 10. SilverPT commented 13 years ago

Some light oversteer and hands no deal with it.
Btw, the woman says at the end "Thats what happned to my son, please...sons of a bitch" xD
Picture of nikkopt19 achievements

+2 11. nikkopt commented 13 years ago

"hijos de puta" she said.. >:)
Picture of codenamegizmo37 achievements

+3 12. codenamegizmo commented 13 years ago

i don't see what went wrong... he got there kinda fast, but nothing that should provoke that much of a fail...
Picture of TitvsCaivs46 achievements

+3 13. TitvsCaivs commented 13 years ago

Picture of OnetimeX36 achievements

+4 14. OnetimeX commented 13 years ago

Lift off oversteer, i did it in my bosses Mercedes, slightly too fast into a corner and then just let off the gas, i went full on sideways at about 75mph!! Hairy when it happens, but his error was that he slammed his brakes on as it went sideways >:)
Picture of bachneri34 achievements

+6 15. bachneri commented 13 years ago

well, id say, he noticed the "exit" too late, so he had to do this, cause he didn't want to miss it.
nice job. in the end, he got out, didn't he?
Picture of taek27 achievements

+3 16. taek commented 13 years ago

looks to me like the rear right tire was flat or very low and it broke the bead as the car took the turn. could have happened to anybody
Picture of zerorain26 achievements

-1 17. zerorain commented 13 years ago

Failed inertia drift....

whats way too much over correction. must be a girl
Picture of nattygeneral9 achievements

+2 18. nattygeneral commented 13 years ago

#6 Good point, what you hear is the french (original?) version of Voyage Voyage by "Desireless".
Picture of Pato500029 achievements

+5 19. Pato5000 commented 13 years ago

This video has been recorded by a mother who lost her son one year ago, in an accident like this one, at the same place. She was recording this turn to let other people know how bad is the road at this point, because it's not considered as a "black point" as we call in Spain to places where the road is in a very bad condition, or a dangerous turn, and there's a lot of accidents. The fate, or coincidence is that when she was recording it, an accident happened.
These images has been aired on the news to call the attention of people and government.
The translation of what she says is:
Man: Further...
Woman: Look, look, Carlos, look! Woo! Have you seen it, fatty(*)? This is what happened to my son. That's what happened to my son. Oh my god. Please, please, please, sons of a bitch!
(*) Fatty (gordi, in spanish) is used like english people uses "dear" or "honey".

#12 and #16, the car is ok, but what is really wrong is the road. Tha woman said on TV that the road is in very bad conditions. You can see the road condition at the bottom of the video, near the cam car.
Picture of Sramos34 achievements

+3 20. Sramos commented 13 years ago

if her son was driving at the same speed he was idiot like this sorry for the tire is weird
Picture of cheesewire26 achievements

+2 21. cheesewire commented 13 years ago

turn fail = roflcopters
Picture of medicino30 achievements

+3 22. medicino commented 13 years ago

#19 I respectfully disagree with you, the road has the proper inclination since, its a curve, to provide enough adhesion to the pavement what happens here its some morons not only exceeding the speed limit but also performing stupid maneuvers at that velocity, he actually loses the control as soon as he enters the curve, look at the tires; the other car in the same lane was able to stop without drifting therefore it cant be the road...and lets be honest for our mothers whatever happens it will never be our fault. 8-)
Picture of cironsilver14 achievements

+3 23. cironsilver commented 13 years ago

#19 your wrong their is nothing wrong with the road. the problem is idiot drivers like the on ein the video. either her son was an idiot who was driving like and idiot, or he was a passanger in a car being driven by an idiot. #22 i s correct about the raod aswell, the raod did not cause that asswipe to lose control of his car and make some poor driving reactions which caused him to crash. just look at how fast the guy was driving. blame the driver not the road!
and back to you #19 if you really believe that the road caused this accident then you are a fool, who more than likely should not be on the road either ASS!!!!
Picture of Pato500029 achievements

0 24. Pato5000 commented 13 years ago

#20, #22 and #23, first of all, I'd like to ask some respect to someone who has lost his life, I don't care whose fault is. Imagine this guy was your brother. Would you call him idiot?
I'm from Spain, and even if I haven't been on this road, I can tell you that there are some roads around that are not really safe, and this is a fact. Of course there are some people (I will not insult them even if I'd like to) that should think twice before driving a car, or someone should take their driving license, but this is not the reason for all the accidents. I can tell you that I've seen roads with holes so big that you could hide a tire inside.
Thinking technically: this is an exit from a motorway. That means the limit may be at 60km/h. The car speed may be what? 80-90Km/h? Come on! Something has to be wrong.
Picture of Crash044 achievements

+4 25. Crash0 commented 13 years ago

#24 Whats wrong is that this guy entered the corner with too much speed. And then, in the middle of the corner he decided to brake. People should learn to brake BEFORE they enter a corner, and speed out of it.

As for the speed, this guy was driving much faster then others on the same road.
As for the road, this road is good condition. I drove on much worse roads...
Picture of montypython30 achievements

+1 26. montypython commented 13 years ago

Orange Cone Bowling ! ! ! >:)
Picture of cironsilver14 achievements

+4 27. cironsilver commented 13 years ago

#25 your right something is WRONG. the complete idiot driving way too fast around a corner. its not the roads fault, even if the signs are incorect for the exit,speed, and curve of the raod commen sense dictates that your going to fast and should slow down. hey maybe he was drunk just like that womans poor son, i dont know i dont care either. all i can tell you is it is not the road that is a fault in this video, and for the giant holes in the road, there are none in the video we see here, secondly there are big pot holes in roads all over the world, and thirdly just like this corner if you see a whole avoid it safley. dont drive over it and blame the road for having a whole, or blame the city/state etc. and you shouldnt blame the road for assholes driving as such.
Picture of Ime23 achievements

+3 28. Ime commented 11 years ago

owned :D thats gonna leave a mark
Picture of solo2r24 achievements

+1 29. solo2r commented 7 years ago

If you look at the very beginning, that car went through a wet spot on road! What looks like smoke at the right rear tire is actually water misting. A good Driver would have saved it but this person made the corrections at wrong time. IMHO.
Picture of justauser11 achievements

+1 30. justauser commented 7 years ago

"How not to make a turn"

It's not a turn. It's a bend.
Picture of buckleg0858 achievements

0 31. buckleg08 commented 2 years ago

brake locked? ABS?8-)
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 32. Judge-Jake commented 2 years ago

New paint job I'm thinking.............the fence I mean, the car is fecked. 8-)