Hitler reacts to the Hitler parodies being removed from YouTube


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Picture of Jabafara56 achievements

+24 1. Jabafara commented 12 years ago

Hitler has a bad day again >:)
Picture of Rexxae40 achievements

-2 2. Rexxae commented 12 years ago

Stage 2: Anger. :P
Picture of ems27 achievements

+22 3. ems commented 12 years ago

Why the hell would they remove hitler parodies from youtube? Because of the movie copyright?
Picture of AL-AIN47 achievements

+2 4. AL-AIN commented 12 years ago

i like this man when he gats mad >:) >:) >:)
Picture of BMX_Tavi39 achievements

-2 5. BMX_Tavi commented 12 years ago

if i will see this move once more i`ll be expert in german language.....dammit...this its nice...but there are hundreds of parodies with this part of the movie...
Picture of antifolklore28 achievements

+5 6. antifolklore commented 12 years ago

It's funny when you don't know german. This actor puts hitler down perfectly though. At least how we want to see him.
Picture of firest4rter41 achievements

-3 7. firest4rter commented 12 years ago

never gets old
Picture of Kurisusan30 achievements
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-8 8. Kurisusan commented 12 years ago

hitler is so lovable...
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+1 9. Sizzlik (admin) commented 12 years ago

ya #5...they were funny once..just like soviet russia jokes...but they became boring now...esp. germans aint find it funny, since the talking is still the original plot...i guess many would agree that this joke is over now :P
Picture of NielsTreurniet28 achievements

+7 10. NielsTreurniet commented 12 years ago

Funny, but i love the old ones... They dont know when to stop. ;)
Picture of imagic42 achievements

-3 11. imagic commented 12 years ago

#3 because hey get worse every time ?
Picture of PaterSin42 achievements

+3 12. PaterSin commented 12 years ago

sorry but these where never funny
might be because I'm German and understand the stuff they are saying ^^
Picture of hedlik26 achievements

+2 13. hedlik commented 12 years ago

#12 im czech and also find this fun a bit "strange"...the only way this joke works is that you dont understand what they say...isnt that a bit "low"? nevermind...you can make funny video of every german movie then...hahahahahah---> ... :S
Picture of MarekX28 achievements

+6 14. MarekX commented 12 years ago

well I am czech and find them very funny.. but you definitely must not understand what he is saying :)
Picture of sleepless9027 achievements

0 15. sleepless90 commented 12 years ago

Well hello mate, Im czech too :-D. And no, I don't like this kind of hitler parodies, definetely not after many versions of this.
Picture of ChrisChris18 achievements

+8 16. ChrisChris commented 12 years ago

dont worry you can still upload them to snotr :D
Picture of Mugur8945 achievements

+4 17. Mugur89 commented 12 years ago

Dont worry! he will realize the irony soon :) :P >:).. and in the end .." I fucking hate cats :) :) :P
Picture of makbeth36 achievements

+4 18. makbeth commented 12 years ago

The last line is great:)
Picture of Zephid29 achievements

+3 19. Zephid commented 12 years ago

Hitler..... Again :S
Picture of alexnader38 achievements

+2 20. alexnader commented 12 years ago

they're stupid, these jokes might actually get a few people to want to see the full movie later, having them taken down will just make the movie become unknown again.
'cause really, how many of you have actually seen it ?
Not that there's anything wrong with that; I saw it before it was even a parody.
Picture of gendarme44 achievements

+1 21. gendarme commented 12 years ago

The movie is nice but it is the parodies that make it come alive - these guys make themselves a doubtful service... ::(|)
Picture of PrisonJam30 achievements

+1 22. PrisonJam commented 12 years ago

Der Untergang/Downfall is really a great movie. Telling the story of the last days of WW2 through the eyes of Berlins citizens and the naziregime. Very realistic and mindblowing.

I´ve seen it twice, and think its really, really well made.

also Imdb has it at #79 on their alltime greatest movies list :


Love the parodys too, well some of them anyway :)
Picture of acantoni30 achievements

+1 23. acantoni commented 12 years ago

One of the few Downfall parodies i really liked!
Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements

-2 24. eNdEmiOn06463 commented 12 years ago

You forgot to mention very boring.

