Toll road accident


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Picture of frodeforfaen21 achievements

+34 1. frodeforfaen commented 14 years ago

Like a movie explosion!
Picture of Dauntless48 achievements

+93 2. Dauntless commented 14 years ago

I like the way most people just carry on driving! is this the kind of world we want to live in?
Picture of Overdoziz30 achievements
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-13 3. Overdoziz commented 14 years ago

Great sense of humor.
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+43 4. kainim commented 14 years ago

i wonder why he was going so fast ...
Picture of Elvisweathercock6 achievements
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-12 5. Elvisweathercock commented 14 years ago

Picture of asdfas39 achievements

+33 6. asdfas commented 14 years ago

Dauntless, tbh the situation is clearly hopeless and accidents don't need a crowd of dozens of people who (can't) do nothing.
Picture of drmike31 achievements
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-6 7. drmike commented 14 years ago

That's Happy Hours guys, time to take the highway!
The guy on the left lane understood it... 0:36
Picture of Gringo_el_Diablo45 achievements
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-8 8. Gringo_el_Diablo commented 14 years ago

Nobody got out of the flaming car....but the sad truth is they were asking for it.
Picture of jorgoxl20 achievements

+30 9. jorgoxl commented 14 years ago

#4 probably because the police was following him to kick his ass
Picture of mndar48 achievements

+55 10. mndar commented 14 years ago

Bet the Bikini Bandits would have prevented this accident.
Picture of Gringo_el_Diablo45 achievements

+15 11. Gringo_el_Diablo commented 14 years ago

#2 & #(removed comment) Guy in the Blue Car gets out to see that he can't do anything.
Nobody told him to drive like that & they can't be responsible for somebodies mistake.

Your both right though. I hate the heartlessness of bad Samaritans as well. At least call some emergency response team asap.
Picture of hdwg40 achievements

+2 12. hdwg commented 14 years ago

With no attempt to slow down possible suicide.
Picture of Dauntless48 achievements

-4 13. Dauntless commented 14 years ago

I understand that Asdfas my point is that no one can really know what has happened yet people just carry on regardless. im not saying that everyone should stop and run towards the burning car ready for a secondary explosion. If i was there I would stop a safe distance back from the incident (main critisism aimed at the 2 cars in the left most lane who drive only a few meters away from the accident)
Picture of amiknema26 achievements

+26 14. amiknema commented 14 years ago

The blue car seems to be a police car ... I think it's the sad end of a police chase. There was no point of checking the driver ... nobody can survive that kind of crash ... and slowing could cause a biggest crash :(
Picture of taracebulba18 achievements

+21 15. taracebulba commented 14 years ago

Probably a Toyota
Picture of Namron724 achievements

+4 16. Namron7 commented 14 years ago

If you look very closely you will see either the driver/passenger exiting the vehicle via the windscreen/windshield or the poor bugger manning the tollbooth taking the hit - Check it out!!
Picture of Dubsteppah35 achievements

+3 17. Dubsteppah commented 14 years ago

Wait i think if you look closely you can see a figure exit the windscreen.. maybe its a part of the car but it looks like it could possibly be somebody
Picture of Voutelamberopipi36 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-9 18. Voutelamberopipi commented 14 years ago

left right left right left F#%&... i hate when that happens in Daytona arcades :S
Picture of Daire36 achievements

+5 19. Daire commented 14 years ago

#(removed comment) u do have to have to take into account that they were running from the cops so for all u know they could be murderers..
Picture of msavio00830 achievements

+4 20. msavio008 commented 14 years ago

At that speed the impact alone would kill anybody. def looks like he's running from the cops
Picture of Teqskater32 achievements

-3 21. Teqskater commented 14 years ago

It doesnt have to be a police chase. Maybe the guy had a stroke. Or maybe his accelerator got stuck. Or maybe it is indeed a police chase because there is a car with a police light. We never will know for sure what happened. Anyway...I think.....he or she is dead. Right? I think that we can say that with no doubt.
Picture of Diarmaid29 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 22. Diarmaid commented 14 years ago

Looks like a suicide, -the way it was going so fast and actually steered into the column.
Picture of imagic42 achievements

-1 23. imagic commented 14 years ago

#21 the police is there within seconds,,, guess they just came driving up that moment ?? don't think so. If he /she was running for the cops, better this way to end it than that he/she kills someone else with the recless driving.
Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements

-1 24. DarkiKun commented 14 years ago

the police did show up amazingly fast, i guess it is possible they were running away, but even so, tragic
Picture of JaeMarie37 achievements
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-7 25. JaeMarie commented 14 years ago

Reminds me of what happened to Nikki Catsouras.

Picture of montypython30 achievements

+1 26. montypython commented 14 years ago

That's terrible ! Hope no one else got hurt or anybody in nearby toll booths !
Picture of datastreamdude26 achievements

-3 27. datastreamdude commented 14 years ago

a man lost his life here, hardly an entertainment vid :(
Picture of Endrance34 achievements

-3 28. Endrance commented 14 years ago

as seen on need for speed.
Picture of thundercash43 achievements

-1 29. thundercash commented 14 years ago

looks like a suicide to me....
Picture of Louie19 achievements
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-6 30. Louie commented 14 years ago

#15, Great comment, I work for GM. :D I rate your comment at a +100.
Picture of kmmde41 achievements
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-7 31. kmmde commented 14 years ago

I hope, he had his seatbelt on. 8-)
Picture of etplayer35 achievements

+14 32. etplayer commented 14 years ago

The internet......has lots of information...use it...

