Mom Meltdown

Mom totally freaks out when she finds 26.000 energy drinks in her house..

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Picture of Reaperdaddy39 achievements

+28 1. Reaperdaddy commented 13 years ago

a good prank , i still wonder how he had so many bottles... did he buy them ? because it would be the 15000$ prank :)
Picture of Lookintomypenis32 achievements

+126 2. Lookintomypenis commented 13 years ago

Her voice makes me wanna kill something! SHUT UP WOMAN!
Picture of hdwg40 achievements

+37 3. hdwg commented 13 years ago

What family would need a TV with kids like this for entertainment? Very classic prank!
Picture of Prillo198526 achievements

+41 4. Prillo1985 commented 13 years ago

seems the mom had drink too much of that drinks :D
Picture of modder8her40 achievements

+20 5. modder8her commented 13 years ago

How many of them did she drink?
Picture of 25028 achievements

+17 6. 250 commented 13 years ago

When viral campaigns go bad...
Picture of Mitak40 achievements

+7 7. Mitak commented 13 years ago

A little educational beating will be needed in this case. 8-)
Picture of Kendric32 achievements

+34 8. Kendric commented 13 years ago

Next they need to put 26000 chill pills all over the house
Picture of tim42036 achievements

+8 9. tim420 commented 13 years ago

Oh wow, this made me laugh so hard, her screaming got annoying after a bit....
Picture of Jonsu22229 achievements

+24 10. Jonsu222 commented 13 years ago

i love how the dad is really cool about it :D
where's our china? 5x
they must be mad at us... 5x

most epic thing evar!
Picture of mndar48 achievements

+8 11. mndar commented 13 years ago

Belated Happy Mother's Day?
Picture of chronic39 achievements

+20 12. chronic commented 13 years ago

I think his dad figured it out straight away beacause he looked at right at the first camera at 02:18
Picture of imagic42 achievements

+6 13. imagic commented 13 years ago

I hope that mom won't take even one bottle, one little boost and she is going to explode or something. I am very glad it is not my mom though, :(|)
Picture of OneShot31 achievements

+8 14. OneShot commented 13 years ago

Mom's a twat dad's cool though I like how he didn't spazz out. Oh yeah and how he just left when she started yelling for the 10th time.
Picture of vanova19 achievements

+3 15. vanova commented 13 years ago

hope that's going to teach her a lesson! :P
Picture of orion27 achievements

+17 16. orion commented 13 years ago

Oh god this woman is totally unhinged. Ticking mental timebomb.

There's also good disaster film somewhere in there: "My house is destroyed. Oh my god, there's drinks everywhere!"
Picture of plurft46 achievements

+39 17. plurft commented 13 years ago

If he sent this video to a mental institution, that woman would be wearing a pretty tight sweater right now.
Picture of calzone34 achievements

+3 18. calzone commented 13 years ago

one word insane
Picture of JimineyJilickers31 achievements

+1 19. JimineyJilickers commented 13 years ago

Um if that was my wife I would seriously reconsider my marriage! I wanted to smack her or something while I was watching this...its not like they destroyed anything.

#16 and #17 ... TOTALLY AGREE!!
Picture of BabyJLE32 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 20. BabyJLE commented 13 years ago

is she the mother to angry german?!?!?!!?!?!? Sounds like it!
Picture of Dauntless48 achievements

+18 21. Dauntless commented 13 years ago

Some great husbanding there!
Picture of Dauntless48 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-10 22. Dauntless commented 13 years ago

Some great husbanding there!
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+15 23. kainim commented 13 years ago

"do this to me" WTF egocentric!
she freaks out too hard, I'm wondering what kind of parent she is
Picture of captain_obvious38 achievements

+15 24. captain_obvious commented 13 years ago

nice prank. think the mom is mental ill or something.
Picture of Daeph24 achievements

+9 25. Daeph commented 13 years ago

This is what happens to people who've never had an ACTUAL bad thing happen to them before. She makes me want to never buy one of these things, just to help make sure she has to live with her kid forever, haha.
Picture of Emuyen30 achievements

-1 26. Emuyen commented 13 years ago

holy crap! :O a meltdown indeed!
Picture of korahn22 achievements

+5 27. korahn commented 13 years ago

What I want to know is why, if these guys made an energy drink, is he still living with his parents?
Picture of masturbator18 achievements

-3 28. masturbator commented 13 years ago

some crazy biatchh, i would beat her like a dog.
Picture of LB18743 achievements

+3 29. LB187 commented 13 years ago

I would say this tops Bam Margera putting a live alligator in his moms house. Good one guys! So....... What's next? >:)

Mom's reaction was over the top, but still priceless!
Picture of kouzoukiz33 achievements

+5 30. kouzoukiz commented 13 years ago

awesome!!!! any new ideas to borrow????
Picture of hedlik26 achievements

+3 31. hedlik commented 13 years ago

stupid viral comercial...and NO...he didnt spent 15000$ on it...kid..#1
Picture of djole38135 achievements

+6 32. djole381 commented 13 years ago

I wonder how would she react if the whole place got burned to the ground >:) >:) >:)
Picture of ValdeLevis27 achievements

-2 33. ValdeLevis commented 13 years ago

That woman reminds me of my own mother, a woman that cared more about her lifestyle and possessions than her children. I would like to have one of your energy drinks before I "water" the flowers on her grave.
Picture of ValdeLevis27 achievements

-2 34. ValdeLevis commented 13 years ago

Sorry about the double post, &%#@!%* internet!!! I can't take this!!! Oh God!!! Oh..... oops.
Picture of shayangx43 achievements

+3 35. shayangx commented 13 years ago

What a f**king crybaby..So what buhu..just a bunch of bottles in boxes..
Picture of TheIsingGuy24 achievements

+1 36. TheIsingGuy commented 13 years ago

uhh why spent so much money to piss your parents off? There are far better solutions
Picture of Diarmaid29 achievements

+6 37. Diarmaid commented 13 years ago

Another viral advertisement....

Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+3 38. irishgek commented 13 years ago

#37 you said it and way to go for the jackass originality "you should see my house ...." if its your house kick your dumb ass son out of it then and stop fucking bitchin
Picture of max200035 achievements

+2 39. max2000 commented 13 years ago

nice! max.
Picture of dragonon38 achievements

+2 40. dragonon commented 13 years ago

well, he just made his mom *tic and here she forgot everything about COLORADO>>. olol 8-)
Picture of prankphonecall44 achievements

+3 41. prankphonecall commented 13 years ago

Got to agree with 5:09 onwards... pretty cruel prank to play on your mum knowing full well she'd freak out!!! If she wasn't crazy beforehand, she sure is now. Mum's deserve our love and respect not to be the pawn in some lame viral video.
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements

+4 42. Usdevildoggmc commented 13 years ago

What a fuckn overly dramatic whore! Who wouldn't want to divorce someone like that.... Saying her house is ruined??? all they did was stack up some bottles all over the house..... and for all of you who dont get it...

They didn't BUY THE DRINKS they OWN THEM
Picture of EagleEyes33 achievements

-1 43. EagleEyes commented 13 years ago

That's the sound of arming the damn pump action then squeezing the trigger!! >:)
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

+3 44. Chrisofskjern commented 13 years ago

Damnit woman. Drink a Vital Energy and STFU!
Picture of laughingscorpion38 achievements

0 45. laughingscorpion commented 13 years ago

SHIT, LADY! Can't you take a joke! You act like they spilled every one of those bottles all over your house! Go take a handful of tranquilizers and get over your bitch-ass self.
Picture of mydixiewrecked36 achievements

+4 46. mydixiewrecked commented 13 years ago

i finally found the sound that make me want to punch infants. Wow that woman really freaked out. Its like crying of spilled milk, stupid. FUnny video thought, awesome prank.
Picture of heup30 achievements

+2 47. heup commented 13 years ago

Okay, she freaks out over alot of energy drinks stacked up to be an obvious prank.

The hell is wrong with that woman?
Picture of cincodemayo31 achievements

+3 48. cincodemayo commented 13 years ago

his mom is fucking nuts.
Picture of cranky40 achievements

0 49. cranky commented 13 years ago

It's a paid prank for a viral commercial for this energy drink.
Picture of libertysfallout26 achievements

+2 50. libertysfallout commented 13 years ago

Picture of synthesis20 achievements

+2 51. synthesis commented 13 years ago

Only bats can tranlate what she is saying....
Picture of h8isgr828 achievements

+5 52. h8isgr8 commented 13 years ago

Screw Vital Energy, I want some of whatever his mother's been drinking. :S
Picture of lalafafak32 achievements

+3 53. lalafafak commented 13 years ago

totally EPIC.... this guy is a legend.
Picture of Highmeadow44 achievements

-1 54. Highmeadow commented 13 years ago

The whole thing is a fake. Listen carefully while she is on the phone to "Cathy". 4:36 "Please hang up and try your call again. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP"
Picture of loscohones39 achievements

+2 55. loscohones commented 13 years ago

you sure need a lot of energy when stocking those wall to wall >:)
Picture of s1nn0cence53 achievements

+6 56. s1nn0cence commented 13 years ago

"OMG THERE'S DRINKS EVERYWHERE!" ..they should put that in horror movies!
Picture of smar2117 achievements

+4 57. smar21 commented 13 years ago

Why is he still living with his parents?Is he stupid???Poor Cathy..... :S
Picture of mastagops28 achievements

+5 58. mastagops commented 13 years ago

satan called, he wants his wife back
Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements

+3 59. c0mmanderKeen commented 13 years ago

looks like she had several of those drinks prior to discovering the "destruction" of her house :D

husband win, I might add :D
Picture of karl_os23 achievements

+3 60. karl_os commented 13 years ago

Call 911, some energy bottles took over my house!
Picture of mrsafari1 achievements

+3 61. mrsafari commented 13 years ago

Life is like a box of chocolates?

Actually, no. Life sucks and chocolates are good. Fuck you, Forrest Gump.
Picture of Solidus4 achievements

+5 62. Solidus commented 13 years ago

"How could you do this to ME!!!"
I just love it when bad if not mildly annoying things happen to rich and obnoxious people. Really, that bitch keeps saying "I can't take it!" when she's just taken a week long ski trip to colorado, still has a job in this recession and can reschedule the interior designer. Hmmm, it sounds like this guys parents took the hard path in life and don't have an ounce of material success to show for it....
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+1 63. snotraddict commented 13 years ago

What a bitch. Nice and calm talking to his girlfriend, then psycho as soon as he walks in. Poor father and son that has had to live with that freak.
Picture of MrNoid19 achievements

+1 64. MrNoid commented 13 years ago

hes rethinking his marrige right now..
Picture of alexandru21 achievements

+1 65. alexandru commented 13 years ago

this prank just WORTH IT ! >:)
Picture of Nikola8211 achievements

+1 66. Nikola82 commented 12 years ago house is destroyed...ahahahhhaah,there are drinks everywhere.....ahhhahahh :D :D :D
Picture of richardleed23 achievements

+2 67. richardleed commented 12 years ago

WOW, what a psychotic B*TCH! Seriously, she should blow into a paper bag and relax! It’s not like a tornado came through and wipe all your possession away! Relax!

That was the BEST prank ever... but to the WRONG person.