About the vid:
Picture of Endrance34 achievements

+1 25. Endrance commented 12 years ago

there're actually lots of actors who can play hitler pretty well.

for the german part, the only thing translated correctly is "my führer".

anyways i think it the length of the clip - parodie is way to long to stay funny/interesting to watch.
Picture of joeman74 achievements

-1 26. joeman commented 12 years ago

I fucking hate cats... :( :(
Picture of faresnapalm16 achievements

-2 27. faresnapalm commented 12 years ago

lol at #22 very realistic? how the fuck do u knwo whathappened? history is written by teh god damn victors remmember that, how do u know for sure taht what happened is wat teh winners said did? infact think of it this way, if u had the power to change what ppl in later generations wud see wud u not make it in ur favour? ever since herodotis began writing history and even theucidides that claimed to be objective, its impossible not to alter anythign as plato proved it, the ripple effect, anythign passed down will be altered, so b4 u go judging ppl by teh propaganda fed to u by ur government wakeup, dont be a kid, and realise that theres no such thing as "ëvil" ppl, no one raises their kids saying yeah kill that cat or shoot that orphan or wtvr, and its not always good side and evil side, that is very childish and disney like, hope adults are reading this, im sick of pathetic nazi shit, when the holocaust photos were proven to be doctored by hundreds of organisations, just google it cant be bothered to link, and all teh ëxperiments"in concentration camps were done by jewish doctors, oh and who funded hitler?? maybe check teh answer to those questions, teh jews in america the rockefeller and roschield familys funded him and teh nazi movement. oh and in my uni as in every other uni in the UK u cant discuss teh holocaust or anything antisematic, u can say wtvr about blacks, chinese, muslims and any other thing u can be racist abitu but never jews, we literally had a letter in UCL saying u have freedom of speech as a politics student to discuss any factor and question it except teh holocaust, i mean srsly wtf?? and no research is allowed and u wont get funded if u try to prove otherwise, thats what i call mass manipulation and fuckign u while ur smiling idiots
Picture of PrisonJam30 achievements

-2 28. PrisonJam commented 12 years ago

Well 28# faresnapalm

One thing´s for sure. The nazi´s got their asses kicked big time in 1945, as portrayed very realistic in this movie. I don´t believe anyone can question this. The endlösnung and holocaust is hardly mentioned, since this is not the main plot of the film.

As for nazi crimes during WW2, I just might have a better perception of the real facts than you, being raised in one of the countries that "The Third Reich" occupied and exploited with unprecedented violence and killing. The slaughter and deportation of the jews is not something that happened far away. It happened right here in my street, you ignorant moron! Hrmmmff!!

We have just celebrated the 5. of May liberation from nazi-scum in my country, thanks to the brave allied forces, whom we owe everything. May God (or something) bless their souls for that.

I recommend further education for you, Sir Fareshitforbrainsnapalm.

..and I don´t wish to be a spelling-nazi, but please!
Picture of faresnapalm16 achievements

-2 29. faresnapalm commented 12 years ago

lol ur a real good example of brainwashing, and teh fact that u live in a country that was "liberated" means ur the last one to have any correct education! all ur education wud be against nazism obviously,i however am from a neutral place so i would have much less bias position than u!, u ignrant fuck the "slaughter"wa snever proved, infact aushwitz or wtvr u spell it was bombed during teh war and was rebuilt after, so how can u prove that it was rebuilt in exactly the way it was originally built? and why rebuild such a place? why isnt anyone allowed to do any research to prove otherwise? "cus its painful for the fucking jews" wo cares, the fuckign jews are massacaring ppl in palestine everyday with illegal weapons like phosphous bombs and no one asks, they kill hundreds everyday and no one cares, those are the fuckign nazis and its happening now, so b4 u fkign bulslhit me and recite shit from ur history books i suggest u open ur eyes and see whats happening infront of u rathr than wat ur fuckign grandma said
Picture of Deblaauwn32 achievements

+2 30. Deblaauwn commented 12 years ago

Never mind.
Picture of joeman74 achievements

0 31. joeman commented 12 years ago

I fucking hate cats...
Picture of CrazyEddie28 achievements

0 32. CrazyEddie commented 10 years ago

"I fucking hate cats."
Best one of these eva