Its assumed he had a seizure, apparently he was in the hospital only 3 hours prior to this because of one.....

<<Begin Paste>>

Either Turnpike staff or police must have released the video which began running only a few days ago - a week after the crash.

The video shows a white car barreling into the toll plaza at full highway speed, running up a short bullnose and into a toll booth and bursting into flames almost immediately. The flames reach their maximum intensity within seconds.

A police car pulls up very quickly and the policeman runs towards the burning remains of the car but is helpless to do anything except watch.

The police were close by doing a truck emissions checkpoint.

The crash occurred at 8:23am May 10. The Great Egg toll plaza is a barrier plaza tolling southbound only, located at Milepost 28.8.

Bernard King, 52, a casino dealer of Middle Township in May county to the south was driving the car by himself and died in the crash and inferno. Since there is no sign of the car slowing at all the video suggests King he either suicided or was unconscious at the wheel. He was driving toward his home when he crashed and died.

Local reports said he had a history of seizures, including a seizure just three hours before his fatal crash that had him taken to a hospital.

Three toll lanes were closed after the accident.
Picture of Master_Bainzu18 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 33. Master_Bainzu commented 14 years ago

Another Toyota malfunction.... :O :(
Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 34. CrackrJak commented 14 years ago

Did we just witness a suicide here ? :O :O :O
Picture of joeman74 achievements

-2 35. joeman commented 14 years ago

It can be over this fast. I wonder about the hereafter, and eternity sometimes...
Picture of trancetunes48 achievements

+7 36. trancetunes (moderator) commented 14 years ago

#32, i wish you could have included some info on the toll booth worker :P
Picture of c3llz24 achievements

+2 37. c3llz commented 14 years ago

@taek he was dead as soon as the car hit the both or are you just blind to see that theres no time to get out of the car befor it went BOOM

nothing could be done but stand around and wait for the cops to show up so they can ask ppl what they saw ..
Picture of stevend171138 achievements

+3 38. stevend1711 commented 14 years ago

Thanks for the info #32. By the way #(removed comment), I think you meant to say "Did he pay the toll?". Yes, yes he did. The ultimate toll.
Picture of jaeafafaeara16 achievements

-2 39. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago

#15 & #33: Manual transmision on you, pedal missing assholes!
Picture of grator39 achievements

-4 40. grator commented 14 years ago

#4 It's a Toyota!
Picture of felixts15 achievements

-4 41. felixts commented 14 years ago

#(removed comment)....he paid his life as a road toll.
Picture of 4megetbanjo34 achievements

+4 42. 4megetbanjo commented 14 years ago

Yeah, burn that F****** toll shag down.
Picture of JayK22 achievements

+4 43. JayK commented 14 years ago

Obviously the right think to do would have been for everyone to get out of their cars and run around on the highway. Maybe try to stop cars on the other side to get MORE help.

The crashed car hit the booth at top speed, the booth stayed solid and then the car exploded. What do you want to accept he's dead immediately? A comet?
Picture of owner41 achievements

-4 44. owner commented 14 years ago

:O :O :O

cops might be too slow....

did the driver die???

was this on the news???
Picture of mescaline41 achievements

-3 45. mescaline commented 14 years ago

Now, who fell asleep? ^^"
Picture of syapik33 achievements

+2 46. syapik commented 14 years ago

I don't know how to download or steal a video from here ( but the video is more awesome.. an accident at a petrol station. so sad, 1 man died.. if any admin could steal the video and upload it here on snotr, it will be great..!!
Picture of dragonon38 achievements

+3 47. dragonon commented 14 years ago

He was scared shitless to leave that COP car that FAR.... lol!!!
Picture of leolazer38 achievements

-1 48. leolazer commented 14 years ago

#10 - or maybe they caused it
Picture of chicgeekette18 achievements

+3 49. chicgeekette commented 14 years ago

#2) Dauntless - What would you rather have? If people slowed down and parked their cars around the accident (as most people will do in any given situation) then the roadway would be jammed and cause even more mayhem. :/
Picture of ragou27 achievements

+4 50. ragou commented 14 years ago

The indifference of others is what we have to worry about
Picture of joeman74 achievements

0 51. joeman commented 14 years ago

Just saying that you're thinking about the hereafter is negative? :( :( Okay, guess I'll just go fuck a Bikini Bandit...
Picture of kebabmaster31 achievements

+5 52. kebabmaster commented 14 years ago

Toll booths are evil!
Taking our money is not enough anymore...they want our blood :S
Picture of heka198029 achievements

-2 53. heka1980 commented 14 years ago

smells like barbeque .....
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements

-4 54. Usdevildoggmc commented 14 years ago

What a bunch of dumb comments lol... (not all of you) But its clearly a police chase.... he was running from something AND NO not a fucking heart attack or a stroke... at the speed he/she was going, I dont think they made it unless they flew STRAIGHT through the window and had the road to cushion the fall... which even that would leave someone pretty F"d up....
Picture of doobiedooyou8 achievements

+2 55. doobiedooyou commented 14 years ago

damm by-poler driver couldn't make up his mind on witch booth...
Picture of mydixiewrecked36 achievements

-4 56. mydixiewrecked commented 13 years ago

Was that car a toyota?
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

0 57. irishgek commented 13 years ago

Holy shit !! For onces its like a actually hollywood movie cars can explode !