Another meteor getting owned by our atmosphere.

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Picture of saym37 achievements

+80 1. saym commented 9 years ago

that's what you get for trying to invade! back off, meteor!!
Picture of Friendlysoul42 achievements
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-14 2. Friendlysoul commented 9 years ago

Its always interesting too see them burning in our atmosphere.
Wish we get a big one once that we can actually recover.
Picture of heup30 achievements

+1 3. heup commented 9 years ago

#(removed comment)

Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements

-3 4. CrackrJak commented 9 years ago

You can see it explode and split into at least 2 pieces.
Picture of proatwork39 achievements

+13 5. proatwork commented 9 years ago

#2 i think that if we GET one... there will be noone left to recover it =D
Picture of datastreamdude26 achievements

+32 6. datastreamdude commented 9 years ago

i reckon it was a star ship that burst through our atmosphere and then went into cloak mode.....

they probably walking among us now, keep ya @@'s open. :S
Picture of Darnko29 achievements

+6 7. Darnko commented 9 years ago

Someone might get lucky and find an extraterrestrial nugget :D 8-)
Picture of hedlik26 achievements

+8 8. hedlik commented 9 years ago

THE Meteor: "I love the atmosphere here"
Picture of jok49 achievements

-1 9. jok commented 9 years ago this camera was just filming that nice sky right? filmed a meteor? :|
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+3 10. irishgek commented 9 years ago

Nice but i would have preferred some star trek sounds added on for the laugh :P
Picture of svabo66643 achievements

-3 11. svabo666 commented 9 years ago

Picture of JEDDS33 achievements

+6 12. JEDDS commented 9 years ago

meteor < atmosphere .
Picture of soultanos51 achievements

-2 13. soultanos commented 9 years ago

Picture of RandurSource56 achievements

+21 14. RandurSource commented 9 years ago

Video was recorded by Mr. SonotaCo (Tokyo, Japan)
It's from Northern Kanto, Japan, March 20th, 2005.
There are 5 recordings of this same meteor btw:
Picture of soultanos51 achievements

-2 15. soultanos commented 9 years ago

Picture of exxxed25 achievements

+16 16. exxxed commented 9 years ago

'Love the description, and the use of the word ''our'', i just felt for a second like all was right in the world and we as a species are united... probably the Mass Effect in me talking :P

I don't think i want to see something like that live :D.

Take care guys!
Picture of msavio00830 achievements

+6 17. msavio008 commented 9 years ago

seen one before in real life, lasted longer than that one, and seemed to head right towards me, thats when i crapped my pants.
Picture of andrer99941 achievements

+6 18. andrer999 commented 9 years ago


Picture of kevmusu15 achievements

+5 19. kevmusu commented 9 years ago

Thats a meteorite or an asteroid thats falling. If it actually was a meteor or a comet we would have been doomed.
Picture of joka23244 achievements

+4 20. joka232 commented 9 years ago

wonder what wouda happen if i t crashed?
Picture of Generalbeef40 achievements

+5 21. Generalbeef commented 9 years ago

it was like: SWOOOOOOOSHAHHH BAM! ;)
Picture of Sluggishadj37 achievements

+10 22. Sluggishadj commented 9 years ago

hahaha loved the description! >:)
Picture of libertysfallout26 achievements

+4 23. libertysfallout commented 9 years ago

I'm not entirely sure we should be celebrating this..
Picture of BigBang31 achievements

+7 24. BigBang commented 9 years ago

i like the category the video is in.
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

+6 25. Chrisofskjern commented 9 years ago

#(removed comment) - Show me your collection of Meteor recordings kthx

Picture of Searinox28 achievements

+6 26. Searinox commented 9 years ago

Ah... Looks like Sephiroth's plans of world domination was shattered once more.
Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements

+5 27. PortugaL26 commented 9 years ago

it was a small meteor. what if it was a huge one?
we would have to call Bruce Willis to put a nuclear bomb and blow the hell out of it.. ;)
Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements

+7 28. DarkiKun commented 9 years ago

yeehhh you show 'em atmosphere. don't mess with our planet =3
Picture of lacquim27 achievements

+4 29. lacquim commented 9 years ago

Guys, meteors are pretty cool. The thing I don't get is why everyone makes like it's the end of the world. These things are always coming in, space is not empty, there's all sorts of stuff out there still. Ever heard of meteor showers? They happen often, as in once or twice a year as the earth moves through clouds of debris. The only one we've really got to worry about for the time being is Apophis...and it's a way out there, and it is highly unlikely that it'll strike the earth.

Good video capture!
Picture of jaeafafaeara16 achievements

+9 30. jaeafafaeara commented 9 years ago

#2 That actually happens pretty often. First one to be tracked by automated cameras with it's track (in space) calculated and it's impact place calculated and then recovered there was P?íbram in 1959 found in Czechoslovakia near town P?íbram (but surelly that one wasn't first to be found; total weight of found pcs. cca 1 kg). Yearly there are tens of meteorites not completely blowing in atmosphere and reaching surface of the earth - they usually fall in empty areas like pacific, russian tajga etc. so there is noone to witness it.

And yes, #29 is pretty right. Meteors are quite common. When there are Perseids in activity (activity maxima on 12. august, radiating from constellation Perseus/Cassiopea), on the dark rural spot you may see around 50-100 of them in one hour. Highest ever reported activity of meteor shower was for 1833 Leonids with hundreds of thousands of meteros in one hour! However, most of these was due to small particles because usual meteor or "falling star" is made by a particle of the size of dust grain. Spectacular bolids like one in the vid are made by larger particles from the size of sand through pebble to rocks of weight of few kgs. And when the rock enetering earth's atmosphere is of the size of a smaller car, then a small amount (few kgs) might reach the surface after rest is vaporized in atmosphere.
Picture of tomas42 achievements

+9 31. tomas commented 9 years ago

One day a big rock is going to fall and kill us all :P
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements

+4 32. Noobeater commented 9 years ago

Thank you carbon dioxides, and fuck you Al Gore!
Picture of joeman74 achievements

+3 33. joeman commented 9 years ago

way cool...
Picture of dragonon38 achievements

+3 34. dragonon commented 9 years ago

Thats surely a fire ball hitting the devil who tries to hear the angels orders.... and they throw these ball on them... some witch or exorcist or black magician is near there... !
Picture of lrcerqueira16 achievements

+3 35. lrcerqueira commented 9 years ago

I bet some would think UFO
Picture of mescaline41 achievements

+3 36. mescaline commented 9 years ago

Would so love to see this @_@
Picture of clark5828 achievements

-1 37. clark58 commented 9 years ago

I call fake, look at 0:06, you can see a second reflection. I think this was made with a large photo with a window in front of it, then you take a lamp with a varible intensity knob to brighten and then dim the light. I couldn't see why someone would just happen to have a camara aimed in the odd direction for no reason.
Picture of buckleg0854 achievements

0 38. buckleg08 commented 1 year ago

now...make it bigger...>:)